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  1. Before the WIC expanded, we always played the same schedule. Always ended with Sullivan and Northview. WIC expanded a few years ago and they've shuffled it around because they had to. We still play Sullivan and Northview, but they aren't back to back anymore.
  2. West Vigo did a decent job this year partnering with WMMC out of Marshall, IL. They would video stream and include play by play. It wasn't great but it was definitely better than not seeing the games at all. Their feed buffered too much and the camera angle was way too close to the LOS. Greene County Sports is a pretty good one that I've watched. Those guys do a great job.
  3. They have not. I haven't heard anything on that front. Been really quiet.
  4. I went to West Vigo and I loved the small school feel. I loved knowing everyone in the building and all the teachers knew who you were. It was a personal thing. All the administrators knew you from middle-high school. If any of you have ever been to WV, you know how small it is. It has 2 hallways that lead from the gym to the school office. Back hallway leads to the middle school and cafeteria. I couldn't imagine going to school of 2,000-4,000 kids. Back to the topic. The renovation is good idea but then you have the same issue arise again, they don't have the money to keep the sc
  5. It was brought up on here recently, further up in the thread, about consolidation. I can tell you someone in the know has said TH is looking to consolidate all 3 high schools into one. They've been having funding issues which is why they closed a few schools a few years ago and are consolidating a few others after the school year. I was told it could be within the next 10 years. Plenty of land on the east side of TH. The old K-Mart building could be an interesting site. Right off 41, just about a mile or so south of I-70.
  6. I live here in ole Terre Haute. We've lost a lot lately business wise and nothing is coming in to take it's place. The school corporation had a big scandal with millions of dollars involved. I think that alienated some people and they left. Some still think some shady business going on with them with money disappearing and then magically reappearing. West Vigo also has a few transfer from both schools. And West Vigo has had an enrollment drop too. When I graduated, enrollment was right around 560 or 570. It's down to about 515 now. Not a huge drop but noticeable in a school that size.
  7. https://harrell.proboards.com/ Here. You just have to sign up and it's free.
  8. Torn ACL. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/30422487/no-12-indiana-hoosiers-qb-michael-penix-jr-tears-acl-season
  9. Big high school basketball message board over at Harrell's. Lots of southern Indiana flavor over there.
  10. Danville needed that TD just before the half. Score after the half and it's a one possession game.
  11. Danville hadn't converted a 3rd down all game. And then don't on that drive either. And the coach thought it was a good idea to go for it on 4th down? They couldn't gain a yard on the play before. Offensive line of Danville is getting no push off the line.
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