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  1. The problem you may run into is with smaller schools. There are some programs where the school does well enough in fielding teams for fall/spring, but if you had football competing with baseball ... two sports that require lots of kids and tends to have pretty decent cross-over at smaller schools ... you may be in a position where you can't field enough kids to do both of those in the same season. As an example, it appears that about a third of North Decatur's baseball team also plays football ... and the football team won a sectional last season. I'm not sure of the specific crossovers, but if you took 6-7 kids off of a 20-man baseball squad. With that said, I do like the idea of some flexibility/creative thinking to see about getting the kids some experience/activity in their sport. Would something like a 7-on-7 "rec-type" opportunity be available? There are plenty of 7-on-7 clinics out there, so there's definitely some experience in this area. It wouldn't be official, in the sense that you'd have a full-blown IHSAA season and full-sanctioned tourney, but I wonder if schools might be interested in looking at something like that if it came down to an all-on-none situation.
  2. Probably because they are older or because they aren't from the Big 12?
  3. TOP for Cardinals was one of the lowest in the league. Haven't looked at the details of how that happened though ... 3-and-outs vs. quick drive score, etc. Cardinals were at 27:41 ... by contrast, the Chiefs, who won it all, were at 29.27. Top of the league for TOP was Ravens at 34:47.
  4. Mayfield's taller than Brees. Mayfield's problem is that he plays for the Browns. Also, the Cardinals were 3-13 in 2018 under Rosen who was 6'4". Russell Wilson is only an inch taller than Murray and two inches shorter than Mayfield. His Seahawks finished 2nd in the NFC West. Guess that inch makes all the difference when running RPO.
  5. Cardinals were ranked Top 10 in rushing last season and 24 in passing ... with more rushing than passing on whole. They were also in the Top 10 when rushing to the left and center that went for 10+ yards including #1 in number of 10+ rushes right in the center. They were Top 10 in rushing TDs and rushing yards.
  6. The point is that the numbers don't fit the narrative ... and, in particular when you attempted to link Texas high school football, RPO, and the Big 12 they really don't match up. BTW, looking at the Big 12 players that played in this year's NFL playoffs, that played ball in Texas high schools, again, the numbers don't match the narrative. The Big 12 had 55 players on active rosters for the NFL playoff teams. 20 of those played high school ball in Texas. The breakdown of positions: 9 Linemen - 3 Defensive, 6 Offensive ... some of these are just standing around doing nothing on offense 7 LB/DB - only 1 LB 3 Backs/Receivers - 1 QB and 2 WRs 1 K Even if you do offense/defense, the split is about even with 9 offense, 10 defense, 1 special. If you are talking skill positions, those folks in the 7-on-7 scenario that's been pitched for the RPO, that drops down to just 3 out of 20. Even if you focus on a single school like University of Texas and assume that every one of their players came from the state of Texas, the 33 draft picks for the last 10 years breakdown as: 7 Linemen - 6 defensive and one offensive 19 Dbacks and LBs - 9 of these are LBs 6 Backs/Receivers/TE 1 P Anyone who follows tu football, and even as a rival Aggie I know about what they are known for, you know that they are big on DBs. Again, the narrative isn't supported by the numbers. Toss in the score analysis that @Bonecrusher tossed in and it might be better maybe going to another state to try to support the narrative.
  7. https://www.heartlandcollegesports.com/2019/04/28/2019-nfl-draft-a-list-of-every-big-12-player-selected/ About 22 through Round 6. 9 QB/RB/WR ... 2/3/4 1 TE 6 OLine OG/OT 2/4 2 DE 2 LB 1 DB 1 K While there are offensive players in the mix, your previous posts have indicated that the OLine guys don't really play in the mix of things. Really what you are looking at is 10 offensive skill QB/WR/RB, counting the TE if you want to count hands, and six "lineman standing around and watching the proceedings." Of the four guys that are identified as playing Texas high school ball in that group ... Murray, Collier, Evans, and Omenihu ... one is a QB, two are DEs, and one is an OT. There are four that are merely listed as USA for their hometown. Of those, one is an RB, one is a WR, one is an OT, and the other an LB.
