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  1. Forgot one - Matt Mauck from Jasper - Led LSU to a National Championship and played for Denver and Tennessee.
  2. I am a little confused then. Why is former Forest Park standout Curt Hopf being punished for transferring to Barr Reeve for Basketball? Would he have been punished if it was a transfer to a private school?
  3. Yes! i completely agree. and that is exactly what I saw. Offense is where he will be in college if/when he plays.
  4. He has GOT to stay low.. was getting blown off the ball last week in the first half. They were talking about it on TV.
  5. I would say 1 or 2... We will hopefully find out next weekend!
  6. If we had your Sectional and Regional draw we would be in the same place you are right now "buddy"!
  7. What "Fans"?? You seem to be about the only one on here... I wouldn't be surprised if HH has more FANS tonight at YOUR home game 3 hours away.
  8. 2013: 49-6 Chatard 2012: 48-20 Chatard 2011: 42-0 Chatard 2007: 52-6 Chatard 2006: 41-20 Chatard 2005: 34-23 Chatard 2004: 55-7 Chatard 2003: 40-0 Chatard 2002: 27-26 Chatard 2001: 27-0 Chatard 1998: 50-14 Chatard 1997: 63-21 Chatard If you want to keep living in the past, we will give you the past's results....
  9. As an outsider, I just hope Danville is better at Playing Football than they are at Teaching English.
  10. Good to know you are still living off of your regular season success...
  11. You wouldn't know anything about that "Success Factor" thing...
  12. There is a flaw in the success factor... Southridge chose the wrong 2 years to be good... WeBo could win the state championship back-to-back years with no penalty... but Southridge wins the State followed by a Regional championship and gets bumped to 3A. If you are going to penalize one, you have to do all... It makes sense to RECLASS every two years, but the success factor should be in place every year.
  13. So they could win back-to-back state championships and not get bumped up? seems like a bit of a flawed system.
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