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  1. I think it also is a "Pride" issue. No one wants to play for a team that historically has not been very good. I think they have the athletes in the school, just don't have the school pride.
  2. They did run the ball with the fullback on the last drive. The last play of the game actually, and we stuffed them to win. If I were HH, I would focus on stopping #3 (Wood) and you should win the game, no problem.
  3. I'll second that. I don't think this will be too exciting of a game after halftime.
  4. Clearly, it did not matter last week! Just an honest question... not sure it will affect the outcome of the game at all. I have HH JV playing in the 4th quarter.
  5. Is HH QB healthy this week? I thought I read somewhere that he missed last week's game.
  6. Oh you mean the back-to-back state finalist Memorial? Yeah, probably are that much better than everyone.
  7. Could they put a success factor within a conference? This biggest issue with this would be having to redo the schedule every so often. Sounds a little different, but it would be the best football all around IMO.
  8. https://duboiscountyherald.com/b/jasper-and-southridge-end-of-a-rivalry I've posted this in another thread, but Southridge and Jasper have had the battle for the Golden Goalposts for many years. Although Jasper dominated the series (40-8), Southridge took the last installment of the matchup. Huntingburg and Jasper first played in 1954, but the first Goal Post game was in 1958 when The Dubois County Herald Newspaper sponsored the trophy. The trophy symbolizes the Gridiron Rivalry between the two schools separated by less than 10 miles of each other. The record may not say so, but there have been some VERY good football games in this series. Due to Jasper joining the SIAC in 2020, there will no longer an opening in their schedule for this game to continue in the years to come.
  9. All of them... All of them are better. See 74's comment. What does SR get out of playing the same bad teams year after year and "Winning" a small school conference when they know damn well they can compete in the LED. GS can agree, i'm sure, but beating teams by significant amounts each week is great for your ranking and record, but what does that help a team come tournament time and you haven't had starters play all 4 quarters all year going into sectional?
  10. I hope that's not true... you would think they would want to play better competition/sectional opponents. Being Southridge and winning the SED is like kissing your sister.
  11. Really hoping Southridge can follow suit and add some tougher games to prepare for sectionals especially with HH and GS in our sectional.. Not a big fan of the Small School division when it comes to strength of schedule and good competition. Question, will there be 2 PAC conference champions?
  12. He throws a pretty ball, just cant seem to his guys in stride. Almost every throw (with the exception of the one #3 dropped) was thrown under/behind the receiver and they had to wait for the ball to get there.
  13. Didn't really look like a wingT to me... was more of a single-back with motion on the edges every play. they ran about 3-4 plays all night it seemed like. Option, FB Dive, and Sweep. they passed the ball a couple times too, but QB couldn't connect with his WR's. Definitely didn't look like the traditional Jasper team.
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