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  1. "Y'all"? Reading comprehension is hard I guess lol. And the CP game ended closer than the Andrean game. Maybe if the Pirates didn't play with their food they wouldn't be repeatedly getting blown out against teams equally good or better than them.
  2. They bring back quite a bit from their team last year with another full offseason with one of the best coaching staffs in the entire state. I think they're definitely still a tier below the top two but I think they beat Chesterton again and while City does have a D1 backfield battery they lost a lot. Don't think this is too much of a hot take, but maybe I'm wrong. I really do think the Bulldogs have a shot to be the 6A North team that's fed to an Indy power in the semistate next year.
  3. Don't know why you're seemingly taking a dig at Coach Good here. Especially when I've seen you repeatedly sing the praises of his replacement at Calumet for 'building a program', when Good was the one who actually had taken that program from a doormat to a sectional title. If anything, Calumet took a noticeable step back last year under their new coach. Good comes from an undeniably great program in Mount Carmel and has already shown he can turn a program around. Gotta give him more than just one year to show he can do the same at LC. I would say Seiss has become an absolutely elite recruiter, but I wouldn't go as far as to say he is an elite coach (not to say he might not be one day, he is for sure a solid young coach). But if you watched the semistate game from last year, you'd have seen an actually elite coach in Gilbert essentially toying with his much younger counterpart. There's nothing about Seiss's schemes/game planning/ etc. that scream elite coach to me right now, and I have watched quite a bit of their games in the past few seasons. These past two years the Pirates have mainly dominated by being able to just show up with way more talent than their opponents. And when this hasn't been the case, or even against Chatard where they arguably had better individual talent but clearly much less superior coaching, things have gotten pretty ugly for the Ville. I do agree that Seiss will likely leave for a larger Indy school at some point in the near future, maybe if they win a state title in this classification cycle. I'm just going to guess you haven't been paying any attention to CP football if you actually believe this. The excitement and energy around that program is night and day different as compared to under the previous coaching staff, and the team obviously improved throughout last season. Started DAC play with blow out losses to Ville and Valpo and ended it beating Chesterton, playing MC hard, and giving Merrillville their toughest game of the season up to that point in the sectional. Buzea came back to do one thing: win a 6A title in Indiana. Not saying that's going to happen, but he has a great track record and no one in CP thought that would happen over night. I actually looked it up and since 2016, City has produced 10 different all-state defenders for a total of 13 all-state selections on defense, at all 3 levels of defense (DL, LB, DB). This is many more all-state players on defense than the program had been producing in the decade prior to Mason's arrival (4 total on both sides of the ball). Don't think you can say they haven't produced high-impact defensive players. The real problem with the defense is that Richards runs maybe the most boom-or-bust defensive scheme I've ever seen, where every play could be a TFL or a 60-yard TD for the offense. But I will say that I've had the same thoughts about if regionals is the ceiling for City, though, and that becomes even murkier with Merrillville now a resident of 5A. I feel bad for Mason, he's taken the program to heights its never seen before and a bunch of people who know nothing are trying to take him down. City will go back to being the DAC doormat it had been if they run him and Richards out, and they'll deserve it and have no one to blame but themselves. But here's my prediction for how the DAC shakes out, for what its worth: 1. Ville 2. Valpo 3. CP 4. City 5. Chesterton 6. LC 7. LaPorte 8. Portage
  4. Some thoughts on the potential of the 5A DAC Teams: - Merrillville: Returns some high-end talent to mix with some new transfers. Heard they've looked good in scrimmages. Obvious preseason favorite. They get a JV sectional to play in, where the other 5A DAC will have to play each other again. Many people are expecting big things from the Pirates this year, and if they fail, it will be even more embarrassing than the past two seasons. - Valpo: Lose nearly all of their offensive and defensive production from last year. They'll have talent in the trenches but the big question is how the skill positions look. This is the one area Marshall just can't seem to develop and has definitely held them back in the past couple seasons. I still think they'll be solid, but they took a slight step back last year, and I think they'll take another slight step back this year. - City: Lost a lot of studs but returning a D1 RB (Hart w/ multiple P5s) and a D1 QB (Bush w/ a Temple offer and more to come) is a huge boon. But, as DT mentioned, they basically have the inverse of Valpo's problem: a plethora of skill players ready to step up but a lack of depth and size on the offensive line. How they piece together that OL and how those kids perform will likely make-or-break their season. The defense will always give up big plays: that's how Richards plays and he's going roll the dice. Sometimes that aggression gets you burnt like against Zionsville, other times you beat Valpo in regionals because you're not afraid of getting burnt. - Chesterton: This team really disappointed me at the end of the last season. Really finished weak losing to CP and then laying an egg against one of the worst Penn teams in recent memory in the sectional title game after talking of beating Merrillville in the regional only weeks prior. They lose a lot from that team as well. I know the young QB is promising, but I think Ville, City, Valpo, and CP are all ahead of them in the DAC at this moment. I don't see them as a post season threat. - LaPorte: Godspeed to Coach James. This program has some problems. As an aside, I feel like Snider needs to be in the conversation here. Just from looking them up it seems like they return a decent amount of production from last year's team, and with Dwenger expecting to be a little down, the sectional is very winnable. Taking out Mishawaka in the regional isn't too tall of a task either. That would leave the whatever DAC team is left as their last obstacle. I think they easily could end up down at LOS.
