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  1. No, not at all, and thank you. Still a lot of buzz around town, proud of the team. No good scouting report until you see which up and comers grow/mature over the off season. Obviously, Bennett should see the majority of carries and I do think Ahaus will throw more....current players coming back and some JV talent should give our QB some targets to throw to.....but we'll let the run set up those pass plays first. Rumor has it the STC was last seen westbound and down on I-70, loaded up and....well, just loaded. Destination St. Louis and the Anheuser-Busch Brewery. Other rumors have him renting a back room at Jiggles for a few nights. I cannot confirm or deny either of these rumors, or any others that might be out there.
  2. Thanks. I think all programs like having veteran players that are Sophomores (Noah Knigga)…it will be very interesting to watch him continue to develop over the next couple of years. I’ve never received a paycheck to coach football so any second guessing is usually based on beer arrogance and limited knowledge. I trust the coaches here in the Burg…lot of W’s over the past 10 years.
  3. As mentioned, Lburg graduated an "incredibly talented QB/receiver duo just last year". Yoon, the QB part of that duo threw for 9115 yards and 95 TD's over his HS career so there are playbooks in the coaching office that have a few pass plays in them. I also like mentioning that Yoon ran for 3649 yards and 51 TD's because those are nice complimentary numbers for a throwing QB at any level. I thought LBurg may try and pass the ball more this year but the Tigers were looking at a new starting QB, a completely new offense, majority of the O-line as first year starters....they didn't know what they had on offense. We already knew RB Bennett was good but he missed games earlier in the season with an injury so I'm guessing the coaching staff was just trying to win games. RB Witte really didn't start running the ball outside of some wildcat short yardage situations until the end of the regular season and start of the playoffs. As far as run heavy, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" I guess. The run heavy game plans got the Tigers to the state finals and after three quarters, they were still sniffing at a championship. If anyone didn't notice, Chatard has a damn good football with gamers and playmakers that, for those first six minutes of the fourth quarter, made championship winning plays. RB Bennett is back next year so LBurg will still be run first. QB Ahaus has no problem with arm strength and it looks like there's WR talent available for next year so with a year a varsity experience under his belt, I think LBurg will throw the ball more next year. I know South Dearborn, Batesville, and others will have something to say about it, but LBurg would love to battle Heritage Hills, Southridge, and/or Gibson Southern again for a chance to win those blue ribbons next year.
  4. Whiskey vs wine, unconsecrated underground water vs consecrated watered down church wine, untucked jerseys vs tucked. The Tigers need to pull some left over Gibson Southern juice from last year. Long live the South.....(eye roll, acknowledging a Royal vs Rebel). EIAC trying to make some noise. ...and not that it matters, but there ain't nothing broken with the all in👅
  5. Rumor has that STC picked up the Covid at the KFC buffet last year. I heard the naughty nurses at Dearborn County Hospital had him on a steady drip of BL's and Connie's house perfume.....they were even sprinkling him with Concepts magic glitter but the prognosis wasn't looking good.
  6. Brownsburg Eastern Greene Elkhart Evansville Reitz Fishers Center Grove East Central Carroll (Flora) Western Boone Northwestern
  7. Hammond Central Evansville Memorial Madison Grant Roncalli Fishers Calumet Park Tudor North Judson Moorseville Columbia City Hamilton Heights
  8. Brownstown Central Indianapolis Cathedral Evansville Memorial FW Dwenger Western Boone Brebeuf Tecumseh Carmel Bedford North Lawrence Tippecanoe Valley
  9. Adams Central Franklin Central New Palestine Lafayette Jeff Indianapolis Roncalli Owen Valley Northview Brownsburg Zionsville Penn
  10. Ben Davis Brownsburg East Noble Carroll (FW) Evansville Mater Dei Gibson Southern FW Snider Tri-West Owen Valley Franklin
  11. Brebeuf Ben Davis West Lafayette New Palestine Terre Haute South Tri-West Centerville New Albany Hamilton Southeastern Cincinnati St. Xavier
  12. Mooresville Adams Central Carroll (FW) Indianapolis Roncalli Cathedral South Putnam Triton Crown Point Vincennes Lincoln Brebeuf
  13. Merrillville Brownsburg Chatard West Lafayette Linton-Stockton Center Grove Fort Wayne Luers Evansville Memorial Cathedral Lawrenceburg
  14. Gibson Southern....Good luck next week at SS. Great regional championship game played by Titans and Tigers. Respect for both.
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