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  1. I think this is the right move.…and a wonderful save for Coach Walters.
  2. Playing in MWC almost didn’t work out for Josh Allen…he didn’t even want to play for Wyoming at first. actually kinda funny story about him…at the time when he committed to Wyoming I had 2 uncles working for the Marshall football recruiting office….Josh Allen was BEGGING to get an offer…most at Marshall liked him a lot and told the coaches they should offer. The coach who had the final decision(Idk if it was QB coach/OC/ or HC) was quoted by my uncle as saying (in some southern draw of an accent) “I don’t want to bring in a QB…I like the QB we got…I like the QB we got coming in next year too.” so Josh Allen went to Wyoming as his only offer and like 3 years later that coach was fired/resigned from Marshall
  3. This is why it’s a debate/discussion topic some people believe that natural talent will win out almost every time and the NFL doesn’t miss on guys much others believe that coaching, competition on a team, and university resources are incredibly important and that without it, natural talent won’t get to fully develop For some kids, they can go play for anyone and they will continue to develop at their pace….for others…they need top level coaches and stiff competition for playing time on their team to truly get the most out of them and reach their full potential. on top of that…some schools do a better job than others for certain positions…like if you’re a WR, Ohio State should be a top 5 destination….and Navy would probably be absolutely last because they don’t believe in the forward pass lol
  4. Right but getting coached up by Nick Saban is a little different than going to New Mexico and playing for the lobos. you can go sit for 2 years with saban and become an incredible player….or you can go play right away for the lobos and depend on the ole “if you’re good they’ll find ya”
  5. Definitely lucky to come away with just a broken hand. what’s crazy to me is that I had no idea this was a possibility until my sophomore year of college. I was playing Lacrosse at Wabash College and ya know…I wasn’t very good so I got pretty familiar with the trainers office and often helped them where I could. If not for my curiosity and asking what this machine was (AED) I might have not learned about the risk of being hit in the chest at just the wrong time and place. like I mentioned earlier…there is so much good that is going to come out of this…aside from Damars foundation that has now raised 8 MILLION DOLLARS (awesome) the awareness of this risk is now immense and someone’s child’s life is going to be saved from this awareness no doubt
  6. It’s more of a fantasy football debate. I play some leagues that are devy and use college players. the debate is circled around what transfers should do. do you transfer to a lower level school in hopes of an easier path to playing time….where ideally as a top prospect you would show out and perform above expectations…..or do you go to another P5 school where you get better facilities, coaches, and competition that improves the development of the player….but that comes at the cost of playing time for the majority of players. it’s not always non P5 schools either….sometimes it’s just the powerhouses…like players who play for Georgia, Bama, Ohio State, Clemson….they might choose to leave in hopes of more opportunities at another P5 school. maybe debate isn’t the right word for expressing the thought, but it is often a discussion had about players who enter the transfer portal
  7. Probably best to just start a thread instead of having us GS fans/anyone a fan of Brady’s game clogging up Purdue threads and getting off topic. there are so many potential landing spots for him but to touch on a few…. Purdue….every report says he still loves Purdue. He’s just uncertain about their plans for him and the future. Can’t rule out him returning. Alaimo did the same thing last year. Oregon. Oregon has QB depth issues and there are some rumors they have some interest but nothing too pressing. To me this would be a surprise landing spot as it would arguably be the most ideal landing spot…but it comes with probably the most uncertainty about the future. But that’s what you get with powerhouse programs that do phenomenal jobs recruiting every year. It’s a big revolving door of amazing players. Ole Miss. Reports coming out today that Brady will be visiting Ole Miss this weekend. Not an SEC fan, but this would be a fun move. Lane Kiffin would be a good coach for any young QB imo. Ole Miss has depth concerns at QB too. outside of these 3 bigger names I’m sure there are plenty of G5 schools expressing interest….but with most G5 schools it comes with a trade off. The ole Playing time vs development debate.
  8. This is just my opinion…but whether it was Brady/Alaimo for 2023 or now Card 2023 was always going to be difficult for Purdue. Their non conference schedule doesn’t have any real tune up games. VT Syracuse Fresno…..throw in Michigan Ohio State. brohm leaving might have been good timing for brohm and Purdue….Walters and company have a lot of work ahead of them though. right now I think Purdue is looking at 6-6/7-5 if they can get some OL from the portal and maybe a receiver they should be in the running to repeat recent success. This assumes though that Walters can do what he did at Illinois…which is taking 3 star guys and getting them to play in his scheme at a 4/5 star level
  9. As bad as this is for Demar, his family, and the Buffalo Bills…a lot of good like this is going to come out of this accident sometimes you see something on the news about it, or maybe someone explains why an AED is at a game of a random sport….but millions of people who love sports saw it live in action on primetime TV and it was probably one of the scariest things many have seen on live Tv. now you can bet that every training staff for a sporting program is going to get a refresh on this training and coaches are definitely more aware of this risk. Even the players are now aware. tl;dr As scary as this is and I hope that Mr Hamlin survives….there are going to be children whos lives are going to be saved because of this horrible accident.
  10. agreed. To me I think it’s just common sense….that being the most obvious thing is probably it and there isn’t much else to speculate on. Damar Hamlin went for a tackle and elevated his arms exposing his chest. Tee Higgins lowered his shoulder and ran into his chest. The following events/symptoms/treatment align exactly with what doctors/bobref are saying is “Commotio cordis” looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, moves like a duck….it’s probably a duck obviously we will know more as this unfolds …there will certainly be an investigation…just think the obvious answer is probably the right one for this
  11. That’s social media for you. I don’t think people are acting like experts when they are sharing the most likely and most known about cause. anyone who has played baseball, lacrosse, hockey, football has noticed an AED on the sideline. It’s there for this reason. The training staff is trained for this exact situation. the fact that Damar Hamlin is alive and in critical condition right now is because the staff at the nfl game were trained for this exact scenario and their training is what has kept Mr. Hamlin alive so far. don’t need to be an expert at all to understand any of this, just have to be a sports fan/former player. people using this event as a means to push a political agenda, or advance their social media status by grifting, are just disgusting.
  12. Certainly but they are low probability and probably nothing to do with vaccines like some low IQ individuals on Twitter might think. I think this is almost certainly the one you hear about in baseball/lacrosse with being hit in the chest very hard at just the wrong time. Baseball catchers and lacrosse goalies have huge chest pads just for this reason and yet it’s still a risk even with the protection.
  13. I’m surprised LSU didn’t go down in disaster. Their whole coaching change was messy and BK didn’t exactly get off to the best start in terms of the public eye. 2 weeks into the season their top WR was threatening to leave the team and it looked like a mess for the locker room
  14. Most of it is good….you see people wishing him the best and saying sorry things didn’t work out. but yeah those bad apples stick out…especially those without situational awareness Or understanding of the college landscape in general. Shoot half of them probably believe that all these kids are transferring because they are chasing money and they all have these big deals lined up
  15. Spot on lol There’s a lot of this I completely agree on…but my bias + what I know about Brady just makes it more irritating in some ways. like Brady ran a spread RPO offense his entire Hs career. that plus knowing rivals had him around 120/130 and on3 has him at 40 and the #4 QB of his class. to me at least it’s more about the coach wanting someone with game experience to help attain early success…and with that, it’s just tough timing for a young QB. Either way I wouldn’t chaulk this up as an upgrade or anything. This is more of a wait and see thing….card probably does great for the boilermakers but it’s what happens when he leaves…will Purdue be at a point to keep the success rolling or will they be trying to find another portal QB with game experience because they don’t trust a young guy yet?
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