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  1. I need more info on this sandys pizza. Congratulations MD! Has Goebel been given the key to the city yet? Hot damn is he good.
  2. Can we all just appreciate Goebels hair at 70! Full and only half gray.
  3. Sounds like he had his priorities right at seminary. Dudes like 6’6. So also congrats to the alter servers holding his legs.
  4. Im so confused by some of the comments. He is obviously injured and working his ass off to do all that he can.
  5. Congratulations MD!!! They put everything together at the right time.
  6. This announcer is amazing. It must be really hard to call a game with marbles and razor blades caught in your throat.
  7. Yeah. Ive been watching. STUD teams. I havent been watching any of the 5A.
  8. Linton figuring out how to move the ball. But they still haven't figured out how to stop MD offense. TD linton. 31-16 MD heading to half
  9. 17-0 half way through the second. MD Close to scoring again.
  10. Week 13 Matchups Bloomington South East Central Southridge Triton Central [0] Linton-Stockton [-21.5]
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