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  1. im not seeing any of the games listed on the ihsaatv schedule, are they not streamed because of tv coverage? or have they not updated yet?
  2. This looks like a three score game to me, HH has to play a near perfect game and hope BC is "off" . but the game isnt played on paper, and theres no denying the heart and determination of these Pats. Its almost uncanny how HH seems to get stronger late in games, playing so many two way players. heart prediction HH 17 BC 14 head prediction BC 28 HH 6 Go Pats!
  3. Wow, I think I actually lost a few points off my IQ(I cant afford that) reading some of this thread, good luck to the Pats tonight, even though I dont think youll need it, better save it for chatard.
  4. no video surprise,surprise. Not. maybe someday, i mean we do have that fancy interweb thingy in kentuckiana.
  5. its a pure travesty that neither this game or the 32 championship will be streamed live(video)
  6. is there a video stream of the championship?
  7. just some context here, in the Hart era, the team that ended GS season has either been the state champ or runner up 5 of 7 years. 2012 Chatard(champion) 2013 Brebuf(runner up) *2014 Heritage hills(lost to tri west in semi state) 2015 Chatard(champion) *2016 Memorial(lost to Browstown in regional) 2017 Memorial(champion) 2018 Memorial(runner up) 2019 Heritage Hills(???) Im not swearing this is correct, coreect me if wrong.
  8. less than 4 days till the GS/HH rematch and no thread? Has radio silence been declared on both sides? Is dave sick? titan 32? gone are the days of the 20 page thread?
  9. Serious question, how does GS defend HH, 8 men in the box, make them throw? I think the only way to win is a shoot out. MY heart says Titans, but my head says Patriots.
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