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  1. Agreed, I do not think UGA falls out of the top 4 with a loss to Bama. Hopefully Bama loses which would make them have 2 losses. (2nd playoff ever without them in it) Off past experience, I feel like the conference champions will get more love by the committee. Michigan, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma St. are all right behind us also with one loss. Do you guys think they will put any of the conference champs in ahead of us, that is not there now, if we beat Stanford? Notre Dame is playing some darn good ball. I got the opportunity to be at the game Saturday v.s Georgia Tech, awesome senior night!
  2. THANK YOU! Any idea if I can access games even after the game is over? For Example, watch two games Friday and the rest Saturday?
  3. Agreed, I thought their would be somewhat of an adjustment period after they moved up to 4A... I was wrong.
  4. Where do you find streams for the games? Would love to watch the Bloomington South v.s New Albany and Gibson Southern vs. Lawrenceburg tonight without having to pick which one to drive to, and it's too cold for me 🥶
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