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  1. To answer your question: "No." A standalone human egg, and a standalone human sperm should not be defined as human life. (Even though the sperm moves at a more intellectual pattern than a microbe or an amoeba, which IS considered life. Finding a microbe on Mars would have the scientific community singing from the rafters that life had been found on another planet.) But that is really not the question we were discussing. You stated that a mosquito is life because is has a heartbeat. And I stated that a mosquito was not created from a human egg and a human sperm. Thus my answer that a human egg and a human sperm create a human. I guess I should have explained it better because you are not obviously getting it. The lump of cells in a woman's uterus was created by the combination of a human egg and a human sperm. It is not, nor will ever be a mosquito. Thus, if a lump of cells were found on Mars, NASA, and about every other scientist on the planet, would say there is life on Mars. Even taking into account your 5-6 week not true heartbeat statement. You can't have it both ways. It's either life, or it's not. If it's life on another planet, it's life in a woman's uterus.
  2. How the heck do you get that? I specifically state "yes." Are you just reading what you want?
  3. A human egg and a human sperm do not create a mosquito. That we can agree on.
  4. Muda. If NASA would find something with that same old lump of cells on Mars, would they consider that there is life on Mars?
  5. Muda. You are correct that instead of offering a tax decrease, they kept the tax rate the same. But to label it as dishonest is disingenuous on your part. Tax payers understand the tax rate they are paying. They should be satisfied as long as it doesn't increase. And the property tax rate of only the school portion is effected. Not the entire property tax rate. With the number of school districts that are needing to fund their General Fund, not Capital Projects, with referendums we should all be praising schools like Center Grove that are fiscally astute enough to be able to provide high quality facilities without increasing taxes.
  6. Bob. The pay stinking is a given. But the pay has stunk for years. I doubt it is the reason that so many young people are not choosing the officiating route.
  7. DT. Some are not in agreement with you. https://www.abc57.com/news/lack-of-sports-officials-is-only-getting-worse-for-concord-high-school-athletics?fbclid=IwAR1MabPBF6S8RrEJD2bw3kRSAV9ZcyREGvAZYjhNLDyPeCBhAfZhSimB4uw
  8. Just from the I.T. point of view I understand it. There are some significant costs in storing Terrabytes and terrabytes of data for years. I don't know what the yearly cost is, so I can't determine if Hudl is fleecing anyone. But datacenters are not cheap. My recommendation would be to archive your films older than a determined time period to local storage. BE SURE TO BACK THAT STORAGE UP! You always have your important files in at least two locations. If you knew the number of my clients that didn't listen to me on the multiple locations point and lost their data you would be amazed.
  9. The problem is that, if I remember correctly, he does everything via Excel spreadsheets. So there is no logic going on. Just cut and paste.
  10. Coach. I see this on the road every day. I spend a lot of my time driving from client to client. The number of times I see people, mostly younger, but not always, texting while driving is scary. I can tell most of the time as from 5 car lengths away is someone is texting while driving. I get very defensive when I see that. I pull up next to them, or they me, and it confirms my suspicions. KEEP THE PHONES PUT AWAY WHILE DRIVING YOUNG PEOPLE!!!!!
  11. Because they can take out GEO Bonds and pay it back over time. They most likely have debt coming off of their books. They can get the Bond and keep their tax rate the same. Now, this negates the fact that they are not decreasing the tax rate as they could. This is a common practice with Indiana school systems now that the State has required referendums for any capital project over $10M. Doing it this way protects the educational monies that come to the school systems from the State. Pretty ingenious way to do it. Some school systems use if for maintenance, repairs, classroom additions. Many advantageous ways to take advantage of these bonds.
  12. Here is the gem of the article" Judge Bernard M. Jones was sympathetic, agreeing with the plaintiffs that the way the game ended was a tragedy. “More tragic, however,” he wrote, “would be for this Court to assert itself in this matter.” To order a replay would be in its own way unfair to the participants in the game: There is simply no way to fully and completely replicate the events and conditions of the disputed quarterfinal in such a way that would alleviate any and all anxiety or question of fairness. Unfortunately, whether in terms of the weather or field conditions, player fatigue, the actions of the coaches or referees, etc., on the day of the quarterfinal, there is no best way to right this wrong without creating even greater uncertainty or inviting further error.
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