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  1. Reitz will return eventually, I am not sure next year is the year but they have been good for so many years so Reitz and their staff will eventually get it turned around. In reference to transfers you never really know anything. Central had a run of getting all the great transfers and Harrison had a good few years before that.
  2. Not surprised, had heard rumors last year that he was looking to get out and go back to where he was from. Coaching in the city is very challenging. From a financial standpoint and expectations during the day.
  3. How do we think the lack of money is going to have a strain on athletic departments next season? Football is the backbone of the athletic department financially and with the past season I would think most athletic departments did not make money. Any chance games get changed because of travel expense? What is everyone's thoughts.
  4. Bosse will never leave the SIAC, Everyone is where they need to be. Right now both the PAC and SIAC are set up the way it should be.
  5. Evansville has capped it at 500 total. 250 for each team to sell. No tickets will be sold at the gate. Can not say what Jasper ,VL and Castle are doing
  6. MD had 2 kids test positive and they are related and live in the same household. This season is on life support
  7. Memorial and Mater Dei do not pay to rent the public school fields. The old superintendent dismantled that so the get to use the fields rent free.
  8. If anyone did not know already, know you know why these guys are tough to beat. When times get tough, these guys get tougher. Everyone losing their minds about social distancing and all these kids want to do is improve themselves. Signs of great coaching!
  9. For anyone that has not coached at a school that is more inner-city, you have no idea the challenges coaches face. You typically are much more than a coach at a school like this and winning football games is important but developing men is most important and the scoreboard on Friday night does not always reflect the quality of coach you are.
  10. A cool place that I would have loved to seen in its prime is Dugger. Had the pleasure of working a game there a few years ago and everyone drove their cars up to the field to watch. If anyone has a picture please share because it is a very unique place.
  11. Harrison will name their new coach at the next board meeting. Have not heard the Reitz timeline.
  12. I played ball with Demarcus at KWC, great guy and I feel going to be a great fit at Bosse. He is still going to face the same issues that every single Bosse coach has had. A population that moves around a lot and a basketball community. Good luck coach.
  13. That is 3 of the 5 public schools in Evansville this year, this has to be a first in Evansville history
  14. I was told Boonville got cold feet and now GS is waiting for another team to go in to stay even. I don't see any other teams wanting to join.
  15. I have also heard this is almost a done deal but my thought is how do you schedule games from the football side. All the other sports this isn't much of a deal because all 4 of those schools play some of the city schools. Maybe Boonville people will be happy to play Castle again because ever sense Boonville dropped them Boonville people have wanted that game back. It seems that the SIAC will be going old school in adding these schools. Who on here can name all of the schools that were in the SIAC at the same time? ( I know the Terre Hautes were in it at one point but can't recall when)
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