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  1. Barely That was sarcasm before you turn that into a random unprovoked debate
  2. When you don’t want to admit that you’re wrong…………………………….. (more periods for extra emphasis)………
  3. God that joke went over your head. i live in Green Bay and am a huge packer fan. I take jabs at anything regarding the bears as much as possible. i wasn’t talking about Lawrence central 😂
  4. If I commented it had to have been a few years back when they had the really good QB and WR combo or something but other than that I couldn’t tell you a damn thing about them lmao
  5. God I love seeing Bears fans delusion during the offseason. Just warms my Wisconsin heart up
  6. I would love to see someone play Kimberly, Wisconsin im not sure how they would stack up but Kimberly is essentially the Ben Davis//Warren Central/Center Grove of Wisconsin. Well at least for football powerhouse. Actual enrollment they are closer to a 5A school
  7. I was under the assumption that programs like Gorman and IMG weren’t in good standing with their state associations. Part of the reason they have a National schedule I thought. At least that’s the most logical thing to why a high school team can have a full travel schedule across the US lol
  8. I have seen some GS score updates showing they are doing well. Wondering if anyone has insight into how the other teams have been doing
  9. It would have to be an assistant I would think lol
  10. This is the case for most forums I believe. 10 years ago forums in numerous categories were thriving. As Reddit/Facebook groups expanded people stopped using platforms that only include 1 subject. It’s essentially mom and pops vs Walmart now. You can get exactly what you want and just that at a singular themed forum…or you can go to Reddit or Facebook and look at practically limitless forums/threads
  11. Sounds like the younger fella is making good progress if he is pushing a competition. might slow things down now but it only betters both kids
  12. Good interview except for one little thing paraphrased “all of our non freshman were in a weightlifting class this semester….so nobody has to run a before or after school program for the HS guys” Like….it’s going to be very difficult to win the PAC and go deep in the tournament if you don’t have a serious strength and conditioning program. Lifting for a class with a few teammates is not even remotely close to lifting with 40+ of your teammates at 6am
  13. Agreed nobody else is out here interviewing practically every HC in Indiana. the best things @HHFdoes are player spotlights and coaching interviews. Especially getting some of the lesser known teams some publicity.
  14. 😂😂😂 Don’t think I’ve seen someone try to take the high road and be sarcastic at the same time.
  15. This is comical. discourse works both ways buddy. as much as I am allowed to not like someone’s opinion, I am also allowed to comment. The same goes for you. You don’t have to comment and neither do I….but we have chosen to do so no? but in your opinion…I shouldn’t comment right? “if you don’t like a thread you should avoid it. It’s that simple”…..oh the irony
  16. I’m in the same boat. I would have thought there would have been some 10.5 & 20 second speedsters at some point…especially from Reitz when they were dominating at times in the last 20 years
  17. Because it’s the logic behind it. I enjoy a good debate but I’m going to keep people honest on their reasonings. like Lawrenceburg arguably lost more talent than anyone in 3A and they play a much less difficult schedule….and heritage hills hasn’t beat GS in 4 straight matchups….and they also play a less difficult schedule…..yet they get ranked at like 3 and 5 and HHF says GS is ranked 9th because he doesnt believe they have any talent that will generate clicks for him on Facebook and he doesn’t like our schedule from 2018 and before…. it’s a consistency issue Also this forum doesn’t need 20 threads of everyone’s individual rankings. It can be debated on one or two lol no need for us to flood the topics with the same stuff. Nobody likes that
  18. Back on topic. All I’m asking is that you rank teams in a class with the same criticisms. I don’t think GS is #1…but I certainly wouldn’t have them at 9 and below teams that are playing a much less difficult schedule
  19. If I get suspended…it was well worth waiting 10 years on this forum to get my first warning lmao
  20. you are trying to criticize the schedule of GS from 2018 and before….which is comical considering before 2018 we were playing Memorial, Heritage Hills and Southridge every year and we were playing KY 6A Henderson County. You also want to give credit to others despite them having much worse SoS than GS while you say GS plays down even though they don’t. make up your damn mind dude. You can’t give credit to teams like Lawrenceburg and Heritage Hills and then turn around and try to say GS doesn’t play enough big schools despite it being over half their damn schedule….and anything you want to argue that involves their schedule from before 2018 is a laughable point considering they were still playing state champions and the fact that…ya know…..IT WAS 4 YEARS AGO
  21. Seeing PAC rival fans say “we know better than to think they will be down this year” is a good feeling thinking back to when people said that GS doesn’t have any tradition or culture. the team has come a long way in 10 years and it’s nice when even the rivals are saying “nah they are doing things the right way and will be ready to play”
  22. I would also like to add that GS’s leading rusher is so much more than a runner. He made varsity as a freshman and played WR. Think he got banged up at some point that year but still showed plenty of flashes as a freshman. switched to RB last year but still was used a lot in the passing game. he might not play RB this year for all we know and could go back to WR. He’s just flat out a weapon you get the ball to
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