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  1. Looks like it comes down to the final game. Brandon has 41 points riding on it and Jeff has 5 points. Depending on who they picked decides the winner. The best I can hope for is a 2nd place tie. Anyway I’m rooting for LSU in this one.
  2. Received a friendly reminder from the website as well urging me to complete my picks. Went back and checked and it shows 41 of 41 picks completed. Not sure why I received the message?
  3. Oh! You mean like having Avon vs. Brownsburg in the semi-final instead of the first game of the sectional? or maybe Cass vs. Pioneer...….. As a 1A fan I liked the real results better because I don't think anyone would have picked West Washington in the final four. It would have probably been LCC, Lutheran, South Adams, and Adams Central
  4. Congrats to @Temptation! Appreciate your organizing the contest. Was interesting to follow all the classes. Wait til next year! 😊
  5. Well I think we all know but let’s see the official results!
  6. From Senator Nation we offer our prayers for Coach Burns family. We Know the hurt you are going through.
  7. This is wrong on so many levels! Young people abusing this young man, an incompetent administrator bungling the initial investigation, a school not having proper processes in place to report such an incident, no one applying discipline and teaching to prevent another incident, then a decision to deny and cover their tracks. It kept getting worse the more I read. Where are the coaches to say we don’t condone this regardless of impact to our team? Where are the parents to say my son will be taught to take responsibility for his actions? Where are the administrators to say this is not what we represent as a school or religious entity? The only answer lies in the fact it is a systemic problem. From the top down there is a problem. Thank goodness there was at least one individual with a conscience who would write an anonymous letter.
  8. So I guess I can claim 1A domination. I’m just hoping @Temptation and @Woodard miss ALL their finals since I think I only have 2 possible points left! 😂 Really thought I would have had more of a drop this week. Think this proves none of us are experts. 😂😂
  9. Please keep Coach Phillip Bowsman in your prayers. Don’t have details other than there was a prayer request forwarded to me.
  10. Tough loss for the Senators. Congrats to Lutheran, obvious reasons why they are rated #1. Should be a good game between them and LCC next week. Proud of the season we have enjoyed. Looking forward to next year and what we can build on from here. Sad to see the seniors get this close and lose.
  11. I admit this game will be a challenge for us, just want to emphasize that this group of Senators have earned the right to be on the field with any 1A team in the state. I’m believing for an upset by the Senators. We are playing the best football we have played all year.
  12. Didn't want our semi-state match-up to be the only one without a thread on GID. I realize WW is the decided underdog in this game, just wanted to hear some folks ideas on what we would have to do to win this game. Have been following 1A all year and am well aware of Lutheran's strengths and weaknesses (none of which seemed to display in their contest with NV). WW has had a strong defense all season with the Paoli and Salem games being the only exceptions. The last two games have been our best two examples of complete games on both sides of the ball. We had a strong goal line stand at the end of the 1st half to hold North Decatur to a field goal instead of a touchdown which seemed to shift momentum in the 2nd half. Probably will require a "perfect" game on our part with some turnovers from Lutheran in order for us to advance. But then again that is why we suit up and play the game. Looking forward to this game and rooting hard for the Senators. Anyone else?
  13. Thanks, appreciate it. We will try to max it out.
  14. Hey @boilerfan87 will you keep picking against the Senators? LOL! I know I can’t catch you but it felt good to gain one on you. Have really enjoyed the pickem this year.
  15. Congrats! @senatorcoach72 I think the key to the game was that goal line defense that made them settle for a field goal instead of a touchdown at the end of the first half. That was huge! Have never been to Lutheran, according to Google Maps it looks like home and visitor fans are on the same side of the field? Can anyone confirm?
  16. Quite a game tonight! Real gut check in the 2nd half. Our guys came up big. Very proud of this team. Friday will be a real challenge, but this team keeps finding a way to make it happen. Go Senators!
  17. YouTube.com enter West Washington football scroll down until you see North Decatur vs. West Washington But why would you pass up an opportunity for a ribeye sandwich and the live game? 😂
  18. Thanks for sharing Coach. Trust you have a good week preparing for Friday night.
  19. North Decatur at West Washington Even though I can’t possibly catch @boilerfan87 here’s my pick for the week.
  20. Does 5th place pay anything? LOL It's been fun following both conferences this year. Hopefully WW has three more games like they played Friday night in them. A friend of mine, whom I have invited to several games this year, said "Hey since they have made it to the regional I may go with you Friday night!" I replied, "You aren't getting anywhere close to Sanders Field. No chance I'm jinxing this team with a late season adjustment to my game night routine!" 😂
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