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  1. few years ago IU had a kid named Dutra (from tri west maybe) thats a fairly unique last name, any relation to the beast on Danville?
  2. once the game started it was fine, although I had to mute the commentators.
  3. is there a radio, or perferably video stream of FP/SR
  4. it was live on facebook for a few seconds, now gone, maybe it'll comeback.
  5. I dont suppose there will be a video feed. I paid 79.00 for a streaming packge for 4 home games, and this was one of them.(mt. vernon)
  6. calumet(0-0), one day prep time with no recent film available, should be fun. Kudos to the ad and staff for even finding a game and venue at this time,
  7. any info on live video streams for any of these games?
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