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  1. And our 6'4" 305 pound lineman deflected one of the 6'5" Gibson Southern quarterbacks passes in the first game and hauled it in for the interception. Patriots can pass if needed but when most teams stack 7 or 8 in the box against you and you still have 3441 rushing yards in 12 games no need to be pass happy. Sigler has 8 of the Patriots 23 interception on defense. The depth took a bit of a hit after a key injury against Gibson but Rodgers who previously split time with Wetzel at Fullback moved to Wing last Friday and had 103 yards rushing and 4 touchdowns. Honestly though with teams from different regions and no common opponents it's hard to predict because who really knows how they matchup untill they face off. Going to be a long week.
  2. The Heritage Hills quarterback scores every way possible he has 9 rushing touchdowns, 8 passing touchdowns, 2 interception return touchdowns, 2 punt return touchdowns, 1 kick return touchdown. One advantage for HH has to be take aways Patriots are a +22 and what I saw on MaxPreps through 11 games the Burg was -1 but that doesn't include the Greensburg game. HH has intercepted 23 passes and only thrown 1 for a + 22 fumbles are even 7 for HH and 7 for our opponents. According to MaxPreps through 11 games the burg has thrown 9 interceptions and and intercepted 8 and fumbles were even 6 - 6 for the -1 depending what they did Friday.
  3. I'm pretty sure all of our Semi State games were on Saturday as was the 97 regional vs Chatard and all the regionals vs Batesville.
  4. I have mixed emotions about going to Lawrenceburg, Always love playing new teams and seeing new stadiums but going to Lawrenceburg brings back bad memories from my childhood. My dad was a construction worker on a job and staying in Lburg when he was murdered by a fired co-worker and as a 10yo I spent two weeks there waiting for the end. Anyway back to the game it looks like they have a really nice turf stadium and even read where they call it The Jungle. https://twitter.com/TheMotzGroup/status/836613343557332992?s=19
  5. I'm guessing the one you remember is Gavin Yoon, the quarterbacks name is Garrett Yoon and according to MaxPreps he passed for 2138 yards as a freshman and this year as a sophomore has 2017 and that doesn't include the last game.
  6. Maps says its anywhere from 164.9 miles to 184.0 miles from the town I live in Dale depending on route you take. Edited my original post to include scoring averages and margin
  7. Heritage Hills Patriots 12-0 at Lawrenceburg Tigers 11-1 This is the first meeting between the Patriots and Tigers. Heritage Hills was ranked 2nd in the final AP and IFCA polls and Lawrenceburg was ranked 8th in the final IFCA poll and 9th in the final AP poll. Sagarin power poll has the Patriots ranked 46th in the state all classes and the Tigers ranked 75th in the state. Sagarin has the Heritage Hills schedule ranked the 143rd toughest in the state and the Lawrenceburg schedule the 184th toughest in the state. Lawrenceburg is 15th in the state in offensive average 41.08 ppg and 46th in defensive average 14.92 ppg. Heritage Hills is 17th in offensive average 40.92 ppg and 2nd in defensive average 6.67 ppg. Margin HH is 4th 34.25 and Lawrenceburg 24th 26.17 Stat leaders for Lawrenceburg through 11 games. Sophomore QB Yoon has completed 124 out of 193 passes for 2017 yards with 26 touchdowns & 8 interceptions. Yoon also has rushed 100 times for 946 yards and 12 touchdowns. Junior RB Burd has 223 rushes for 1526 yards and 20 touchdowns. Heritage Hills stat leaders through 12 games Senior QB Sigler has completed 34 out of 59 passes for 612 yards with 8 touchdowns and 1 interception. Sigler also has 89 rushes for 854 yards and 9 touchdowns. Senior FB Wetzel has 115 rushes for 916 yards and 13 touchdowns. Senior FB/WB Rodgers has 96 rushes for 589 yards and 19 touchdowns.
  8. I'm all for neutral sites but basketball isn't always neutral sites for regional. Schools like Washington , Southridge etc... that are in the regional host rotations still have the chance to play on their home floors the years they host if they win sectional. Southridge host sectional and regional this year in Boys basketball , Washington doesn't host sectional but if they win the Vincennes sectional they would host the Regional. True neutral sites would be playing 2A regional at Washington and 3A Regional at Southridge etc..., Still using larger gyms but ensuring no team has chance to host past sectional.
