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  1. I saw Price the RB for Zionsville didn’t play last week. Anyone know if he’ll be good to go for this week?
  2. Wow…on the first play of the 2nd OT, Valpo fumbles another Philly Special attempt. Wolves recover. Kick a game winning FG on 4th. 31-28 Wolves, final, 2OT.
  3. Valpo with the INT…Vikings with the ball 35 seconds left
  4. Valpo hits on the Philly Special. PAT good. Knotted at 21 with 1:48 to play
  5. Valpo with a methodical drive, and Hayden Vineyard takes it in from 1 yd out. PAT good. 21-14 City over Valpo with 6:29 left in the game
  6. Omarion Hatch breaks a man’s ankles and takes it in from 20 out. PAT good. 21-7 City, 2:24 left 3Q
  7. Racion Anderson right up the gut on a 10 yard TD run. PAT good. 14-7 City, 7:32 left 3Q
  8. City and Valpo knotted at 7 at half. Vikings to get ball to start the second half. Story of the game so far is 3 City turnovers (2 picks, 1 fumble). The Wolves are lucky to be tied. We’ll see what happens here.
  9. City fumbles in Valpo territory, and the Vikings drive it down to score. PAT good. 7-7 3:04 left 2Q
  10. Tyler Bush to Trey Simmons for a 30ish yard TD. PAT good. City 7 Valpo 0, 2:29 1Q
  11. They’re on a roll at the moment. That beatdown of Hobart was certainly a statement. The Inferno has been awfully good to the Red Devils this past month.
  12. Hatch’s return has added a whole ‘nother dimension to this City offense. I don’t think the impact of his absence in the first game between these teams can be overstated. Kid is a threat to take the ball to the house every time he touches it. As you said, Valpo took advantage of the Wolves’ man coverage scheme in the first game, especially getting Hayden Vineyard involved in the passing game, where it looked like no one was covering him on two huge receptions for touchdowns. And City’s rush defense was definitely wobbly by the end of the game as well, with Valpo’s depth seeming to be a big advantage in that regard. How City adjusts to these from the previous game will be interesting to see. These two teams are basically oil and water; one wins by grinding opponents down and generally wants to play the game in the box, while the other wants to race past their opponents with elite perimeter athleticism. How these styles play out in this rematch will be fun to watch.
  13. The Trojans seemed to be looking ahead, even during the season. Thought they’d get it done this year too. Anyway, I’ll take the Pirates by 3-4 TDs.
  14. Yes, Mason does call the plays. Did so at Andrean too, at least when I was there. Add in WRs Trey Simmons and Omarion Hatch to that mix. The collection of skill players City has is very impressive. Mason has said it’s probably his best ever.
  15. Big Duneland rematch for a regional championship. Valpo took the first game 49-28, but as we’ve seen throughout the tournament, the first matchup means next to nothing in the playoffs, and it’s worth noting City was without some key pieces in that game. City has been on a roll lately, winning 6 straight after a tough 3 game skid early in Duneland Conference play. During this win streak, the Wolves have put up at least 39 points in every game. Their performance starting the last drive of the first half last week vs Mishawaka was very impressive. After being down 18-6, they surged to score 30 unanswered points, with the Cavemen having no answer for the Wolves’ skill players. Valpo has been the thorn in City’s side for a long time, and according to Harrell’s website, the Vikings own a 25-3 all time record against the Wolves. City has not defeated Valpo under Coach Mason. Valpo seemed to wear down City up front in the teams’ first matchup this year, so it’ll be interesting to see how the battle in the trenches plays out on Friday. Harrell is taking City to win 31-30. If City plays disciplined, and limits mistakes, I think they’ve got a good chance of winning this game. I’ll take City to finally get the green monkeys off their backs, 35-28.
  16. Lowell beat the brakes off of Hobart tonight 38-10. The Red Devils look like they’re peaking at the perfect time. They get another chance at revenge vs New Prairie this week.
  17. Penn 10 - Chesterton 7 Thought this would be year the Trojans finally got over the hump, but they stumbled down the stretch. I saw in the paper their coach was talking about beating Merrillville in the regional after they beat LC, then they lost to CP and got the brakes beat off of them by Merrillville, and just lost in what has to be considered a big let down. Big congratulations to Penn for gutting out a sectional in a year filled with a lot of adversity. Huge win for them.
  18. Michigan City 30 - Mishawaka 18 5:57 left 3Q. Mishawaka took an 18-6 lead midway thru the 2nd but it’s been all City since then
  19. Don’t know how much stock I’d put into those common opponents. I mean Portage beat LaPorte by 21 a couple weeks ago, but I’m almost 100% sure Penn would beat Portage by a couple scores. Penn started rough but seemed to play better down the stretch. Chesterton, on the other hand, has been struggling lately and their best player/ engine of their offense is hobbled coming into this matchup. The Sagarin ratings have these teams pretty evenly matched, and Harrell is taking Chesterton 21-17. I don’t think these teams are nearly as far apart as you think they are, but we shall see.
  20. Eh, motivation is always a factor, especially when the two teams aren’t super far apart in terms of talent. The old “who wants it more?” cliche is a cliche for a reason. I think Chesterton is the better team too, but I think this game will be a lot closer than I would’ve guessed had I been asked a month ago. I didn’t mean to insinuate Penn won’t be highly motivated coming in as well, I’m sure they will be. My comment was more about how I believe Chesterton will be very motivated and hence focused and therefore not have a let down game.
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