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  1. ACtually I still have most of the files if not all from my SW7 days. Seems like it was www.SW7.org or net.... maybe... I tried to color coordinate too much LOL... I wanted to use everyone's school colors... logos.... and I wasn't good at sizing LOL.. like I said... learning as I go!!
  2. HOw I would love to sit and talk all you listed about all this. I used a program to do all the Southwest 7 page stuff... I wouldn't say it was major LOL. I think is was Frontpage... and I learned by making mistakes over and over. I knew there had to be easier ways to do it... and I was trying to learn as I went. I just couldn't and still can't afford the hosting costs. And it's been so long since and things have changed so much. I have thought of Wiki stuff...Not sure how I would make it look like I see it in my mind using Facebook. I know there are a lot of things that can be done. I my mind I just see a page where you have options... a lot like Rudy's page...but naturally just Linton LOL. click on a year-- and there is the season; click on a game-- see stats, scoring etc..--- have season by season stats... career numbers... all time roster... you know.. the normal stuff. Opponents... history .. players... And I have so much of this already... well from mid 90's... but already have done so much research online finding newspaper articles in 50's and 60's etc... I want a place online to have this all in one place. I know it's time consuming, because it already eats up so much of my spare time as it is! I don't care about all the work because I see the end result in my mind and know it's worth it.
  3. Yeah it was sorta bang bang. Linton wanted out of having to play UNion (Dugger)...and to be honest, a couple others.. Wood Memorial etc... in order to be in the SW7... so we left. Then Scotty Helms basically followed suit with ND... not sure how long it all happened.. because there was discussion about Tecumseh at the time joining SW7 but staying in PAC for all else.. any way... we all know how it panned out. Union soon was done (and now I see coming back into IHSAA) Wood Memorial isn't doing football.Tecumseh is where they are. I liked being in a conference, but I know nothing really helped winning 75-0 year in and out. out of the remaining SW conf teams we actually play them all other than NC... and it would seem there mighta been some good games with them back in 2017 and 2018.
  4. I think the whole Live Video Streaming thing is going to be an issue top to bottom for every school.
  5. I guess my interest is piqued about this Thunderbird team playing for a Regional Title Friday in Farmersburg. Those in our area know 2018 was a stellar year for the Green and White... winning their 1st Sectional Title I think...ever... going 9-2 losing to North Vermillion in that Regional game. It was a two year run... they were 10-2 the year before (both losses to Eastern Greene, the year EG went to state final game). That was a 19-4 run under Travis Nolting who then headed to Greenfield Central. Since that class graduated it's been rough treading with a combined 3-16 the last 2 years heading into 2021. I've known Joe Kutch for a long time, and see he because head coach mid season at NC last year. Since we (Linton) haven't had them on schedule since 2016, and we aren't in the same class... I don't know much about NC other than a casual glance at scores. Course I saw they started out 0-4, and figured it might be still a tough grind... but lo and behold I took notice when they beat Perry Central 18-14 in opening week of Sectional 40. Looking back I saw they had wins over 8-3 Park Tudor, and a win over Riverton Parke (who had later beaten Covington in a surprise).. So I kept my eye on the Tbird... and sure enough they went on to beat Tecumseh.. which coulda gone either way... but I was shocked at how they went to French Lick and put a licking on the then 9-1 Blackhawks of Springs Valley. huh? Are things just gelling all of a sudden with Coach Kutch and the players? Was someone out half the season suddenly suit up and kick them to another level. Don't get me wrong.. I'm happy to see the success... I'm just amazed at it. This is what you tell your kids all season when they are losing.... keep working, and keep trying to be better each week. Cause it CAN all come together at the right time. They got a tough one coming up it looks like... 10-2 Tri--- who's losses were to South Putnam (8-3) and Centerville (2A 10-1). But then Valley was 9-1 going into their meeting. I'm just interested... who is shining for the Thunderbirds? They were always a ground n pound wishbone type team. All I can say in congrats on the turnaround... and I know things gotta be exciting for the NC community!!
  6. How I wish I still had my online site. That was back when I was considered SID of the old Southwest 7 Conference of small 1A schools...My entire stipend was the cost of paying for the internet host. Once LInton left, then North Daviess left... that position disappeared and while I tried for a while to keep up the info on both SW7 and the-then Sectional 40 teams in 1A... it was too much on that level. So I went down to just Linton. I do however keep up with a lot of 1A and 2A information... I've dropped the ball a little the last couple years... but I do have a huge amount of things on spreadsheets and databases. My goal was to have a Linton Football website for history sake.. like Heritage Hills etc... and I thought I might have Linton school on board to host.. but that's been a few years back.
  7. Thank you... I tell ya something else. I go super extra effort to learn about who is playing on the other side of the field. My goal every week is to let Miner Fans know anything and everything so they can appreciate those athletes we play against. I swear I know the numbers and names without looking for most every 2 deep by the time game time hits!
  8. Yeah I know it's very one sided... I try not to do that... usually... but I guess I wanted Donovan to feel good knowing things like that get noticed. Ralph got in several big tackles...and we were concerned about handling him at all... but I saw several positive runs go right at him with some good blocks particularly from DeBruhl. They started moving Ralph around the D Line...and he definitely made plays in the 2nd half. Did not help us when DeBruhl went out in the late 3rd with Ankle. Oh It's very hard to call a game on radio.. or write up a recap and not 'call' out a mistake... I try everytime not to name a player on a blatant mistake.. and sometimes it's impossible. In the MD Linton recap I feel I gave Ralph a ton of kudos on his play to offset one pancake comment. Kinda like then Trey Goodman threw 3 picks against Southridge a couple years back. It was hard to ignore that those 3 picks put our Defense in a terrible spot and gave up points we could never get back. And I never fault a kid for effort! And in the end they (MD) are playing in Regional this week. We are into Basketball. But I will watch myself in the future for those journalistic errors! I never ever ever would call myself a professional writer! They'd never allow all those words..
