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  1. Agreed, but didn't think they would come on fumbles if they happened.
  2. I'm only making this last post... First, I didn't say L'burg would have won. What I did say... 1) Sorry, it didn't play out full strength. HH never really stopped the Tigers in the first half, turnovers hurt. I expect Tigers would have continued to move the ball in the second half. What would have happened? 2) L'burg looked better in the first half sans the turnovers. Really don't know how you objectively argue with this. 3) There was a bad call that changed the complexion of the game, due to the nature of the call and position on the field. I wasn't bashing the officials and it wasn't the primary point of the post. (I said it was "adding insult to (future) injury.") I also said it happens, but that doesn't change the fact it did. The primary point was that I was sorry it didn't play out full strength. Too bad Patriots fans can't acknowledge that fact might have changed things due to the importance of the QB in L'burgs system and the kind of year the young man had. (Not to mention the Tigers success moving the ball in the first half.)
  3. Very disappointed to not be able to see this game played out with the Tigers at full strength. Lawrenceburg looked like the better team to me in the first half, but you can't fumble the ball away like that and win very often. Ref calling Gavin Yoon out of bounds on the catch at the 2yd line was adding insult to (future) injury at that point. (Clearly the wrong call and backed up by replay. A big game changer.) It happens, I get it, disappointing nonetheless. When Garrett Yoon (QB) walked out at half without a helmet the writing was on the wall for this Tiger team. Congrats to all the Tiger players (especially the seniors) on a great season. Good luck to HH in the playoffs. Looks like you have a great chance to make it to the oil can in Indy, but I don't think anyone is beating Chatard.
  4. The new gym, entrance, and turf project was roughly a $14 million project, I believe. The city of Lawrenceburg contributed via a $4 million grant, if memory serves me correctly.
  5. A nice piece about Lawrenceburg football in the Cincinnati Enquirer today, although the story wrongly states that Lawrenceburg won their sectional last year. https://www.cincinnati.com/story/sports/high-school/high-school-sports/2019/11/15/lawrenceburg-football-team-plays-3-a-regional-final-saturday/4197101002/
  6. The 🤡 isn't lying, plenty of seats. Took a couple shots walking in the school tonight for some Lady 🐅 Tiger 🏀 Hoops action.
  7. How many are you bringing? Team coming charter or old school yellow like STC asked? Any fan charters?
  8. Additional bleachers have been brought in as outlined in the red. Also, bleachers have been placed behind the endzone.
  9. STC, STC, STC 1.2.3. 1) I do know a few things about the Whisky City, Stink Town, Ski Town, Gamble Town, Tiger Town, and The 'Burg. 2) Have to defend the honor of Tiger Town. (Visions of swaying press boxes, skinny fields, and gagging fans being hauled away by giant skeeters.) 3) Everyone knows the clown starts early with Tiger BL's.
  10. Surrounded by hillsides - that is the best part. That and you can stand on the elevated portion of The Pit and actually SEE the game. Consider it to be like "club" seating at your favorite NFL venue. SInce this is Indiana, home of open wheel dirt racing, think of The Pit as the dirt track equivalent of Bloomington Speedway, but without the woods. Often there is no smell. Sometimes you might smell KFC down the road. Sometimes you might smell bourbon being distilled. Who doesn't like and bourbon AND fried chicken? (Other than @TheDoc) For the STC to know I didn't forget him - since Connie's is to the southeast it is rare for the smell of G-Strings, baby oil, and Summer's Eve to make it over to Dick Meador Stadium. Only on very special occasions does that waft over. Seriously, the visitors stands aren't large, but c'mon 100 people? They look smaller than they are because of the scale of the place being down in the pit. You can find somewhere to watch the game, I promise. Why does ANY regular fan care about the size of the press box? Doesn't affect me.... You get a smidge of credit for this point, the trucks and traffic aren't ideal, but it isn't like they are going by at 60 mph either. That Tiger growl and The Voice of the Tigers is one of the best things about a trip to the Burg's Pit. The Voice of the Tigers is truly an asset to the community.
  11. Regarding the Lawrenceburg tradition... According to the late legendary coach Dick Meador...his 1977 team was better than the 1975 or 1978 team that both won championships. In 1977 an ineligible player had been discovered to have been on the team due to a clerical error. The problem was discovered in-house and turned into the IHSAA. The result was that L'burg was forced to forfeit their first 7 wins and thus did not make the playoffs that year despite finishing the season ranked #1 in the AP poll with a record of 3-7. At any rate, you can go through the Harrell lists and you won't find too many football teams with more than 19 sectional championships and 5 championship game appearances. (I am proud to say that I have attended all of them in one manner or another.)
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