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  1. It's a great thing liberal atheists don't gather in places of worship. That way the Christian Conservatives can't find a place to shoot a bunch of 'em up.
  2. I had never read any of Robby's stuff before. I've read plenty by his brother Rico.
  3. Think GSW threw it so they wouldn't have to eat Whoppers at the White House?
  4. Nope. Do you often travel with co-workers on overseas trips?
  5. You're a gentleman and a scholar. I'm pretty dumb, I can't even count.
  6. I'm surprised you would read that liberal rag. One of my former classmates was a Director there, not sure if he still is or not. He also served as Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of Media Affairs in the Clinton White House
  7. How do you get them into the country if they are illegal?
  8. Stick to videos. When you try to type words, unsubstantiated vitriol spews out.
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