  5. Ah yes, the bleacher coaches, with their infinite wisdom. A couple phrases come to mind on this: "Be careful what you wish for" and "Don't bite the hand that feeds you". I'd say the discrepancy between 4A South and 4A North is much greater, but you're right that 5A North is clearly deeper than its southern counterpart. I think your analysis of the South is pretty spot-on. Right now I'd pick DC like everyone else but Harrison played Zionsville tougher last year than any 5A team not named Cathedral (I think they even had the lead at half). Will be interesting to see how everything plays out.
  6. He’s won regionals 50% of his seasons there. At a school that hadn’t won one sectional before he got there. Do you think about these statements before you post them?
  7. I’m guessing Highland might say something similar about you.
  8. They’ve got some holes to plug but I’d say they’re still the definite team to beat in 5A as of now. I agree I doubt they’ll completely steamroll the DAC like they did last year, but they’re still undoubtedly the top dogs. Valpo and especially City lost a lot of good players. The QB the Ville has this year is supposedly pretty good and they’ve replenished with more stud transfers. Anything less than a trip to LOS this year will have to be considered a disappointment imo.
  9. I believe Hobart won 19 in a row, which I think is the record. Funny thing is then they didn’t win a sectional for 20 years after that streak ended.
  10. Don’t sleep on Park Tudor. Going North is definitely a boost for them imo. The North is deeper but the South is so top-heavy with Lutheran and Covenant. They played Lutheran tough in a post season loss last year. I could see them making a run.
  11. With how they’ve been playing the last few years it seems bound to happen. You definitely can’t pencil in Chatard just yet.
  12. I am aware. Think you’d have to put Marian slightly ahead of them.
  13. One team I’d add to the list of losers would be Marian. If Chatard had stayed in 4A, you’d have to think they’d be the favorites to get out of the north in 3A. Now it looks like they might get stone-walled at semi-state yet again.
  14. Last year they were a 500 team. This year isn’t last year.
  15. Jeff could take out CP potentially, but the Bulldogs are definite favorites. Merrillville will have no problem in their sectional.
  16. CP is definitely a team to watch out for in the coming years. Absolutely stacked coaching staff and they improved greatly over the course of this past season. Wouldn’t be surprised to see them make a run in the next few years. I don’t see any other team in Merrillville’s sectional being a threat. The pirates are now the transfer destination that Morton was under Richards. I think JoJo Johnson, Dierre Kelly, & Josh Hardy transferring to the Ville was a game changer. The fact that Morton made their schedule significantly easier after one year tells me they’re admitting they highly overrated how good they’d be post-consolidation. Central has seemingly the right guy for the job in Hudak but it’s an uphill battle to say the least. Munster is a disaster and it’s a tragedy that the program was allowed to go off the rails like it did. Right now I think the Pirates could beat any of those teams with their JV squad. If that sectional stays in tact, maybe in the future the Ville will have to work for a sectional trophy, but likely not in the next 2 years.
  17. Biggest winner is the DAC imo. With the way sectionals will likely be paired, only Mishawaka, Snider or Dwenger stand in their way of a trip to LOS every year. And with Cathedral in 6A this cycle there’s a realistic shot at a Duneland team bringing home some blue rings in the next two years.
  18. Rip to the legendary Les Grobstein, longtime late night 670 the score host who died in January, who recorded this absolutely priceless rant.
  19. That’s why Morton was terrible before him and has been terrible since he left right? Not to say open enrollment didn’t help him, but to say that he was just ‘in the right place at the right time’ is laughable.
  20. Morton hasn’t been the same since he left. Great coach and a good guy. Him and Mason have been quite the combo at City, would be funny if he left for a rival.
  21. ? I think almost everyone believes that Valpo, Chesterton, City, and LaPorte will be in a sectional together come fall.
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