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  1. Is it 6 points in a two year cycle or 6 points in one year? I ask because West Washington has won back to back sectionals (2points) and back to back regionals (4 points).
  2. Thanks WWFan appreciate the updates. Couldn’t make it tonight due to work obligations. Keep posting please.
  3. Perfect example why I have not participated since the end of last season. With the exception of our head coach, not aware of meeting any other member face to face. Yet based on their conduct on GID I have the utmost respect for Coach Nowlin and zero respect for the clickbaiter. Truth means nothing to him, contradicts himself regularly, and pontificates as if he knows more than any coach or official that has dedicated themselves to teaching this game to young people. Solely for the purpose of racking up points for his profile. Suspend my privileges if you must, at this point
  4. Both my grandfathers were gone before I was old enough to remember them. My father-in-law on the other hand was constantly coming up with memorable sayings. My favorite was “That fellow is just a lost ball in high weeds”
  5. Looks like it comes down to the final game. Brandon has 41 points riding on it and Jeff has 5 points. Depending on who they picked decides the winner. The best I can hope for is a 2nd place tie. Anyway I’m rooting for LSU in this one.
  6. Received a friendly reminder from the website as well urging me to complete my picks. Went back and checked and it shows 41 of 41 picks completed. Not sure why I received the message?
  7. Oh! You mean like having Avon vs. Brownsburg in the semi-final instead of the first game of the sectional? or maybe Cass vs. Pioneer...….. As a 1A fan I liked the real results better because I don't think anyone would have picked West Washington in the final four. It would have probably been LCC, Lutheran, South Adams, and Adams Central
  8. Congrats to @Temptation! Appreciate your organizing the contest. Was interesting to follow all the classes. Wait til next year! 😊
  9. Well I think we all know but let’s see the official results!
  10. From Senator Nation we offer our prayers for Coach Burns family. We Know the hurt you are going through.
  11. This is wrong on so many levels! Young people abusing this young man, an incompetent administrator bungling the initial investigation, a school not having proper processes in place to report such an incident, no one applying discipline and teaching to prevent another incident, then a decision to deny and cover their tracks. It kept getting worse the more I read. Where are the coaches to say we don’t condone this regardless of impact to our team? Where are the parents to say my son will be taught to take responsibility for his actions? Where are the administrators to say this is not w
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