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  1. IMO MD and Reitz should play 1 week earlier as a culmination of the fall festival. Keep the festival open later that Friday night for all who attend the game and get a boost in both attendances most likely.
  2. This would be ideal, but doesn't work in the context of the east west divisions that were being discussed.
  3. Agreed. I feel the Evansville North Gibson Southern match-up could be a lot of fun as a rivalry.
  4. This could also make a really cool rivalry week in the SIAC MD vs Reitz Bosse vs Harrison Warrick County Castle vs Boonville Memorial vs Jasper County line Gibson So. Vs North Central vs Lincoln is really odd but left over in this scenario
  5. I think if the SIAC couldve added Gibson Southern and boonville in the expansion, the football schedule would've benefitted from an east/west division instead of big small. West-MD, Reitz, Central, Lincoln, Gibson Southern, North East- Castle, Memorial, Jasper, Boonville, Bosse, Harrison 5 games in your division, 2 rotating crossover games, 1 out of conference game, 1 championship week. I'm not convinced the championship week is necessary, and without it, the schools could schedule two out of conference games.
  6. Castle will have a really tough defense and will return most of its offensive production. I expect to see the knights back at the top of the SIAC next season
  7. Another point about this, if the official looked up and sees at all the defender grabbing the receiver, its PI. There is no "it was whizzing by" as there is no uncatchable call in hsfb.
  8. https://www.ihsaatv.org/?B=327676 I invite you to fast forward to -1:25:30
  9. If you saw that play and thought it was anything close to a "judgement call," you need new glasses.
  10. Don't forget to stop at Nellie's Restaurant for some delicious Newburgh Cake while you're down here.
  11. Love my Knights, but Cathedral picks a score in this one.
  12. 1. I did not say they wouldn't compete. 2. Sagarin has been a useless tool for the siac this year, I think it is coming closer to being accurate, but still a week or 2 away.
  13. Could be. I guess we won't know because memorial got pushed out of 3A. Not a lot of competition around here in 3A this year with Heritage hills and gibson southern both having down years. Would have been interested to see how many TD memorial would win by if they were still in 3A.
  14. I'm not insinuating that SR would not compete. I think they would have ended up around 5-4 or 4-5 in the conference depending what team they replaced, but games would have been competitive.
  15. Do you think SR would play within 3 of 5A sectional Champs Castle? Compete for 4 quarters with 4A powerhouse Evansville central?
  16. The Knights host the Red Devils on Friday. I know neither team has a lot of chatter on here. The knights are peaking at the right time, convincingly beating both Bloomington South and North. Jeffersonville is on a roll avenging 2 regular season losses. Which team will keep it rolling?
  17. Just saying he's been coaching long enough to know. More coaching experience than you. This time of year its about surviving and advancing. MD clearly had advanced when the running clock started, so why take even a chance someone gets hurt? Its happened too many times, a team frustrated their season is over takes some cheap shots (linton did not do this, just saying it happens) and a starter is now down for the count. On to regionals for 3 SIAC teams
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