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  1. All I’m saying is that for 3 years CG has won state and for 3 years I’ve read in the weeks after “we wouldn’t have won state without so and so and this is why they should win ____ award” like….CG is a phenomenal program…you could be here next year saying the same thing with a 4 peat….it’s not a one man show…it’s a powerhouse it’s just funny to me that it’s 3 years straight of the exact same thing. Not a bad thing, just funny to me
  2. Haven’t we been here before? CG player nominated…CG fans saying they wouldn’t have won state without that player cg fans saying stats don’t matter long arguments about stats to follow. after a while insert discussion about how the best players are sometimes OL and they never get a shot at this award
  3. Was busy over the weekend and just catching up….OV lost?!?!? i know nothing of Monrovia other than I think they used to be 2A? rooting for Lawrenceburg just because I’m tired of seeing them produce great teams that fall short. It’s their time to have their cake and eat it too
  4. I agree with what @tangosaid sounds great on paper and fun to talk/argue about never going to happen
  5. Never fun when they lose but I really can’t think about anything other than just how OV played their absolute best game and earned that victory. The refs didn’t help them and GS was as legit of a team as any in the southern part of the state. it honestly just reminds me of when Coach Hart was turning Gs around in 2012/2013. Owen Valley might be a new yearly contender in 3A. Still sucks that the season ended for GS but we have seen this before and Coach Hart will have the titans prepared next year ready to make a run I’m sure. Memorial Vs Boonville should be fun though. Feel like that game is going to be a lower scoring affair. First to 24 points wins the game?
  6. Fair lol im really not trying to come at you…but I don’t want to be told to stop commenting for talking about how things have played out ya know? i just find it really interesting that the last 2 years the “best” SIAC team might have not been the actual best when it comes to winning in the postseason. If I have learned anything these last 6/7 years…it’s that memorial is a different animal in the playoffs and the regular season doesn’t mean too much
  7. That was in reference to the wishbone aspect. Heritage Hills one of the best in the state with that offense and have been running it for like 50 years. I swear the kids are born holding the playbook. Doesn’t matter if they are undersized or whatever, they are very disciplined in that offense and their execution is consistently at a high level. that was the context of another users claim here. In terms of the rest of OVs offense, GS just had to look in the mirror. didn’t matter at the end of the day though. This game was won because the OV DL dominated. The OV offense did what they had to win the game but it was really their defense that secured the win.
  8. It’s not a jab dude just pointing out the anomaly of the undefeated SIAC team losing 2 years in a row in round 2. It’s not a slight against the SIAC or memorial at all and I have No ulterior motives with talking about this But….since we are here….you really don’t want to see me commenting do ya? I mean you were the biggest Boonville doubter this year and look at ya….just dead wrong about them lol should I ask for receipts? Lol
  9. This really says something too because the run game was Gibson Southerns strength this year. Devan Roberts put on arguably one of the best pure rushing seasons GS has had in a while. 30 carry 200 yard games…he had an amazing senior year. Boyd and Delong complimented the run game all year too when they weren’t working the receiving game. Their defense truly played their best 3 Qtrs of their lives after being down 14-0
  10. I love keeping receipts on people haha kinda sucks though cuz it’s hard to go dunk on the SIAC guys for Reitz losing when GS got beat too. Two 10-0 conference champs losing in nail biter games on the road in round 2. Congrats to Boonville though!!!! Big win and playing for a trophy next week same with Pike Central. Deepest playoff run in school history. north posey Southridge Tecumseh and heritage hills all are playing for a sectional championship next week too! #1 PAC might be down but the rest of the PAC is going strong
  11. I’m not sure. GS broadcast said there was no whistle and then they said there was a whistle. The player I believe ran it all the way. Refs discussed and brought it back. OV fans were having none of it. if it was an inadvertent whistle….man o man that ref is probably thankful it didn’t change the games outcome
  12. 2015?!? That’s impressive considering the move up to 4A during that. GS returns a lot of important players. DL will be hit a little hard I think. Sucks to lose but my biggest takeaway was that for over a year GS didn’t lose a single game and it was 21 or 22 straight wins. And Owen Valley seems very much like GS was when Coach Hart was hired on so I gotta be happy for that community. They were looking for a statement win like this. They might be turning into a new 3A powerhouse by the looks of it.
