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  1. I don't know if he was the best candidate but I agree that he was doing a job that he was asked the impossible of. Goshen and Plymouth are two communities where soccer has taken over. I hope that we can withstand Junior High Soccer but I don't know. If that happens we may never field some of the football teams we have had in the past. I know that when we played Goshen they played hard and with enthusiasm. I don't know the specifics at school but from an opponents perspective Coach Park seemed to be doing the right things.
  2. I was watching as a bystander but I have become an AC fan. The officiating hasn't made the same calls for either side. Even the late hit out of bounds early in the game was a terrible call. Too bad this has to happen here.
  3. But it doesn't present less. So why are the rules different for the youth than the older kids? I worry that we have too many Vince Lombardi's out there who put kids in unsafe situations. These kids either get hurt or quit because of the stress on their bodies because they haven't fully developed yet. We all love this game but I again wonder the motivation for these events when the stress on the athlete could cause undue harm.
  4. I just wonder why we have rules for High School, College, and Pro for contact in practice and number of games played but not for our youth? With numbers down at a lot of places are we pushing this too far too early? I wonder what the motivation is to do this to young kids while we are protecting the older athletes.
  5. Because being smart and protecting our future players isn't important? I question your motivation for not wanting to protect our children.
  6. So maybe the concussion problems we see in the upper levels are started in the youth leagues. Kids banging around for too long before they have developed brains. It is pretty obvious that the people who run these tourneys and the people who send teams are doing something to potentially hurt these kids. I guess I wonder the reasoning for doing this knowing the damage that it can cause.
  7. So.....with all of the discussion about contact sports and concussions it is okay for a middle school child to play multiple games over a weekend but players at the higher levels are only allowed to play 1 game or 5 quarters a week? I agree with the original poster that this seems out of wack with what is best for the athlete. But I guess since you win an 8th grade tourney it makes it okay....
  8. Then who do we place responsibility on? It starts with the players, who are coached by the coaches who choose to play them in the game, the coaches are under the direct supervision of the AD, who is under the direct supervision of the Principal, who is under the direct supervision of the Super, who is under the direction of the school board. I don't know if the schools boards in this case are elected or appointed so I don't know who they answer to. But I know that in the end the kids will be punished. We know that "poop" runs downhill. I wonder who will accept the responsibility or will the IHSAA have to determine who is responsible?
  9. Thanks. I will enjoy another night of flipping though the games. Good luck to all of the teams that are playing.
  10. Will the IHSAA charge to watch regional games again or will they allow the streams to play on their network. I enjoy watching multiple games from home. But I don't want to pay for it.
  11. Of course the ratings come into focus. They change each week. If teams win they move up. What did they look like before the sectional started?
  12. Since it looks like both teams are guilty in this matter, then they both should be removed from the tourney or nothing should happen to either team. I watched the video but not the entire game so I didn't see everything. But from the play in question that started the final fight, both schools are at fault. If the IHSAA wants to send a message then kick both teams out of the tourney. If you fight you get removed.
  13. Back when I was young...I'm sure you guys enjoy telling your stories from the barstool. I'm proud to be your hero.
  14. Just because it was done in the past doesn't make it the best way to do things....
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