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  1. Yes!!! To have them get beat at home, with the announcers rooting for them, and in the way it finished. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving owner, team, or fans.
  2. More than likely they will hire the Chargers head coach. It would fit their M.O. 😂🙄
  3. Sad, but I agree. We will probably wind up with a 32 team tournament because of $$ Unlike basketball, in college football the adage “ On any given Saturday…..” just doesn’t work. In my opinion.
  4. I apologize if my emotional use of the word “robbed” upset you JustRules. I respectfully believe the implication that I called the official a cheater or felt he favored Purdue intentionally exists only in your mind. I know it does not exist in my mind or heart. Nor do I believe I am personally responsible for the lack of officials on any level of the game. I take caution to refrain from criticizing the officials verbally when I am watching a game either in person or via media. I understand fully that it is impossible for myself or any fan to have the same view of a play as the official licensed and sanctioned to make a call. My knowledge of the rules or lack thereof does not disqualify me from having an opinion and expressing that opinion on this forum. If that were the case then only officials would be allowed to post on here. My opinion is that the official made a mistake and that mistake changed the outcome of the game. I “saw” a player who didn’t quit playing. I “saw” a TD. As a fan rooting for TN to beat Purdue, I emotionally responded on-line. My mistake. Doesn’t make me or the official a bad guy, just humans. I do find it interesting that there seems to be a unwillingness among the officials on this website to ever admit that an official can make a mistake or miss a call. That’s probably just an implication that I read into your responses and not intentional on your part. I respectfully ask that I be allowed to be a fan(fanatic) and I will allow you to be an official(judge). I won’t use emotional verbiage or tell you how to interpret the rules, if you won’t accuse me of implying things I didn’t or having no creditability and causing people to not want to officiate football games. After all if we met on the street or in public we would find we have more in common than not. We might even be brothers. Deal? 😊
  5. Tennessee was robbed of a TD. No way he was down or forward progress was stopped. Play to the whistle.
  6. Congrats to all the titan fan base. Love the way you all have supported your team. Probably the most rabid fan base on GID enjoy the well earned championship
  7. Better than having a coach in your ear all game because his captain couldn’t remember what his instructions were.
  8. Disclaimer: I am not a Bears fan, I am a football fan. Just saw a headline on Google that the Bears are going to fire head coach Nagy but not until after the Thanksgiving Day game. Why? Why wait two more days? If he isn’t the guy any longer why prolong the transition? This doesn’t make sense to me. Is it a Bears thing? Why would you want him on the sideline or in the locker room once the decision is made? Maybe one of you Bears fans can explain this…
  9. Just wondering why you didn’t go ahead and count Regionals and Semi-States as well?
  10. Brownstown at Scottsburg Charlestown at Eastern Pekin Corydon at Silver Creek North Harrison at Providence West Washington at Salem Mitchell at Perry Central North Knox at Paoli Tecumseh at Crawford County Springs Valley at North Daviess
  11. Life ain't always fair! Why do we spend so much time every year having this same discussion? We are never all going to see it the same way. High School football, or any high school sports for that matter, was not meant to be a profit stream, was it? We probably can't even agree on that. Some think it is for entertainment purposes, bragging rights, teaching young men and women about working as a team and acheiving goals, etc. If it is to help prepare them for life and how to acheive goals and overcome obstacles, then lets make it as REAL LIFE as we can. Eliminate all classes in all sports and let there be one champion each year. Enough of this leveling the playing field and making it fair. When I wake up every morning I dont want or need the government or any other entity to help me succeed. I compete every single day against big companies, little individuals, and everyone in between. I have to scrape, dig, strive to compete and get better. At the end of the day there is only one person to blame if I fail and there is only one person to pat on the back if I succeed, me. That's life and it ain't fair, but the one that overcomes gets the prize. Now let's go enjoy some football just for the pure pleasure of seeing kids compete.
  12. Crawford Co. at West Washington Paoli at Mitchell Perry Central at Springs Valley Providence at Corydon Salem at Charlestown Scottsburg at Eastern Pekin Silver Creek at Brownstown South Spencer at North Harrison
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