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  1. How about a Fri/Sat opening week slate of the defending state champs in each class vs a competitively equal out of state school at Bloomington/WLafayette/Muncie/Terre Haute sites?
  2. Curt Flood proved many years ago it’s all about $$ and control. It has just taken this many years to trickle down to high school and college athletics. If a coach can move from school to school or team to team at will then the student/athlete should have the same freedom. It is hypocrisy to require the student/athlete to be held to a “commitment” while allowing a team/coach/school to change their decision/commitment at will. The NCAA does not have a legal/moral leg to stand on with their control of an athlete changing schools when the everyday student can change schools much easier. The IHSAA can claim they are acting in the best interest of the student/athlete, but we all know that transfers are approved based on financial/political connections.
  3. No competition is never a bad thing. Usually leads to improvement in the end product.
  4. We start out as a football only organization and establish sane, sensible rules regarding conferences and membership. We create a fair and equitable playoff system that values regular season performance AND includes both private and public schools. We pay officials a reasonable rate per game that attracts both veteran and new officials. We listen to member schools and implement improvements that have grassroots support that put the athletes and member schools best interest first. We recruit the top 16 teams in each class to join us. Two of the class 6A schools are looking for a home right now. We deliver an exciting product for the fan on the field. We obtain corporate sponsorship on both a local and statewide level that allows member schools to retain 100% of all gate proceeds during the regular season and playoff runs. We offer monetary rewards to each school as they advance through the playoffs from the corporate funds. We present the fans and schools the opportunity to participate in the First Harrison Bank Sectional 48 Championship @ CORYDON, the Harrahs Regional 4 Championship @ Anderson, the Toyota Southwestern SemiState Championship @ Evansville, and the Indianapolis Colts Indiana State Championship @ Lucas Oil Stadium Once we prove we can deliver a quality football product then we can work on other sports. Again all suggestions welcome for this slightly tongue in cheek idea. Who knows we surely can present a better product than the current system. 🏈🏆🥇
  5. So your saying if certain schools wanted to form their own organization they could travel at will, hire and pay officials more, sanction their own tournament, define classes fairly, and everyone could be happy? AND the IHSAA would just disappear? I make a motion we form the GIDHSAA and accomplish all the above. Do I hear a second? @Bobref is hereby nominated as Director of Officiating @DE and @temptation are in charge of determining class divisions @JustRules will be in charge of travel limitations or lack thereof @Muda69 is in charge of the entire boondoggle @WWFan is in charge of enrolling member schools The floor is now open for additional nominations. Where should we hold our first convention? 😂🤷🏼‍♂️🤦
  6. SenatorFan


    We need to hold the media accountable as well. They are complicit in this BIG LIE.
  7. Probably the Cowgirls 😂 Landry, Staubach, White, Dorsett/Smith Smith is questionable due to his being part of the Jerry Jones era. Just sayin’
  8. Because, having been born and raised in KY. Having heard and seen all the junk that UK has done over the years. I can say there is no program dirtier than UK. No matter who the opponent might be I will always root for whoever UK is playing. Glad I moved to IN in 1977 and have been an IU fan ever since.
  9. Count me as an Auburn fan starting at 1pm.
  10. Yes!!! To have them get beat at home, with the announcers rooting for them, and in the way it finished. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving owner, team, or fans.
  11. More than likely they will hire the Chargers head coach. It would fit their M.O. 😂🙄
  12. Sad, but I agree. We will probably wind up with a 32 team tournament because of $$ Unlike basketball, in college football the adage “ On any given Saturday…..” just doesn’t work. In my opinion.
  13. I apologize if my emotional use of the word “robbed” upset you JustRules. I respectfully believe the implication that I called the official a cheater or felt he favored Purdue intentionally exists only in your mind. I know it does not exist in my mind or heart. Nor do I believe I am personally responsible for the lack of officials on any level of the game. I take caution to refrain from criticizing the officials verbally when I am watching a game either in person or via media. I understand fully that it is impossible for myself or any fan to have the same view of a play as the official licensed and sanctioned to make a call. My knowledge of the rules or lack thereof does not disqualify me from having an opinion and expressing that opinion on this forum. If that were the case then only officials would be allowed to post on here. My opinion is that the official made a mistake and that mistake changed the outcome of the game. I “saw” a player who didn’t quit playing. I “saw” a TD. As a fan rooting for TN to beat Purdue, I emotionally responded on-line. My mistake. Doesn’t make me or the official a bad guy, just humans. I do find it interesting that there seems to be a unwillingness among the officials on this website to ever admit that an official can make a mistake or miss a call. That’s probably just an implication that I read into your responses and not intentional on your part. I respectfully ask that I be allowed to be a fan(fanatic) and I will allow you to be an official(judge). I won’t use emotional verbiage or tell you how to interpret the rules, if you won’t accuse me of implying things I didn’t or having no creditability and causing people to not want to officiate football games. After all if we met on the street or in public we would find we have more in common than not. We might even be brothers. Deal? 😊
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