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  1. If he would have shot you in the face he would have shot her in the crotch with the same bullet... I swear to God he would !
  2. What happened to years 2005 through 2220...seem to be missing from this "study"...maybe been trending upward...have no idea...
  3. Is this open for anyone to vote ? If so, seems like someones like myself, who knows less about this area, could skew the poll somehow !
  4. on the other side of the spectrum, it looks as if Charlestown has increased from 717 to 788 to jump from solid 3A into 4A. Very distressing !
  5. we need a poll to get an idear what the masses think but me not that guy ! Rodney ?
  6. Why is Muda even here... I thought this site was to promote Indiana high school football... not boredom !
  7. I like it just the way it is ! Well, maybe some seedings !
  8. Tough one, huh ? I did say appears you won...appearently not ! Now it appears LCBears has won depending on official results(ballhawk) ! What a great game for 5A.... started out Foxy had the edge, then LCBears, then Foxy, then LC, then.....
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