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  1. Thought It was funny watching the butt hurt memorial guy waiting on the officiating crew to walk off the floor. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  2. Felt bad for the kids. They were trying to get to the line as fast as possible after each play. Definitely not the way they wanted to end their last game of the season with an officiating crew that shouldn’t be allowed on a field again. You nailed your post💯!!
  3. At this moment it’s easier for them to complain about GS and this year’s Super Seniors because the writing is on the wall. Our youth program is kicking out future SUPER HEROES as we can see from Titan32’s earlier post on our up coming classes!
  4. Haha this is funny. I’ve watched these kids for 12 years work their butts off for this moment. So if this is the best trash you got…..bring it. Let’s leave the “super teams” in the NFL & NBA and let these kids enjoy their last year of high school.
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