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  1. The self appointed arbiter of the SIAC thread
  2. Bring in Wunderlich. Kid has a big league arm and did nothing but improve at his days at madder days. The biggest difference in stats from him and Allen can be partially explained by masons lack of a D1 receiver and mds offensive scheme.
  3. I just love that your argument is basically "35-50% of kids in public school are turds, therefore, the kids that are not turds cant compete."
  4. Evansville/warrick schools have lost a fair share in recent years to gibson county. I'd say it had at least some to do with a title there. Did those parent buy that success for their kids?
  5. So a higher percentage of families choose Gibson Southern due to values and good education? It appears that hardworking attitude has translated to success on the field too! I'm glad families have that choice and that your football program has not been punished because of all the influx of hard work.
  6. So by your argument, private school students work harder therefore achieving higher levels of success? No dog in the fight here, just pointing out your argument just ate its own tail.
  7. But they did contend for a pretend semi state title this past weekend! How did your game turn out @Thornton Melon?
  8. Oh, my bad. Let me rephrase. I'd love to see the trophy anyone actually cares about from the week 4 and 9 wins.
  9. I'd love to see the trophy the tigers received for winning a week 4 and week 9 game
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