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  1. That's what I heard Heritage Hills will play Bosse in the River City Classic at USI to open season. Kind of cool open with team that knocked you out previous season. .
  2. https://twitter.com/brvbasketball/status/1132706648928264194?fbclid=IwAR2VTKODY0Xy7xbWgyAh-4Xm-zaIY4PSbNvEQPAAnJPcb9a-frAghgwE98o
  3. Not many schools have won state in Basketball, Football and Baseball and with exception of Football which has always been classed Jasper did it before Class Sports.
  4. Per Barr-Reeve basketball Twitter the teams will play a 2 year series beginning in 2019-20, First game will be at Heritage Hills and likely before Christmas. As far as I know the two schools have only played twice in Varsity basketball. 1983-84 Season Heritage Hills defeated the Vikings 44-42 1984-85 Season Barr-Reeve beat the Patriots 49-39. Patriots have a major upgrade to their schedule and most of the additions are before New Years. Patriots will also be in the HOF playing Silver Creek and a 2nd opponent, Not official yet but heard they will also play Bosse and a game in the Forum Tipoff Classic at Southport. Cant wait for the entire schedule to be released but sounds like major overhaul to prepare them for the post season run for a team that won 42 games the past 2 seasons and will have a 4th year starter, 2 3rd year startersw and a 2nd year starter returning.
  5. Talking about when so many were Saying PAC/Big Eight was done deal.
  6. 1999 Heritage Hills lost top receiver Symon Jochim in week 1, lost top 2 running backs Goldsberry and Kress in 2nd round of sectional and to make things worse the player that replaced the receiver got himself suspended for championship game. We were left with QB Cutler and our fullback as the only skill players available for championship game. Many in Patriot country thought Freshman Cole Seifrig should have started on offense that game but it didn't happen.
  7. This thread has sure turned seems just yesterday it was susposely a done deal.
  8. I could be wrong but I think if it was a football only thing like the PAC/Big Eight Proposal Boonville would have jumped all over it. Just a total guess but I'm guessing its the coach's in other sports that swung it the other way.
  9. I really hope we can get Boonville to replace Jasper if the Cats have to drop us.
  10. Lincoln and Boonville were both quoted in PAC merger article about not wanting 4 non conference games. It could be since Jasper let it known they were looking at the SIAC that Boonville and Vincennes saw the Big Eight rejecting the other merger and this was option B. Just speculating but it only took one no vote for the Big Eight to reject the PAC proposal.
  11. Actually I messed up anyway counted 1980 in the 40 years the anaversery woukd actually be 2020.
  12. According to Bud George we declined, I have no clue. Would have had better chance in Big Eight. In 1979 we went 9-1 and could have made it with win over Jasper but loss in week 10 eliminated us. In 1980 we dropped Jasper and didn't have enough points.
  13. This season will be the 40th anniversary of 1 one of the most dominating defensive teams in PAC history, The 1980 10-0 Heritage Hills football team. On my website I have the offensive and defensive averages of every team listed but 1980 is the one Team I don’t need to look up for the averages because the numbers 352-29 are etched in my memory Forever, 352 points scored, 29 points given up, I doubt a 2.9 defensive average will ever be duplicated . The final game that season was at home against Tecumseh both teams came in with perfect 9-0 records So it was for the PAC and the Patriots won 21-6 and captured their 3rd PAC title. Walking to the car after The game we passed a few Tecumseh fans upset about the loss and one said “ Are you going to the playoffs” Knowing we wouldn’t . The following day the courier article had a interview with Tell City Coach Bud George one of the all-time Greats and asked his opinion on Heritage Hills going 10-0 and missing playoffs and his reply was something Along the lines of “ I don’t feel a bit sorry for them, When we formed the Big Eight we invited both Heritage Hills and South Spencer to join but both declined, They had their chance to run with the Big dogs” That team was ranked 2nd in the final 2A poll behind eventual state champion Franklin Central and Finished 10-0 but missed the playoffs because the PAC had too many 1A teams and Patriots didn’t earn Enough Points To qualify. The team was loaded and led by Chris Sigler and Bruce King, I went to the All-star game that season to watch Both play it was at Indiana University and King scored the winning touchdown and was selected as MVP. Purdue had recruited him as a linebacker but after the all-star performance they changed him to fullback. That change likely aided him getting to the NFL where he played 3 seasons with Kansas City and Buffalo and Started his first game. Sigler went to Indiana University where he played both Football and Baseball then played a few years in the CFL for the Ottawa Rough Riders if you look at Ottawa all-time records Sigler is still listed with Most Interceptions in a Game he did it with 4 versus the Montreal Alouettes on June 27,1986. BTW: 2019 is also the 20th anniversary of the other Heritage Hills football team to finish a season without a loss the 2000 15-0 State Champs.
  14. How long can they keep delaying this and still have 2020 date ?? cant be easy task for 14 schools to rearrange their schedules especially Mount Vernon who needs to add 5 PAC schools and Gibson Southern and Heritage Hills who need to add 4 Big Eight schools. If it passes I wonder how this will affect all-conference teams and the PAC conference all-sport standings ??
  15. Gibson Southern was behind Charlestown 49-21 at halftime in the 2012 sectional and came back to win 57-49, Not 35 points but real close.
  16. If Gibson southern would play Salem in sectional 1 h 52 min (115.1 mi) via I-64 E If Gibson Southern would play Larenceburg in regional 3 h 21 min (220.5 mi) via I-64 E and I-71 N If Gibson Southern would play Princeton in Semi State 13 min (8.0 mi) via US-41 N all are via Google Maps.
  17. Distance from Mount Vernon to Salem via google maps 2 h 23 min (148.8 mi) via I-64 E Yeah they did a great job . Should never have a more then 2 hour drive for sectionals .
  18. Southridge, Salem, North Harrison, Corydon, Bosse added Lincoln , Memorial, Pike Central , Princeton, Washingtron subtracted
  19. I doubt anyone could have predicted 4 traditional 32 teams moving into 30 and 3 traditional 31 teams moving into 32. Just odd to have this much movement.
  20. https://twitter.com/my15news/status/1122095828074680320
  21. I think 4 years would be better because under the current format a team can win state 2nd year of one enrollment period and win again the first year of new period and have back to back state titles without moving as long as they didn't win more then sectional the other year in each petiod. Another team wins regional and state but both in same period and moves up.
  22. The program has other fundraisers like KY Derby booth, golf scramble, QB club donations and memberships etc.. so I would guess everything from this would go to this project.
  23. I have no clue about financial details my only involvement in the project was spending a hour or so at the library taking pictures of football pictures in yearbooks for the years that rosters are missing on my website to assist in finding all the names for the player database. I believe anyone that played their Senior year will have their brick at no charge, all others have to pay the 200.
  24. http://www.hhqbclub.com/hof/?fbclid=IwAR3edTkFDm9b1jLdMeEdU1gGw3obFPQ8XyRQJiONfiFh79e8lWhdP9kt5mc
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