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  1. Thread of the year! AND ITS ONLY MONDAY!!! This is what the GID is all about!
  2. It would be an honor to be in the presence of the STC. I don't even know what Tiger BL's are, but i want 12 of them.
  3. Thinking about traveling to see this dogfight on Friday! Mostly to see the game, but i also am really curious if Stink actually dresses as a clown for their games....
  4. You might be right, but why is this the only sport that this is the case?
  5. I'm sure that this topic has been approached in the past, but why is there still home field advantage in the tournament after sectional? IMO, Regional & Semi-State should be played on neutral site between the two schools. Since there is no Sectional Rankings, how do they decide who gets homefield? Basketball and Baseball do it, why can't football?
  6. I have utmost respect for HH. Hard for me to start too much banter! Now if it was GS, Game ON!!! Really excited to see a HEALTHY Southridge team play a quality team for the first time since Jasper week 2! I expect this game to be much closer than the first-go-round. Southridge tends to be a different animal come tournament time under coach Buening.
  7. Right here... I already showed you that.
  8. So where exactly does everyone on here coach at? I'm so confused...
  9. Haha, Thanks bud! Good Luck tonight!
  10. If it wasn't for a newborn at home, I would most certainly be at the game! Thanks for your concern!
  11. Best of luck to all 4 teams tonight! I will be tuning in to Kurt G and Scott S on the 100.9 WBDC for the Southridge vs North Harrison Game from the warmth of my living room. If you want any game-day banter on the GID, please make sure I am invited...
  12. We have a similar history with Mater Dei. We use the same slang along with it!!!
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