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  1. Thanks for sharing Coach. Trust you have a good week preparing for Friday night.
  2. North Decatur at West Washington Even though I can’t possibly catch @boilerfan87 here’s my pick for the week.
  3. Does 5th place pay anything? LOL It's been fun following both conferences this year. Hopefully WW has three more games like they played Friday night in them. A friend of mine, whom I have invited to several games this year, said "Hey since they have made it to the regional I may go with you Friday night!" I replied, "You aren't getting anywhere close to Sanders Field. No chance I'm jinxing this team with a late season adjustment to my game night routine!" 😂
  4. So is a player allowed to be 1st team on both Offense and Defense? I agree with you re: Holden. Also thought Mason could have been named at linebacker.
  5. Well, I’m afraid the glory of the first 3 rounds will be short lived. 3 of my Final Four in 6A are eliminated, including my championship team and runner-up. On any given night....
  6. Congratulations to the Senators for their sectional championship! I thought tonight was one of their best overall games all year. We were clicking on both sides of the ball. 3 takeaways for the defense, good special teams play, and a big time move by Holden on the first touchdown for the last five yards.
  7. Yes it is @ Perry. Long trip down there twice this year. Go! Senators! Two PLAC teams are the last ones standing! My bracket had WW and Brownstown as the last ones playing. Like they say, that’s why we play the game.
  8. 36-8 WW over North Davies at the half
  9. OK Tanka, you have infuriated me with your endless touting of endzone cameras on nearly every thread on this forum. Yet I have to applaud you for this one, well played State Farm. Once upon a time I enjoyed watching both Dallas and Houston(Oilers only) games. Always thought Landry was the epitome of what a coach was supposed to be. Then he was unceremoniously retired by the present ownership and replaced by J@#@!y J*&^%$$n. From that day forward my two favorite NFL teams have been the Oilers/Titans and whoever Dallas is playing. Again Tanka thanks for being part of the GID.
  10. Charlestown at Lawrenceburg Southridge at North Harrison Providence at Eastern Pekin Triton Central at Paoli Perry Central at North Central North Daviess at West Washington
  11. As far as my brackets go, Delta and Brownstown didn’t do me any favors by losing in the first round. Just sayin’
  12. Yes, thanks Temptation, appreciate this. Now I’m glad I have paid attention to games in other parts of the state. ☺️
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