  9. Just to close the books... and prolly the last post I have on this season... and prolly a week late..... but to be complete... and to...ahh well.. Ima just post it: Miner City becomes Heartbreak City in 1-point loss to Wildcats BY DANIEL PHILLIPSNovember 4, 2021 Leave a Commenton Miner City becomes Heartbreak City in 1-point loss to Wildcats It was the kind of atmosphere we’ve not seen at The Roy in a while. Sure, there have been some big games in the years since Linton won state in 2016, and since that Miner Semi-State win over Lutheran at Linton that prefaced that appearance at Lucas Oil. But this was circled a long time back with hopes of another shot at Mater Dei with what felt like a team who had the talent to get over that MD hump. Well, I think it’s safe to say that this unit had the talent, and went toe to toe to the bitter end with the Wildcats from Evansville. It wasn’t the result Miner fans wanted, but it was the representation every one of us in Miner land wanted to see. Once more this alumnus was filled with pride of how his home town Miners did not back down in adversity, fighting back time and time again to answer the bell. Yes it hurt to see that scoreboard hit all zeroes and see that 28 to 27 final, knowing it was the last time for 12 senior players who gave it everything they had. Not only to those twelve, but to that entire team and coaching staff who had prepared all year for this game. It was a special group, this 2021 edition of Linton Miners. One that is this writer’s opinion is deserving of high rank when discussions of best Miner Football teams comes up as it always does. This game started out with that familiar feeling we’ve experienced in the last 3 meetings. Junior Wildcat RB Joey Pierre had 2 runs totaling 14 yards around a Mason Wunderlich 9 Yard Pass to Eli McDurmon pushed MD to the Miner 34 in 3 plays. Pierre converted a 3rd and 1, but MD would face another 3rd and 5 from Linton’s 25 that was stuffed by junior safety Hunter Gennicks on another Wunderlich to McDurmon pass. As is games of past, it was a breakdown that left Junior Ethan Stolz sitting wide open at the Miner 15 where he went untouched into the end zone for a 1st possession score. Tyler Sitzman, who was 28-28 coming into the game on PAT’s, would not miss all night and at 8:02 it was Mater Dei up 7-0. How would Linton respond to the opening salvo 9 play 57 yard opening TD drive from MD? It wouldn’t take long to see as junior Hunter Johns’ took the kick from Camden Marx at the Miner 13 and without a pause he shot through the middle of the MD defenders and simply bolted 87 yards to the South Endzone to pull Linton to within 1 just 14 seconds after the MD score. Freshman Eddie Caseres Oliver came out in the bad footing and drilled the PAT to tie the game at Sevens and we knew this would be a game for the ages. However it was Pierre who ran for a tough 8 yards on 1st down from their own 43 to start MD’s 2nd possession. Junior Wrigley Franklin and Sophomore Ty Boyd combined to stop Pierre for 1 yard, then Boyd and Senior NT Jackson Fields stuffed #25 for no gain at the Miner 48. MD rolled the dice on 4th and 1 and Pierre was drilled by senior linebacker Gabe Eslinger for a huge loss of two giving Linton the ball at midfield. Linton’ offense finally took the field at the 5:57 mark of the 1st, and Johns ran gaining 7 followed by a 5 yard First Down run by junior Hunter Gennicks… A holding penalty, in a game that saw just 4 penalties all night long, pushed Linton back to the 46 erasing a good run by Gabe Eslinger. However, Hunter Gennicks bolted through the line on a keeper, then cut to his left on a huge run inside the Wildcat 20, a run of 29 yards. But it was senior safety JT Mayer who while diving to push Gennicks out of bounds managed to pull the ball free where Joey Pierre pounced on it just in bounds at the 17 yard line. The turnover battle was a sore subject in Miner Land as it had played such negative roles in the losses to the ‘Cats in previous years. No question that Linton had momentum at this point, and a good shot at putting points on the point on that drive. The Wildcats took to the air with Wunderlich passes to Stolz for 19, then another to Humphreys for 14 put the ball at their own 46. Franklin had made an outstanding tackle on a swing pass to Pierre for a loss of 4 on a prior play. MD was trying to establish the run game, and having some success as Pierre had back to back carries to push the chains to the Miner 43. Eli McDurmon showed his speed by getting behind Padgett on the Miner Sideline deep in Linton territory by Wunderlich’s pass was overthrown by just a few yards. Another swing pass to Pierre was hampered by pressure from Drew Smith, who was seeing his first action since week 7. Facing 3rd and 10, Mater Dei committed one of the three game penalties with a procedure call, pushing it back to the Miner 48, and a huge 3rd and 15 for the Wildcats. It was just the sort of play Linton failed in prior games to contain and get MD’s offense off the field. The big passing play has been the Achilles heel year after year against the Wildcats, and this would prove itself once again. Wunderlich had time to survey the field, but the Miners had done a good job in downfield coverage forcing the shorter pass to McDurmon across the middle. He made the catch on the run at the Miner 45, well short of reaching the needed Miner 33, but the tackle was missed. With everyone downfield in coverage, McDurmon hit the jets, and eluded the last Miner left who could make the play, but the slippery field caused him to fall before even getting a shot in. The total play ran 48 yards and with Sitzman’s PAT put the Wildcats up 14-7 with 1:20 in the opening quarter. Once more Linton faced adversity that in the past meetings hadn’t overcome, but they showed confidence as senior Bracey Breneman ran back to back for gains of 4 and 12 to the Miner 48. On 1st Down Eslinger came in motion and stopped behind Breneman, then took the hand-off to the right side where he busted through MD’s Ralph, then a couple more Wildcats before busting free down the middle of the field for a 52 yard stunning TD run. It was vintage Roy Williams vibe as Eslinger fist pumped to the back of the South End zone to Miner fans lunging out of their seats under tents lining the white line boundary. However the PAT kick veered to the left of the upright leaving the tally 14-13 Mater Dei with 18 seconds left in an exciting opening quarter. But it was ominous to lose a point in a game of this importance, although 3 quarters still remained. The intensity stepped up as Eslinger made a big hit on Drew Martin for a loss of 4 on 1st down. Then it was Mater Dei’s missed opportunity as a mess-up in the Miner defensive backfield left Humphreys absolutely wide open down the hash mark in Miner Territory at the 40. Wunderlich launched his aerial but it was well over #10’s arms incomplete to the sighs of Wildcat fans. This was certainly a touchdown off the books. Wunderlich went back to the air attempting to hit Martin on a similar route but Padgett and Gennicks were there this time. This brought out the 1st punt of the night, and Eli McDurmon hit a boomer that pushed Gennicks back to fair catch at the Miner 19. It was a difficult catch with the field wet and muddy but letting the ball bounce could have been much worse. One more the Linton offense showed success in the trenches as Gennicks ran for 6 followed by Breneman for 8 up to the Miner 33. Gennicks hit junior WR Logan Webb for a 6 yard gain, but Johns was dropped for a loss of 4 by Ralph and Adler. Gennicks could only manage 3 on a 3rd and 8 bringing Jaydan Miller for Linton’s 1st punt, which was fair caught by McDurmon at the own 30. With 9:30 on the 2nd Quarter clock, Wunderlich had back to back passes to Humphreys for big gains. First a wide receiver bubble screen went for 25 yards to the Miner 45. The 2nd came across the middle caught at the Miner 38 where he shunned a tackle, and 2 other Miners slipped trying to change direction, and Humphreys reaching the Miner 7 1st and goal. From there Pierre tried twice but Gennicks, DeBruhl and Eslinger combined to make stops. On 3rd and goal Humphreys was able to