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  1. We should all meet at The Wagon Wheels, I swear to God we should!
  2. Congrats to Gibson Southerns. Does everyone on the team get a new Toyota? And why are they named after a Nissan? I gotta go
  3. A lot of 1A schools would love to have “only “ 40 players dressed, I swear to God they would
  4. Lutherans Madder Days Gibson Southerns Mount Vernons Cathedrals Talkin bout China Groves whoa whoa China Groves! I’m finishing the mixer with a perfect weekend, I swear to God I am!
  5. Lutherans Madder Days Gibson Southerns Mount Vernons Cathedrals China Groves I’m Donnie Baker and I approve this message.
  6. Seegers was supposed to be 2A but stayed down when Scecina stayed up. They got back to back state appearances with a red and blue
  7. I can hear his answer “ Woody Hayes said 3 things happen when you pass and 2 are no good “ STATE LAW!
  8. Not everyone wants to run or watch a double tight wishbone and a 4-4 stack anymore. I swear to God they don’t
  9. Why can’t people just say Adams Centrals beat North Judsons ass without a bunch of excuses? Y’all sound like the stat boy from Winamacs, I swear to God you do!
  10. “Black guys help the white guys”. Private Russell Zisky, Stripes
  11. Westfields by 10 and that Cody boy will crank out the excuses, I swear to God he will
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