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  1. Hate to burst your bubble but OV would be 5-5 and sitting at home this Friday if they played the Titans schedule this year.
  2. Our game was over when we got the safety. Defense has been huge all year. Last night the offense did what they needed to do.
  3. Well I will say this everyone on offense (QB1) is completely healthy again. The way the D is playing (lights out) the last few weeks I wouldn’t want to be a Pioneer on senior night. Just saying. 42-10 GS
  4. Could be a long bus ride home for OV if MTV actually comes out and plays some football. They have the pieces.
  5. We’ll said @Esso Ayche 👏👏 Kinda like Monday night football. CeecD wide open Rush hits him in stride, oops thru the hands. Wasn’t really knocking you @DumfriesYMCAbut they have been finishing. 6-0 baby! Does it have to be pretty all the time…… nope! I really do enjoy reading your posts so keep them coming.
  6. Funny stuff from a guy that’s not seen a live game and is listening to a radio broadcast that’s not familiar with broadcasting football games.
  7. Sending some thoughts and prayers to the young man that broke his leg Friday night.
  8. Looking like a cool 65 degree kickoff. Maybe some s’mores for tailgating.
  9. If you’re that curious about GS why not come catch the HH game this Friday @Just a dad they got some really good 🍿.
  10. What happened to the Goldsberry kid playing QB this yr? That was the rumor in the off-season.
  11. I wanna know if the concession stand is gonna have those good turkey breasts
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