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  1. Sam Carnes at North Putnam has the program back on an upswing in just his 3rd year of HC duties - I believe he is only like 27. Nate Bryan is deefinitely going to make his mark some day when he gets a shot after his asst coaching duties at Parke Heritage.
  2. Guess I was prophetic in my post huh? Western Boone is an EXCELLENT defensive team...it sets up their offense perfectly! I can only say that I was right....LOL
  3. And that is why I said what I did above about the averages......the WeBo offense is very good and the defense is GREAT
  4. You're being modest and I appreciate that! One thing we learned about WeBo last year is that you guys come out and dominate the beginning of the game....it's hard for a team to recover from being down 4-5 TD's at halftime! I think your stat of 38 pts per game paints a picture of the WeBo varsity offense being explosive and the varsit D stuffing people....while the 12 points per game means the JV offense is learning and getting experience while the JV defense closes the game out.... I listened to what Coach Pelley said after last week's victory and he eluded to this.
  5. What is the feeling here for Sectional 37? I would like to see what people's thoughts are....thanks! I know it is WeBo's show but can anyone put a chink in their armor?
  6. It's funny you said this about South Putnam....we can't believe Parke Heritage is still 1A.....they have a bigger graduating class than North Putnam does...LOL South Putnam has a great QB who can run well and throw pretty accurately....along with a couple quality receivers and an athletic couple of RBs. They hit hard on DEF but tended to get down on themselves if you came out of the gate quickly and scored a couple TDs....at least when we played them (like 5-6 weeks ago)
  7. Know I am not probably allowed to comment, but I follow the WRC closely with some ties to it....so I will throw this in... SV 42 FC 6 Attica 50 Covington 6 North Central 28 RP 0 PH 48 NV 41 Sheridan 30 Seeger 18
  8. Thank you....this is definitely a HUGE test for us! We have never beaten them!
  9. Most underated coach.....Coach Sam Carnes at North Putnam right now.....he is a relatively new head coach and North has been down a few years but Coach Carnes has the buy-in from the student athletes to keep this ship sailing for a long time.
  10. WEBO and North Vermillion aren't as strong as they seem.....Pioneer and South Adams will probably stop them this year....just ask North Vermillion about Pioneer....
  11. https://www.bannergraphic.com/story/2633019.html?rand=8639 Great article highlighting the great sportmanship shown to each other by local football rivals. North Putnam and Southmont were recognized for their great sportsmanship towards each other in a hotly contested 2 point win by the Cougars. Several players were noted for helping the other teams' players up off the field and saying "Good tackle" or "Nice play" - great to see this noticed by the officials. South Putnam was thanked by the North Putnam AD for keeping things classy and leaving the visitor's locker room in spotless condition after a tough loss to North Putnam. This is a testament to the leadership in place at the school with a new coach and principal.
  12. Northview, Indian Creek and Sullivan all at 1-2 is really misleading.....look out WIC opponents! Edgewood and North Putnam are the undefeateds but the conference meat grinder is just starting!
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