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  1. Mike Rozier on the Falcons was unstopable on Tecmo, must have been a glitch, he was never that good for real.
  2. I think we will get a much clearer picture of how competitive southport will be in the sectional after seeing how they compete with chatard this week.
  3. I guess they think all 5 losing teams will score 17, and why is HH listed twice?
  4. number 55 said oh no you didnt, couldve got really ugly, but the refs to their credit got control.
  5. no such thing as a moral victory, but proud of the titans. what might have been if you save the 3 turnovers, on to the next one, IB
  6. really steams my clams, been looking forward to this all week, bob bowser is ok, but really looking forward to watching from florida.
  7. good luck titans, bad memories of sat. games in indy, coldest ive ever been in 2013, and 2015
  8. I watched parts of 3 games last night free, maybe select games only?
  9. since the titans play saturday, is there a live stream(video) of the game or radio that streams?
  10. found the link. it wont let me post it, ihsaatv scheduled and replays.
  11. When in the regular season has GS been a 14 point dog since Hart took over? Need info on the live stream if anyone has it, please.
  12. wow, undefeated regular season just became an endangered species at GS, but the SOS jump is huge! can you say battle tested by sectionals?
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