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  1. We met once... long ago after a Linton sectional game somewhere....or else I talked to you by phone... you wanted the Game stats from our 1A game... dang tho..that's been ages ago. prolly phone cause if you were there... well.. you'd of had stats....and I doubt you were there LOL.
  2. I definitely remember this setup! I was getting in to it with supposedly Monrovia's starting QB on the day of the game... we went up there...and I stood on the field waiting for him to come up to me... but ... LOL... obviously it wasn't him to begin with. Prolly was some kid though.. it was prolly 2001. This sure takes me back!! I've been Miner Pride since the day I signed up... but it's got the "_" in there now.. I can't recall why. I think one of the resets someone beat me to Miner Pride... course they aren't around anymore.
  3. well... I never ever understood how we got two "Thunderbirds" in the same neck of the woods (North Central-Farmersburg & Eastern Greene). I mean...it's fairly uncommon.. or it was back then these schools formed from consolidating area schools... NC in 1957 and EG in 1961... so I guess NC beat them to the punch... but wonder why someone at EG didn't realize the nickname was nicked.
  4. I never got the chance to meet Tim, but I certainly was made to feel welcome by him all those years ago... which I have no idea on knowing when that was LOL. I know the forum was a totally different looking beast then. I did get to meet his daughter at a Linton-Scecina game at Linton when I purchased my treasured GID shirt that still hangs proudly here in Vincennes.
  5. My goodness we've had some tussles with the Senators... the one at Linton is always 'questionable' due to the strip/fumble. WW has always had some bruising RBs. Conrad comes to mind... but man McPheeters was a horse. Yeah we prided our D always on stopping the big back... but yeah.. he was at 125 on 26 carries at half. But he was big on D too... ended with 12 tackles... but I think he got wore out... he got hit every play... and he was a load...so hitting him wasn't fun LOL. I really seem to recall that he hurt his leg right before half.... seems like he was limping more as the 2nd half played out. But he onnly had 23 yards after half... still a stunning 40 carries tho! HE was the WW offense... his 148 was all but 22 of WW's rush yards... and Linton pass D held Sizemore and company to just 5 of 17 passing for 45 yards. That first half was back n forth!!! Keying on Meurer (he had just 34 rush yards) opened up things for Jackson (173 yards) Eberhardt (113 yards) and the FB Bason (86 yds). Course we didn't pass at all.. 1 of 3!! I remember the vibe in pregame.... such a buildup... but such respect as well. I really like Philip. We had great conversations all season via email.. and I really enjoyed talking with him after the games on field. Such a loss.
  6. I think it Linton's case....we were climbing the mountain in 1A... getting so close in semi state losses, and of course there was never a shortage of Linton fans ready and willing to shout the Miners glory into any topic anytime! It was a heady time in Greene County, and while I defend that most Linton football fans are level-headed and not the outrageous few that got a lot of attention. Unfortunately we've lost a couple of them in recent years to health failure. I think the robust Miner folks pulled other locals into the fray as the rivalries both historically then as teams started meeting seemingly every year in Sectional title games, regionals etc. Yearly there where spirited back n forths with the faithful from North Daviess, North Knox, North Central, Sullivan (altho not 1A)... then of course West Washington, and the battles with Perry Central...through Rockville, North Vermillion, Fountain Central.. then naturally the Scecina, and Ritter heartbreaks... and....well definitely the LCC banter... to the eventual win over Pioneer in 2016 was the pinnacle. I think the combination of a big talented graduation class and a bump up to 2A and into sectional with state champ Southridge and perennial power Mater Dei contributed to the slow face of boisterous Miner Faithful, altho there were still plenty of us representing. A lot of the guys I knew on the GID from Linton, and the area kinda came on as their kid or grandkid was coming up through the grades. A lot of Dads/Gramps/Uncles/older brothers are involved in youth league and junior high programs and of course as Linton was rolling in the late 90's and 2000's winning multiple sectionals.. word of GID talk spread and guys couldn't resist making comments here n there. As those kids graduated, parents sort of did as well, as this many of the GID Linton folks. I think Linton's 2017 team that lost to 9-3 Ritter, to 14-1 state runner up Eastern Greene (and a game I'd of loved a rematch)... and twice to eventual 2A champ Southridge (17-16, and 20-0 in rematch that was 0-0 at half).... I think that team would have relished a rematch with EG and made a run at seeing Pioneer again. 