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  1. It was on the IU thread, looked it up as soon as I saw the announcement today.
  2. Nah! Archie is going to Texas Tech!
  3. SK197, Thank you for this wonderful live example of how ridiculous of a system we use here in Indiana. No we do not have the corner on ridiculous, as I’m sure your research will bear out. If you have difficulty explaining how simple it is, it ain’t simple. If you have to continuously tweak it, it ain’t working! This is what happens when humanity tries to make things “fair”. Fair is you line up and play the game and the best team wins. We spend a lot of time arguing about P/P bias, city speed, super-conferences, contraction, etc. Yet at the end of the day, we ALL love Ind
  4. Good observation from the outside looking in. I would add that with Howard being part of the Fab Five, Michigan would have reason to hire a “babysitter” more so than IU. Especially in light of Woodson being an early recruit of the Knight era. I don’t mind the fancy title/extra layer as long as we win and win clean. Still have a very bad taste from the Sampson fiasco. As for the portal situation, which unfortunately I think is here to stay, hopefully between Woodson and Matta they can re-recruit these players to choose IU one more time. Believe it is too early f
  5. During the last coaching search I jokingly told a friend of mine (Purdue Alum) that IU should just hire Doc Nash from Borden High School as the next coach. He reminded me of that conversation today and asked if I still wanted Doc Nash as the new coach. Got me to thinking if IU could only hire a current high school coach from within Indiana who would your choice be?
  6. Jeff Foxworthy: "You'll take a check? Heck I'll just pay it off in full! I didn't know you would take a check."
  7. I believe this was Tom Coughlin in a post game press conference after Boston College beat Notre Dame. Reporter: Coach in your wildest dreams did you think you would beat this Notre Dame team? Coughlin: My wildest dreams have nothing to do with football.
  8. Just can’t make up my mind if Brady is truly the GOAT or if the Buccaneers are the new elite cheaters of the NFL?
  9. Is it 6 points in a two year cycle or 6 points in one year? I ask because West Washington has won back to back sectionals (2points) and back to back regionals (4 points).
  10. Thanks WWFan appreciate the updates. Couldn’t make it tonight due to work obligations. Keep posting please.
  11. Perfect example why I have not participated since the end of last season. With the exception of our head coach, not aware of meeting any other member face to face. Yet based on their conduct on GID I have the utmost respect for Coach Nowlin and zero respect for the clickbaiter. Truth means nothing to him, contradicts himself regularly, and pontificates as if he knows more than any coach or official that has dedicated themselves to teaching this game to young people. Solely for the purpose of racking up points for his profile. Suspend my privileges if you must, at this point
  12. Both my grandfathers were gone before I was old enough to remember them. My father-in-law on the other hand was constantly coming up with memorable sayings. My favorite was “That fellow is just a lost ball in high weeds”
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