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  1. Are they that good? have you seen them? i know you have to be decent to be undefeated, but their schedule is weak. I dont know anything about them.
  2. Ohhh come on lol I think it will be a better game then what other people think. We have some really good athletes, its just our line on both sides of the ball have struggled a lot. I would say Eastbrook has been battle tested also, maybe not in conference other than Ole Miss but our 2 non conference opponents both have a chance for a really deep run in 4A. that Hoosier conference is brutal from top to bottom when the CIC has 2 good teams.
  3. Eastbrook is the favorite, but if our line plays like we did last week Tipton will dominate us. Excited to start some trash talk with @Fballfan15. Very interested to see how Eastern does against some quality opponents. Maybe Alexandria gets going, the Quarterback is a heck of a player. If Eastbrook and Tipton win will that game be at Eastbrook?
  4. Eastbrooks O-Line better step it up if we want to make another deep run this year. If our line plays like they did on Friday we wont make it out of the sectional.
  5. If he wouldn't have won this week he wouldn't have to worry about quieting, he would have been fired lol
  6. Do they have the numbers to do a 2 platoon system? Or is it the talent that doesn’t let that happen?
  7. I have see him multiple times not a bad defender but not a D1 defender either. He is a excellent shooter but doesn’t move without the ball and can’t get himself open.
  8. I agree, with the size and talent that Ole Miss has they should be running through the CIC.
  9. It’s awesome to see all these names and how much High School talent Indiana has had over the years.
  10. Ohhh my bad well I have heard it from a couple people but nobody close to program. Just wondered if it was true or not. His son is a senior right?
  11. Eastbrook wins easily and looks forward to the sectional. Really the only team in the CIC that had a chance to win a sectional is Eastbrook, with only one team in their way and that’s Tipton. I know Eastern is having a good year but when they start playing quality teams I will start considering them. Im sorry Ole Miss but there is a VERY slight chance you win that sectional. Hopefully you don’t draw Marion or Delta first round so maybe you can win a game. Heard a rumor the other day that funk was looking to leave? Any news on that from Gas City? Frankton is getting ready for basketball Alexandria is getting ready for baseball Blackford is ready to get on the Luke Brown, Kid can shoot the ball, but to slow to play D1 Oak Hill, Elwood, and MG, not much to look forward to.
  12. Totally agree have to take it game by game especially with how many sophomores and juniors we play.
  13. its a little boring knowing that Eastbrook has pretty much wrapped up the CIC title. Even though at the begging of the season @Scottish_Warrior had Eastbrook finishing 4th (smdh). I guess this is one of the games he thought Eastbrook would lose.
  14. I remember when Eastbrook(when we were 3A) and WL would play each other in the tournament, they were very good back then (around 2008) if i remember right the QB at the time won Mr. Football. Its nice to see teams keep the winning going as players graduate and new players filled in. Glad we are back down to 2A 🙂, very excited for the postseason to start. Cass is the real deal. They were the real deal last year, took us giving our best effort to barely beat them at home.
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