get in from the 2 at 6:49 to extend the Wildcat lead 20-13. Sitzman was again perfect on the PAT in a game where every point would matter, and a 21-13 lead. Marx’ kick off reached the Linton 23 where a freshman, Eli Scott, took it and made a cut but the mud won out and Scott spun out to the ground. Could Linton answer yet again? Eslinger was dropped for a loss of 3 by Spencer Turner putting the Miners behind the chains. Gennicks was contained for 5 yards by linebacker Tyler Martin, and end Cooper Darr. On 3rd and 8 Gennicks rolled to his left in the pocket and loft a long arcing pass deep down the middle. Running under that pass was senior Gabe Eslinger who arms fully outstretched in a full sprint managed to pull the ball in at the Wildcat 30. Not only make the catch but have presence of mind to high step out of a diving tackle, and out run the others for a huge Miner score. The 63 yard pass play was a thing of beauty and pulled the Miners to within 2 at 21-19. Linton fans erupted as Hunter Johns took a counter to the left and cut into the end zone to seemingly tie the score, but a flag flew after Johns scored. A holding call on the edge eliminated the 2 points, and pushed Linton 15 yards back. From the 18 Gennicks scrambled to his right, and tried to pass to Webb at the back of the end zone. Humphreys was able to launch himself and knock the pass down, leaving the score 21-19. Mater Dei’s passing game was starting to carve yardage as once more McDurmon got 19 on a pass from Wunderlich got the Cats to the Miner 47. From there though, the Miner D held strong with Eslinger stopping Pierre for 2, then back to back deep passes both incompletions led to another McDurmon punt pinned the Miners at their own 16 with 4:10 on clock. Linton continued to grind out yards on the ground as Drew Smith pushed for 7, the Gennicks followed a Donovan DeBruhl pancake block of Ralph got 5 more. Gennicks broke 3 tackles, then another 2 to gain 19 and a first down at the MD 49. The Wildcats stiffened up and forced a 3rd and 11, and Gennicks fought for another 8 yards but short by 3. Linton lined up to punt the ball with a minute and a half until halftime, actually did punt but Linton called a timeout just before hand. Historically I can honestly say that a 4th and 3 from the opponent’s 42 would almost always result in Linton keeping the offense on the field. It’s hard to find fault in the call knowing the Miners had rushed for 178 in the 1st half with an 8.5 per yard carry average. A first down run, and perhaps points on the board, and knowing we get the ball to start 2nd half. Of course weighed against that is the you punt hopefully down inside the MD 20, and that ahead 21-19 with rain falling on an already slippery field that the Wildcats simply eat that last minute and go in to halftime up 2. With all that said, indeed the offense lined up to go for it. Gennicks took the snap and kept to the right behind pulling linemen, but it was Tyler Martin who slid though the blockade and pull Gennicks down for a loss of one. It would turn out to be a decisive moment in the game. With 1:15 on the clock, Mater Dei went full out pass trying to put points on the board either TD or at least field goal points. The Defense held up on back to back incompletions, the last having pressure from LB Aiden Giles. Another 3rd and 10 chance to get MD offense off field failed when McDurmon took a short pass from Linton’s 48 where he broke 2 tackles to get a huge first down at the Miner 41. Another McDurmon catch got 9 to the Miner 32, then Padgett put a hit on McDurmon to break up the pass with 34 seconds left. It took a Humphreys’ 5 yard run to convert a 3rd and to Linton’s 27. Time was ticking away on the Wildcats, but the clock stopped after Giles broke up a pass for Humphreys across the middle leaving 17.7 on the clock. Humphreys lost his helmet on the play and had so sit out a play, and his replacement junior Luke McDurmon would shine with a catch behind the Miner backfield in the left corner on a perfectly placed pass from Wunderlich that went 27 yards. Sitzman again was dead down the middle, and with just 10 seconds to halftime, the Wildcats celebrated a 28-19 lead. Kaulin Padgett got the Miners to their own 40 with a 21 yard kick-off return, and Gennicks nearly broke free on a half-ending 13 yard run as the horn sounded. The stats reflected what had happened in the first half. MD had 296 total yards to Linton’s 247. Linton had success on the ground with 178 yards, while MD’s yard came in the air with 241 on 13 of 24 passing. First Downs were 13 to 9 in favor of Mater Dei. Hunter Gennicks had 84 yards on 9 touches while Eli McDurmon had caught 6 passes for 103 yards as the main MD weapon. It was the first time in any Linton Mater Dei meeting that the Miners had been able to find success offensively and physically were definitely going toe to toe with the Wildcats. 3 plays had been huge, one a turnover at the MD 17, secondly the flag on the successful two-point play nullified it, and lastly failing on the 4th and 3 near midfield setting up the late MD score. Linton getting the ball to start the 3rd quarter would be do or die in this sectional quarter-final. Mater Dei almost pulled a fast one with an onside kick. It was kicked perfectly and bounced off front lineman Jackson Fields, and it was Fields who leaped back and pulled the ball in as the players piled up at the Miner 45. Eslinger gained 10, then Gennicks with 11 more to put Linton at the MD 34. The Wildcats forced Linton into a 3rd and 10, and the screen pass to Eslinger was blown up by Pierce Wolters leaving a 4th and 10. Gennicks hit Logan Webb on a short out pattern at the MD 29 and he made a move past the tackler to get the 1st down at the MD 20, a gain of 14. Gennicks tried Webb again but pressure from Martin contributed to the incompletion, the Johns was dumped for loss of 2. Once again Linton faced a key 3rd down, and long needing 12 yards. This time Gennicks dropped off a pass in the flats to Bracey Breneman at the 18, and he powered to the 9 for another first down. Gennicks followed another great block from DeBruhl with 8 yards to the MD 1. 2 plays later it was Gennicks who culminated the 13 play 55 yard drive using 5:16 with the 1 yard dive. Eslinger went in untouched for the 2 point play and the game down to a one point margin 28 to 27 with 6:44 in the 3rd. Precisely what the Miners had to do. The Miner defense had given up only 6 points all year in the 3rd Quarter, and would need to do that again. Gennicks, Breneman and Franklin combined to make back to back stops of Pierre, setting up a 3rd and 6 and the MD 41. Again the pass play connected, this time Wunderlich to Stolz, which gained 11 to the Miner 48. A 9-yard pass to Martin set up 3rd and 1 where Wunderlich, at 6’5” took snap under center and dove forward. They went for all the marbles on a deep pass for McDurmon inside the miner 5 but a great play by Padgett broke up the catch. Facing another 3rd and 7, it was McDurmon once again making a catch at the marker to move the chains to the Miner 25. Linton was throwing everything to try and get pressure on Wunderlich. Franklin was able to just cause enough rattle for an over throw to an open Humphreys, then Stolz leaped for a catch that fell off his hands. 