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  1. Dont know Darrell personally but he lives just down the street from me.
  2. Subtractions Northeast Dubois , Madison Central KY and the PSC classic. Additions Bosse, Brownsburg, Crawford County, Silver Creek and Lawrence Central or Lafayette Jeff. How's that for a schedule upgrade ??
  3. Heritage Hills 1-0 at Tell City 1-0 This will be the 39th time Heritage Hills and Tell City meet on the gridiron and the Patriots lead the series 29-9. Heritage Hills is coming off a 36-0 win over Mount Vernon and Tell City won their opener 12-6 against County rival Perry Central. With the PAC expanding to 13 teams (12 for football) in 2020 this will likely be the last meeting on the gridiron between these 2 school, At least for the near future. Series History Tell City won 8 of the first 10 games in the series,the Patriots won the next 22 meetings that streak ended in 2013 with a Marksmen win at Tell City and the Patriots have won 27 of the last 28 meetings, 1983 Tell City 19 HH 7 1984 Tell City 10 HH 0 1985 Tell City 27 HH 0 1986 Tell City 20 HH 7 1987 HH 7 Tell City 0 1988 Tell City 13 HH 0 1989 Tell City 36 HH 0 1990 HH 14 Tell City 12 1991 Tell City 28 HH 12 1992 Tell City 34 HH 8 1993 HH 23 Tell City 7 1994 HH 22 Tell City 7 1994 Sectional HH 21 Tell City 12 1995 HH 37 Tell City 6 1996 HH 26 Tell City 6 1997 HH 41 Tell City 27 1997 Sectional HH 58 Tell City 0 1998 HH 35 Tell City 6 1999 HH 36 Tell City 14 2000 HH 52 Tell City 7 2001 HH 56 Tell City 20 2002 Heritage Hills 55 Tell City 0 2003 Heritage Hills 34 Tell city 0 2004 Heritage Hills 43 Tell City 7 2005 Heritage Hills 34 Tell City 0 2006 Heritage Hills 37 Tell City 21 2007 Heritage Hills 34 Tell City 0 2008 Heritage Hills 48 Tell City 6 2009 Heritage Hills 63 Tell City 13 2010 Heritage Hills 50 Tell City 0 2011 Heritage Hills 42 Tell City 13 2012 Heritage Hills 47 Tell City 7 2013 Tell City 16 Heritage Hills 13 2014 Heritage Hills 56 Tell City 7 2015 H Hills 49 Tell City 7 2016 Heritage Hills 20 Tell City 3 2017 Heritage Hills 41 Tell City 0 2018 Heritage Hills 49 Tell City 0
  4. I know we had a bunch of special teams touchdowns when Winchell, Goldsberry, Cutler and Seifrig played, The 9 year period from Winchells Sophomore season until Seifrigs Senior season Heritage Hills had a overall record of 94-9 and in those years opponents punted to us a heck of a lot more then they kicked off so I would imagine the majority of those special teams TDs were via the punt return . I honestly can't remember the Flippins 3 Punt Return touchdown game in 1999 but should if it happened because he didn't do things like that on a consistent bases like the other 4.
  5. My web address is actually easier for people to remember now that you and Jon moved all my files to the Quarterback Club page. All you have to remember is add /history to end of hhqbclub.com http://hhqbclub.com/history/ 2019 freshman Football Schedule Date opponent Location Score Aug 27 Evansville Mater Dei Home Sept 5 Southridge Home Sept 12 Jasper Away Sept 19 Boonville Home Sept 26 Mount Carmel Away Oct 1 Tecumseh JV Away Oct 10 Princeton Home Oct 17 Gibson Southern Away
  6. I just purchased that book and the Spencer County book can go on the book shelf with the 20 Indiana Football Digests, "Local Legends 100 years of Southwestern Indiana Sports book," "Silenced Bells A Pictorial history of former Indiana high Schools" , A few Indiana High School basketball record books and a past issue of Hoosier Basketball.
  7. The last Friday night without football has passed and the 23rd can't get here fast enough.
  8. Heritage Hills had 47 listed on the roster at the scrimmage tonight grades 10-12 ( 18 Seniors, 13 Juniors and 16 Sophomores) Included in that are 2 soccer player kicker and one exchange student. I heard we had over 20 freshman but frosh are not listed on the varsity roster so total 9-12 would be around 70 which is big for us. Washington had 34 listed on their roster including 7 freshman.
  9. That's great news because someone on Twitter posted on July 25th they had less then 20 but that was before the official start of practice. Last season Pike had 36 grades 9-12 on the Varsity Roster and only 6 were Seniors.
  10. Hearing Pike Central's numbers are really down this season. Heritage Hills should be up slightly because of a bigger then normal Senior class.
