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  1. I just now saw this...sorry for the late reply. I feel Bremen is doing just fine in the conference. Conference results are secondary to the post season and has always been that way. The NIC prepares the Lions for 2a in all sports. The travel is good, furthest games are 45 minutes away to Elkhart Central. Saying all that, some are concerned about the gate, some schools don't travel and bring in fans and that may be hurting the bottom line. I don't know, I am no way connected to that.
  2. How are workouts and 7 on 7 going for everyone?
  3. I am just seeing this. Thanks for reaching out. We wrapped up just prior to the 4th. Let me know about next year.
  4. Talked with someone at Bremen, was told that they are always assessing there conference situation, at the moment they will not be making a change, if a change were to happen it would be most likely a newly formed league and not a currently constructed league. He did not state what that new league would consist of. My takeaway, is they are cognizant of possible shifts occurring down the pipe, are happy where they stand, and if things shift they want to be prepared ahead of time. Not left out of the picture and have there hand forced like the collapse of the NSC left them prior. (Sorry to hijack the HNAC thread, but wanted to let you know what I heard)
  5. Google says it is 60 miles and 65 minutes.
  6. Any news on potential conference additions?
  7. My experience is that when conferences change it takes 2/3 years to adjust schedules and make a complete switch.
  8. I've been involved with education for 15 plus years as an educator. The stretch from spring break until the end of year always seems to bring anxiety, stress, worry, and change. This year from my own perspective seems to be magnified. Admin changes, teachers leaving, gossip is rampant. More and more friends to be saying enough is enough and walking away.
  9. My ex-wife once bought an electrified belt to go around her waist. It was suppose to stimulate the abs, it didn't work, she still became fatter.
  10. https://indianafootballdigest.com/ It was listed here. You had to be invited.
  11. I have faith in the coaching staff to develop athletes and get them game ready, I just wish there was more kids coming out in order to build depth. It is the same story in a lot of places, many kids don't want to put in the work.
  12. As a Bremen fan, I am excited to be in the same sectional with Cass again, and welcome the challenge that Pioneer offers. I tend to agree with you here, Bremen will be a 2 tiers behind Pioneer and 1 tier behind Cass next year. The Lions graduated a large group of great athletes and leaders. Next year will be a rebuilding year.
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