3rd and 10 became 3rd and 15 after an illegal lineman downfield call on a screen. Wunderlich threw a lightning bolt to Humphreys who had made his cut at the Linton 5, and Senior CB Eli Poe put a huge hit on the receiver jarring the ball away. A huge 4th down had Pierre on a swing pass getting 11 to the Miner 19, but enough for a 1st down. So, the Miner defense had made the plays they had to, and MD used 4:03 and 13 plays for no points, but still up 28-27 with 2:41 left in 3rd. Field conditions at the Roy had turned fairly treacherous by this time. Constant rain and nearly 3 quarters through the contest had left areas pure mud. Johns would lose 3 on 1st down pushing the Miners back to their own 16. Things got worse for Linton on a carry by Padgett for no gain as starting tackle Donovan DeBruhl looked to have a bad knee injury on the play and had to be helped to the bench where he stayed for the remainder of the game. Freshman Hank Gennicks, who had started at tackle in weeks 1 and 2 only to go down with knee injury himself, took DeBruhl’s spot. On the 3rd and 13 Hunter Gennicks broke 4 tackles on an impressive 41 yard romp to the MD 43 keeping the drive alive. Drew Smith got 4 on a quick hitter, only to see those 4 lost on a stop by Martin and Ralph of Gennicks. Linton tried a screen to Smith on 3rd and 10 that was ugly from the get go with Nick Boots and Mitch Adler making the stop at the MD 41. This time on 4th and 8, the Miners choose to punt, and Miller’s boot nearly rolled dead at the 1, but managed to take another spin into the end zone as the 3rd Quarter ended. Joey Pierre carried the ball on 1st and 2nd downs but in both cases he slipped on a cut, and MD faced a 3rd and 6 at their 24. Wunderlich tried to hit Luke McDurmon down middle of field with Drew Smith closing in, but Hunter Gennicks made a terrific read and actually got his hands on ball in one of those “almost had” plays that would have been huge for Linton. However, it did mean Mater Dei would punt, and it was a McDurmon boomer of 64 yards to the Miner 12 where Johns brought it back to the 23 with 10:33 left. L Linton was poised to have the ‘drive’ of their season. Gennicks started with an 8 yard run into the MD secondary. Eslinger converted a 3rd and 3 with a 5 yard run to Linton 35. Another set of Gennicks/Eslinger runs led to another 3rd and 2 conversion on 3 yard Gennicks run to the 46. Gabe would get 5 on 1st down, but John’s was dropped for a 5 yard loss by Humphreys and Martin. 3rd and 10’s pass to Linton’s leading receiver Eli Poe was incomplete, and Miller punted a 41 yard beauty rolling to a stop at the MD 13 with 6:39 left. The Wildcats went to the running game to try and run the clock as much as possible. Humphrey got the nod with back to back runs of 6 and 3, then Wunderlich kept under center for the 1 yard needed for a 1st down. The Miners clamped down with sophomore Ty Boyd stopping Humphreys for no gain, then Padgett defending a Wunderlich to McDurmon pass. 3rd down was yet another screen to Humphreys that might have worked but for Eslinger. 4th and 7 from their own 26, and Coach Goebel would put things in the hands of his defense after another monster 52 yard punt from McDurmon gave Linton the ball at their own 23. With just 3:25 left in the game, Linton was down to perhaps their last possession. Gennicks was stopped by Ralph for just a yard, then his pass for Webb was knocked away by Mayer. Facing 3rd and 9, the Miners went for it all. It was the same pass play that had seen Eslinger make a catch and run to the end zone in the 1st quarter. It was the same scenario as Gabe looked to have as good a shot as anyone at the ball, but MD had 3 players in the vicinity, and it would be Spencer Turner who came down with it at the Mater Dei 37. It was the Miners 2nd turnover in the game. Pierre got 6 on MD’s 1st down play with Franklin and Giles on the stop. A procedure call pushed MD back to their 43 and a 2nd and 9. It seemed that Linton would need a miracle, and a miracle is what very nearly happened. As Mater Dei came to the line Center Cole Wilson’s snap never got off the ground, instead it bounced of his foot to his left. For maybe 3 full seconds the ball sat dead still in the mud to the left of the pile of players unaware the ball was loose. It was MD’s Humphreys from the RB position who saw it first and dove headlong after it, but it looked like the center Wilson reached over and himself knocked it away. So many players dove into the pile, and I saw Gennicks make a bead in ball at one point. Every Miner pointed North, every Wildcat pointed South. I could not help but think back to a game with Monrovia in 2016 when Ian Fonceca recovered a similar punt and Linton would score with seconds left to win. Or a game with North Daviess where an onsides kick went Linton’s way in the late stages setting up another last minute Miner win. But this wasn’t to be. As the bodies were pulled up from the mud, it appeared the center himself had the ball, and without any hoopla just handed the ball to the official as he walked to the huddle. Any hope Linton had left vanished as Wunderlich delivered a strike to McDurmon for a gain of 12 on a 3rd and 9. Mater Dei would take 3 kneels to burn the remaining time and end the Miners drive for their first sectional title in Class 2A. It was a game that certainly will join classics in Linton Football lore; Scecina in 2012; Ritter in 2008; Ritter in 2004, Tecumseh in 2003 among some of the tough losses in history. None of those players in red have any reason to hang their heads in this loss. These Miners certainly deserved the W, as did the Wildcats. It was one of those games that both teams were worthy. Mater Dei finished with 380 total yards to Linton’s 366 which showed how close this game was. Certainly turnovers hurt Linton as was the case in prior meetings. It’s a common saying that you don’t lose a game on one single play, and that’s a true statement, but it hard not to look back and not see the handful of plays that in any singular moment turn this into a victory. But you can do that all night and still the end result is the same. It’s better to focus on how hard these Miners fought to the bitter end. While it goes down as a loss, it is still a positive in what this team accomplished, and what this group of seniors brought to Miner Football. Hunter Gennicks ended up with 156 yards on 21 carries. Gabe Eslinger added 73 yards on 7 carries. Linton had 268 rush yards on 44 carries, 6.1 per carry. Gennicks was 6 of 11 for 98 yards. 2 catches each for Eslinger (63 yards) and Webb (20). Bracey Breneman had a catch for 13 yards, and ran 3 times for 24 yard. Mater Dei was led by Joey Pierre’s 66 yards on 20 carries, and as a team had 82 yards on 28 carries. The Miner rush defense has been tough all year, with MD only getting 2.9 yards a carry. It was Mason Wunderlich’s passing that proved deadly with 298 yards 3 touchdowns on 20 of 37 passing. Eli McDurmon was thrown to 15 times, caught 9 for 126 yards. Bryce Humphries had 4 for 80 (and 5-16 rushing), Ethan Stolz 3-49 and a TD. Luke McDurmon caught one pass but it was huge for a 27 yard score with just 10 seconds left until halftime. Gabe Eslinger led Linton with 15 tackles, 2.5 for loss, with 14 from Hunter Gennicks. Ty Boyd and Kaulin Padgett added 6 each, Wrigley Franklin, Aiden Giles and Jaydan Miller (a beast!) each with 5. Tyler Martin was all over the field for Mater Dei, finishing with 20 tackles, 4.5 for loss. James Ralph added 10 tackles, 3 solo, 7 from J T Mayer, 6 from Nicholas Boots, and 5 each from Mitch Adler and Pierce Wolters. 2 huge defensive plays were Mayer’s strip of Gennicks that Pierre recovered, and Turner’s interception late in the game. Linton finishes 10-1, Mater Dei moves up to 9-2. They will face 8-2 North Posey in Evansville Friday for Sectional 40 Championship. The Vikings moved on with a 41-18 convincing win over North Knox last week. We say goodbye to 12 seniors who have each contributed in big ways to the success of Miner Football. #2 LB/WB Gabe Eslinger; WB/CB #7 Kaulin Padgett; LB/RB #13 Drew Smith; WR/CB #20 Ayden Riggleman; WR/CB #24 Eli Poe; WB/FS #32 Jaydan Miller; RB/LB #44 Bracey Breneman; #45 OL/LB Jackson Lynn; T/DE #54 Cameron Goodman; T/NT #58 Donovan DeBruhl; OL/LB #62 Cody Jackson; & OL/NT #63 Jackson Fields.
  10. well I sure wish the best for the WIldcats moving forward. I hope that Linton's loss helps in some way down the road..and our loss isn't in vain!
  11. I tell ya... Tyler Martin #59 was all over the field against Linton... I had him with 20 tackles total. It was his stop of Gennicks on 4th and 3 just before halftime that set up that score with 10 seconds to go .... Ralph is good but we had some big runs right at him... course he had 10 stops too.... but Martin was everywhere! Bet of luck to both squads tonight. I might pop down the alley to see Vincennes Lincoln and Owen Valley tonight.
  12. anyone got a clue on the weather scenario this Friday Night. Rain and a muddy field definitely affected play in the Linton-MD game. Was is rainy as well in Poseyville in their win? Best of luck to both.
