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  1. Where is the actual rule? , I find it hard to belive that normal timign doesn't resume if score gets under 35 although unlikely the comeback could occur. Many states that have a mercy rule is like this one, but normal timing resumes at 34 point differential or less. If it goes back over 35 points running clock resumes. Great rule - can't believe I am saying that the IHSAA did something right.
  2. Agreed. BC woud nto say what situationa the waiver is not allowed but lead us to believe that the school gets to waive whatever. The IHSAA shoudl ahve denied waiver but as previpously stated what are the school adminstration saying - sexual harassment doesn't matter and it is my kid sexually harrassed I am taking leagal action against the student and the school for not doing enough. Someone mentioned money- I bet his daddy has deep pockets. The IHSAA always blames the rule makers. Coaches want this so we cant change it, officials want this we cant change it , schools want this we cant change it. Then WTF do you do - all the issues are in the IHSAAhandbook.
  3. I would agree if all those things are true. However in my 20 plus years, many MS coaches, especially lately are the convenient hire and none of the things that should go on do, including teaching fundamentals of the game. That of course, should concern the HS coach but sometimes they are not in touch with their feeders. I hope it works out for them.
  4. Job was posted for AD and HFC yesterday or Monday, Baseball coach position not posted.
  5. Will the new HC be an outsider or promoted from within?
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