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  1. Blackford @ Monroe Central Eastbrook @ Marion Lapel @ Elwood MG @ Tipton Ole Miss @ Pendleton OH @ Eastern Tri-Central @ Frankton Wes-Del @ Alex
  2. Blackford @ Monroe Central- Excited to see what Blackford does this year. Glad to have some good competition in the cic. Eastbrook @ Marion- Marion has a TON of talent... Jeff and his staff have beat teams that have had just as much talent. I think/hope the panthers have more discipline and it will be interesting to see how Marion handles the no huddle. Lapel @ Elwood- Gonna be another tough year for Elwood. MG @ Tipton- Very excited to have Tipton in our sectional... sounds like they are young but still going to be very good.  Ole Miss @ Pendleton- dont know anything about Pendelton, but i know 2 brothers with the last name of Campbell for the Indians. The oldest one is a senior and a very special talent, he is fun to watch. OH @ Eastern- Got to pick CIC here dont know much about either team. Tri-Central @ Frankton- Another game i dont know much about. But to you Frankton fans congrats on another awesome basketball season. saw the semi state game!!!!! what a fun game just bad result.  Wes-Del @ Alex-I think Alex might be better than what people think. Also Alex fans congrats on the State baseball championship!
  3. Eastbrook and Ole Miss will be the teams to beat, Blackford wont be to far behind. I think Ole Miss edges Eastbrook by a little, Campbell boys are VERY good. Eastbrook losses a lot of starters from last season. Guys that have been starting since there sophomore year. Its going to be tough replacing guys like Kirby, Dalton, and Hale but Adamson and his staff always seem to find a way to do it. Bragg had a very good game a state last year so it will be fun to see what he can do this year.
  4. Blaze was good. Did he go play anywhere? I heard he went on a baseball scholarship instead.
  5. They passed a little more (Adamson was the coach when he played also) he was just a stud athlete. he had multiple D1 scholarships to go pitch, was an all state pitcher for 3 years. Was a 4 year varsity basketball player lead Eastbrook to its first and only regional win. never made it to state in football got beat in regional every year by the University of Luers.
  6. David Caudill from Eastbrook. Played professionally in Germany for a few years. I also think he got picked up by a NFL team un-drafted
  7. 1A-Blackhawk and Bar Reeve 2A-Frankton and Shenandoah 3A-Culver and Attucks 4A-Penn and Ben Davis
  8. Good Luck to Frankton would be nice seeing the CIC have a team at state in football and basketball
  9. I went to New Castle 2 weekends ago to watch sectional and went to Marion last weekend to watch regional. Both Gyms are in the top 10 in the world with how many people they can sit, Both Gyms were sold out with standing room only. Heard from one of the parents one school sold 4,000 tickets. Attendance isn't as down as what people think. If all Gyms are not full this weekend for semistate i would be shocked.
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