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  1. My pick to win the CIC is Ole Miss, then Blackford and Alex fighting for second. Frankton finishing 4 and I think the rest of the spots are up for grabs. Hoping my Panthers can find some success. Might start the season a little slow with some injuries from football.
  2. Can Saturday be here already?????? I think this will be a really good game. 2 hard nosed teams with 2 great coaches. Win or lose it is special to get this far, in the end these kids from both teams have been proving people wrong all year. I have been saying all year the thing that will hold Eastbrook back is their line on both sides. Then last week our line manhandle a huge Andrean team. Eastbrook had the biggest target for teams in the North, same for Western Boone and teams in the south, yet both found a way to play on thanksgiving weekend again. If you want to be the best, you have to beat the best and right now that’s Webo. So my Panthers better come out with energy and focus. Blue or Red ring it is special playing on thanksgiving weekend!
  3. Andrean was extremely athletic and HUGE, but got out coached and Eastbrook wanted it more!
  4. Saw some film on Andrean they are HUGE up front. QB is a heck of a player also. They also play a really tough schedule. I’m very excited for the game, but even more excited that it’s at home. That trip is going to be a long one for Andrean. We made some mistakes last Friday that we can’t afford to make this Friday or we will get beat. But our defense is playing really quick and hitting hard. Should be a really good game.
  5. Slow start for the Panthers going down 9-7 with all the momentum to Eastside. The Panthers finally picked it up, Binkerd had a heck of a game with almost 200 rushing yards. Eastside has a very good young QB. Congrats to the Panthers on 4 regional titles in a row.
  6. We haven't played a team that with throw the ball like Eastside will. Alexandria threw the ball a lot but they aren't even close to being on Eastsides level. Tipton tossed the ball around some but that was with a second string QB. We will be tested this week to just see how good our pass D is.
  7. Was talking to the AD at Eastbrook the other day and he said Eastside has almost pre-sold all of their tickets and have requested more. Should be a great atmosphere. They look pretty athletic on film and looks like they like to throw the ball, which is always scary for us Panther fans.
  8. The D-Line will definitely have to show up. If they can make Ole Miss throw the ball i think they have a better chance, but that's easier said than done. Should be a great game, would love to go watch but i will be supporting the Eastbrook Panthers as they take on Eastside.
  9. I dont think so, it will be a high scoring game but Ole Miss offense is good enough to keep up with EN. Does EN play a lot of guys both ways?
  10. i agree Ole Miss is playing really good and with a lot of confidence, especially after making it out of that brutal sectional.
  11. Ole Miss is really big upfront, and have to really quick and shifty backs. Haven't had to throw the ball much this year because of how good those backs are. Was very surprised Ole Miss beat Marion last week, with that being said Im gonna take the Indians playing with a lot of confidence 34-28
  12. Mississinewa: Im going with the upset. Should be a hell of a game, would love to go but i will be going to watch the panthers. Eastbrook: I know Eastern hasn't played much competition and the numbers against Alexandria dont look great. With that being said they still haven't lost a game and the Panthers cant take them lightly. Hopefully the Panthers come ready to play and can win a fourth straight sectional. South Adams: They are playing really good.
  13. Yeah feel for that kid Yeah I think it will come down to Eastbrook or Tipton next year to win the sectional
  14. Man hope that kid is okay. Yeah it sucks when kids are hurt or can’t play, Tipton is going to be one hell of a team next year.
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