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  1. Tongue firmly in cheek, in the words of a notorious poster, “Why didn’t they just contract?” 😳😂😇 i really do try to behave, sometimes I just can’t help it. As a sectional foe, I hope they get the train back on the track at Eastern Greene.
  2. Oh boy, this ought to generate another 15 pages of discussion. 😂😂😂
  3. Thank you, now I understand. Again it has been interesting to follow your research and development. Best of luck with your endeavor.
  4. DT, have you ever had a positive thought even once in your entire life. It has been made abundantly clear to you the positive influences that football has in young mens lives, time and time again. Still you beat the drum of contraction as if it is the only solution. Have you volunteered at any of these “low performing” schools in an effort to turn them around? Or do you show up and tell them “You suck, I’d quit if I were you” Just venting, that’s all. Coaches coach, players play, fans cheer.
  5. I have a question, observed this thread since it's inception. Like the graph and the info, very interesting. The original post said it was for a discussion point. What was the point? Pro-turf vs. Pro Grass? Turf injuries vs. Grass injuries? What are we discussing? 6A can afford turf better than 1A? Just wondering. Not being negative, just as a fan wondering how we will use this info or is it something that is of value as a coach?
  6. Is this number normal, above average, below average per year? any thoughts on what is driving it?
  7. It is possible that the person you are referring to could be interested in the position available just a little north of their hometown. Just thinking outside the box.
  8. Spider-Man, throw the ball about 50 feet in the air toward the end zone and he will bring it down. 2nd pick: It's a fumble! Wait the ball never hit the ground. Invisible Man could go ALL THE WAY!
  9. Was at the game last night and was disappointed by two things that were glaring. One this team could not play defense for 35 seconds if their lives depended on it. Two they were very tentative on offense, too much standing around along with no one that can shoot consistently. The last 3:00 of the game no one had a sense of urgency. Almost like they were ready for the season to be over. Looking ahead, if this is what we get from one and dones I say we pass on them in the future. I still believe when Coach gets a full roster of "his" players we will see a different effort from the team. Lock down defense with a couple of lights out shooters. Hope springs eternal.
  10. Am I the only one who thinks this team plays better without Romeo?
  11. I thought Caleb Murphy was a senior this year. That's even more reason to be excited about this team.
  12. I think I jinxed them.
  13. Coach I will attempt to offer some names although I don't know all the newcomers. WW 3 impact on Offense Bobby Stevens, Holden Bowsman, and then I think Hunter Pate, Chase Farmer, and Mason Armstrong all have a chance to break loose when the defenses focus on stopping Bobby. 3 on Defense Mason Armstrong, Mason Armstrong, Mason Armstrong. Seriously I don't remember a player from previous years that was always in the mix of every play. Maybe there was, I just don't recall. Not meant to slight anyone else. Special Teams Bobby on KO's and punt returns and of course our place kicker (couldn't resist) unless you have another Grimes in your back pocket.
  14. Any update on this situation? I would rather we not have to face them in the playoffs. Just wondering.
  15. Whoa! That took a sharp left turn. He was asking a question, not making a statement. I guess it's good just to be able to support a little ole 1A team in the middle of a cornfield and only have to travel 1 hour and 15 minutes to our most distant away game. Oh well, carry on. It's just a game.
  16. Good Luck to the Boilers in the B1G tourney except should IU make it to the finals. A real longshot for sure. Personally I think it will be an all Michigan final, but would love to see an all Indiana final.
  17. 4 in a row! I'm getting light headed in this stratosphere of success. Can we finally have a B1G tourney breakthrough? It's good to actually enjoy listening to a game again!
  18. The age old question, how would you seed fairly? What would be the criteria for qualifying for the playoffs? We've been arguing it for years and still can't agree on a solution. Classes, clusters, public, private, etc. it's not fair to somebody. Still waiting on Moses to come down off the mountain with the commandments of fair play.
  19. I agree with Bobref, perhaps they have found brutal is not conducive to being healthy when it comes to the playoffs. I personally admire them for testing themselves against the best competition. Just think they are fine tuning to get the most return on the investment. So would it be OK for (insert your favorite team) to go 0-9 in the regular season and then run through the playoffs and win a championship? I think every school has fans that would be OK with that. Imagine a 1A school that plays 5A and 6A schools all year then handles everyone they meet on the way to celebrating at LOS. Worth it?
  20. If you can't run with the BIG dogs just stay on the porch.
  21. From a distance, it looks like "the new broom sweeps clean". Or to put it another way, "It doesn't have to make sense. I was hired to bring about change, so change we will have." For the sake of the SB parents and students hope it works!
  22. Are you counting Ben Davis and Chatard as south? He told us that 7 of the 10 are north schools. Also he told me that Warren Central which I had as #9 wasn't on the list. I still think you hit more than I did. 😊
  23. Probably should have included Sheridan as well. Is the top ten heavily favored to North teams?
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