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  1. Protest noted. Now for game talk.
  2. For what it's worth. Take this for what it might be worth. A Birdie told me that the School Board got involved and forced Coyle to reinstate a player he had dismissed from the team. If, and I say "IF", this is true. As a present School Board Secretary, we Board members should stick to doing our job, and let the Administrators, Teachers and Coaches do theirs. Our job as Board members is to develop policy and assure that school employees follow said policies. Not get into micromanaging every employee's decisions. Rant off.
  3. Yep. I've always been taught, "Those do talk about it, don't."
  4. I had a neighbor in High School that was a wrestler. (Somewhat.) When he moved into the district as a Sophomore, he bragged about placing 3rd in the South Bend Middle school tourney as a Freshman. By the time we graduated, he had won that tourney. SMH.
  5. 77Jimmie

    2017-2018 Donation Drive

    Yeah. Me too. I think of him specially on his death every year. He passed on my Anniversary.
  6. 77Jimmie

    Bowman Academy hit with IHSAA sanctions

    Here is the article from the Northwest Times. http://www.nwitimes.com/sports/high-school/boys-basketball/ihsaa-suspends-all-sports-teams-at-bowman-academy-for-two/article_79e69665-f13d-5f0a-8625-9a16a0683795.html#utm_source=nwitimes.com&utm_campaign=%2Femail-updates%2Fbreaking%2F&utm_medium=email&utm_content=673F5B8DB82D6EFB374D80661038D097DE601E13
  7. Well. This has been years in the making. (Not in the practicing.) Coach Campbell was an Assistant Coach in Wawasee's State Runnerup team. He knows the strengths of the Spread. Now is really the first time, (actually the second, but that's another conversation that I won't have,) he has made the decision to run the spread. Jimtown just doesn't have the size we once had. I'm not sure why. Maybe there are some monsters walking the halls, but not much size. Being in a larger class, we need to do something to compete. The larger schools had athletes that matched up with Jimtown's, and even surpassed them. The precision of the offense just wasn't enough to beat the better opponents. Everyone knew that we have to mix the run and the pass up more to be successful in the Tourney. So here we are.
  8. BOTH!!!! I haven't seen a big enough body of work to make a decision yet. BUT. I like the way we've played the past two weeks. Defense is pretty good. The offense has flashes of being good.
  9. 77Jimmie


    Elkhart Central had a drone above the North endzone all night last night. Because there was absolutely NO wind, it just hovered in one place 100 or so feet up. (It was actually pretty cool.) The one at the Northwood game was flying about 20-25 feet above the players as they were running on the field, but didn't notice it much after that. My questions is: "Who is responsible if there IS a problem with a drone?"
  10. 77Jimmie

    WEEK # 3 in the NIC

    Jimtown is finally getting the handle on that new offense. Which really amazes me. I figured we would be 0-3 by now, especially after the egg we dropped against Northwood. The defense has played very well the past 6 quarters. Now the offense has started to jell. Jimtown's first three plays from scrimmage last night were completed passed. I can pretty confidently say this is the first time in 40+ years I have EVER seen Jimtown open a game with 3 passes. The Jimmies were 13-15 in the passing offense with 124 yards. Add 195 yards rushing and it will make us much harder to defend than in the past few years. There is a new wave building on the banks of the Baugo. And it's called the Spread. (Now. If we can only get a kicking game.)
  11. 77Jimmie

    The New N.I.C. Week # 1

    Don't worry AAM. We all know no one in the NIC can beat Penn at anything.
  12. Nope. Bill retired 3-4 years ago. Now most of the Coaching Staff that was there with him have retired too. It's a new Regime. We'll see how it goes.
  13. Yes. There will be a play clock this year. I think I want to shoot myself.
  14. 77Jimmie

    Final NSC All Sports Trophy

    Yeah. It will be very interesting to see how the NSC schools take to the NIC. The four schools that have been gobbled up by the NIC are used to winning lots of conference championships. That will end with Penn, St Joe, Marian and Mishawaka. The question I have is will the NIC "Football" schedule help prepare the NSC teams for the post season, or hurt them? If it hurts them, I could see Jimtown, Glenn and Bremen to look at other options in the future. Maybe revisit Fairfield, Rochester and Tippy Valley. I heard that the biggest stumbling block with them was they didn't want to have anything to do with New Prairie. The Cougars are too big for them. This year will be interesting to see how everything pans out.