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  1. Grammer police ? how bout thread police.... take it to college section....
  2. ... also all south bracket teams won... lets hope the north can even things up today !
  3. Kokomo area, I don't get Bally Sports Plus but game is on basic channel 81 in case you didn't know,,,
  4. IMO, Sheridan is a poor example for making your point. They are public and dont think you'll get alot complaining with that. Now, if you want to bring up LCC and their run of 4 straight and 5 out of 7 a couple years later than Sheridans run, then there was PLENTY of complaining !
  5. I agree... reminded me of a QB several years ago for RC, Jake Kiger ! Fantastic player ! Good luck Eastside, you have a new fan !!!
  6. couldnt agree more...someone needs to start a crybaby thread !
  7. I bet you're right ! Will be interesting with the fields switched... what is that, a 2 hour bus ride ?
  8. i never looked...never had to since its on tv ! yeah but players may want to get their quarters....
  9. I wonder what happened to captainoblivious, his savvy insight is truly missed !!!
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