  13. GS was looking to go up 21-0 deep in OV territory. Pick 6 that play gave OV all the motivation they needed on defense. From then on out it was tough sledding in the run game and any positive gains were met with sacks to force 3rd and longs. GS was forced into 3rd down 17 times tonight and converted 38 % of them. their offense at time struggled but eventually they found their groove and it was 3/4/5 yard gains at a time and squeezing crucial conversions. Offensively they did enough and they were comfortable punting the ball to GS because their defense was feeling it. Before that pick 6 it was 100% GS….but that pick 6 got 6000 OV fans fired up and that was the energy they needed
  14. I had one but not the other. memorial has to love the ping pong balls though lol 2 years in a row they are on the opposite side of the undefeated SIAC champ and both years that team gets beat setting memorial up for a slightly easier run. (Not a jab just think it’s neat)
  15. I think in HS it’s automatically a dead ball if blocked. Only live play if caught like kickoff? One of those “this isn’t the nfl” rules in hs I guess. I think OV still drove down the field for the score though. Have to say they earned this win tonight. There were a number of plays that GS had that could be considered lucky breaks where the official could have called a play a different way….they still kept fighting and earned everything tonight.
  16. I’m not sure anyone in the last 2 years has had as many sacks against Gibson Southern as they did tonight. Monster game from them. They stopped the run game and brought the pressure all night. i have to imagine that community is going absolutely bonkers right now and deservedly so. Hate that Gibson southern lost but this streak of 21 or 22 straight wins has been amazing to follow along to. Who knows if and when GS can create a streak of 20 + victories in a row against so many quality opponents. It was a special run for sure. GS will return a number of their players next year and I’m sure this is going to be some extra motivation in the offseason. GS had amazing teams in 2014 and 2020 that fell short in the sectionals and they came back the following years with vengeance. I think this current junior class is certainly up for doing something similar. anyways….Congrats Owen Valley!!! Statement win and happy for the community. Coach Gibson is one helluva coach and had this team ready. I’ve been saying it all year….sometimes it doesn’t matter who you play…sometimes you just have the right dudes on a team that can make it happen. Looking forward to seeing how far this Patriots team can go
  17. Owen Valley is going to end Gibson Southerns streak of 22 straight win. their defense after the 1st Qtr just came alive and they might have honestly finished with 10+ sacks…..which is so impressive. Hats off to Owen Valley! Most people gave them no chance but 6000 people from OV showed up tonight believing in them and they pull it off. Owen Valley 28 Gibson Southern 21 FINAL
  18. Gibson Southern stuffs the Owen Valley QB keeper on 4th and 2 from the 25 yard line. GS takes over under 2 minutes. OV 28 GS 21
  19. Owen Valley forces Gibson Southern to punt backed up deep with 6 minutes left. OV was looking at going down 21-0 but are now up 28-21. Their defense has been keeping them in this all night GS needs to get a stop and get the ball back to look to tie otherwise it’s not looking too good for the titans. OV 28 GS 21 under 6 minutes
  20. Owen Valley really putting things together. Forced Gibson Southern to punt and then drive up the field again just run run run. OV punches it in for their first lead of the game! Owen Valley 28 Gibson Southern 21 6:33 left in the game
  21. Owen Valley drives the length of the field eventually it’s a QB keeper against the Gibson Southern defense. All tied up again! GS 21 OV 21 4th Qtr about to start
  22. Owen Valley goes to respond to Gibson Southerns touchdown but on a 23 yard run near midfield, OV fumbles. GS jumps on it and quickly put the offense on the field and drive up field. Can’t find a way to punch it in on 3rd and goal. On 4th and goal the GS kick is blocked. GS 21 OV 14 5 minutes left in 3rd Qtr
  23. Owen valley opens the 2nd half but nothing going. Go to punt and it’s a moon ball that bounces backwards and results in a 2 yard punt very next play Tanner Boyd finds Cole McKee for a 39 yard TD Gibson Southern 21 Owen Valley 14 9:04 left in 3rd
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