  13. Nothing official...other than my books, and intense viewing of the videos: Everything you might want to know: 1-8:02: MD: Wunderlich to Stolz 23 Yards (Stitzman PAT) MD-7 Lin-0 1-7:48: LIN: Johns 87 yard KO Return (Caseres Oliver PAT) MD 7 LIN 7 1-1:20: MD: Wunderlich to E.McDurmon 48 Yards (Stitzman PAT) MD 14 LIN 7 1-0:18: LIN: Eslinger 52 Yards (PAT NG Left) MD 14 LIN 13 2-6:49: MD: Humphrey 2 Yards (Stitzman PAT) MD 21 LIN 13 2-5:32: LIN: Gennicks to Eslinger 63 Yard Pass (Pass Fail) MD 21 LIN 19 2-0:10: MD: Wunderlich to L.McDurmon 27 Yards (Stitzman PAT) MD 28 LIN 19 3-6:44: LIN: Gennicks 1 Yard (Eslinger Run) MD 28 LIN 27 Total Yards- MD 380 LIN 366 Rush Yards- MD 32-82 LIN 44-268 MD: Pierre: 20-66; Humphreys : 5-16 (TD); Wunderlich: 2-4; Martin: 1-(-4) LIN: Gennicks: 21-156 (TD); Eslinger 7-73 (TD); Breneman: 3-24; Smith: 4-12; Johns: 8-3; Padgett: 1-0 Passing Yards- MD: Wunderlich: 20-38-298-3-0 LIN: Gennicks: 6-11-98-1-1 Receiving: MD: E.McDurmon: 9-126 (TD); Humpreys: 4-80; Stolz: 3-49 (TD); Pierre: 2-7; Martin: 1-9; L.McDurmon: 1-27 (TD) LIN: Eslinger: 2-63 (TD); Webb: 2-20; Breneman: 1-13; Smith: 1-2 Targets/YAC: MD: E.McDurmon: 15/98; Humpreys: 10/72; Stolz: 4/17; Pierre: 3/7; Martin: 4/1; L.McDurmon: 2/0 LIN: Eslinger: 3/30 ; Webb: 4/9 ; Breneman: 1/9 ; Smith: 1/9; Poe 2/- Tackles: Solo/Assist MD: T.Martin 20 (4/16); Ralph 10 (4/6); Mayer 7 (4/3); Boots 6 (1/5); Wolters 5 (1/4); Adler 5 (0/5); Humphreys 4 (2/2); Turner 4 (2/2); Pierre 4 (1/3); Stratman 4 (1/3); C.Martin 3 (1/2); Darr 3 (0/3); E.McDurmon 2 (1/1); Vanover 1 (0/1); Wilson 1 (0/1); Goodin 1 (0/1) LIN: Eslinger 15 (7/8); Gennicks 14 (9/5); Boyd 6 (1/5); Padgett 6 (3/3); Franklin 5 (2/3); Miller 5 (2/3); Giles 5 (1/4); Breneman 3 (0/3); Lynn 2 (1/1); Fields 2 (1/1); Poe 2 (1/1); DeBruhl 1 (0/1); Edwards 1 (0/1); White 1 (0/1) Tackles for Loss: MD 10.0 Linton 4.0 MD: T.Martin 4.5; Ralph 3.0; Turner 1.0; Adler 0.5; C.Martin 0.5; Boots 0.5 LIN: Eslinger 2.5; Franklin 1.0; Boyd 0.5 No Sacks Hurries: MD 4 Linton 11 MD: Ralph 2; T.Martin 1; C.Martin 1 LIN: Franklin 4; SMith 2; Eslinger 2; Breneman 1; Fields 1; Giles 1 Passes Defended/Broken Up MD: Humphreys 4/2; Mayer 1/1; Turner 1/1 LIN: Padgett 8/2; Gennicks 3/1; Poe 2/1; Lynn 2/0; Giles 1/1; Miller 1/0; Eslinger 1/0; Turnovers MD-0 Linton 2 Interception: MD-Turner Fumble Lost-LIN-Gennicks Fumble Recovery: MD-Pierre Fumble Cause: MD; Mayer Punting MD: E.McDurmon: 4-187-46.8; 2 Fair Catch, 2 Inside 20; 2 No Return; all 3 kicked to inside Linton 20. LIN: Miller: 3-114-38.0; 1 Fair Catch; 1 Inside 20; 1 Touchback; 3 No Return PAT KICKING: MD: Sitzman 4-4 LIN: Caseres-Oliver 1-2 2 POINT PLAY MD; No Attempts LIN: 1-2 (1 Run good; 1 Pass Fail) Hold Penalty on Successful Run resulted in failed Pass from 15 yard line. Kick offs: MD Marx 4-162-40.5; 1 inside 20; 1 TD return; Sitzman On Side Attempt NG (Fields Recovered) LIN: Caseres-Oliver 5-132-26.4; 3 squibs. OFF PLAYS MD 70 LIN 55; T.O.P. MD 26:24 LIN 21:36 First Downs: MD 18 (5-13-0) LIN 16 (13-3-0) 3rd Downs: MD 11-18-61.1; LIN 6-12-50.0 Average 3rd Dn Distance: MD 8.06 LIN 8.17 4th Downs: MD 1-3-33.3; LIN 1-2-50.0 RED ZONE: MD: 1-1 LINTON 1-1 POSSESSION/SCORE: MD 11/4 (took 3 knees on last possession) LINTON 10/3 (end of 1st ran 1 play) EXPLOSIVE PLAYS (20+) MD-5 LINTON 4 3 and OUT: MD 3 LINTON Rushes +5/+10/+20 MD 8/0/0 LIN 13/5/3 Rushes <5/ Gain 0/ Neg Plays/Yds MD: 14/7 3- (-7); LIN 10/3 10- (-26) Receptions +10/+20/+30 MD 7/3/2 LIN 2/0/1 Receptions <10 / Neg/Yds MD 7; 1- (-4) LIN 2; 0-0 Average Start: MD MD 30.4 LINTON L 32.7 Plays in Territory MD (Linton 38 MD 31) LIN (MD 21 L 34) Punt Return MD: E.McDurmon 1 Fair Catch LIN: Johns 1-11; Miller 1-2 (1 FC); Gennicks (FC) Kickoff Return: MD: E.McDurmon 2-26; Burgdorf 2-6 LIN: Johns 2-96 (TD); Padgett 1-21 Scramble Yards: MD-none LIN Gennicks 1-41 Tackled for Loss: MD: Pierre 2-(-3); Martin 1-(-4) LIN: Johns 4-(-14); Gennicks 4-(-8); Eslinger 1-(-3); Smith 1-(-1) Dropped Passes MD: Stolz-1; Martin-1 LIN: 0 Yardage By Qtr: MD: 148/148/49/35 (38) LIN: 111/136/95/24 (366) 1st Half: MD 28 LIN 17 YDS: MD-296 (55/241) LIN 247 (178/69) 2nd Half: LIN 8 MD 0 YDS: MD-84 (27/57) LIN-119 (90/29)
  14. Yeah I had a misprint on an old roster. 6'5 200!!! big difference
  15. Annnnnd I just donated to get us closer to our goal!!! everybody who can.. please do!!!
  16. Ok..... grab a drink... or save for you morning visit to the toilet... or divide into two parts.... but here is the Miner Pride of old- When the last lights were shut down on Roy Williams field on November 6, 2020 you just knew the underclassmen of that 8-4 Miner team were already circling sectional time 2021 on their calendars. Course they would not know the date, but they most certainly knew that Mater Dei would likely be the opponent at some point in Sectional 40. Linton had met and lost to Mater Dei in each of the last 3 years in Sectional 40, one of those a championship tilt. The Miners were bumped up to Class 2A by the infamous ‘Success Factor’ policy from the IHSAA. Then we stayed 2A as a flurry of small charter schools came aboard with football programs pushed the cut-off line further away from Linton. Linton, at 391 students, is 107 smaller than Mater Dei at 497 enrolled. The cutoff from 1A to 2A in Football in 2020 was 380, (that being Seeger), and the highest at 544 (South Vermillion). So the Miners are just 11 students above being in 1A, and 56th of the 64 class 2A teams in size. Mater Dei is the 19th largest enrollment in 2A, and have spent time in class 3A as well in years past. Linton hasn’t backed down from the challenge. The schedule was already being toughened up to prepare for the 2A postseason that in 2017 would include 2 power houses in Mater Dei and Southridge. Adding the Raiders to open the season along with Cardinal Ritter and Providence in 2017, the continuation of meetings with Sullivan, North Knox and Monrovia, then the addition of 4A Boonville, with a very good South Putnam program added this year have kept the Miners challenged. Of course it’s hard to compare any of that to the schedule of the Southern Indiana Athletic Association of which Mater Dei has been a member of forever. The conference has always had several teams ranked in various classes and appearances in state final games in recent years as well. This year it was made even tougher with the addition of the Jasper Wildcats. So no matter how we try to toughen up our schedule at Linton, it is never going to match up with whom Mater Dei faces each year. For the Wildcat to finish 7-2 in a conference with two 5A schools (Castle, North), five 4A schools (Central, Memorial, Jasper and Harrison) and two 3A schools (Bosse and Vincennes Lincoln) is impressive. Thing is, they do this on a regular basis. 