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  1. They delayed realignment from the 2021-22 school year to the 2022-23 school year so unless I'm mistaken next season factor points are reset.
  2. When Banks transferred to Heritage Hills in January from Central he had to sit out 1 year from date enrolled at HH meaning No Football at all and No Basketball until January, When the Newton kid transferred from South Spencer a few year back to HH he was JV only his Junior season and not eligible for Varsity until week 5 of Senior season so the answer is NO HH is not immune. As far as the above rumor how about waiting until its actually verified before speculating on if the transfer is for athletic reasons. BTW: I don't remember Jacob Masterson sitting out any games when he transferred from HH to Southridge .
  3. 2019 team rush attack was so good because they had a bunch of really good rushers in addition to Sigler Fullbacks Rodgers and Wetzel and Slotbacks Vaal and Mundy. Speedy Vaal was injured early in the sectional win and didn't play again until the end of state. That team had 2 1000 yard rushers. 2019 rushing yards Wetzel 1215 Sigler 1135 Rodgers 679 Vaal 503 Mundy 268 HH-GS rush leaders in 2018-2019 2018 regular season win Wetzel 118 yards Sigler 80 yards Carter 75 yards 2018 sectional loss Wetzel 123 yards Sigler 75 yards 2019 regular season win Sigler 146 yards Rodgers 133 yards Wetzel 91 yards Mundy 59 yards 2019 Sectional win Wetzel 114 yards Sigler 80 yards
  4. Other then Brenden Chew, Skyler Staples and Shane Staples I honestly cant cant tell you.
  5. Just read this not on the GID as much as I use to. We have a talented Sophomore Class but with so many of them playing varsity the JV record has taken a hit. 7th 4-1 Beat Boonville 38-26 Beat Southridge 32-6 Beat Jasper 14-8 Beat Pike Central 44-0 North Posey Canceled Lost Washington 14-6 8th 4-2 Lost Boonville 16-6 Beat Southridge 30-0 Beat Jasper 14-8 Lost North Posey 30-8 Beat Pike Central 48-0 Beat Washington 34-0 Freshman 1-3 Lost Floyd Central 23-7 Lost Jasper 31-6 Beat Boonville 28-0 Lost Lincoln 22-20 JV 2-3 Lost Mount Vernon 13-0 Beat Tell City 41-0 Lost Boonville 26-20 Beat South Spencer 30-0 Lost North Posey 14-13
  6. Back before Lance was top dog on HTF it seemed he was at just about every HH home game even heard rumors about him showing up at the Chateau victory celebrations at times. He also was MC at the pep session in 2000.
  7. Here is Twitter comment from a Memorial guy on this. The play by play did get old you just don't hear PA announcers talk that much but watching the game live I didn't know he talked all the way through the kick, Only heard that watching the J/D Video.
  8. Also National numbers always have to be taken with a grain of salt because a bunch of schools don't report stats and when you get numbers from a place like Max Preps I would guess you're lucky if 50% of the teams in the country have reported stats. That said its still impressive.
  9. Another huge play in the game besides the fumble on the punt was in the first quarter. A HH player stripped the ball and looked like he was going to return it for a TD but the Mount Vernon player caught up to him as he got close to the endzone and not only knocked the ball out of his hands from behind but the Wildcats recovered just inches from the goal line. After the play the Cats completed enough 1st downs to get out of the danger zone before punting. Also got to give credit to coach Messmer for trusting his defense and punting with 5 minutes left so they had the chance to recover the fumbled punt return.
  10. Had to work this morning and went to bed as soon as I got home and wasn't hiding 🤣 First congrats Mount Vernon on the win. Not going to beat many teams when you turn the ball over 5 times. We took a 14-7 lead and forced a Mount Vernon punt with about 5 minutes left, Ball was mishandled by the return man and it looked like instead of just falling on it he tried to scoop it off the field and it rolled a few feet and recovered by MV, I believe it gave them first and goal and tied the game. Its easy to look at something in hindsight but if he had fallen on it we might have held on. On Ensuing kickoff we fumble the ball again and Mount Vernon kicks the FG to go up 17-14. Now in catchup mold we go for it deep in our own territory and turn it over on downs and Mount Vernon turns it in to another TD and its game over. We have won umpteen games by making plays on special teams but last night it was that area that decided the outcome. Clean up the turnovers and we should be fine if not we might be heading for the programs just 6th losing season in 49 seasons of football. Tough test at Tell City Friday and it should show what we learned in week 1. Again congrats to the Wildcats on a well earned victory that handed the Patriots their first regular season loss since September 29th 2017 when we lost 17-7 against Southridge.
  11. It was in a newspaper article I read but cant remember which one however Randall Parmley Tweeted the same thing.
  12. I'm late to the party this year with everything going on but my donation has been sent.
  13. if they went strictly by the IHSAA recommendation the bowl would be empty, It said 250 per bleacher max regardless of how many the bleacher holds each has to have its own entrance. It did say staggered entry was possible for schools with only 1 entrance. But the big thing I read in addition to the 250 per bleacher the total limit at each facility is 500includimg players, band, etc... If they adhere to the 500 counting players people could sit 25 feet apart at the bowl.
  14. Just curious how many teams have moved their scrimmage to Saturday so they can have fans ?? The mandate of only essential personal ends Friday the 14th. Jasper at Heritage Hills originally scheduled for Friday at 6 pm was changed to Saturday morning. Freshman at 8:30 and Varsity at 10:00.
