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  1. Hmmm go figure, the shiesty lawyer manipulates my words. Good for you sport.
  2. Another issue is time. Time away from home, school work, other extracurricular activities. When you start expanding outward for games, where do you draw the limit. If a school wants to travel farther, they have two options, lobby more schools to favor it, or leave the IHSAA. It is a pretty democratic organization, don't like the rules, find a way to change them, or leave. I don't care one way or the other, but if the majority favors one system, so be it.
  3. Maconaquah had to forfeit a 9-0 win against Tippy Valley.
  4. We are allowed to disagree, doesn't mean either one is correct.
  5. I would like to see expansion take off, I would love to see 20 teams added around the state. Give the opportunity to 500-600 more student athletes.
  6. Great for Frontier. Can not fault the man for making a family choice.
  7. I want to see an increase in the the number of kids playing football at Bremen.
  8. LaLu isn't an IHSAA member, so it is essentially a club sport for them. Hockey is the same way, Bremen had a kid on the South Bend Riley team that won a hockey state title. A lot of LaCrosse teams are made up of mixed-matched teams from the area.
  9. Connies and Tiger Football.....L-Burg RULES!!!!
  10. Enrollment in many schools outside of the suburban areas of the state are dropping. Small town Indiana is not having the same number of children as in the past. This is not just an EIAC issue, areas of the state are facing the same concerns.
  11. I am for co-op teams before 8 man. Let Jac-Cen-Del and South Ripley kids play for Batesville or Milan.
  12. Bus crash in Dearborn County. Bus slammed into back of a garbage truck. https://www.eaglecountryonline.com/news/local-news/multiple-injuries-in-wreck-between-south-dearborn-school-bus-trash-truck/
  13. What is happening with Greene Township seceding from SBCSC and joining the Glenn Corporation? Is the state going to allow this. This could have long term implications around the state. I am interested in seeing what happens.
  14. I feel that in larger school settings, this is a tough task to accomplish.
  15. Spent the night at Connies the night before my wedding. That is a night field with stories still be retold 15 years later.
  16. We drive by Westfield all the time when heading up to visit family. My son loves the field at Westfield.
  17. 2A North is loaded with heavyweights. Luers, Andrean, Eastbrook, Pioneer, and a lot of solid programs beneath them.
  18. Check out John Harrel's team schedule site, you may find a few schools that have openings.
  19. Is Clay going to be around for the foreseeable future? If they were cease in its current form, that could impact the current divisions.
  20. As of right now Bremen has 2 options. Join the HNAC or stay in the NIC. What does the NIC look like going forward? What is happening with Clay? Now that Marian is in the North, how does that effect the schedule? It has been said that the gate receipts for sports are down comparative to when Bremen was in the NSC? Why? Many reasons, first dropping Plymouth, Valley has lost fan interest, Glenn has lost fan interest, Jimtown has lost fan interest. Bremen isn't without fault either, we aren't bringing the largest draw on the road anymore. Bremen needs to do an audit of everything athletic. Are they doing everything to provide the best opportunity for its athletes? This starts with the AD, is he a leader or a paper pusher? Are the coaches dedicated or are they seat fillers? Are parents on board? Are the athletes buying in? If they are not, why? Is the current conference the best option or are there other viable options? I hope they take a good hard look at everything from the top down, and don't make a change for the sake of change.
  21. Triton, Laville, Culver, Knox, Judson, Winamac, Pioneer, Caston
  22. At this point, Bremen is surveying its options.
  23. Saw the report of the initial report on Eagle Country yesterday morning and noticed the time. I prayed that it wasn't a student. As a parent and educator, when I see news of a fatal crash, I always prayer that it didn't involve someone young. Later in the day I saw the news out of East Central. God Bless his family and his community.
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