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  1. You said Franklin and Washington Township districts are hanging by a thread and they are the only ones doing that well. You have clearly given up on them existing. That makes it pretty clear you consider them horrible and they need to go away. What else are we supposed to assume. It's very obvious you are not a part of any of these districts and your opinions are based on anecdotal information and data that doesn't tell a complete story. The districts are doing very well including children of low income and single-family parents. Some struggle and some don't just like any other district.
  2. So you are saying any school district that doesn't have mostly two-parent households with college educated adults placing a high priority on education are horrible school districts that are barely hanging on. Should we just remove all those people from society so we only have A+ schools? That seems to be your solution based on what I'm reading. If that's not what you mean you aren't representing your position very well.
  3. I had a longer response to your comments but it's obvious you aren't in education or understand how or why the grading systems work. A good analogy is you are saying the only people who have success on a football field are those who play on a team that makes it to a regional final. Everyone else is failing and should give up now. That is an absurd statement and anyone who is involved with any level of high school athletics knows is not true. The grading system benefits schools and systems that already good students from stable backgrounds. The less common that is the harder it is for a sc
  4. You realize North Central has one of the best tennis programs in the country and they are always a top contender in their swim sectional? They both do very academically as well. I know several families in both districts and their students are doing very well. The IOA game away 6 scholarships 2 weeks ago and 2 of them went to FC grads. While the township schools have more challenges than the suburban districts like Zionsville and Carmel, they are far from struggling. A couple years ago Lawrence was actually one of the fastest growing districts in the state despite having very little new develop
  5. My kids attend one of the Marion County public schools mentioned in this thread. The school is far from dying a slow death. In fact they are thriving. They don't win championships in many sports because only 1 team out of the 30 or 60+ in each class does that. State championships is a horrible measure of success or failure. I believe this school has won sectional championships in like 10 of the 16 sports in which they compete. That's a very impressive record considering the level of competition they play in those sectionals. All of the district public schools are excelling with students academ
  6. As long as we don't have to stick our arms in front of us on the wing to indicate we have a legal formation (or whatever reason they do it) I'm good. From what I've heard they do have some weird mechanics but the officials I've talked to enjoy having a standard and being held accountable to that standard. If you don't follow it you don't advance. They have a much different process, one of which includes assigned as individuals and not having to work every round to get to the finals. Someone could work the first round and a semi-final. And you know when you are working before the tournament sta
  7. In summary, get jerseys that will cover the shoulder pads and can be tucked in. Make sure the numbers are solid and contrast with the jersey. Make sure the pants are long enough to cover the knees of the tallest player.
  8. Most of what affects officials between the start and end of the game are the rules and those are mostly dictated by the NFHS and not IHSAA. A couple areas where the IHSAA can differ is the mercy rule and OT rules. Those are largely left up to the states to implement. I like the mercy rule the IHSAA put in a couple years ago. It seems to be working fine. OT doesn't happen often and in general the version the IHSAA uses seems to be fine. They use the recommended NFHS procedures outlined in the rule book. Some states start at the 25 rather than the 10. One thing I would like to see are more
  9. This is similar to the NCAA rule. The slight difference is if the ball touches the ground in the end zone prior to being touched by a receiving team member, it's an automatic touchback. If the return team player muffs it in the end zone or or field of play and it goes into the end zone, it's still a live ball and can be downed for a touchback. That's what I would prefer if given the ability to write the rule.
  10. I learned recently there is a football showcase for players no longer in college but not currently on an NFL roster. There are 4 teams playing in Indy each week. The next games are this Saturday at 3p and 7p at Lucas Oil Stadium. The 3p game is nationally televised on Fox and the later game on FS1. https://thespringleague.com/ A couple local players on the rosters: Reece Horn (Linemen) - Cathedral/UIndy Deontez Alexander (Alphas) - Manual/Franklin
  11. In NCAA you can fair catch anywhere inside the 25 and get it at the 25. It has reduced the number of returns in college, especially on kicks into the corner. I can see the NFHS rules committee adopting it if they want to reduce the number of touchbacks on kicks. They addressed a safety aspect by providing less of a running start, but almost every kickoff is returned in HS football unlike other levels where touchbacks were already much more common. I've never seen any actual evidence of a larger number or more serious injuries happening on kick returns compared to other plays, but it does make
  12. Not directly. You get it through your cable or streaming provider and most include it. I think you also get it if you have an ESPN+ subscription. I use the ESPN app on my phone or Roku or the ESPN web site on my laptop. The teams are Lindsey Wilson from Kentucky and Northwestern College in Iowa. Both teams are appearing in their first national championship game. It looks like this may be the actual link from your browser. https://www.espn.com/watch/player/_/id/679663a8-9931-41d5-a7d7-b9499f9c637d
  13. Admins may want to move this to The Next Level forum but I thought it would get a little better visibility here. The NAIA National Championship game is tonight at 7p ET on ESPN3. We received an email this morning from the IFOA letting us know the officiating crew consists of 7 officials from the Indianapolis area. These officials all worked HS football games in Indiana recently. Many of them worked games last Fall since their college season was delayed. They work primarily in the GLVC and Mid-States conferences during the season. The referee tonight was the back judge in the 2A championsh
  14. I believe you are correct. Another thing the NFHS rules committee is big on is keeping the rules as simple as possible. Unlike the NFL and NCAA the NFHS has a wider variety of ability of officials. Learning all rules is complex so if they can keep things simple they will prefer. That doesn't mean all rules are simple, but if there is a way to keep things simple they will do it. In this case, any time a kick crosses the goal line plane it's a touchback and the ball is dead. In NCAA and NFL there are many other factors to consider (touched by receiving team, airborne vs. touching in EZ, free kic
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