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  1. A few facts to consider regarding schedule and Sagarin ratings.... 1) Out-of-state games are not included. The Tigers had one against a relatively weak Taylor (OH) team. However, East Central had two - Harrison (OH) and Oak Hills (OH). East Central beat Harrison who is ranked 9th in OH Div II. Harrison is in the 2nd round of the Ohio playoffs. The Harrison win was a good win for the Trojans. 2) Lawrenceburg won the East Central game against Harrison in almost every statistical area except the final score and turnovers. L'burg moved the ball well most of the game, but had multiple drives fritter out deep in EC territory. East Central had a few big plays / blown coverages to get their 2 td's in the first half, but Lawrenceburg could easily have been up 3 td's at halftime if things went just a little differently. The Tigers then came out in the 2nd half and turned it over on the first three possessions. EC took advantage and the rest is history. Not taking anything away from EC, they made the plays to win the game, but it easily could have been a totally different outcome. So, I am not sure what impacts a Tiger win over EC might have made on the Sagarin, but that game could easily have ended differently. Similarly, an EC win against a very good Harrison team might have moved the needle a bit, not to mention the impact on the Tigers of not having BIG YOON for the first 5-6 games of the year. By all accounts and objective measures it appears that HH has a very good football team, but I think these Tigers will have some fight in them on Saturday night.
  2. Clearly, I overlooked that important local establishment. My bad. I also was remiss by not mentioning Larosa's pizza (a Cincinnati favorite), and the other businesses out at the intersection of I-275 and US 50, including the multiplex cinema. I suspect most will be traveling through Kensucky and will therefore be in that area (5 minutes from The Pit.) If anyone is planning on an overnight, there are several hotels in the area, but the nicest is likely the DoubleTree Hilton overlooking the river, if price isn't your top concern.
  3. The field has never been less than regulation size, I have no idea where you got that idea. The visitors side stands are in fact limited. "Get there early" is a good piece of advice. If you don't get there early and find parking to be a problem, you can easily park on Walnut Street which is across US 50 from the high school. (There are tunnels under US 50 so you won't have to play Frogger with your life on the highway.) Parking over there really isn't any more inconvenient than parking behind the school which is where you will likely end up otherwise. If you come into town early and are looking for something to do you can hit the casino, new sportsbook, or one of many dining options on property. If you are looking for a decent restaurant Whiskey's is a favorite for the locals. Strong's Pizzeria is also fairly popular and offers brick oven pizza just a block or so from the riverfront. Both establishments are just a couple minutes from Neary Field at Dick Meador Stadium (aka The Pit).
  4. Brownstown was never the strongest team in sectional 31 to begin with. Look at the Sagarin ratings, they don't lie. They don't guarantee a winner, but they are very good at establishing a favorite - especially late in the year with more data input. One caveat though to keep in mind... Sagarin doesn't know about bad beats, injuries, out-of-state games, and matchup problems. If you make your own adjustments mentally using the Sagarin as a starting point and considering these factors you will have the upper hand predicting a game.
  5. The Sagarin gives credit for Lawrenceburg's tougher schedule and therefore a higher ranking, I think everyone understands that. However, Harrel's tournament predictions are making Lawrenceburg an even bigger favorite than many expect because the "computer" sees a tougher tourney path for Brownstown than compared to L'burg. If the two teams were switched in the bracket I would anticipate L'burgs fortunes would go down a bit and Brownstown would rise a bit, but 🐅 town would still be favored.
  6. OK OK OK Just got back from staring into my Tiger Eye... The Eye of the Tiger says the Tigers will be up 2-3 scores, but KFI will get a late TD to cut the final margin. Tigers by at least 12 in this one.
  7. #Free_Z Why didn't Z clear bail yet? STC bond was received.
  8. I didn't see anything particularly offensive either and I think I have a decent grasp on that stuff since I have a recent BS - Communication degree. But, we live in the age of thin skins and distorted views so who knows what the issue was or who was offended. I would have liked to have seen some clarification on what particularly was out-of-bounds, especially if you are threatening to throw more people people off the site. For me it was a wasted threat because I have zero insight into what was done wrong, hence there is no lesson. It seems a bit out of line to threaten a whole group of people based on their location. In my case, I don't even know/understand what was posted that was offensive (I didn't see anything out of line.) Bottom line, the whole, "next move will be banning every IP from SE INDIANA with 1 quick hit of a button" doesn't give me a good vibe about the site. I guess I am saying I don't like to be threatened over an incident that I not only do not understand, but that I had nothing to do with. That is offensive and out of line in my eye. Yet it happened. Perhaps explaining how I feel, combined with my location, will get me the boot? Or, maybe the moderator will realize it was wrong to threaten everyone based on IP geolocation (which is easily beat) and more thoroughly explain the offensive behaviour which might actually help prevent said behaviour.
  9. I am guessing, because I don't have the stats in front of me, but the Tigers have not been converting PAT's at a high rate - maybe 75-80 percent? This fact made it much easier to go for two. I will admit this game surprised me. Although Lawrenceburg mostly had it's way with the Dawgs on offense, with the exception of the INT near the end of the first half, the Tiger D didn't have an answer to stop the Batesville offense. The Casket Nation QB hurt the Tigers over and over again. Although a loss is a loss, Batesville lit up a Tiger D that had been fairly stingy most of the year. Although the Condoms put 30 up on the Tigers earlier, it was mostly the result of turnovers and a couple broken plays. Dog fans should probably be happy with what they saw out of their team last night. Regarding the River Rat v Condom Nation game....My original prediction of a blowout was dead on and I should have never doubted my original 21+ prediction. Think long, think wrong!
  10. Doesn't seem like getting that tattoo was good judgement for a man in his circumstances, but hey - he should fit in well.
  11. After further review of the tape, the call on the field is overruled. I downgrade the Trojans to > -9 over the Knights. Sorry to the Knights and KFI for my knee jerk forecast for a beatdown. You have been upgraded from "beatdown" to a simple "loss."
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