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  1. I would say at most tournaments and sectional, regional and semi state this should be the case because teams do have more than one wrestler wrestling at the same time but at the state finals they do just one weight class at a time before progressing to next weight class so no need for a zillion caoches...
  2. i've been thinking for a couple years that West Lafayette could be better prepared for post season by leaving the the Hoosier.... NCC ?
  3. Grammer police ? how bout thread police.... take it to college section....
  4. ... also all south bracket teams won... lets hope the north can even things up today !
  5. Kokomo area, I don't get Bally Sports Plus but game is on basic channel 81 in case you didn't know,,,
  6. IMO, Sheridan is a poor example for making your point. They are public and dont think you'll get alot complaining with that. Now, if you want to bring up LCC and their run of 4 straight and 5 out of 7 a couple years later than Sheridans run, then there was PLENTY of complaining !
  7. I agree... reminded me of a QB several years ago for RC, Jake Kiger ! Fantastic player ! Good luck Eastside, you have a new fan !!!
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