2018 saw Linton in a losing season for the 1st time sine 1996! and I was amazed at the amount of negativism that just came from all over. At 5-6 you'd of thought the world ended...which was crazy considering the youth of that team.. and starting 0-3. And sounding like the LInton guy I am.... I think each of the 2019, 2020, and certainly last years team could have made solid runs in 1A from the South. I realize we are 2A and likely will stay there... we are only 2A by 8 students. So we are a low end 2A school any way you look at it. The kids have responded well, we just have not gotten over the Mater Dei hump.. .much like we couldn't get over the Ritter and Scecina hump in 1A semi-state.... or the Perry Central stage in 1A Sect 40. This past year was a tough one to swallow and that class was so much like the state winning 2016 class... and we lose so many to graduation... but a great group coming back albeit big shoes to fill. I think a lot of the Miner folks that use to frequent GID have just faded away as they have from actual involvement in the program. I also think there was an active move to try and get less 'talk' on a forum that could be used as motivation for opponents! Since the move to 2A we've not been able to hoist a sectional trophy..as opposed to winning 9 out of the last 10 years in 1A. Honestly it's disappointed to see how people dropped off. But it's also been sad to watch the fall out just in attendance at the actual games at the ROy.... more and more people staying home to watch streams or going to the local watering hole and watching from bars and clubs instead of being there in the flesh where these kids need the see the support. I've always sad... on the air... that Linton fans can be spoiled into just expecting to win and win big. It isn't always going to be the case, but we've been lucky and blessed to have had some terrific teams in our small town.. .such as last year... and they deserve the kind of turn out at home and away that those teams in the 80's 90's and early 2000's did. yeah.. I miss you 1A .
  7. I think we are in 2A for the duration.. unless there is a lot of consolidations or schools dropping football. The onslaught of small academies or home school teams getting into IHSAA is what kept us in 2A. Or I suppose Linton could lose enrollment and drop... there aren't really jobs in Linton to raise a family like there was in my days of growing up there. And the costs anymore to drive 30-45 miles to work and back could cause folks to move.
  8. THis is such a sad thing. I have certainly called the name Vernelson many times over the years at Linton/Sullivan battles. Jeremiah fought so hard to be a part of the Arrow football team... it was admirable to see how dedicated he was to get to suit up. He will be an inspiration for sure.. .and from what I am told he was just a stellar kid... made a difference in people's lifes every day. My thoughts and prayers go to his family and his teammates and friends. We may be bitter enemies ...the Miners and the Arrows.. in anything from football, cow-tipping to horseshoes and watermelon seed spitting... but when it comes to this...we are all human beings---and brothers and sisters in the ultimate game of life.
  9. I sure miss my friends in 1A.... in my experiences... depth is a huge in 1A.... getting kids ready to play in multiple positions... getting reps with varsity in real action early on.. .because inevitable someone gets hurt and that's usually a 2 way player... some 1A schools get to the end of the year barely looking like they did in week 1 or 2.
  10. I truly enjoyed my yearly talked with Bo in the pre-game of Linton-ND, and then sometimes post game when we played at Elnora/Odon. Even in the most tense of atmosphere between the two programs Bo was a smiling face that shared laughs and football talk. I know he had been fighting health issues but I didn't know it had reached such a bad point. Rest in Peace Bo O'Neil.
