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  1. Are you sure South Adams didn’t play for the state finals today? As for McFadden.... maybe the Saints should look at their own conditioning. He was dead as was the Lutheran DL the last 5 minutes of that game.
  2. I’ve been following this since I was updated on Friday the coach was headed to the hospital. Sometimes we are quickly reminded how fragile life is and as great as this game we celebrate is, it is minuscule in the whole scheme of our time on earth. My thoughts and prayers are for the family and community that they can find comfort in this difficult time now and in the next couple weeks as we approach the holiday season.
  3. #Fakenews sounds like Puff who predicted North Daviess running back would have scored 4 times and had 300 yards in 09. Why would someone from New Haven come in with the hot take of the week that SA would beat LCC's butt? The problem with that hot take..........................We'll never know because SA couldn't kick the butt of AC when it actually mattered. [2009] Lafayette Central Catholic (Lafayette, IN) 42, [2009] Fountain Central (Veedersburg, IN) 21 [2010] Lafayette Central Catholic (Lafayette, IN) 35, [2010] Fountain Central (Veedersburg, IN) 20
  4. It'll be interesting. A classic in contrasting styles. Playing SA last week definitely helps with the game this week.
  5. NFHS should go to the targeting rules lower colleges do. Toss the offender. What’s more detrimental to the game an opened hand slap or a helmet to helmet hit?
  6. It’s ejection worthy, no doubt. You’ve left it open ended. Watch the clip. Do you eject?
  7. He deserved an unsportsmanlike penalty but ejection for reacting to a targeting (which was the 2nd targeting shot he took in the game to that point) seems like an overreaction.
  8. They did call the targeting. Open hand slap didn’t connect. Seemed kind of soft given the blow to the head the player just took.
  9. LCC will have their hands full. Traders Point looks disciplined on film and they are efficient in what they do. They haven't played a tough schedule, but they've taken care of business. They did struggled in the 2nd half vs Lutheran. That will help them on Friday.
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