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  1. My heart say's 2015(obviously biased) my head says 2021, be a hellava match up, what the 2015 class lacked in athleticism and raw talent, they had heart and belief in abundance. Not to say 2021 team lacks it. I got a really good look at 2015 team for 10+years, only saw this 2021 team a few times(in person).
  2. Game day!!! Oh, wait, hoping not to relive the last two saturday trips to indy for semi's, (2013) the coldest I have ever been, and (2015) freak snow storm, and heart break.
  3. j Titan fan living in florida since 2016. streaming is great.
  4. all games to be streamed on IHSAAtv.org. 15.75 for all 12 games or 10.00 for a single. Just purchased access to all, Go Tigers, Wildcats, and Titans.
  5. On a side note, the lack of video stream for most games is frustrating for titans fans that are two far away to drive, Guess I got spoiled last year.
  6. I guess Gibson Southern has been moved to 6A, may get to play Memorial after all.
  7. I have to agree with Dumfries on this one Paypal is a pain in the rear.( gen Xer, who identifies as a boomer).
  8. few years ago IU had a kid named Dutra (from tri west maybe) thats a fairly unique last name, any relation to the beast on Danville?
  9. once the game started it was fine, although I had to mute the commentators.
  10. is there a radio, or perferably video stream of FP/SR
  11. it was live on facebook for a few seconds, now gone, maybe it'll comeback.
  12. I dont suppose there will be a video feed. I paid 79.00 for a streaming packge for 4 home games, and this was one of them.(mt. vernon)
  13. calumet(0-0), one day prep time with no recent film available, should be fun. Kudos to the ad and staff for even finding a game and venue at this time,
  14. any info on live video streams for any of these games?
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