  8. https://www.themoscowtimes.com/2020/04/02/who-paid-for-russias-coronavirus-aid-to-the-us-a69839 https://www.newsweek.com/us-struggles-coronavirus-china-russia-opportunity-1495624 https://www.irishtimes.com/news/world/europe/putin-is-crazy-russian-leader-lambasted-over-us-coronavirus-aid-1.4218952 Putin playing chess on a whole different level here. Take a look at Central and South America as well as Africa in the past.
  9. Already pointed out the fallacy in your numbers using the Top 50. There are 13 of 23 at one school ... BTW 23 is less than half of 50, so it's not close to a "high majority." About the best you could be saying about that is that University of Texas plays lackluster ball. Even then, in 2018 they were #15 in the CFS final ranking. Even looking at last year, where Texas finished 8-5, Texas lost to National Champion, LSU, by 7 points, eventual #4 OU by 7 points, eventual #7 Baylor by 14 points, and then routed #11 Utah 38-10. Of the other places where the top 50 went, again, in the Big 12, two programs were in the Top 10 last season, and as pointed out, two of the last three years, the #1 draft pick for the NFL came out of that league and, in the two years, Texas split a pair of games with that team with the difference being no more than a TD in both games. Your initial post was ... It didn't specify Top 50, but a presentation of both Top 50 and the full numbers indicate that the idea that somehow Texas athletes suffer competitiveness because they make up a chunk of players in the Big 12 again isn't born out by the numbers. So whether we're talking Top 50 or Texas athletes at FBS in general, the attempt to somehow or another undermine the competitiveness of Texas athletes isn't born out by the numbers.
  10. It's possible that half are staying in state, but they aren't playing in the Big 12. You do realize that only four teams in the state of Texas play in the Big 12? And Baylor finished Top 10 this past season and Texas finished Top 15 the season before. There are 12 Division I FBS teams in Texas ... only four are in the Big 12. In 2019, roughly just shy of 2,000 Texans played FBS ball in the whole country. 423 of these played in the Big 12 and that's across ALL of the Big 12 teams. So the idea that somehow half are staying in state and that somehow translates into that half all playing in the Big 12 is just not supported by the facts. It's a tad under 22%. Of those 423, 42 of them are on the Sooner squad ... a team that has been #4 in the country the last two seasons in FCS final ranking and has produced 2 of the last 3 #1 draft picks for the NFL. 66 of Baylor's players in 2019 were Texas players. That means 108 of 423 Big 12 players played on teams that placed Top 10 last season. Again, the premise doesn't fit the numbers. You can slight the Big 12 all you want, but again, the players from Texas, which you are claiming play non-competitive level of play play on teams that have been Top 25. Incidentally, Texas has produced the last three #1 draft choices for the NFL. And guess where two of those played college ball? In the Big 12. The 3rd stayed in state, but played for A&M in the SEC.
  11. That's not necessarily a proving stat given to the clumping of athletes. Of the Top 50 Texas recruits, five Big 12 schools attracted ... Texas, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Baylor, and TCU. 23 of 50 went to those schools. The breakdown is: Texas 13 Oklahoma 6 TCU 2 Texas Tech 1 Baylor 1 Oklahoma finished #4 last year in the CFP rankings and Baylor finished #7 with one other finishing in the Top 25. In the previous year, Oklahoma finished #4, Texas finished #15, and another 3 finished Top 25. Another 18 went to the SEC ... and those teams finished #1, #5, #9, #12, and #13 this year and #1, #5, #10, #11, #14, #18, #19, and #23 last year. Boldfaced schools are where the Top 50 from Texas who went to the SEC landed. It would seem that the Texas Top 50 are landing at top competition locations.
  12. You know it's a big deal when the NCAA just announced that all student athletes affected by this, not just seniors, will get an additional year/season of eligibility.
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