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  1. The Indiana Football Digest is out. Order your copy at: indianafootballdigest.com
  2. I wasn't referring to you Temptation. To DanEllenwood.
  3. While sitting in the basement with a tin-foil hat on.
  4. AG. You are absolutely correct. But even with that said. From the outside it looks bad.
  5. One class. They voluntarily moved up from 1A to 2A. And won the next two state championships.
  6. Actually. Elkhart High School split in 1972. So you would have thought Elkhart High School's wins would have been locked right then. The 633 wins are obviously Elkhart High School and Elkhart Central High School combined. Why would we think they wouldn't continue after the merger?
  7. Thank God Jimtown does't have to play New Prairie any more.
  8. Thank God Jimtown does't have to play New Prairie any more.
  9. Thank God Jimtown does't have to play New Prairie any more.
  10. Wow. Three 0-8 vs 0-8 teams play, and five 1-7 vs 0-8 games. Rather eye-opening.
  11. Yeah. That sounds good but relying on Sagarin might not be the best option. What if 6 of the top 8 teams in a class were in the Northern part of the state? You think travel times are long now, thing semi-state travel in the first round of the sectionals. I like the idea of Clusters or Districts like Texas has, but there would need to be some good logistics determined well in advance to make it work.
  12. Well. My turn. I would be in for lengthening the season to 10 games, then qualify the top 32 teams in each class. Best of all worlds. Some of us remember the Cluster System, and the Points System before that. Both were perceived as flawed. The Cluster was only planned for a two year cycle because the All In was coming down the track. The problem people had with the Cluster System was that if you lost to a cluster team in the regular season, that could keep you out of the tournament. In my opinion, what a better way to put importance on regular season games. No taking it easy there. Now the Points System was another matter. We can thank South Bend St. Joe for the demise of that. They went undefeated like two years in a row and didn't make the playoffs because their opponents "points" didn't add up to enough for them to beat out some other teams in their "district.' The first year Jimtown made the tournament they wouldn't have went unless Wes-Del lost a game. If both teams went undefeated, Wed-Del would have acquired more points. First go-around for Indiana, and it wasn't the greatest, but it did create the tournament. Now. If this happens, this thread will morph from "Who is best playing who is second best in the first round," to "That's not fair how the qualifiers were chosen." We will have gone a full circle back to the early '70's. 🙂 Albeit with better technology so we will probably do a better job. But it won't be perfect. There will still be a lot of complaints, and that's what this forum is about. Discussion. Now. Pull out your wallets and become a BOOSTER! 🙂
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