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  1. Maybe it has to do with family, former schoolmates, coaching buddies, etc. 6 degrees.
  2. Amen! Preach it brother. Although it is not going to change the mindset of most folks with their "little brother" attitudes. That's why it took a Jack Kiser to finally break through the "glass ceiling" for Mr. Football. Still folks were on here claiming Notre Dame made a mistake recruiting him. That's why Caleb Murphy's opportunity at IU thrills me, I've watched this young man develop over the last few years. I've been privileged to see him learn from mistakes, celebrate his successes, and integrate himself into a cohesive unit that thrills us fans in the stands. I don't have to claim neutrality because I'm a fan, a fan of a small school in the middle of a cornfield that has faced every challenge thrown at them. A fan of quality football being played every Friday night all over Indiana who happens to think that 1A has just as much quality as any class. A fan of young men from all classes of football advancing to the next level of competition, or moving on to military service, or taking positions of leadership in corporate America and excelling because of the values they learned while involved in football. Like standing shoulder to shoulder and beating your competition, learning to trust your teammate has your back and will hold that block or make that tackle, knowing your coach has put together a game plan that will maximize your strengths and exploit the other teams weaknesses, and perhaps most of all to be able to adjust your strategy mid-game and believe that on any given night anything can happen. I'm a fan of 1A football because at this level it seems every one gets a chance regardless. It is stinking thinking to believe small school means small talent. There are plenty of 4A-6A schools that would have wanted nothing to do with playing Pioneer, Linton, etc. from 1A. Heck some of them don't want anything to do with WW. It would be very interesting to see the champions from each class play one extra game each year. Maybe rotate it each year between classes. IE: 6A vs.1A, 5a vs. 2A, 4A vs. 3A, next year 6A vs. 5a, 4A vs. 3A, 2A vs. 1A, next year 6A vs. 3A, 5A vs, 2A, 4A vs. 1A and so forth. I would be willing to bet the coaches of 5A & 6A would be the first to speak against it. 1A is where it's happening! Rant over Coaches coach, Players play, Fans cheer
  3. At home (WW) the ONLY choice is the ribeye sandwiches from our concessions. Often imitated, never equaled. All other restaurants are 15+ minutes away and can not compete with our sandwiches. When traveling to Paoli or Springs Valley I stop in Paoli at Porkys BBQ before the game. Springs Valley also requires a stop at West Baden Hotel for a hand dipped ice cream cone. Mitchell is a good excuse to go to Spring Mill Inn for the buffet. Perry Central I have to stop at Schwartz’s Amish Restaurant. Man I’m hungry, when does football start?
  4. The Contraction Czar, resistance is futile. You will be assimilated, strike that, contracted!
  5. I would think this is one of our better opportunities for that to happen. I'm always concerned about our strength of schedule. Perhaps someone will knock off one of the teams up north for us. Just have to play them one at a time.
  6. Intriguing, I like it since we are centrally located. Brownstown to Tell City or Perry Central would be a haul. Course only if they both finish #1. What I don’t like is Brownstown every year. Of course it would help us prepare for playoffs. Doubt it will ever happen. Madison might be a better fit than Tell City
  7. Tongue firmly in cheek, in the words of a notorious poster, “Why didn’t they just contract?” 😳😂😇 i really do try to behave, sometimes I just can’t help it. As a sectional foe, I hope they get the train back on the track at Eastern Greene.
  8. Oh boy, this ought to generate another 15 pages of discussion. 😂😂😂
  9. Thank you, now I understand. Again it has been interesting to follow your research and development. Best of luck with your endeavor.
  10. DT, have you ever had a positive thought even once in your entire life. It has been made abundantly clear to you the positive influences that football has in young mens lives, time and time again. Still you beat the drum of contraction as if it is the only solution. Have you volunteered at any of these “low performing” schools in an effort to turn them around? Or do you show up and tell them “You suck, I’d quit if I were you” Just venting, that’s all. Coaches coach, players play, fans cheer.
  11. I have a question, observed this thread since it's inception. Like the graph and the info, very interesting. The original post said it was for a discussion point. What was the point? Pro-turf vs. Pro Grass? Turf injuries vs. Grass injuries? What are we discussing? 6A can afford turf better than 1A? Just wondering. Not being negative, just as a fan wondering how we will use this info or is it something that is of value as a coach?
  12. Is this number normal, above average, below average per year? any thoughts on what is driving it?
  13. It is possible that the person you are referring to could be interested in the position available just a little north of their hometown. Just thinking outside the box.
  14. Spider-Man, throw the ball about 50 feet in the air toward the end zone and he will bring it down. 2nd pick: It's a fumble! Wait the ball never hit the ground. Invisible Man could go ALL THE WAY!
  15. Was at the game last night and was disappointed by two things that were glaring. One this team could not play defense for 35 seconds if their lives depended on it. Two they were very tentative on offense, too much standing around along with no one that can shoot consistently. The last 3:00 of the game no one had a sense of urgency. Almost like they were ready for the season to be over. Looking ahead, if this is what we get from one and dones I say we pass on them in the future. I still believe when Coach gets a full roster of "his" players we will see a different effort from the team. Lock down defense with a couple of lights out shooters. Hope springs eternal.
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