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  1. This has been the problem I have encountered also! Bullington came out of Ball State. I am really looking for the high school boys drafted from the state of Indiana, but it would be awesome if someone had a big board of every player drafted from this state.
  2. Preston Mattingly was 1st Round 31 overall in 2006
  3. Colson Montgomery out of Southridge High School in Huntingburg/Holland, IN was just drafted 22nd Overall in the First Round of the 2021 MLB Draft by the Chicago White Sox. Makes me wonder, is this the highest any high school player from the State of Indiana has ever been drafted? I did a quick google search and couldn't find much. I did see Scott Rolen was early 2nd round.
  4. At any given Southridge Baseball game, there are anywhere from 6-15 MLB scouts lining the 3rd base line and behind home plate. Mets and WhiteSox seem to have the most interest out of anyone. Majority of the MLB Mock Drafts have him going in the first round, some say as high as 17th overall. Personally, I do not see him seeing the diamond at IU. He is an unreal talent that you just have to see in person. As far as statistics, I couldn't tell you exact numbers. I do know he is the #1 player in Indiana with very high odds of winning Mr. Baseball.
  5. And the common denominator that has been on Every One of those teams is not the name everyone is thinking. Camden Gasser is one of the best all around athletes to ever come through Southridge and in a way has always been living in the shadows of Colson Montgomery. I firmly believe half of those titles are wiped off the board without Camden. Having these two in this class and the hard work and preparation they put into their respective sports has been simply fascinating to watch these last 4 years. Southridge has always been a football school. At times, a basketball school, but this class alone has made Southridge a Baseball School.
  6. Do you have any intel of the rest of the PAC? or should we re-name this thread Gibson Southern 2021?
  7. Northeast Dubois JeepsCan Someone tell me what a Jeep is??? (Not the vehicle)
  8. Thank you for making my case for me. If you read back on my first post, I sarcastically stated that you have to tell your kids to pick the right two years to be good! Because if you don't you get bumped. I did not make this about Southridge, @XStar did. This is a public forum and I have no affiliation with Southridge other than being an alumni/fan. Just putting my 2 cents in on the topic at hand. I only brought WEBO up because they just so happened to score 8 points in 2 years and avoid the SF. I'm sure they aren't the only team to ever do that. The system is flawed and it should be a year-to-year re-class of any two consecutive successful years (6 points).
  9. Got it... Thanks for your "Hot Take" of the hour. And for your information, I'm sure this 2020 Southridge would welcome the idea to play this 2020 WEBO team regardless of class.
  10. I'm not sure what Southridge being in 3A has to do with WEBO being in 2A or 3A. If you are referring to the one time we played them in the 2018 Semi-State game, that is a horrible assessment. Fact of the matter is, WEBO should have been in 3A this year if the real end goal is to "Level the playing field". Starting over every 2 years is a joke.
  11. Please explain... If the ultimate goal is to "level the playing field" like you said above.
  12. You just have to tell your children to pick the right 2 years to be good at sports. (WEBO) Could have won 2 consecutive state championships and stayed in 2A (with a regional loss this year). I am fine with the 6 point SF rule, but why not just make a running tally of any consecutive 2 years? Is it too much work to do reclassifications every year?
  13. No sir, simply stating that Southridge will have a big time "Re-Loading" year with new faces in nearly every skill position. I absolutely hope to see SR back in this position next year, but just my 2 cents.
  14. I'm not a bettin man, but if I was, I would bet that you will see the third PAC team in 3 years with Gibson Southern in the regional next year.
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