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  1. After many years trying, this is my first Catalina Wine Mixer Title. I used my PP advantages to stay ahead of the pack. After Luers failed me in miserable fashion, new comer to the party Covenant Christian pushed me over the edge. In honor of 2020, here is a rough version of the song that embodies all Catalina Wine Mixer Champions. Last but not least, DONATE TO THE GRID!
  2. 2 Point Games Westfield vs Center Grove Zionsville vs Cathedral 3 Point Games Chatard vs Danville Hobart vs Roncalli 5 Point Games Fort Wayne Luers vs Western Boone South Adams vs Covenant Christian
  3. All the posts in this topic and this is the more ignorant one. Three things: 1. LCC is only being bumped up for it's 2nd time. Not multiple times as you claim. 2. When LCC bumped up to 2A the points needed to stay in 2A was 4 points. LCC lost to the state runner up Tipton by 4 in Sectional and Lost to Rensselaer Central in Semi-State similar to Pioneer. Not really sure LCC's first go around would be considered tanking. You can thank Bobby Cox adjustments in the amount of points to stay in a class. 3. Last time Pioneer played LCC they hung 70 on them. I am not sure what y
  4. After watching highlights of the Heritage kid, That dude is exactly what a D1 Program is looking for. He is 6'5 230 and clearly hasn't even accidently wandered in to a weight room. They look at that kid and say we can pack on another 30-40 pounds on that kid and he has a great motor. Miller has worked very hard in the weight room it is clear, but they look at his frame and say maybe we can squeak another 10 pounds on before it starts to impact in a negative way. And are we sure he's 6'4, there is a play on Miller's Hudl first four games high light reel where the Heritage kid is defending
  5. He would be a great fit at a D2 Program like Hillsdale or UIndy who uses TE. His problem right now is NCAA isn't allowing any recruiting to happen. It makes it difficult on the players and the coaches right now. What is the Heritages DE name?
  6. How big is Miller? I saw the regional game last season in person and I remember being impressed by him, but I don't recall him having D1 TE type size. Quick Clarification: Ivy League and Butler are both in non-scholarship D1 Football. In order to have a D1 basketball program, If there is a football program schools are required to be D1. There are obviously schools who don't want to take on the expense of 85 full scholarships at the FBS level. They created FCS (formerly D1AA) and FCS Non Scholarship. FCS has 63 Full Scholarships to offer and FCS non-Scholarship offers academic packages. A
  7. So what you're saying is SA is a 60 point favorite. Joking Aside, early in the season it's based on the previous year's data. I think a 42-21 SA win is probably about right.
  8. I hope I am wrong, but I don't see this being as good of a game as folks think. LCC is now a 45 point underdog based on the Harrells.
  9. 2 Point Games Westfield @ Merrillville Mater Dei @ Western Boone 3 Point Games Valpo @ Zionsville Marion @ Hobart Mooresville @ Roncalli Danville @ Southridge Pioneer @ Luers South Adams @ LCC Covenant Christian @ West Washington
  10. @Yuccaguy I was agreeing with you. You probably do have more info as it seems you are either assigned to this game or know who is.
  11. Yucca might have more info than this. https://twitter.com/SA_Athletics/status/1327805898413273088?s=20
  12. LCC's Field is in beautiful shape. It's a kentucky bluegrass field cut like a golf fairway. It plays fast like turf. After Friday, the Tarp will go on the field for the winter. I am starting to hear that because LCC was on the bye, even if they played Traders Point which would have been on the road for the sectional title. That Bye game will be considered a home game. Looks like Temptations grievance can be rescinded.
  13. Is someone asking anyone to feel sorry for LCC? Your "unbiased" opinion around here is that LCC shouldn't get a home game because they had a bye two weeks ago. So stop feeling sorry for South Adams because they have to get on a bus for 2 hours to go play on a arguably one of the best grass football fields in the state in 60 degree weather. Seems like great evening for the 42 point favorite Starfires.
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