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  1. 16 to 94? That’s a crazy turnaround and student investment into a program Is that even possible to have only 16?
  2. You guys are showing calpreps this calpreps that...but look at this. this years team is only 4 points better than last years team according to the computer....which is malarkey imo. This teams defense has really stepped up and is pretty fast. The 2015 team with klem is the only team I would argue had a better defense. In terms of offense...this year it’s really special. In years past running the up tempo, GS almost struggled to drive the ball down the field. It was largely chunk plays and there were plenty of times where you could get GS to a 3 and out. It’s the downfall of up tempo. If you get stalled, you just give the ball right back and the other team can eat up clock. It’s been the gameplan of other teams.....but this years team there are simply so many weapons and they have shown that they will drive the ball down the field if you stop the big plays. It’s truly something different this year. Between delong butler and May at WR, any of those 3 could go for well over 100 yards on a given night. Butler can play RB in place of Spindler...Spindler has really stepped up as a pass catching RB too. This last week we seen a new wrinkle of using the TE a lot more. The OL is also improved over last year in that they are picking up blitzes better and playing smarter. This is all without even factoring in Allen who spent all off season training at camps and going to 7on7s and is playing like a true upperclassman. all in all, the computer projections can say whatever but it simply isn’t as accurate as it should be to speculate like we want to. This year’s GS team is much better than just a 4 point spread over last years and that’s a testimony to how much these returning players have worked to get better. Speculate all you want about memorial vs GS but it’s pointless. I think what we really need to be talking about is this matchup in 2 weeks in the jungle. Last year Heritage Hills smacked GS bad and handed them a 31-7 loss. After the game, Coach Hart was very upset and said on the radio broadcast “whatever it takes, I’m going to find 11 kids who want to play titan football”. Heritage Hills has returned a ton of their team and are locked and loaded. Memorial Vs GS is for the birds GIbson Southern @ Heritage Hills is the game we need to talk about. And imo I would probably rank them 1A 1B in this ranking.
  3. Of course! Never wrong. If Team A beats team B by 10 and team C beats team B by 20 then team C ALWAYS beats Team A by 10+ 😉
  4. That’s pretty cool! I didn’t hear about that. I think this game has been overshadowed by 1 moment at the end of the game that left a sour taste in most people’s mouths...but all in all the game was a great one and Southport is a great program.
  5. Not gonna lie. I had some words for that game. I started manny sanders in 2 of my leagues and was all pumped up that he would whoopin up on the bears. And then they blew it
  6. At least this week we can get some sort of Comparison across the state. Chatard plays Southport and that should give us an idea of how strong Gibson Southern is. It’s not a perfect comparison but it is something. And by default when GS plays Heritage Hills next week we really should have a good idea.
  7. That was a pleasant surprise. Although I’m not exactly sure what the deal with MN was. Maybe it was the packers OL doing a good job against a defense not as stacked as the bears
  8. 3A looks accurate. The 1 vote for #1 of Mish Marian is cute though. Sectional 28 and Sectional 32 are brutal....7 of the top 10 in those two alone Whoever survives those two sectionals are definitely favorites to make it to LOS..but favorites or not they still have to play the game and win. There are definitely teams outside of the 2 sectionals wanting to fight for that bone and will look to play spoiler
  9. GS loses to Southport 43-35 WL lost to Lafayette Jefferson 74-66 Chatard lost to Cathedral 31-21 IMHO West Lafayette 1A Chatard 1B Gibson Southern 2
  10. Maybe Harrell was at The Boat and hit 17 for big money this past week.
  11. There was that one part where Rodgers was walking down the sideline towards lafluer and it seemed he was yelling at him. It was a great win for the team but agreed that we started out hot and then fizzeled the rest of the game. Big ups for an actual run game we had but the passing game is not as smooth as I would like it
  12. I think NP is better than their record shows. They put a good fight against GS and have done the same vs their other opponents. Just haven’t got the Ws...I think it’s more of the same though. HH defense is lights out 42-7 HH
  13. It appears they only credited GK3 with 1 sack and the TFL on Alex was a “QB run”
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