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  1. https://twitter.com/Zane_Clodfelter/status/1172669468813791232?s=19
  2. Off topic but 3A Pike Central has no JV team this season. Varsity roster lists 24 players 8 Freshman, 6 Sophomores, 5 Juniors and 5 Seniors.
  3. Heritage Hills 4-0 at North Posey 1-3 This is the 48th meeting between Heritage Hills and North Posey and the Patriots lead the series 36-11. So far this season North Posey is averaging 16.0 ppg and giving up 38.5 ppg and Heritage Hills is averaging 41.0 ppg and giving up 6.6 ppg. The Vikings are one of only three schools that Heritage Hills has played in football every season since their inaugural season in 1972. The Patriots won the first meeting in 1972, North Posey won the next 4 meetings to take a 4-1 series lead, Heritage Hills won the next 4 to retake the series lead at 5-4 followed by 2 more North Posey wins giving them their last lead in the series at 6-5. 1972 HH 7 North Posey 6 1973 North Posey 35 HH 0 1974 North Posey 7 HH 0 1975 North Posey 16 HH 0 1976 North Posey 27 HH 6 1977 HH 7 North Posey 2 1978 HH 13 North Posey 0 1979 HH 14 North Posey 0 1980 HH 44 North Posey 0 1981 North Posey 14 HH 10 1982 North Posey 12 HH 0 1983 HH 56 North Posey 14 1984 HH 13 North Posey 6 1985 HH 27 North Posey 6 1986 HH 19 North Posey 18(2OT) 1987 HH 27 North Posey 6 1988 HH 46 North Posey 6 1989 HH 20 North Posey 6 1990 HH 40 North Posey 0 1991 HH 45 North Posey 13 1992 HH 28 North Posey 12 1993 HH 49 North Posey 25 1994 HH 44 North Posey 13 1995 HH 28 North Posey 14 1996 North Posey 21 HH 19 1997 HH 27 North Posey 6 1998 HH 27 North Posey 0 1999 HH 65 North Posey 14 2000 HH 69 North Posey 3 2001 HH 42 North Posey 0 2002 Heritage Hills 39 North Posey 6 2003 Heritage Hills 41 North Posey 0 2004 Heritage Hills 21 North Posey 6 2005 Heritage Hills 48 North Posey 6 2006 Heritage Hills 35 North Posey 0 2007 Heritage Hills 31 North Posey 0 2008 North Posey 28 Heritage Hills 24 2009 Heritage Hills 26 North Posey 7 2010 Heritage Hills 35 North Posey 11 2011 North Posey 20 Heritage Hills 12 2012 North Posey 34 Heritage Hills 27 2013 Heritage Hills 30 North Posey 22 2014 Heritage Hills 21 North Posey 7 2015 Heritage Hills 42 North Posey 7 2016 Heritage Hills 26 North Posey 15 2017 North Posey 37 Heritage Hills 23 2018 Heritage Hills 66 North Posey 7 Last time we played at North Posey in 2017 the game was doomed before it even started, The Patriots had a Senior transfer that was eligible for his 1st game after only playing JV the previous season and sitting out the first 4 games and he found out on the bus to game he would be moved to Center then to make things worse the scoreboard at Posey didn't work and had to deal with facing the riverboat gambler's trickery for the first time and having to have the officials notify the players about time on clock.
  4. Yeah looks like the shove was immediately after the illegal hit in 812s video taunts must have been later https://twitter.com/BbalEvv/status/1172984003860795398?s=20
  5. Many had Boonville as favorite for the Big Eight this season , The Pioneers returned 7 starters on offense including All conference quarterback Phillips who passed for 1049 yards and rushed for 659 yards last season. In addition to Phillips they returned the speedster Mockobee 343 rushing yards and 154 receiving yards so with those 2 and 5 other starters back were expected to put points on the board so I don't know if the reason the offense is averaging about 16 points less per game this season then last season is because of issues with the offensive line or the impact of graduating star running back Luke Connor who rushed for over 1900 yards and scored 28 touchdowns last season is greater then expected.. Defense only returned 5 starters but one of them had 140 tackles .
  6. I tried on Roku, computer and cell phone, all say affiliate has stopped the broadcast.
  7. @Bcaster pretty much answered this we fumbled the ball 4 times but recovered 2.
  8. Part of the problem is Pike County is a poor county and a spread out county with only one high school and some families cant afford to get their kids to practice etc...
  9. It said in the Hearld they installed a new option offense starting in week 2 to take advantage of the team quickness.
  10. Outside of this play Mount Vernon didn't do much against Heritage Hills but they did score 56 against North Posey and 24 against Mount Carmel. https://twitter.com/CamBehindTheCam/status/1165712459015053312?s=20 Against HH Snoddgrass completed 12 of 27 passes for 129 yards and threw 3 interceptions. They struggled even more on the ground finishing with minus 4 yards rushing. The 55 yard pass was at end of the 1st half before the HH reserves came in but the Patriots had a defensive stand after giving up the long play.
  11. He was our leading rusher last season and without him opponents can key on Wetzel and try to make the other backs beat them, Don't get me wrong Vaal Rodgers and Mundy are all good backs but its nice having that running QB. also would miss his speed in the secondary .
  12. Last season Jasper Didn't play Castle or Bosse in Boys basketball but went 7-1 against the SIAC including winning the 4A sectional. Losses Memorial Wins Reitz twice, North twice, Mater Dei, Harrison and Central.