  11. Heritage Hills Patriots at Mount Vernon Wildcats. This is the 19th meeting between Heritage Hills and Mount Vernon (Posey) and the first game played on the Wildcats new Turf field. The two teams played in the regular season every year from 1974-1981 and resumed the regular season series in 2014,They also met 4 times in sectional play and once in the regional. Last season Mount Vernon went 5-5 and Heritage Hills 10-1.This will be the final meeting as non-conference opponents as starting in the 2020 season they will both be members of the PAC large football division. According to the Indiana Football Digest Mount Vernon returns 7 starters on offense and 6 on defense. Quarterback Snodgrass Passed for 2144 yards and rushed for 209 yards last season, The leading returning receiver is Austin with 576 yards and leading returning rusher is Guthrie with 344 yards. Heritage Hills leading returning rusher is QB Sigler who rushed for 801 yards and passed for 289 yards. Patriots return 3 running backs who combined rushed for over 1000 yards, Wetzel who rushed for 717 yards, Rodgers 228 yards and Vaal 255 yards, Wetzel also led the team in tackles last season with 125. The Patriots lead the series 13-5 & like most of the Patriots opponents in the early days of the program Mount Vernon dominated the series winning 3 of the first 4 games and starting with Bob Claytons 1st team in 1978 the Patriots have turned the tables winning 12 of the last 14 games. Heritage Hills coaches records VS. Mount Vernon. Roger Snow 1-2 Bob Ashworth 0-1 Bob Clayton 6-2 Todd Wilkerson 6-0 History of the series : 1974 regular season Mount Vernon 24 H Hills 6 1975 regular season Mount Vernon 26 H Hills 13 1976 regular season H Hills 14 Mount Vernon 8 1977 Mount Vernon 16 H Hills 6 1978 H Hills 21 Mount Vernon 14 1979 H Hills 44 Mount Vernon 0 1980 H Hills 27 Mount Vernon 0 1981 Mount Vernon 21 H Hills 0 1985 sectional H Hills 40 Mount Vernon 6 1999 sectional Mount Vernon 6 H Hills 3 2000 sectional H Hills 36 Mount Vernon 7 2007 regional H Hills 36 Mount Vernon 14. 2014 Heritage Hills 21 Mount Vernon 7 2015 Heritage Hills 20 Mount Vernon 14 2016 Heritage Hills 15 Mount Vernon 6 2017 Heritage Hills 42 Mount Vernon 26 2018 Heritage Hills 45 Mount Vernon 7 2018 sectional Heritage Hills 47 Mount Vernon 0
  12. For the Big Eight schools the 2019 season will truly be the end of the line but in a way it is for the PAC schools as well at least in football because it sounds like the championship game in week 9 won't happen and in my opinion 2 champions isn't a true champion. Last season I considered ending my game threads but decided to still do one for the big games after several people requested I do so but since this will likely be the last time Heritage Hills plays the majority of their schedule I will likely write something up for every game this season. Hopefully we continue to play Southridge and South Spencer in 2020 but the only teams guaranteed of the 9 teams my Patriots play in 2019 to be on their schedule in 2020 are Mount Vernon and Gibson Southern so it could be the final matchup against several of the teams. Not making predictions but Gibson Southern and Heritage Hills should be loaded and Southridge is Southridge. Also guessing even though most of the 2A schools were in favor of the divisions at the same time will have a little extra motivation for the final battle.
  13. Mishawaka Marian replaced with Lafayette Jeff. https://amp.jconline.com/amp/1891343001?__twitter_impression=true
  14. I would think both Heritage Hills and Southridge would want to scrimmage Jasper. I know HH will probably replace Washington since they will be on the regular season schedule with someone and Jasper would be a great choice for the scrimmage opponent but Suthridge fans probably feel the same way.
  15. Mount Carmel wont be a member the final season. I believe they still play Lincoln, Princeton and Mount Vernon this season but have dropped Jasper, Boonville and Washington.
  16. Not losing my mind yet, Emailed the digest and Mr. Condry personally emailed me first to tell me he was researching it and again today a Sunday to tell me it was shipped last week.
  17. Not sure if it was 11 on 11 or 7 on 7 but Heritage Hills, Boonville and Corydon Central had a 3-way scrimmage at the Jungle this past Thursday. Not sure how it went I didn't attend after working 8 hours in a factory my butt was sitting In the AC by the time the scrimmage started at 6:00 PM.
  18. Haven't received mine yet but honestly not 100% I preordered, Pretty sure but memory is not what it once was 😀
  19. a reply on their Facebook said Greenwood, Carmel, Lafayette and Evansville Barnes and Noble will have the books, Not sure if any others have it or not.
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