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  1. It took some getting used to…I kinda prefer the AOC playing QB haha. The man doesn’t even bother with social media….just minds his own business…what’s not to like haha
  2. Looks like Brady Allen is starting to get some bumps in the rankings department. On3 has him as QB4 of the class just short of 5 star status. ESPN moved him up from 17th to 10th and into the top 300 at 203. I imagine 247 and rivals will follow with a small bump of some sort…but still…Purdue recruited Brady when most rankings had him between 17th and 25th at the QB spot…and now he is firmly in the top 10. a small bummer he will sit behind AOC for a year but Purdue fans and coaches have to be happy seeing the rankings reflect their opinions
  3. Are they going to split Carmel into 2 schools once they get to 6,000? I didn’t even realize they were over 5k
  4. Who would have guessed this would come to bite us in the end? Had over a month and ST unit still didn’t improve and literally cost the game
  5. Ehhh…I won’t say no because that’s too black and white….but anyone who has played GS the last 4 years will have to start over on how to defend Coach Harts offense again now. sure a ton of phenomenal talent is graduating…but the next QB for GS is a true dual threat and the RB room is going to be strong. Probably will still pass it more than most teams…it’s just that there is a slim to none chance they will be throwing it over 300 times on the year or going with a 65/35 pass run ratio. offenses are designed around a teams strengths…and for 4 years the strength has been at the QB being able to put the ball wherever it needs to be while having a cannon for an arm. These next 2 years are probably going to be more about RPO/Read-Option Long story short….yes the team is going to be a clear step under the 2021 team…not a question….but the 2022 team is likely going to be a very different challenge to try and stop…
  6. I love how I make a half tongue in cheek comment about country club sports and then only say the top teams of each conference are usually pretty close. immediately after I said this: mater Dei fans enter chat* “are you disrespecting us? Is wrestling a country club sport? How dare anyone say they can beat MD wrestling (even though nobody did that)” 😂😂😂 holy smokes….we get it…Mater Dei wrestling is great. Do you really need to chip your own shoulders? lmao
  7. They did win 5A. If I recall correctly, they lost the week before they played to GS to some Tennessee team….and then from GS on out they pretty much blew everyone out of the water.
  8. That will be a monster sized test for this young squad coming up. think GS returns 3 starters? RB/RG/DE obviously some rotation guys are returning but it’s no secret the Titans are graduating the vast majority of the team
  9. If Vincennes were to join I think the move would be to move them into the big school division but then also push one of the other schools down. Imo it should be Washington. don’t think the PAC benefits from top loading the big school division with the more successful teams. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Vincennes possibly joining comes with the possibility that Gibson Southern may look to join the SIAC…I’m personally don’t feel either way about it…I like the PAC and like following the matchups against teams I once played against….joining the SIAC would be fun too though. also not sure how the coaches or administration feels after the last attempt to join the SIAC…or how other PAC schools view GS. i would like to think that the other PAC schools like having GS as a conference foe but I wouldn’t be surprised if some coaches for certain sports wish they didn’t have to play GS as a conference game.
  10. No don’t kid yourself i remember the days of the Big 8 where the BIG 8 fans would always say the PAC was the inferior conference. maybe the SIAC has those country club sports locked down but that’s about it…everything else…any given year the top teams in each conference is on par with each other. shoot if memorial was in the PAC I’m not sure there would be much of an argument for the SIAC
  11. Agreed although…..I wouldn’t put castle in the top tier. For the number of students and social-economic factors…you would think they would be better
  12. Football is the only schedule that would be affected. a non EVSC conference schedule would be fun…but that would be too lopsided in my opinion. I just know that I love the flexibility of the current PAC schedule as a fan and it allows GS to schedule new teams and create interesting matchups. I also actually like the PAC over the SIAC too. I think the SW Indiana fans just keep wanting to test GS and “moving them up”….like a perpetual “you have done good but you still need to prove it versus X”…not to even mention it kinda discredits the rest of the PAC indirectly…GS isn’t too good for the PAC…certainly competitive in most sports but it’s not like GS is dominating every sport. idk…just feels like any talk about GS moving to the SIAC from non GS fans is about “upgrading” conferences….but GS fans like myself seem to only be interested in potential matchups to enjoy and don’t really see the SIAC as some far better conference….more like a rival conference at this point imo
  13. I can’t say I would be a fan of this unless the SIAC went back to having some non conference games. Memorial and Mater Dei would be fun matchups….but many of us fans enjoy the Heritage Hills matchups just as much….and also gotta keep Princeton in check every year.
  14. Maybe it’s wasn’t tut. I think I am mistaken but there was a long time miner faithful on here who did pass
  15. If memory serves me correct king tut unfortunately passed away this last year One of the other miner faithful made a post about it I believe
  16. Why do you think I’m arguing with you for some reason? Where did I even try to discredit the WIC…I don’t even know what the WIC stands for or where any of those teams are even located lol calm down buddy
  17. please. would be nice if GS didn’t have to travel to New Albany/Bowling Green/Columbus for the tough matchups they have been seeking out of conference. Mater Dei and Memorial would be huge games for the area and a good measuring stick for everyone. castle/North would be fun ones for GS to schedule too
  18. It sorts itself out because usually you’ll schedule a crossover game anyways. im sure luers would schedule some of the big schools of the SAC and from those matchups people will just know who the best team is. the biggest benefit from this is that it gives all schools the flexibility to schedule to their teams needs. Schools that have historically struggled can now schedule matchups that would be better for them which can help get some momentum. for the stronger teams in the conference they can use the flexibility to schedule tougher opponents to help prepare the team for the postseason more. it’s just more of a “schedule how you see fit” kinda thing At least in the PAC, it seems like all 10 teams in the conference are happy with the change and has allowed for there to be 4-5 strong teams every year instead of the 1-3 strong teams of the past
  19. Kinda seems like the SAC was watching how the PAC played out and liked what they observed. agreed on no championship game. There really isn’t a need for it except for the fans who want to pound their chest
  20. If you followed OSU and didn’t just post this to stir up the pot then you would know that the defense hasn’t been a problem for only the last 6 quarters. this defense has been very off brand for a buckeye defense all year.
  21. Traditionally they are a .500 team. And this year they were a great team but that doesn’t even matter and isnt even my point. Point is…SIAC being closed off has allowed GS to schedule some of the former SIAC opponents
  22. Because the opponents GS would schedule out of conference probably would have been PAC schools. The likes of columbus north and new Albany probably wouldn’t have been available. part of the reason GS has been able to beef up their schedule is because the SIAC closed themselves off freeing up a number of opponents. maybe you’re right though…depending on how it would have worked out back then, it’s possible the schedule for GS would have been stronger than the current format
  23. The SIAC wanted to be 12 teams instead of 10 it was going to be the additions of Vincennes Lincoln, Jasper, Gibson Southern, and Boonville. Last minute Boonville backed out which meant that GS couldn’t join since the SIAC understandably wanted an even number joining for the sake of balance. they are more/less unintentionally isolated off….and frankly I’m not sure they can find a way to change that now because the aftermath of the SIAC caused the BIG 8 to dissolve and all the remaining teams besides Mt Carmel (Illinois) joined the PAC. the results of all this moving are that PAC teams have 4 games they can freely schedule as they see fit. On top of that, Gibson Southern now can (And did) schedule a stronger SoS than what they could have if they had joined the SIAC…so chances are, SIAC is going to be closed off for a while
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