2020 same the Wildcats lose 4 conference games, yet still they ran through sectional 40 and won a regional before a loss to Western Boone in semi-state. The last team to stop them in Sectional 40 were the Southridge Raiders in 2018, which they also did in 2017. In fact, incredulous to me as I research, but going all the way back to 2007 when Coach Goebel’s ‘Cats moved back to 2A, they have won 36 games in Sectional 40 and only lost 5. All Five losses to Southridge. This is a staggering stat. The 2021 edition of Wildcats came out 3-0 with wins over (2-7) Central 24-14, (7-2) Castle in Over Time 21-14 and 31-6 over (2-8) Lincoln. They fell in their next two games albeit to (8-2) Memorial 29-15 then to (9-1) Jasper 31-13. That would be the last “L” in their season to date. They ran off a 21-14 win over (5-4) North, 42-10 over (3-7) Bosse and 35-7 over (2-8) Harrison. They came back to win over (4-6) Reitz 21-17 after being down early. Last week they dismantled (3-7) Forest Park 42-6 in their first meeting with a 2A school all year. Linton has had their best season since the big run in 2016 at 10-0, but have not been able to get out of Sectional 40 in these last 4 years having gone 5-4 since moving up in post-season. Linton running of the table began with a 27-13 win over (5-5) Southridge, then 34-21 over 3A (7-3) Sullivan. They put a 34-8 loss on 7-3 2A Monrovia before a run of wins that included 56-6 over 5-5 North Vermillion, 38-24 over 2a 8-2 North Knox, and 48-12 over 8-2 South Putnam. They come in after a dominating 46-13 win over Tell City last week on the road. Mater Dei and Linton haven’t faced each other much throughout the years if at all until 1993 in postseason loss 32-0. They may have played ages back, but I have no idea! I do know we came into the 2018 meeting at Linton with a 5-5 mark identical to MD’s 5-5. Both teams were their worst season’s in some time but it did not calm the intensity of the game. It was tied up 7-7 and the end on the 1st even with Linton fumbling at the MD 29 to lose a scoring chance. They picked off MD QB Cole Happe twice in the 2nd quarter, but turned the ball over on downs at the Wildcat 29 midway in the 2nd. Then it was the passing game that started to connect and led to a 35 yard TD pass. Linton then had 2 costly fumbles deep in Miner territory at the Miner 18 (that led to a MD TD) then at the Miner 29 that Linton held on a 4th and 10 pass. But it was still a 19-7 Wildcat lead at the half. Linton would only see the ball once in the 3rd quarter and they netted (-8) yards. Meanwhile the Wildcats churned out 2 scores for a commanding 33-7 lead that shut the door on Miner chances. Linton scored a couple of late TD’s for the 40-21 margin. 2019 saw both squads having great years as Linton had won 9 in a row at 9-1 headed to a bitter cold Reitz Bowl in Evansville for a rematch with the then 8-2 Wildcats. It was a game Linton fans and players simply try to forget, as the first snap produce disaster for Linton. Trey Goodman’s pass was tipped at the line by linebacker Kyle Davidson and an alert Nolan Knight made the pick six from 21 yards out, 7-0 Wildcats just 8 seconds into the game. The next series ended on a snap over the punter’s head that gave MD the ball at Linton 41. Fortunately the Defense forced a MD punt. The only real drive Linton managed against the 1st unit featured a 30 yard Lance Dyer run, but Linton turned ball over the next play at the MD 39 on a fumble. From then on, the Miner offense was held in check by MD with little to no movement. Happe was able to use his legs to scramble, and scored from 11 out with just a minute left in quarter 1, and Linton down again 14-0. On the last play of the opening quarter Kappenbrock returned a punt 61 yards for another MD score, then Linton fumbled at their own 31 early in the 2nd, and MD capitalized on a 5 yard run from McGrew and the rout was on. Before the half would come Davidson blocked a punt that went out for a safety, then Linton finally got a lucky bounce as the snap to MD’s punter was bad and Linton got the ball at the MD 24 with under a minute to do. Goodman hit Hauser for the 24 yard score, but still halftime was a welcome sight for Miner Fans down 30-7. The 2nd half was better played by Linton, particularly the defense, but MD put up 2 more scores and it was 44-7 going into the final quarter, and ended up 44-14. 2020 saw Mater Dei open up uncharacteristically 1-4, but they had won their last six heading into Linton for a sectional 40 matchup. The Miners had finished strong with a 7-3 campaign and on the heels of a 34-0 upset of Tell City the week before. Linton opened with 2 first downs, but punted from the MD 46 on 4th and 3. Both teams would then punt to each again setting MD at the Miner 44. A 3rd and 1 saw a leaping catch from Ryan Taylor for a 31 yard play to the Miner 4. On 3rd and Goal from the 10 Wunderlich found Preston Turner at the 5 and he got the ball across for the TD at 2:04. Linton blundered on the kick off putting them at their own 4, and they got out to the 17, but punted for the 3rd time already. It took two plays for MD to jump up 14-0 as Wunderlich found a wide open Eli McDurmon from 38 yards out just into the 2nd quarter. Linton was able to move the chains a couple times via the air but once more it was a Miller punt to the Wildcat 16. MD would drive 60 yards including a huge 3rd and 5 pass for Turner of 36 yards, but Mater Dei would settle for a 41 yard Atherton Field Goal and a 17-0 lead. But the dagger was to come as MD took possession at their own 42 with 2:39 until the half. Wunderlich hit Folz for a 34 yard gain on 1st down, Humphrey ran for 11, and with just 30 seconds left Turner caught a quick in patter from 3 out to make the halftime score 24-0 Wildcats. The 3rd quarter was pretty much even as yardage was about even at 113-108, but while Linton had scored 14 points, they had come after Mater Dei opened the half with a 15 yard swing pass, then a 26 yard pass to Folz to the Miner 7. Humphrey would score from 1 out to make it 31-0. At the 9:39 mark Wunderlich once more found an open receiver, Taylor, who caught the ball at the miner 34 and raced in for a 62 yard TD pass play and it was 37-0. Gennicks ran for a score from 37, and threw two 4th quarter TD passes but in the end Linton lost 37-20. What have we learned from those 3 losses? We know it was from any lack of effort, but we can see how turnovers have played a role in getting Linton in a bad place. We’ve also seen where when Linton gets into scoring position, they haven’t been able to convert those into points early on. Probably the biggest thing I’ve seen is that big pass plays always account for the bulk of the damage in these losses. The last thing is that Linton has had trouble getting the offense to be consistent. Part of that has certainly been the fumbles lost. But Linton has put up right around 245 total offense in each of those losses (248 last year, 240 and 242 prior), and almost identical rush amount of 146, 148 and 144-albeit most of that coming late against substitutes if to be honest. The Passing numbers are about the same each year as well (102, 92 and 98) with Linton going to air nearly 20 times in each game. Defensively Linton did pretty well on MD in 2018 (294 total offense) and in 2019 (255) but last year it jumped up to 