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  1. Sure, but is that it? Does Rensselaer Central have a lack of kids who turn in work or do well academically, or lift extra? Not throwing shade at RC just know that lots of schools have kids like that but don't go to the state finals 10 times across multiple sports in an 8 year span
  2. I'm just trying to think of the amount of money Pioneer has spent at Jostens, or Herf Jones in rings the last 10 years.....
  3. They were a joint corporation. North Central Parke Community School Corporation, the same one PH operates under currently. I believe they were 2 separate corporations until about 2013
  4. Pioneer, not only in football, but in all sports has been absolutely killing it the last 10 years. Heres a brief run down... 2014/15 - Football State Runner Up 2016/17 - Football State Runner Up 2017/18 - Football State Champion 2017/18 - Softball State Champion 2018/19 - Volleyball State Runner Up 2018/19 - Football State Champion 2018/19 - Softball State Runner Up 2019/20 - Girls Basketball State Runner Up 2020/21 - Volleyball State Champion 2020/21 - Girls Basketball ???(TBA) And this doesn't include any of their multiple Semi-State T
  5. I'm not going to try and stir this up too much(just a little bit) but I think there is a very apparent trend in the Parke Co situation. Here is some data I pulled off of John Harrell's website. Football(Last 4 Years) Wins Losses Average Average Win % Last Sectional Championship Turkey Run(14, 15, 16, 17) 8 32 2-8 20% 2003 Rockville(14, 15, 16, 17) 15 27 4-7
  6. Didn't some Parke County schools consolidate to be relevant in Athletics? Is that what the NSF would prevent?
  7. I'd also like to know how they might fair being 3A this cycle. I was under the impression that a trip to the State Finals in 2020 was a realistic expectation once they got the younger kids coached up this last season. Is there different expectations in 3A?
  8. I've always heard good things about the Scheib Camp. Think it covers all positions. http://www.sosfootballcamp.com/teams/?u=SCHEIBOHARASCHEIB&s=football
  9. Have to agree with @Reb08here! I watched some of their games towards the second half of the season. He's got some serious potential! Additionally, MV has put together quite a staff! I thought Messner was a great hire for that program and someone they can count on for a while. They've also got two other coaches on staff who were part of both of North Vermillion's LOS runs. 3 State Championship caliber coaches + talent = An MV team you can't sleep on!
  10. Interesting. I was just assuming a lot of guys want to be responsible for scoring points as opposed to keeping them off the board. How many coaches on staff are also teachers? What's a common number?
  11. You are correct, I was thinking they were North for some reason. But if Sectional 45 doesn't bump any teams up, Seeger could go North. They should be contenders no matter what side of the bracket they are on though
  12. Is D Coordinator the hardest position coach to hire? At least in small school football?
  13. Wabash River Conference Fields Attica - Lewis Bruce Field - Believe he was a pretty successful athlete for Attica who passed away at 18 Covington - Trojan Complex Fountain Central - Mustang Stadium North Vermillion - Gibson Field - named after the family that donated the land that the field is built on Parke Heritage - No Name Riverton Parke - Frank Ciolli Field - First coach at RP South Vermillion - Brent Anderson Memorial Stadium - First coach at SV, previously Clinton HS Seeger - Patriot Field
  14. Seeger's last cycle in 1A they were South, but their most recent cycle in 2A they were North. I would think, with Sectional 45 not losing any teams, Seeger would be a team that would go north...and likely make some noise
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