  13. This article should answer that question https://duboiscountyherald.com/b/a-second-look-week-3-of-friday-night-lights-1
  14. We passed a little more the first 2 games and I kind of expected we would work on the passing game against Pike Central but Sigler didn't dress and Sophomore Luke Rickelman made his first Varsity start at quarterback, Luke was 2 out of 2 with a touchdown and 17 yards.
  15. New guys user name is plural and lists school as Tell City so the Titan probably doesn't have anything to do with Gibson Southern.
  16. Jasper 1-2 at Heritage Hills 3-0 With Jasper joining the SIAC in 2020 this will be the final game of the regular season series. A win for Coach Lewis and he would become the only Jasper coach with a winning record against Heritage Hills Coach Brewer went 4-4 and Coach Ahrens 7-9 against the Patriots. A win for Coach Wilkerson and he would move to 4-4 against the Wildcats, Hall Of Famer Bob Clayton had a 10-7 record against the Wildcats. Jasper and Heritage Hills played in the regular season in the 1978 and 1979 seasons and the Wildcats won both meetings. The 1979 Patriot loss was a tough one, because a win would have given the Patriots their first unbeaten season and clinched a playoff berth. After the 1979 season Jasper was replaced on the Patriot schedule with North Knox who joined the PAC for a brief period. The Patriots went 10-0 that year, but without Jasper on the schedule the Patriots played too many 1A schools and didn't earn enough points for a playoff berth. The Patriots and Wildcats didn’t meet again until Jasper dropped to 3A from 1993-1996 and they split the four sectional matchups. After Jasper moved back to 4A, the two teams wouldn't meet again until the regular season series resumed in 2001. The Patriots won the 2001 game knocking off the eventual 4A state champion Wildcats. After the win in 2001, the Patriots won the next 6 meetings to take a 9-4 series lead. Starting with an 18-0 win in 2008 Jasper won 6 of the next 7 meetings to tie the series at 10-10 and the Patriots now lead the series 13-11 after winning 3 of the last 4 meetings. Series History 1978 Jasper 27 Heritage Hills 7 1979 Jasper 19 Heritage Hills 0 1993 Heritage Hills 27 Jasper 14 1994 Jasper 40 Heritage Hills 7 1995 Jasper 21 Heritage Hills 17 1996 Heritage Hills 24 Jasper 21 2001 Heritage Hills 14 Jasper 7 2002 Heritage Hills 23 Jasper 21 2003 Heritage Hills 24 Jasper 7 2004 Heritage Hills 34 Jasper 31 double overtime 2005 Heritage Hills 31 Jasper 17 2006 Heritage Hills 21 Jasper 0 2007 Heritage Hills 17 Jasper 13 2008 Jasper 18 Heritage Hills 0 2009 Jasper 17 Heritage Hills 14 2010 Jasper 13 Heritage Hills 7 Overtime 2011 Heritage Hills 24 Jasper 14 2012 Jasper 14 Heritage Hills 0 2013 Jasper 26 Heritage Hills 16 2014 Jasper 24 Heritage Hills 14 2015 Heritage Hills 21 Jasper 14 2016 Heritage Hills 10 Jasper 7 2017 Jasper 35 Heritage Hills 14 2018 Heritage Hills 14 Jasper 12
  17. Referring to all the so called experts that were ready to hand the Pioneers the Big Eight title after the Lincoln win. Seen several of those type of posts on Twitter.
  18. I had heard Pike Central had low numbers but didn't realize a 3rd of that roster were freshman,Counted 8 Freshman, 6 Sophomores, 5 Juniors and 5 Seniors for a total of 24 grades 9-12.
  19. Congrats Jasper Wildcats and I'm happy they won't be coming to the Jungle 0-3. I thought Jasper might pull the upset proud tradition rich program not use to starting 0-2 but not in a million years did I think it would be a running clock game.
  20. I've watched Heritage Hills play in 2 state finals but never been to LOS , Both were at the RCA dome 😃
  21. Scrimmage has changed as well from Wood Memorial to New Albany.
  22. Is the rule stops after scoring plays or after change of possession ?? Reason I ask is in the game against Tell City our JV scored a touchdown and the clock kept running until the extra point was kicked then stopped, I assumed it would stop after the player crossed the end zone.
  23. For Heritage Hills its a good win because regardless of whos favored in a particular season when HH and Jasper hook up more times then not its a war.. As far as football Jasper has struggled a bit but how many programs if any can say in the past 62 seasons they have 60 winning seasons, 1 .500 season and 1 losing season ?? As a diehard Patriot fan I love to Hate the Jasper Wildcats but have the upmost respect for a program that has accomplished something few others have winning state titles in Football, Boys Basketball and Baseball all 3. 2014 last time we went to Semi State the only regular season loss was at Jasper. That said Jaspers non losing season streak that go's back to 1989 could be in jeopardy this season, The Wildcats are 0-2 and next 3 games are at Boonville, At Heritage Hills and At Vincennes plus unless they add a team have only a 8 game schedule and play in sectional that has Central, Memorial, Boonville and Reitz.
  24. South Spencer put up over 400 yards of offense in a loss to North Posey but still only scored 13 points. Tell City has a really good defense but struggles to score the Marksmen scored 12 in the win over Perry Central and the following week Forest Park scored 30 on Perry. Tell City scored on us but it came with 45 seconds remaining against the HH JV .
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