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  1. I didn't even know we scrimmaged RP. Must have been at the Eastern Greene thing.
  2. West Vigo is on the road the first two weeks at WRC schools South Vermillion and Parke Heritage. Looking forward to renewing the rivalry with SV. Not too sure what to expect in either game but it should be fun!
  3. They probably shouldn't have left the WIC. They weren't gone for long. I'd like to see some new flavor in the conference but it's got a large number already. Would have to drop some schools first.
  4. Linton was actually invited to the WIC a few years ago and it turned it down I heard. I'm not a fan of the conference to be honest. Especially in baseball. West Vigo hasn't lost a conference game since 2019 in baseball. Most of the schools that joined a few years ago haven't really been competitive besides South Put. Also heard like 2 years ago that Northview was looking for a way out, not sure if they ever did.
  5. I'm excited for this season under a new head coach. Northview and Owen Valley are my favorites in the big school division. South Putnam should probably run away with the small school division. Chuck Sorrell is building a great program there. Indian Creek could be a dark horse under new coach Gillin. Sullivan is tricky after losing head coach Blaine Powell. I'd like to see WV compete for the small school but don't know what to expect.
  6. I'm not sure the WIC would want them. The school issue with renovation/consolidation still hasn't been resolved as far as I know. I know the WIC tried to recruit Linton to join but they declined. I also heard Northview had talked about leaving and joining the CI with THS and THN.
  7. West Vigo scrimmages North Central on 7/14 and Eastern Greene plus other schools on 7/19.
  8. I'm curious to see what happens next. With the referendum now off the table, the school corp now has massive questions to answer. The 3 high schools have issues, all need to either be renovated or rebuilt. We could see some programs/activities dropped to come up with the money for the improvements.
  9. We can't catch a break. We've had Danville, Tri-West recently, which isn't easy. Now we're getting Gibson Southern this year and next. We aren't historically great at football and likely never will be but yikes. But I am looking forward to hopefully see Gibson Southern in person. I have respect for them as a great program. I think this sectional is a little more competitive for us and I still don't expect us to win it. Hope we can avoid GS as long as possible lol.
  10. The school corp's referendum on the ballot last week failed by a massive margin. It was supposed to raise property taxes and bring in over $200M so the corporation could renovate the 3 high schools. That failed so who knows what happens now. I've heard from people around the city they wouldn't be surprised if we ended up with 1 massive high school. Another was combining West Vigo/Terre Haute North into one high school. I'm not sure what happens. I'm not a big fan of the massive high school idea. I don't wanna see WV go away.
  11. With the VCSC renovating all the facilities, I wonder if they finally purchase turf. I know it was brought up in the past.
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