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  1. We have five kids, so with the Jeff games it would have been a couple of kids at that one, then dropping off a couple others off at another location. It'd be nice if we could drop them off and get straight to dinner, but that never happens. Kind of like right now with travel baseball and football. It'd be great of they all worked out logistically, but they always start/stop with the least amount of opportunity to maximize time ... unless you are considering maximizing time that I have to spend in the car, in a parking lot, or on the road.
  2. Gonna have to figure out how to monetize that. You're lucky ... you were at a school where no one on the team had a peanut allergy. See you in a couple of weeks if it's like the retirements that we've seen in the past.
  3. Depends on whether the vast majority of umpires are practicing Baptists. 🙂
  4. Pioneer and RCHS are a couple of examples of teams that wouldn't even throw the ball to the ref after the play was over and were successful.
  5. Harrison will be a team to watch this year. Historically they are a team that hasn't been on anyone's radar with three back-to-back 0-10 seasons leading up to Coach Peebles arrival. The Roncalli game in 2020 where Harrison went back and forth in lead changes and dropped a 4-point game got lost in a 6-4 season with losses to 6A Westfield and Zionsville who also lost at LOS in 6A/5A respectively that year. Last season should have raised eyes with the win over Jeff and the Zionsville loss, which as you mentioned, Harrison led going into the half. Zionsville did a great job coming out and riding Price's legs and a great half-time adjustment to take that sectional title. Most folks wrote it off as Harrison still looking like those 0-10, but I think there's some decent progress being missed there ... which frankly is fine with me as you get a chance to sneak up on folks that don't look behind the curtain. Plenty of undercard work going on and a program that is continually growing in count, physically, and conceptually as well. I think these next couple of seasons will give us a really good idea of whether they are poised for that next step or still need a lot more work. They get West Lafayette and Plainfield right out of the gate as well as a scrimmage with cross-town 2A LCC. They will then face off against 6A Jeff at the end of September. Unfortunately, due to the NCC rotation, they won't get Kokomo this season.
  6. And in two of the three years that MC lost regionals, the team they lost to are the likes of Zionsville and New Pal and in all three years, the teams that they lost to ended up at LOS in that season.
  7. Most officials, at least in the youth program games, brought their water bottle or cooler to the games, but the one thing I started to notice is that they only drank from them between games or at half-time. We always tried, whenever we had a water break on the field, to offer the officials some water too. I know that sometimes there could be the appearance issue in taking a drink from one team, but I think it'd be a small, but nice gesture if, when any team called a time out and had water on the field, bringing a bottle for the officials to share would become a norm. One other edit: In the recruitment thing, in the youth programs, we hired Friday-night officials to ref our games and encouraged them to bring members with their crew if they wanted to do training. We'd typically get a senior ref and then usually a new ref that they could train with things like placement, ball marking, calls, etc. It was the best of both worlds as the junior guy got some great one-on-one time with a senior guy and the senior guy often spent additional time during the game explaining to the kids and coaches, why something was being called and also helping coaches train up kids in how to avoid the infraction in the future.
  8. Harrison travels to Fishers this afternoon.
  9. ... but she'd already been bagpiped.
  10. I'm pretty sure he has the legs for it ... just don't look underneath if he's a real Scot.
  11. One of them petrified pterodactyl eggs, huh?
  12. I was fertilized and hard-boiled by 30+ years ago and I can tell you that it is something that's been happening easily for the past 30+ years. It's not always about football and, most of the time, it has little to do with football.
  13. West Lafayette has a youth program and a junior high program. Matter of fact, if I'm not mistaken, they were one of the founding members of the program that LCC, McCutcheon, and one other program, along with West Lafaayette formed back in the 1980s or so. They used to play in the same youth program with LCC, Harrison,, Benton Central, South Newton, and others. When Harrison broke off to form its own self-contained league, HYF, West Lafayette used to play with their league too. They also have a flag league in the area as well that feeds into their youth tackle program. Public, definitely. Run differently, not that much.
  14. Non-participation? Is that another DTmism? I'm pretty sure that HC members have posted about the conference and specifics about their teams/players. The HC also has the annual CFWM Pick 'Em on GID which I would bet is one of the few on GID that actually has a PHYSICAL plaque presented to the winner. From the NCC side, yes I have have had involvement in two conferences with kids at three different schools so far, we've had NCC posts concerning teams as well as weighing in on fantasy ideas from posters talking about members of the HC joining the NCC.
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