  11. Yeah it's a hard thing in smaller schools to deal with... and I'm sure in big schools too... it's just they have a lot more of a pool of good athletes. i know it's a tough call, and prolly doesn't help that we had happen what every parent and of course athlete fears happen when Grant Stamm had that broken ankle/leg or whatever it was on a late punt in sectionals against Tecumseh. He had gone to state finals in hurdles as you know...and was a shoe-in to go again, and maybe I'm wrong but he had scholarship for Purdue or ISU or something and was NOT going to play football... didn't as I recall come out until late and had to get practices in. But he was such a huge huge weapon and made huge plays catching the ball for Linton. But it definitely changed his path, altho I think he still recovered and ran hurdles and went to college. Its such a big thing to get college scholarship... but I do believe kids catch the hype sometimes and believe they have a path to 'stardom' or path to a Div 1 college in a certain sport "IF" they just focus on that sport and give everything else up. Yes, it can happen, but has happened so infrequently. We;ve had a few for sure... baseball and basketball... Football, with all the success on the field, hasn't produced anything like Div 1.. at least I don't think... because there just isn't the size. We've had several go on the Div 2 or smaller. I saw GAbe Eslinger (LB on the 2021 team) was offered at U of Indy. I think we'd have a lot more of that if kids were open to it. Hanover, DePauw, Franklin, Marion etc. But yeah the names you mentioned... wow! I can only imagine if kids did play football and vice versa ... the big three Football, Basketball and Baseball. I know I suffered burnout in high school and gave up baseball... not that I was a key ingredient LOL.. but heck I was an all-star all through little league!! Nearly gave up basketball because I just got tired of constant practice every day all the time. And that was then... the early 80s.. which is nothing like the dedication demanded now. And I do think that plays a big part in kids giving up on a sport or concentration on "A" sport. Summer is just insane... lifting and work outs for all three sports, clinics, camps, travel squads, individual work outs.... and you can't help but feel you get 'marked' if you aren't 100% in a sport. I think it's a lot to ask of a 15 year old... then you add a kid who maybe has to work to make money for himself....or herself.... I can sit here and dream about what Linton might have done with the likes of Joey, or Hale, or Slover, or Evan Austin, or Kip.. Walters...Pyne etc.... so many really, But I can understand the worry of parents.... Football is physical. Injuries happen. I asked Logan Webb this year before the first game of the year...."What made you want to play football"? He was a Junior, and had 2 seniors ahead of him at both his offensive and defensive position... He said "To Get Tougher". And I said that I hoped he enjoyed it and could contribute.. and he just nodded with a 'hope so". By season's end he had made several terrific plays at Wideout, saw a lot of DB action, and even punted for a few games because of injuries to the starter. I know this much.. you can't play football and fear injury. You won't ply full tilt... and then you will get hurt!
  12. ahh the thoughts... I am positive Kip woulda been a tough kid in Football... just as I'm sure Joey Hart could be... and many others vice versa in any of the sports. I understand why but we can always speculate!!
  13. I was gonna really do this.. LOL.... When we finally won the 1A Title... "The Little Train That Could".. .LOL
  14. Well I have been knee deep in Linton research... in spurts. I get going hard core through old papers online and library research. So far I'm only back into the 50's.... But I have a lot of info. I've seen these same unknowns for years...if I uncover anything that helps you I will certainly pass it on.
  15. INdeed... the King is still here. and hopefully still going strong. He has so many memories of Linton Football.. I can only hope he has these things written down or recorded... cause they are things you just won't find online.
  16. I was actually a senior on the team when the field was renamed Roy Williams Field. ROY WILLIAMS (Deceased) Inducted: July 30, 1976 in Bloomington, IN Date of Birth: May 16, 1905 in Linton, IN High School Attended: Linton-Stockton Graduated: 1926 High School Honors: All-Wabash Valley Center 1925; All-State Center 1925; 1925 was an undefeated season; football coach was Gerald “Two Penny” Landis. College Attended: Franklin College 1926-1927 Indiana State University Graduated: 1933 College Honors: Did postgraduate work at Florida State University as head trainer in all sports. Coaching Experience: Assistant coach 1933-1939 and head coach 1940-1951 at Linton–Stockton HS, with record of 60-49-7; also served as Linton–Stockton HS Athletic Director 1953-1971. Coaching Honors: Team won five Conference Championships; Western Indiana Conference Championships 1947 and 1951; Southern Indiana Conference Champions 1945. Special Recognition: "Mr. Citizen Award" in 1972 from Linton Civitan Club; American Legion Award as "Outstanding Service to Youth of Our Community" 1972; Linton HS began awarding the Roy Williams Senior Male Athletic Award in 1970-1971; served as President of the Wabash Valley Association for 5 years; Past Grand Exalted Ruler of Linton Elks Lodge #866 1942-1943; member of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity; athletic field at Linton-Stockton HS was renamed "Roy Williams Field" on August 29, 1980. Family: Wife, Charlotte; daughters, Ann and Jane. Coach Williams passed away February 6, 1984.
