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  1. I'm just going by what I was told and heard. I guess I shouldn't have said most, I should have said a little less than half the games. I really didn't dig into the schedule like you. I'm a B-Burg guy, the point I was making is that if their defense shows up in full force it is going to be a tough game.
  2. everything is right except center, he may be wearing the other kids number. Tri-west is a very physical team, their defense is top notch and all over the field. Gibson Southern has a dangerous offense, and plenty of weapons, This is basically a coin toss pick, both teams pull starters out after half's of most games. Tri-West Defense has close to 20 interceptions this year with players coming out after half time, this should be a great game to watch!
  3. Guy at work son plays for Tri-West he said they are weighed and measured at school, he said the roster is correct.
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