  15. Yep at HH band parents run concessions at varsity football games and boys basketball. Middle school football parents of players run concessions normally 7th parents during 8th game and vice-versa.
  16. Still debatable if football will be played but wrote something up for the quarterback club just in case so decided to post here. Mount Vernon Wildcats at Heritage Hills Patriots. This is the 20th meeting between Heritage Hills and Mount Vernon (Posey) the two teams played in the regular season every year from 1974-1981 and resumed the regular season series in 2014,They also met 4 times in sectional play and once in the regional. This will be the 1st time since 1982 that Heritage Hills opens their season against a conference opponent as Mount Vernon formerly a member of the now defunct Big Eight Conference joins the PAC and for football becomes member of the PAC large team division. The Patriots lead the series 14-5 & like most of the Patriots opponents in the early days of the program Mount Vernon dominated the series winning 3 of the first 4 games and starting with Bob Claytons 1st team in 1978 the Patriots have turned the tables winning 13 of the last 15 games. Heritage Hills coaches records VS. Mount Vernon. Roger Snow 1-2 Bob Ashworth 0-1 Bob Clayton 6-2 Todd Wilkerson 7-0 History of the series : 1974 regular season Mount Vernon 24 H Hills 6 1975 regular season Mount Vernon 26 H Hills 13 1976 regular season H Hills 14 Mount Vernon 8 1977 Mount Vernon 16 H Hills 6 1978 H Hills 21 Mount Vernon 14 1979 H Hills 44 Mount Vernon 0 1980 H Hills 27 Mount Vernon 0 1981 Mount Vernon 21 H Hills 0 1985 sectional H Hills 40 Mount Vernon 6 1999 sectional Mount Vernon 6 H Hills 3 2000 sectional H Hills 36 Mount Vernon 7 2007 regional H Hills 36 Mount Vernon 14. 2014 Heritage Hills 21 Mount Vernon 7 2015 Heritage Hills 20 Mount Vernon 14 2016 Heritage Hills 15 Mount Vernon 6 2017 Heritage Hills 42 Mount Vernon 26 2018 Heritage Hills 45 Mount Vernon 7 2018 sectional Heritage Hills 47 Mount Vernon 0 2019 Heritage Hills 36 Mount Vernon 0
  17. If we have enough players to field a team the freshman schedule is a bit tougher. This is a team that needed to play 7th graders to play games in 2019.
  18. Danville has a good chance to make semi state and play one of those teams. they return a quarterback that passed for over 2000 yards and top 3 receivers. Graduated 2000+ YARD rusher but the QB was 2nd on team in rushing with 440 yards. Not sure about the defense.
  19. If they dropped one in the future my guess would be North Posey because Tell City is one of those opponents that draw a huge student crowd by the visiting team. Football and Basketball I would say the teams that draw the most students are Jasper, Southridge, Forest Park, South Spencer and Tell City and two of those teams are off the football schedule already.
  20. Coach mentioned in the paper that there are few options in the area with the expanded SIAC and also that it would be his preference to play possible post season opponents instead of out of state opponents. I would guess eventually either North Posey or Tell City will be replaced but that's only a guess. Our Junior and Senior classes have some talent but not deep and the freshman class struggled with numbers and on the field . Been told 5th, 6th,7th and 8th are all really strong and the sophomore class is strong as well so we should be back to being a major contender again by 2022 if not before. That said I still think we win between 6-8 regular season games in 2020 despite replacing 9 starters on defense and 11 on offense, Our JV and Freshman teams both had pretty good seasons in 2019.
  21. Some athletic programs might need that gate and concessions especially if they reduce number that can attend games and what can be sold at concessions. I would guess most schools depend on football and Basketball to fund other sports and extra curriculars. Schools probably saved some money with the cancelation of Spring sports but still reduced gate in football would have to hit some athletic departments hard. I would guess a Heritage Hills Jasper scrimmage would likely be the largest crowd for a scrimmage ever at HH because the 2 big rivals wont play in the regular season for the 1st time since 2000.
  22. Started season with 18 Seniors but 2 quit leaving us with 16 Seniors, But we had several two-way starters and had 21 Senior starters at beginning of season and ended up with 20 Senior starters. Return one fulltime starter on defense and one that started about half the season also on defense. Offense started all Seniors. special teams should be Steller with both kickers and a punter that had one of the top averages in the state all three returning. We should be in better position to rebuild then past seasons because the schools fulltime strength coach is entering his 4th year in the program and the fulltime trainer is entering her 5th year. Strength coach arrived at HH in August 2017 and trainer March 2015 before that time we didn't have fulltime all sport trainer or fulltime all sport strength coach at the school. Just a guess but I could see several Sophomores starting this season last year as freshman they went 5-3 with wins over Evansville North, Jasper, Boonville and Southridge Twice. Losses were Mater Dei by 5 points, Gibson Southern by 8 points and the Tecumseh JV team 16-0. Our incoming 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade classes are all suppose to be really good but the incoming freshman class is really struggling with numbers.
  23. Everytime you think the once dominant program is making progress to becoming a successful program again the coach resigns for one reason or another. Seems South Spencer and Tell City have the same problem, starting over every couple seasons.
  24. Another interview this one is Murray Becher https://m.soundcloud.com/kurtgook/murray-becher
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