  9. Heritage Hills forced 2 punts in the final 6 minutes and the push of the line was major contributor in the blocked field goal so if they were tired it didn't affect the performance. As far as if number 15 wasn't on the team well all teams have players that if you lose its not the same team, You can say the same about number 13 for Gibson, In the 2 games against HH this season he had 323 of the Titans 471 rushing yards and scored 3 of their 5 touchdowns. Number 13 did even better then that against us in sectional last season rushing for 213 yards and 99 receiving and 2 touchdowns. Not easy beating a good team twice especially when 2nd game is on the road but this team toughed it out and found a way to win the game, Everything they needed to do they did in the final 6 minutes. First needed defensive stops and forced 2 punts, Needed big returns on the punts and got em first by Feldpausch and 2nd by Sigler, Needed to score after the returns and got a 25 yards TD run from Sigler and 18 yard td run from Wetzel taking away any chance for another Titan goal line stand and finally needed to block the kick, Shouldn't have needed to block the kick because watching the plays on video clips it looked like the fumble in the Titans 1st scoring drive and on the Titans final drive were both recovered by HH but those things happen in football and this senior dominated team fought threw it. Titans are a great program and it stinks that 2 ranked teams play in 2nd round while a 1 win team that use to be in this sectional is playing for sectional title because they were stuck in 1 of the weakest sectionals in state but it is what it is .
  10. Not even thinking about next week because Southridge will be a war but the Patriot defense has 21 Interceptions so if the matchup happens pass away .
  11. The 2 teams that were able to beat Gibson Southern twice in the Wilkerson era 2014 and 2019 have 1 thing in common, Loaded with Seniors the one difference 2014 had a Junior named Kenton Crews.
  12. Southridge has their Quarterback back and Friday will be his 3rd start since returning, Last night he was 5 of 6 passing with 2 touchdowns and had 47 yards rushing and 1 touchdown and it was just his 2nd start since returning from surgery. Southridge will be a formidable opponent and only thing on my mind, These conference rival rematches scare the heck out of me.
  13. Not as many holes as we have to fill , We lose 11 starters on offense and 10 on defense . Also rumor is Offensive Coordinator Stan Jochim who is in his 37th season coaching at HH and Defensive Coordinator Chris Sigler who is in his 31st season coaching at Heritage Hills will both resign after this season.
  14. Don't you mean HH ball on GS 20 ?? Pretty sure officials wouldn't pick ball up in end zone and move it 80 yards to the GS 20.
  15. Its not easy beating a good team twice and the Patriots were trying to do it on the road against a team they throttled in the first in the first meeting, Patriots controlled the first quarter and the final 6 minutes of the 4th quarter everything else was all Titans. Game was going so well at the started Patriots were up 7-0 and had a 1st and goal and was stopped just inches from the goal line on a play I thought they broke the plain but it was very close, Looked like Patriots had the ball back after a Titan fumble but after the officials talked about it for what seemed like several minutes they ruled down before the fumble so instead of Patriots having a redo in the Red Zone the Titans had the ball back and eventually scored on the drive and tied the game 7-7 and after that it was all Titans until the final 6 minutes of the game. Patriots faced a lot of adversity last night Two-Way starting lineman Hunter Wetzel left with a injury and didn't return as did two-way starting DB-RB Gavin Vaal who is the fastest of the Patriot running backs and were facing a determined Titan team that outplayed them for 2½ quarters. Not having trailed all season you never know how a team will react when getting behind for the first time and the Patriots were behind 14-7 and 20-7 and it looked like the season would end in at Gibson Southern for the 2nd straight season but not this year with this Senior dominated team, In the 4th quarter Patriots get a long punt return by Feldpausch followed by Sigler 25-yard TD run, Then on defense force another punt and have a long Sigler return followed by Wetzel 18-yard TD run and led 21-20 but left too much time on clock. On the Titan drive it looked like the Titans had turned the ball over but again ruled down before the fumble and the Titans had a 2nd life and attempted a 25-yard field goal for the win that was blocked. Patriots win in one of the best games I have witnessed in my 40 years watching Patriot football. Tough way too lose a game and have to feel for the Titans who played so well for most of the game but in the end the Patriots policy of playing their top players on Offense-Defense and Special teams all 3 was the difference because like so many times in the past the Patriots made huge plays on special teams. Doesn't get any easier with another re-match against a ranked conference rival coming up in the championship. Great game Titans and I'm so proud of the Patriots on the unbelievable comeback. With the win Coach Wilkerson now trails Coach Hart 5-6 in head to head meetings, Titans are 3-1 at Heritage Hills during that period and the Patriots are 4-3 at Gibson Southern. - Brady Allen had the fewest yards in his career by 1 yard completing 8 of 13 passes for 103 yards, Previous low was 104 yards VS Henderson County in 2018 but difference is the Henderson game he just struggled going 13 out of 30 this game the Titans were more content to take what the defense gave them and seemed like ran a ton of sweeps and severial of the passes attempted were screen passes. On the final play it looked like the blocked field goal rolled in the end zone and Titans fell on it, Is that a live ball ?? Curious because in one of the videos on Twitter noticed one of the Titan coaches was in the face of a official. I know I should ask that in the officials section but too lazy after only sleeping 2½ to 3 hours last night.