357. Passing has been the Achilles Heel in 2018 (226 yards 3 TDs) and last year (286 yards and 4 TDs). As I remember the Mater Dei folks up in the press box at the Reitz Bowl stating their disappointment in the Wildcats offense in 2019 even in a 44-14 win. In 2019 MD only managed 64 pass yards, but had 4 TDs rushing with 191 yards. It all just comes down to making plays. And stopping plays. Looking to make those plays for Linton starts with QB Hunter Gennicks. The 6’0 195 Junior leads Linton with 1,039 yards rushing and 13 TDs. He is backed by WB Senior Gabe Eslinger (6’0 205) with a steady 703 yards and 11 TDs. Junior Hunter Johns has been a mainstay at the other WB although he missed some action to a shoulder injury midseason. The 5’8 170 Johns has 11 TDs and 425 yards rushing. At Running Back for most of the year has been Senior Drew Smith (6’2 215) who has been a load to bring down, but an injury in week 7 has kept him out of action although suited up the last 2 weeks. In his place has been another senior Bracey Breneman at 6’2 200. Smith has 241 yards and 5 scores, Breneman with 123 yards and 3 scores. Gennicks has hit on 69 of 116 passing for 1,338 yards, 19 TDs and just one Interception. His main target has been senior WR Eli Poe (6’2 175) with 23 catches, 6 for TD and 459 yards. He has been coupled with Junior Logan Webb (6’4 170) with 12 catches 260 yards and 4 TDs. Eslinger adds 18 catches for 326 yards and 5 TDs. Another Senior, Ayden Riggleman (6’-0 170) has 6 for 96 yards, Johns with 3 for 81. Linton has averaged 426.1 per game offensively, 279.9 on the ground, 146.2 in the air. They’ve allowing 154.8 per game, 102.8 rushing, and 52.0 passing. For Mater Dei is starts with QB junior Mason Wunderlich (6’1 165 EDIT-6'5 200). He isn’t the running threat that Linton’s Gennicks is, but he is 118 of 226 for 1,702 yards, 16 TDs with 6 picks. He has only 20 carries, and just 27 yards but does have 5 TDs. The Wildcats have a flurry of receivers for Wunderlich to throw to. Eli McDurmon (Sr 6’2 180) leads in receptions (42), yards (683) and TDs (7). Bryce Humphries (Sr 5’11 175) has 25 for 280 and 4 TDs, Ethan Stolz (Jr 6’1 170) adds 19 for 256 and another 4 TDs. Drew Martin (Jr 5’10 165) has 2 TDs in his 12 catches for 292 yards. The run threat is Jr Joey Pierre (5’8 175) who has 718 yards rushing and 7 TDs. He has 161 carries on the team’s 271 attempts. Pierre also has 11 catches and 57 yards. Humphries adds 126 yards on the ground on 36 touches with 4 scores. Mater Dei averages 377.4 per game offensively, 172.4 on the ground, and 205 in the air. I don’t have complete numbers to give defensively as to per game totals. Linton will count heavily on its linebacker group of Eslinger (102 tkls 12.5 TFL) and Breneman (54, 7.5) on the inside and most likely senior Jackson Lynn (6’0 185) and Johns on the outside. Whether Smith can go at OLB is likely game time decision. Lynn 25 tackles, Johns 20, Smith wit6’3 225h 30 and 8.5 TFL in 7.5 games. Up front Linton has had Senior Jackson Fields (6’0 205) at NT, with Jr Wrigley Franklin (6’3 225) and soph Ty Boyd (6’1 190) at ends. Franklin has 12 TFL and 1.5 sacks. Jr Aiden Giles (6’3 215) has started at DE and played ILB of late adds 41 tackles. The Miner O Line will have to deal with Senior James Ralph (6’0 270) at DT with 61 tackles and a whopping 18.5 TFL. Tyler Martin (Sr 6; 2 190) lead in tackles with 69 at LB, along with 62/8.5 from Sr Pierce Wolters (6’1 225) inside. Junior Mitch Adler (6’0 180) is the other LB with 49 stops and 6.5 for loss. Up front with Ralph is junior Ethan Money (6; 5 240) at DT, and DE’s Junior Clay Martin (Jr 6; 1 200) and Senior Nick Boots (6’1 215). Boots has 59 tackles, 4 Sacks and 11 TFL. Both Defensive Backfields will be busy with the weather, passing attacks, and run support. Mater Dei will have Martin and Pierre (4 picks), senior J T Mayer (Sr, 6; 0 180) and Humphries (30 Tackles). Linton will undoubtedly be facing the best passing attack they have seen in 2021, but have a seasoned veteran unit that starts with Jaydan Miller (Sr 5;8 150) at free Safety who sat out last week, and missed several games early in the season. Gennicks was inserted into the Defense for the new season at strong safety and has 51 tackles and 2 of the teams 12 interceptions. Poe and senior Kaulin Padgett (5’8 190) at CB each with 2 picks. Webb and Riggleman could both see action as well. Linton will go with Center Junior Nathan Watson (6’0 255) Guards Franklin (Jr 6’3 225) and Giles (Jr 6’3 215) and tackles Cameron Goodman (Sr 6; 3 200) who caught a TD pass against MD as a Tight End last year; and Donovan DeBruhl (Sr 6’0 275). The Wildcats come with center Cole Wilson (Sr 6; 4 250), guards Will Carter (Sr 6; 2 265) and Nicholas Boots (Sr 6; 1 215). Tackles will be Austin Vanover (Jr 6’0 215) and Ethan Goodin (Soph 6’3 215). Another area that favors Mater Dei has to be special teams, in particular the kicking game. This always is a plus for the Wildcats, and with Tyler Sitzman hitting on 28 of 28 PATs and Camden Marx averaging nearly 50 yards per kickoff there is little doubt MD will get that point after TD. Linton’s situation has been up and down and an issue of late. Jose Sevilla-Garcia has averaged 38.5 per kick off, but the coverage has been spotty. Eddie Caceres Oliver has hit on 10 of 18 PATs, while Sevilla Garcia is 9 of 13. They started handling kicking duties in week 6. Jaydan Miller had been 5 of 7 in the first two games before missing time to injury. Miller has handled punting duties averaging 26.4 on just 11 punts. Webb added 5 for 35.6. Eli McDurmon has punted 13 times for MD averaging 38.7 per boot. So it all comes down to this Friday at Roy Williams. October weather and a chance for redemption for Linton. Make no mistake that Mater Dei will be ready as they always are. We can’t say the long road trip will have any affect, as we have dropped 2 home games to the Wildcats already. You can’t really say a rainy night will benefit Linton because it hasn’t in prior games with Mater Dei. It comes down to making the plays and not making the mistakes that have hindered our Miners in the past meetings. As I say each week, but more important than ever this week, we need to bring the noise and ambience that gives our kids the energy and fire to go 4 quarters with all they have. Mater Dei will most definitely travel well. They will represent and no doubt be thinking of these last three meetings with Linton. It is time to pack the Roy and support the Miners in this game of games in Linton.
  17. and for those who... well.. just like to listen to the radio call.... there's always our radio and audio stream out there... www.wqtyradio.com or 93.3 FM on your dial! Let's just say.. I got the facts! damn.. well I was sidetracked by the packers-Cardinals game last night!
  18. Well I can imagine you've seen some nice places in your time !! for a small town in the middle of Greene County...ANNNnnnnd compared to some of the years I've walked out on the Roy... it's been a pretty good year grass wise !
