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  1. That's correct. Ask Mr. Gorbachev.
  2. I have no real need to discuss anything with a white supremacist and an Uncle Tom. Enjoy your NFL Week 1.
  3. Is this even English? It must be the Whitefield version. Either that or you got bit by one of the rattlesnakes at church last night? Got you speaking in tongues.
  4. Other Costco shoppers lives matter. It's why they have the mask requirement in place. But I do agree with you. Don't want to follow their rules, shop somewhere else, don't be some cheapskate who thinks all rules don't matter.
  5. Correct. Costco can refund the unused portion of his membership fee and deny him entry into their private business as they have done at other locations.
  6. Our coaches are wearing them now at practice. I expect the school system to require them for teachers also.
  7. That's gonzoron to you danny. Keep my name out of your mouth. It violates GID rules.
  8. I never claimed you did. @DannEllenwood claimed he did. That was determined to be a lie. Liars have zero credibility with me.
  9. I thought you had me muted? Later on you said you had me ignored and it was "glorious". Just those 2 lies and ones from your buddy are reasons why your credibility is questionable, imho.
  10. When do you start practicing them?
  11. No it doesn't. Drew Brees made remarks and apologized later. DeSean Jackson tweeted and apologized later. End of story. Anything in between in either case was people expressing their personal opinion about those remarks. No more, no less. Everyone still has the right to express opinions, it's what America is all about.
  12. How does this pertain to the NFL?
  13. The NFL is a private business, same as churches. It's their choice what songs they want played and sung. Don't like it, don't watch. Extremely simple solution.
  14. https://gridirondigest.net/clients/donations/
  15. I'm sorry, I don't speak West of the tracks Tuckian. Care to rephrase that in English?
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