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  1. My pre-season ranking. Just wanted to talk about something other than Covid. 1)Central studs all around 2)Castle the defense should be best in SIAC 3) Memorial young but experienced winners 4)Jasper laid a foundation last year 5) MD young but always well coached 6) North big loss in Senior class, will be hard to replace 7) Bosse New Coach should be able to improve 8)Reitz still a year away 9) Harrison young, new coach ..team on the rise 10) Vincennes Lost leading rusher. May take a year to complete with SIAC 11) Boonville ohhh wait they were scared to join...so never mind
  2. I would think both of these programs should bring in young coaches with energy and new ideas to spark the program and compete. First time head coach instead of retreads the have been let go in other places. Brunson sparked Mt Vernon. In order to complete at schools like this I feel like you have to really be different or great at some facet like Brunsons offense is.
  3. How can someone with a 9-43 record be considered a great hire?
  4. I’ve heard new coaches for both schools will be announced tomorrow. Bosse is very excited about new coach. Feeling is it’s a great fit for what that program needs. Good luck to both.
  5. Prayers for Coach Owen and his family. Great man and ambassador for high school sports.
  6. Any news about potential hires? I read on here that both seem like tough jobs. I’m not sure I agree. Every program Has good and bad things to deal with. Harrison has been a great program in the past. They have the right mix of students and the right guy could turn that team around rather quickly. I saw Bosse play three times this year. They should of won two of those games. They lost all three. They looked to have the talent just not the discipline. Offense was always behind the chains due to penalties and the defense jumped off sides more than I could count. Both require a strong personality who holds players accountable. Also someone who can dedicate tons of time without always having the right support, but I could see both trending way up with the right guy. Just look what’s going on at North. I don’t believe that there are bad jobs, just bad fits .
  7. Before sectionals are even over I’m hearing two schools at this point will have new coaches next year. At least one of those by coaches choice. Will make things even more interesting heading into new SIAC conference next year.
  8. We have seen what can happen when the right coach is hired. Look at North. Central for the past few years. Memorial under current staff. Why do so many schools continue to bring back coaches that haven’t shown the ability to turn around programs. With so many bright young minds in coaching these days, how do some administrators continue to fail kids by not making changes? SIAC seemed to be a disappointment these year. I would like to see some new blood.
  9. Reitz guy...sounds like u are tapped into bosse football. I saw them a few times and thought they could be a team to shock people in the tournament. Last time I saw them was North game. I figured they would beat reitz by 3 tds . Reitz looked bad when I saw them early and thought bosse could throw and use speed to score. What happened? Injuries? Or maybe I was wrong. Still think SIAC speed matters, despite what some have said on here .. but so does winning and coaching.
  10. McKinney from North is fun to watch. I went to North Bosse game just to get a chance to see him play. Most valuable player on any team for what he means to North. Bosse continues to play hard. They just struggle to compete for four quarters. They could shock some people in the sectionals, and looking at the program tonight they have a lot of young talent to build upon.(7,8,54,29 all impressive) Central vs Memorial is going to be a fun one. When was the last time Mater Dei was blanked in city competition? Way to bounce back Castle. Is pressure at full boil on the hill? Reitz fans what’s going on? And a buddy told me they couldn’t field a freshman team. Final thought ...I believe North is a program that in two or three years might run the city. Props to that staff for building from youth on up.
  11. Central..so much speed and weapons Reitz...trap game for Memorial who hasn’t looked very good the last few weeks Mater Dei...Castle doesn’t do enough on offensive, they lack true game breakers. North/Bosse...who knows? Love the two backs for North. Bosse has been good on D though. Flip a coin
  12. Central’s is relatively close Memorial and MD are around half. They compete almost every year at the top. I don’t know exact numbers, I’m sure you will let me know since you are the grammar/ typo police. No excuse for Harrison to be this bad year after year.
  13. Able to watch Memorial the last two weeks. Well coached club, but they just don’t have the horses this year. Central will win by 14 plus. North RB might be the most explosive player in city. Bosse should take applications for a new offensive line coach. How is Harrison so incompetent? Large student body, athletes, no excuse for what they have become. Considering what they were under Coach Marsh. Just a down year over all in the SIAC. Maybe MD, and Gipson Southern can make a run.
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