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  1. MarshallCounty

    9U-10U Baseball in SE Indiana

    I grew up in Bremen, still follow the football team. I moved down here about 5 years ago. A group of my friends have started putting together a travel team after low participation and quality in the rec leagues in our area.
  2. We are team based out of Ripley County. We are comprised up of kids from Jac-Cen-Del and South Ripley. We want to schedule are handful of games this spring. Please reach out to me if you know of any teams.
  3. Does anyone know if schools test for PED's or is it just pot, nicotine, alcohol, coke, meth, heroin?
  4. Bremen has had drug testing for close to 20 years for anyone that drives or is involved with extracurriculars.
  5. MarshallCounty


    I hope Bremen can keep Marian on the schedule.
  6. Schools are not actively hiring individuals who coach, and many more educators want nothing to do with coaching.
  7. MarshallCounty

    HNAC offseason

    Any news on what direction Triton is going with their coaching search?
  8. Bremen needs to mature physically and mentally. The underclassmen will now be stepping in. The class of 2019 had been stallions for the program all four years. Bremen also needs to find a way to increase numbers. We need to build depth.