  16. Not sure If I will be writing something like this up next season with a 13 team conference 😀
  17. PAC Boys Basketball 2019-20 Forest Park The Rangers return 3 starters from last year including one PAC honorable mention selection. Drew Howard- Drew was selected PAC HM and averaged 8.5 ppg. Issac Uebelhor- Issac averaged 10.8 ppg in limited action due to injury but the Rangers were a much better team in the games he played. Simon Jacob- Simon averaged 9.3 ppg. Before the Hopf transfer I figured Forest Park would challenge Southridge as the top contender to try and unseat 2 time defending PAC champion Heritage Hills. Gibson Southern I couldn’t fine any stats for Gibson Southern but the return 3 starters Taylor Johanningsmeier, Aidan Neel and Adam May. Heritage Hills The Patriots return four starters including 3 All PAC selections. Murray Becher- Murray is a 4th year starter and averaged 20.4 ppg. Simon Scherry- Simon is a 3rd year starter and averaged 15.6 ppg. Blake Sisley- Blake is a 3rd year starter and averaged 12.8 ppg. Cole Sigler- Cole is a 2nd year starter and averaged 7.6 ppg. North Posey The Vikings return two starters including 1 ALL PAC and 1 PAC HM selection. Joshiah Ricketts- Joshiah was selected ALL PAC and averaged 22.7 ppg. Jonathan Ricketts- Jonathon was PAC honorable mention and averaged 9.4 ppg. Viking could be a dangerous opponent if they can find other scoring options to go with the inside outside combo of the Rickett brothers. Pike Central The Chargers return 2 starters Ethan Scott 9.0 ppg & Ethan Gorby 3.3 ppg. Southridge The Raiders return 2 starters including one All PAC selection. Colson Montgomery- Colson was selected All PAC and averaged 21.1 ppg. Garrett Voegerl- Garrett averaged 3.7 ppg. Montgomery is one of the top players in the state and Vorgerl and Gasser are unbelievable athletes the question is what do they have after that ? South Spencer The Rebels return 4 starters including 1 All PAC selection and 1 PAC HM selection. Couldn’t find stats for the Rebels but the returning starters are All PAC Jace Kelly HM PAC Kobe Bartlett, Matthew Smith and Michael Donoho. South Spencer guard play should be as good as any team in the PAC and if they can find solid post play they could contend for the title. Tecumseh Lost 5 starters to graduation. Tell City Lost 5 starters to graduation. Tell City did have a 18-3 JV team and was the only JV team to beat Heritage Hills JV who also went 18-3. HH beat TC 43-27 in the Forest Park JV Tournament then had to play them again a few weeks later then the Marksmen won the rematch 41-22. This is composed of memory and stats that I could find online .I cant remember much about the returning starters for Gibson Southern & Pike Central or the backups for Tecumseh to add any thought about them.
  18. Evansville North added to the schedule.
  19. The Rebels put a scare into Heritage Hills with a freshman quarterback making what I presume was his first varsity start, they killed almost the entire first quarter on the initial drive before the Patriots stopped them on the HH 23 yard line on a 4th down play. Score was 0-0 after 1 quarter and just 14-0 with less then a minute left in the half before HH scored twice in the final 31 seconds the 2nd was after recovering a Rebel fumble. Patriots took control after that for the 42-0 win. South spencer was just the 2nd team this season to hold HH to under 300 yards of offense the other was Forest Park the previous week.
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