  19. I tell ya what... nobody is talking about the other game in this sectional where North Knox travels to Poseyville to face the Vikings of North Posey. Both 8-2. The VIkings two losses coming to 8-2 Heritage Hills 35-14 and 8-2 Mt. Vernon 42-14. The Warriors falling to Linton (10-0) 38-24 and in week 1 to 7-3 Sullivan 35-6. It looks to me like two teams that do the exact opposite of each other... NK a power running team, NP a wide open pass offense. I admit not to knowing much about the Vikings other than a brief look at stats but as I take a look again... their QB Bender has 22 passing TDs and over 1800 yards passing....but 16 rush TD;s from a freshman Galvin. A receiver Lintzenech with 902 receiving and another with 500+ and 2 more at 200+. North Knox has (2) 1100+ yard rushers with Sheren (19 TDs) and Doades (7 TDs), but QB Lyons can throw (10 TDs 696 yards) but they just don't do it alot... 71 attempts, and when they do... 20 of the 31 catches are to one guy- Doades--who can make big plays all over the field. The next highest in receiving is with just 5. By comparison Lintzenech has 65 catches himself for North Posey. Reidford 38 for 511 and another with 15 catches. Bender is 113 of 223 with only 8 interceptions. The VIkings haven't seen 8 wins since 2014 and this season is likely their best since a 10-1 2012 year. NK has matched their 8 win effort from 2019 which was their best since a 9-3 2014 season. Their history is heavily dominated by North Posey. Their last 4 meetings were all in sectional action, and all won by the Vikings decisively: 48-0 in 2006, 71-14 in 2004, 40-0 in 1998 and 40-6 in 1997. In direct comparison of opponents both have beaten 3-6 Tecumseh (NK 47-6, NP 35-14); 4-6 South Spencer (NK 31-14; NP 14-8); and 1-7 Pike Central (NK 41-20; NP 52-16). You could maybe spotlight the South Spencer scores but have to consider the NP game was week 1, the same consideration given to the warriors loss to Sullivan by a surprising margin in week 1. Both teams have had 4 wins against fairly weak opposition. NK beating 1-9 1A Eastern Greene, 3-6 1A Tec , 1-7 3A Pike Central and 2-7 Boonville (although the Pioneers are a 4A school) for a combined 7-29. North Posey beat the same Tecumseh and Pike Central teams, but 2-8 3A Princeton and 2-6 2A Crawford Co for a combined 9-27. In other words, they've taken care of business when they are heavily favored. In games against .500 or better, NK is 0-2, while NP 2-2. Southridge was 5-5 as was Tell City. THe Vikings win over Southridge 40-28 was their big win of the year. They had lost 9 in a row to the Raiders with their last win in 2012. For the Warriors it had to be their win on the road a 2A 6-2 Paoli 28-20 in week 9. According to Sagarin it is essentially and even matchup. NK at 56.61 NP at 51.34, and the game being at North Posey pulling that pretty even. NK has the higher rated schedule strength at 191 versus 204 for the Vikings. NP plays in the Pocket Athletic Conf, which is split into the Large and Small division. NP is in the small division with two 3A teams (Southridge and Pike CEntral) and three (2A)s in Forest Park, Tell City and SOuth Spencer. They faced three foes from the Large division all 3A schools (Heritage Hills, Mt. Vernon and Princeton). THe Warriors are in the Southwestern Conference, who consist of 4 small schools, all 1A save for NK, (4-5 North Central, 4-6 North Daviess, and 1-9 Eastern Greene). THey play long time opponents 3A Sullivan and 2A Linton. They added 4a Boonville in 2019, altho Covid took that game away in 2020. Paoli was new to the schedule this year. This is quite the Friday lineup for high school football in Sectional 40. Three 8-2 teams, and an undefeated 10-0 butting horns. Linton ranked #3/#5 (IFCA/AP), Mater Dei #7/#7, North Posey #13/#13 and North Knox has been in that ranking earlier in the season. WHen you look at Sectional 39 with 6-2 Paoli at 5-5 Providence, and 3-7 Clarksville at 6-4 Triton Central, Sectional 40 seems loaded. I would love to hear opinions on this game. North Knox is a team that loves to get a score then eat the clock with time consuming marches up and down the field with physicality. I don't necessarily think they are a come from behind team in terms of being down a couple scores in the 4th quarter. In NP's losses, the gave up 235 yards rushing to the Patriots, but also threw 5 interceptions. HH only had one completion in the game but still won. Against Mt.Vernon they got down 28-0 and the Wildats had over 200 in rushing while shutting down the Viking run game. The Warriors gave up 177 in passing in the loss to Sullivan, but also 196 in rushing, but again consideration to week one learning curve. The Miners did pass for 145 in their win over NK, but it was 302 yards rushing and 5 TDs that did the Warriors in. what say you the masses?
  20. Compared to some grass fields I've walked on.. The Roy is definitely better than most....and this year was a beauty of a year for the field.
  21. We have been blessed all year with outstanding weather each Friday night during the season which kept the Roy playing field as nice as it possibly can be for a small 2A school. Course it won't match the Reitz Bowl or the outstanding facilities in Southridge that I will miss seeing each year. But....we had a ton of rain the week on South Putnam, and the 2nd half was solid rain and that turned things muddy. I'm sure it's gonna be pretty sloppy come Friday night as well. Hard to say who that affects the most. On the surface you'd think Linton would benefit because you see MD with 4 wideouts and a passing game that's dangerous. But...my old man.. and ex-coach... told me bad conditions always benefit the offensive player because he knows where he's going while the defense has to react. So that could be devastating to have DB's slipping and Wunderlich having a field day. Another area to think about it that Linton runs the double wing... lots of side to side running, and pulling.... more opportunity to slip and slide... more ball handling mishaps as well. So in that category I think Mater Dei benefits. I suspect there'll be more straight ahead offense if it's really sloshy. I agree 100% with "if not this year, when?" This is one of the best senior classes with junior support and spot a couple sophomores in the mix. The best over-all team since 2016 for Linton. I think 2022 looks like another good team, but it will be hard to replace these seniors. This is the best we've put out there to face Mater Dei in these 4 meetings. And there have been some dang good teams in 2017-2020 at Linton. Unfortunately, this is a very good Mater Dei team as well. I also agree that I prefer weather not play a role in a game's outcome. Just like I hope no injuries play a role or a ridiculous flag fest play a role. We have been without one of our co-captains and solid players on both sides of the ball for the last 3 1/2 games...and I really dont think he will be ready Friday.. .but I hope so...and that he can play 100%. We have done well without him, but having him is a plus.
  22. I just hope Linton can come out of the gates strong... make some offensive gains... get something to go their way early for a change. Naturally... I think the MD passing attack will be our major task in handling. Not to discount the running game because clearly Pierre and others can certainly bust it. But seeing 4 and 5 wide with a QB who can place the ball where it needs to be.... well that got us last year.... and the before... and before.. We just don't see that kind of team ability week in and out where every player out there can make the athletic play. One mistake.. and boom 7-0. I do think the sour weather come help Linton... we are used to slugging things out in mud pits.. but.. Mater Dei came to Linton in 2018 which was a mudpit.. and went away with a big W. They are just a very good solid football team that plays very a very tough schedule mostly week in and out. They got talent that goes one way, they are coached very well and don't fall for the things that result in big plays for Linton year long. It's a 4 quarter battle tho... gotta stay in the game. Give yourself a chance. I'll have more of my standard Miner Pride look tomorrow.. spent most of today getting it all together! I have loved this group of Miners in 2021... this group of seniors. Just a great group and I hope they can put it all together on Friday... as for all the discussion about this n that. It's worthless at this point. Mater Dei is who they are. Linton is who we are. We can't get to the next level without getting past the Wildcats. The whole high school situation has changed to much since my days LOL. Yeah there are kids who come to Linton because their school doesn't have a viable football program.. some have played youth league all the way up to when they can't. I know Evansville is a bigger market no question, and I know MD can certainly attract a good athlete there way... but no more than any other Evansville school can. I have been through the argument a million times with the like LCC 09er that just wore me down LOL... it's just useless to point fingers and make enemies. You play the games because you never know what can happen on any night.. I don't doubt at all that Linton will not have seen a defense of Mater Dei's ability... nor an offense with a QB as good as Wunderlich... or an OL or DL or anything honestly. We have seen good players, and played some very good teams.. .but... MD seems a step above that. MD has most definitely faced very good teams... no point listing them. So...they are not gonna be blinded by Linton speed or knocked out by Linton's physical presence.. not the big game hype what I hope will fill the Roy to the fences. They've been in big city games in Evansville... Jasper... etc... I think Linton has a chance... I think it can be done, but it can't happen with turnovers of any kind... can't happen with dropped passes or stupid penalties. Can't happen giving the ball to Mater Dei at midfield, can't happen if we can't get the PATs because MD won't miss those. and.. yeah... it'd be nice to catch a break a couple times LOL.. who wouldn't... A Wunderlich pass that flutters out of his hand wobbly that Linton can pick six on early.... yeah.. how bout that?!?!
  23. Not much discussion about Nk and S Spencer. I was pleased to see the Warriors went to Paoli and came out with a big W. I think the Rebels going to Tell City and getting a road win was big for them too. I think North Posey and Mater Dei have running clocks unless starters are pulled early. Good Luck to all... and let's really hope everyone can get through tonight without injury.
  24. Yep and it's definitely different than turf. I will say the field has been in great shape all year... last week was the first one with a lot of rain, and I'm sure it tore the field up a bit... and we are definitely getting colder... so that nice green grass prolly starts fading away!
  25. Yeah I feel guilt about talking so much about MD already.... I am working on the TEll City preview tho.. I don't have any doubt Linton knows Tell City would absolutely love to be a spoiler. Oh yeah!!! LOl
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