  17. what do you need?!?!? Looks like you got a lot already!!
  18. ACtually I still have most of the files if not all from my SW7 days. Seems like it was www.SW7.org or net.... maybe... I tried to color coordinate too much LOL... I wanted to use everyone's school colors... logos.... and I wasn't good at sizing LOL.. like I said... learning as I go!!
  19. HOw I would love to sit and talk all you listed about all this. I used a program to do all the Southwest 7 page stuff... I wouldn't say it was major LOL. I think is was Frontpage... and I learned by making mistakes over and over. I knew there had to be easier ways to do it... and I was trying to learn as I went. I just couldn't and still can't afford the hosting costs. And it's been so long since and things have changed so much. I have thought of Wiki stuff...Not sure how I would make it look like I see it in my mind using Facebook. I know there are a lot of things that can be done. I my mind I just see a page where you have options... a lot like Rudy's page...but naturally just Linton LOL. click on a year-- and there is the season; click on a game-- see stats, scoring etc..--- have season by season stats... career numbers... all time roster... you know.. the normal stuff. Opponents... history .. players... And I have so much of this already... well from mid 90's... but already have done so much research online finding newspaper articles in 50's and 60's etc... I want a place online to have this all in one place. I know it's time consuming, because it already eats up so much of my spare time as it is! I don't care about all the work because I see the end result in my mind and know it's worth it.
  20. Yeah it was sorta bang bang. Linton wanted out of having to play UNion (Dugger)...and to be honest, a couple others.. Wood Memorial etc... in order to be in the SW7... so we left. Then Scotty Helms basically followed suit with ND... not sure how long it all happened.. because there was discussion about Tecumseh at the time joining SW7 but staying in PAC for all else.. any way... we all know how it panned out. Union soon was done (and now I see coming back into IHSAA) Wood Memorial isn't doing football.Tecumseh is where they are. I liked being in a conference, but I know nothing really helped winning 75-0 year in and out. out of the remaining SW conf teams we actually play them all other than NC... and it would seem there mighta been some good games with them back in 2017 and 2018.
  21. I think the whole Live Video Streaming thing is going to be an issue top to bottom for every school.
  22. I guess my interest is piqued about this Thunderbird team playing for a Regional Title Friday in Farmersburg. Those in our area know 2018 was a stellar year for the Green and White... winning their 1st Sectional Title I think...ever... going 9-2 losing to North Vermillion in that Regional game. It was a two year run... they were 10-2 the year before (both losses to Eastern Greene, the year EG went to state final game). That was a 19-4 run under Travis Nolting who then headed to Greenfield Central. Since that class graduated it's been rough treading with a combined 3-16 the last 2 years heading into 2021. I've known Joe Kutch for a long time, and see he because head coach mid season at NC last year. Since we (Linton) haven't had them on schedule since 2016, and we aren't in the same class... I don't know much about NC other than a casual glance at scores. Course I saw they started out 0-4, and figured it might be still a tough grind... but lo and behold I took notice when they beat Perry Central 18-14 in opening week of Sectional 40. Looking back I saw they had wins over 8-3 Park Tudor, and a win over Riverton Parke (who had later beaten Covington in a surprise).. So I kept my eye on the Tbird... and sure enough they went on to beat Tecumseh.. which coulda gone either way... but I was shocked at how they went to French Lick and put a licking on the then 9-1 Blackhawks of Springs Valley. huh? Are things just gelling all of a sudden with Coach Kutch and the players? Was someone out half the season suddenly suit up and kick them to another level. Don't get me wrong.. I'm happy to see the success... I'm just amazed at it. This is what you tell your kids all season when they are losing.... keep working, and keep trying to be better each week. Cause it CAN all come together at the right time. They got a tough one coming up it looks like... 10-2 Tri--- who's losses were to South Putnam (8-3) and Centerville (2A 10-1). But then Valley was 9-1 going into their meeting. I'm just interested... who is shining for the Thunderbirds? They were always a ground n pound wishbone type team. All I can say in congrats on the turnaround... and I know things gotta be exciting for the NC community!!
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