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  1. I fail to see how your idea would be more competitive. You're plan encourages tanking to get into a lower tier tournament. If school A knows it has no shot against the top 2A teams because it is ranked 63 in the class, but has a shut at winning a 1a title against teams of similar caliber, why not lose the last 2 regular season games.
  2. It is a fun debate, but you are correct. The IHSAA loves the all in system. Most of the state is fine with it. Going to take a tremendous amount of change in leadership and motivation to see anything different happening. It is fun internet fodder, but those who want change, are not connected to leadership roles.
  3. After a few years, you could get a good feeling of what schools would be borderline.
  4. If I am a borderline team, what is stopping me from playing younger players the last two weeks to give them experience and resting my starters. In a round about way, they are intentionally losing so that they would be a 2a school rather than a 3a school. It would help the young players get playing time and let the older kids be 100% healthy for a tournament run.
  5. When would you divide them up? Prior to the season, mid season, post season?
  6. If you would like to see a cluster system talk to your local principal and/or head coach.
  7. Talk to your principals and coaches. If you want change, those are the most likely people that can make change happen.
  8. Agree... On this board we are all very centric, but every school brings something positive in a few sports.
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