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  1. No pleasing you. You complained when they were in the HHC and taking shots now that they are out.
  2. That was on display tonight. The score looks like they handled AT easily, and they mainly did, however; they are vulnerable in the secondary. Tech was far and away out-sized tonight and that, plus the Jeff offense, kept Tech from ever really being close to even thinking that they had a chance. Nonetheless, Jeff imploded on the opening drive coughing up the ball on Tech's 17 and then, in the closing minute of the 1st half, turned the ball over on a pickoff at the line of scrimmage. Tech also stopped Jeff's offense inside the Tech 30 on a 4th and four. Jeff's kicking game also saw a missed PAT from the 1/2 yard line after two Tech penalties in a row on the PAT and at least four kickoffs that were kicked out of bounds for penalties. Toss in a breakaway run up the middle and it's a good thing that Jeff wasn't playing Merrillville tonight. A couple of unsportsmanlike penalties and personal fouls tossed in and a sideline warning and there are a mix of items that should give pause/concern. They might have been looking ahead to next week, but they've got to get things ironed out this week or they are going to get the rug pulled out from under them.
  3. Cass also served notice tonight that they are definitely in the hunt for Thanksgiving weekend at LOS. Big boost of confidence for them heading into Week 1 of Sectionals.
  4. 3 POINTS EACH GAME Cass @ West Lafayette Frankfort @ Crawfordsville Harrison @ Marion Muncie Central @ Logansport Eastern Hancock @ Lapel Western @ Lafayette Central Catholic Tipton @ Rensselaer Northwestern @ Benton Central Hamilton Heights @ Twin Lakes Northview @ Indian Creek
  5. Ultimately, this would likely be the start of a non all-in tournament. If you've ever seem some of these travel team baseball tournaments where teams play pool play Thursday, Friday, Saturday and then qualify to play in the trophy bracket or a consolation bracket based on pool results, it's not unusual to see teams in that consolation bracket "no show" on Sunday rather than stick around another night in a hotel to play in that bracket. If there's a blue/red ring available at LOS, then they would likely stay and play, but I could easily see a scenario where LOS Thanksgiving events come down to a single day featuring three/four games as opposed to the two-day event that it is. I'm not sure how much traction that would gain in Indiana; especially given the sampling from folks on GID.
  6. I think where @Footballking16 was going with this is that, if you had an all-in type tournament that started by taking the top teams and placing them in a Gold level, just for naming purposes and to get away from enrollment classifications, and the next in a Silver level, and the next in a Bronze, by the time you got down to the Lead level you'd be dealing with a division that would have a lot of 0-fer and 1-fer-2-fer teams that would be in that division and you have them playing all the way up to Thanksgiving and occupying a time slot at LOS Thanksgiving weekend.
  7. All the better to sneak up and ambush somebody.
  8. Man that's a lot of Catholics roaming around north Indiana. And there are some of them on that Jeff team too. 😃
  9. How is that a problem with the Success Factor? The ones that have an advantage and benefit from it would be moved up if they capitalize on that. Just like public schools that have advantages over other public schools and capitalize on it. In other words, RESULTS generate movement as opposed to general pre-classification. The problem with the Success Factor is that its timeline is too short and its potential as to what it requires to remain in a higher class might be too high although that has recently been addressed by making it harder to drop back down. Outside of that, if the idea is to match like competition with like competition, it's not a completely bad way of applying a similar standard across the board, both public and private and urban and rural and higher socioeconomic and lower socioeconomic that can certainly address real advantages while not penalizing for perceived advantages; especially allowing for much more individualized cases as opposed to broad brush approaches.
  10. I agree. It would need to be much more holistic than Sagarin and more than just using a single season. We can't get folks to agree on using Sagarin to seed sectionals, so I doubt there's a likelihood of being able to get folks to agree to use Sagarin for placing teams in divisions.
  11. Doesn't really matter what you call them, they will have associations. 1A, 2A, 3A, etc. is just as good as All-Star-Division, Middle Division, etc. or Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Cat, Dog, Bird even if it has a less-direct/historic meaning in a new form. Folks know what it means when you make the NIT vs. the NCAA tourney in March and it wouldn't matter if you labelled it March Madness or late-March Madness or Dog and Cat. And you have to start and then go somewhere, which I believe @Footballking16 is getting at.
  12. I still have to believe that if you can hold a team to a limited number of points, your odds of prevailing go up. As someone whose favored the defensive side of the ball for many years, I'm not yet ready to "go gentle into that good night."
  13. That's why Success Factor makes more sense than a multiplier. It would apply to all schools evenly, not by the privateness or limits of their enrollment, but by the content of their talent. The biggest issue with Success Factor is not that there's a "bouncing," but that the length is too short so the bouncing is more pronounced. The way the Success Factor runs now, it's more of an issue that tends to catch schools with a talented class more often than a program that's actually got an advantage or has had a more holistic program growth in competitiveness. If you go back and look at the IFCA's suggestion, a four-year window ends up with much less bouncing and much less of an issue to impact a school based on a great class. Frankly, I'd like to see the Success Factor, since the idea is really behind "leveling playing fields" also have a "Failure Factor" component to it too. If a 2A school, regardless of public/private, can be said to really be 3A in competitive level by the Success Factor, isn't it actually realistic that a 4A school could really be 3A in terms of competitiveness too? Of course, that's not going to happen because no one wants to be tagged/recognized as being relegated/demoted.
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