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  1. I'll add the "approximately parallel" portion as well. Sometimes you have a tackle or maybe wideout who is angled in or out especially on a trick play.
  2. I tried to go back and find the play by play in a box score but haven't found one yet. I know the announced said they voided the play, but the R's announcement was not heard on the broadcast. I thought the ball was snapped at the succeeding spot with no clock adjustment. They treated it as if the penalty for illegal substitution was declined. The replays I saw I didn't see an IU player sub so I assumed the Center Judge reacted to seeing the defense subbing and assumed the offense had subbed. The R pushed him back because there was no substitution. If that was true the mistake was attempting to prevent IU from snapping the ball. A friend said IU did sub one player so the Center Judge was right to hold up the play but he should have stayed until Illinois completed their sub. Illinois was being slow in their sub and if IU didn't like being held up they shouldn't have subbed. If the latter is what happened it's possible the flagged was picked up (would have been declined anyway) and they went with the result of the play. It's also possible it happened as you said it with going back to the previous spot and previous clock, but that's now how I remember it at the time. Regardless the officials made a mistake on how they handled the play. It was a crazy situation.
  3. Agree and good suggestion on this being brought up in the pre-game meeting. If he's got his arms up approaching the sideline he's giving the indication there is a problem and the snap is not imminent. That's where they got in trouble. If the QB was just moving sideways without indicating a problem then this can be done. Kudos to this crew for understanding the rule and getting it right. The rule book talks about deception and says there are ways to legally deceive. But non-football acts like this are not allowed.
  4. The R probably could have dropped a flag after the discussion and then signaled the foul but would that have made you feel any better about it. I wonder what information the wing and R had that mad them realize they missed it. The rule currently states you need to have no more than 4 in the backfield. It doesn't say you have to have 7 on the line. It could be a foul for illegal number (same signal as illegal formation) if you have 10 players in the game with 6 on the line and 4 of them in ineligible numbers. This could be easily missed but if you didn't catch it before the snap I'm not sure how you realize you missed it when the team is lined up for a try. If there were 11 players with 6 on the line and 5 in the backfield, hopefully the other wing got involved in the conversation and they discussed what they had for backs and realized they did have 5. If they were right I agree with Bob. Better to look ugly and get it right than be ugly and get it wrong.
  5. They pick good plays as well! Your goal should be to provide an example of GREAT mechanics!
  6. You see that play occasionally. You only see video of the ones that work. I imagine it fails much more often. Would love to see a blooper version of this play.
  7. I would have also considered resetting the game clock to what it would have been with 25 seconds left. The mistake of the clock operator and the crew to recognize it ealier cost the defense an additional 10 seconds of game clock time. That's better than 25 seconds but still a significant difference late in a half. In many states the clock operators and chain crew are part of the crew and provided by new or retired officials. We should all consider ourselves part of the same team.
  8. They have their own shortage issues so they get it. They still get heated during games because it's emotional and they put so much into it. We put time into it, but we our livelihood is not based on the actions or decisions of 16-17 year olds. One thing we can do better as officials is communication with coaches. Anticipate what they may want before they want it. For example, at the start of a series late in the half, let your coach know you will look to him after every play in case he wants to call a time out.
  9. I believe he had the UNS on the spike as well. Two UNS is an automatic ejection. He's out next week as well. Hopefully a good lesson learned for him. He looks like a great player.
  10. Yes it's arbitrary but it should be flagged. He's giving you a nice break if he doesn't flag it. I've now seen the play and what he did for the second foul was not a simple first down signal. It was a delayed action that completely warranted a flag. That was a no-brainer. Complaining about it in an online forum and the announcers giving their opinion of the call contribute to the constant lack of respect given to officials when they are doing their job correctly. The announcers were flat wrong but non-officials listening to them treat them as authorities and assume the crew was wrong. This gives fans fuel to complain about it as well.
  11. Yes. If you can get to him quickly and shut it down you may make it a talk-to with a stern warning. Celebrate with teammates or get to your sideline. HS rules generally don't tolerate much like NFL and to a lesser extent NCAA do. Signaling first down is calling attention to yourself even if you aren't doing it toward your opponent. Don't want to force the official to make a decision on something like that then don't do it. But if you they flag it you only have yourself to blame.
  12. It's even more specifically mentioned. I don't have my rule book handy, but I know it's there.
  13. Not sure why they chose to pick up the flag. But if the game clock is an issue toward the end of a half I would not start the game clock until the snap because it's not equitable to let the offense burn 65 seconds between plays. This is a good example where the referee can apply the rule that allows them to start or stop the clock if they feel a team would gain an advantage otherwise.
  14. This could be a huge source of help in addressing this issue. We have half our population we haven't tapped into yet. There is nothing about this that makes it easier for men than women to do. Size is not an issue as there are several small male officials. Having played the game is not an issue as I know several very good officials who never played. We need to find a way to market this to women and get more involved.
  15. Why else would anyone care if they get a 1099? It actually makes it easier. I don't have to keep track of my weekly checks (other than to verify the 1099 is right). I know a lot of officials who don't report income.
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