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  1. Reminds me of what a ref told our youth league coaches once when he was explaining how games would be called. He said, at this age group, there's a penalty on EVERY play ... and usually more than one.
  2. Going to be a major change in 3A with Chatard and Brebeuf both out of the Sectional of Death.
  3. Harrison's going to have to strike while the iron's hot at this point as they are going to pass Jeff really soon. I'm still wondering on the Jeff numbers compared to Harrison as back in the fall, the counts had Harrison passing Jeff. Maybe a lot of kids returning back to Jeff and other schools compared to the previous semester ... although seems less likely. New subdivisions near Harrison are going to likely push Harrison past Jeff, and into 6A, by the new re-classification after this one if those DOE counts hold for this time around.
  4. I like this idea and approach! Starting from the idea of protection and safety with kids before getting to the take-down part really backs up this ideology too.
  5. I agree that the HC-East fits with the HC better than removing them and adding Sheridan and Frankfort with them in a new league. I know the theme is kicking folks out, but as an alternative, I'd like to see Pioneer and WeBo added to the HC. For WeBo, they already play Western and they could still keep Tri-West and Lebanon or Danville on the schedule and increase the season competition. For Pioneer, they could still keep Scecina and Winamac or LaVille.
  6. Others are also requiring USA Football Heads-Up training too ... although I prefer Hawk tackling for protecting smaller players until they really get the techniques down. Heads-Up has an element of the roll tackle approach; however, some of the first technique they teach, while keeping the head up and out of the tackle, can lead smaller, younger players open to getting freight-trained by larger players while they are learning the ropes.
  7. Yes, I was referring to Hawk tackling rooted in the Seattle tackling regimen initiated there with Pete Carroll ... although Carroll was utilizing the early elements of the style back when he was at USC.
  8. There are already youth programs that teach Hawk tackling which is tied to rugby style tackling.
  9. One of several lies surrounding that topic.
  10. That's a hard one, but you'd think the refs would be a little flexible in their climatic resolution. Seriously, I can't blame the refs for kicking it to the sideline as opposed to picking it up. I've had a player throw up on the field when coaching a game before and we tried to run everything to the opposite side of the field whenever we'd get back around that yard line later in the game. I think the there are a couple of NFL refs that could pull off stating a call on this ... could bring Ed Hochuli out of retirement just for this. For the first incident of the season, maybe it's like a sideline warning, with a mic'd reading like, "Sideline warning. Frustrated fan with inadequate partner or inability to secure a partner. Next instance will result in 5 yard delay of game penalty against *insert team name here*." No pun intended on the insert. Immediately after the infraction announcement, the stadium announcer could announce that fans are requested not to throw foreign objects or marital aids on the field ... and that batteries ARE available at the concession stands in the lower concourse. Of course, it could just be one of the old standby calls with a little modification, "After the play, the fan in the stands was givin' him the business."
  11. Is the Cathedral/Jeff game next year a one-off, home-and-home, or possibly something longer? Carmel's still showing three of the MIC on their schedule. I'm not sure, given the way the break-up occurred, that will last much longer.
  12. Would like to see Harrison add them as a non-con opponent.
  13. Yes, it was @itiswhatitis who passed away this last year after his fight with cancer. I think @kingtut is still going and may be closer to that centenarian mark.
  14. @kingtutand @Miner_Pride are probably going to be your go-to guys on this!
  15. I was going to say Thunderdome, but I see you have that covered in #8. For the undercard, you should get the most obnoxious fan on each team who always tells the refs how wrong their calls are to fight to the death and the winner gets to be a guest commentator at the 6A state championship game at LOS.
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