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  1. Jimtown had a female score a touchdown this season. https://www.igotherback.com/post/jaymie-clere-making-history-in-the-midwest?fbclid=IwAR3wrZlyW9uC17OeqO9wUPwe5Rc1AOzymcJwwyERVbGZsRy9FTVtYkgq8ik
  2. Yeah. I did go in and read the cancellation thread after I posted. But this way it brings it up to the forefront. We don't have to read through every thread to get this information. 🙂
  3. Undefeated 1A Southwood is out of the tourney because of COVID. WABASH, Ind. (WANE) — Southwood will go down in the record books as not having lost a single game in 2020 – their only loss, as it were, came against the pandemic. Southwood has been ruled out of postseason play due to a COVID situation that will cause all members of the Knights football program to quarantine for the next 14 days. Head coach Dave Snyder spoke with WANE-TV sports director Glenn Marini on Tuesday night. Snyder said he was emotional when contacting his players – who were not allowed to meet face-to-face – to break the news. Southwood was 9-0 in the regular season and ranked 3rd in the state’s latest 1A poll. The Knights were set to open sectional play this Friday at home against rival Northfield in a game that was to be featured on the Highlight Zone as one of the area’s best match-ups. https://www.wane.com/high-school-sports/undefeated-southwood-knocked-out-of-playoffs-by-covid-situation/?fbclid=IwAR2vyxwGAgWZjimKsUycQMx2L9htLwAAaP4PBIa6oy8OI80qD5pqxr2wX8s
  4. Undefeated Southwood is also cancelling their first round sectional game because of COVID. How many more are we going to see? https://www.wane.com/high-school-sports/undefeated-southwood-knocked-out-of-playoffs-by-covid-situation/?fbclid=IwAR2vyxwGAgWZjimKsUycQMx2L9htLwAAaP4PBIa6oy8OI80qD5pqxr2wX8s
  5. 28 YEARS?????? Tim Adams started the Indiana Football Digest in 1998. Maybe my math is off?
  6. Contrary to popular belief, there AREN'T any innerworkings of the GID. All of us have other jobs and lives and don't really put an extreme amount of focus on it. (Except maybe our Moderators, Coach Nowlin and Irishman.)
  7. Not really Muda. I'm pretty sure I knew Tim much better than you. The vision of TGD was, and IS to promote High School Football in Indiana. The reason Tim put up with OOB was to drive traffic the the Football Forum. He and I had multiple conversations, in person, about that.
  8. Uh. This is from Ohio. Holcomb has nothing to do with it. He is INDIANA's Governor.
  9. The Indiana Football Digest is out. Order your copy at: indianafootballdigest.com
  10. 77Jimmie

    NFL Week 1

    I wasn't referring to you Temptation. To DanEllenwood.
  11. 77Jimmie

    NFL Week 1

    While sitting in the basement with a tin-foil hat on.
  12. AG. You are absolutely correct. But even with that said. From the outside it looks bad.
  13. One class. They voluntarily moved up from 1A to 2A. And won the next two state championships.
  14. Actually. Elkhart High School split in 1972. So you would have thought Elkhart High School's wins would have been locked right then. The 633 wins are obviously Elkhart High School and Elkhart Central High School combined. Why would we think they wouldn't continue after the merger?
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