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  1. Sorry, no love for the Dawgs, they just got one extra week from a lucky draw, they won't win next week.
  2. I'll take my crow with a side of fries. Congrats to the Pirates.
  3. You sure about that? Mr Sagarin seems to think that all but one of the MSC teams are better than Connersville. And this is with your entire conference's Sagarin rating grossly inflated due to East Central...take EC out of there and your SoS would be the same or lower as the MSC teams, which would make your overall ratings much lower.
  4. You definitely got the easy side of the bracket, but assuming you can squeak by Stewart Town again tonight, that should be the end of the road for the 2019 dawgs.
  5. Good ol' STC! Seems we always cross paths this time of year lol Anything is possible, and you may be right, but I would wager some BLs that we can spin and win for more than 13 points!
  6. We are running the same offense as we have since 2015, which is a bit of a variation from the original wing-T that we ran from 1993 - 2014. We are better in the polls, but the computers like LB I guess.
  7. Looks like the Tigers are the heavy favorite again this year:
  8. Looks like a very lopsided bracket to me... Assuming we can get past Charlestown this week, it will be nice to have LB at home this time. Might have to run STC and the crew off of Elm St and back into the stands!!!
  9. I'm taking a shot at the end zone on boilerfan87 with this one...hero or zero (probably zero lol) Clarksville at Corydon Crawford County at North Harrison Salem at Charlestown Scottsburg at Eastern Pekin Silver Creek at Brownstown Shortridge at West Washington Paoli at Mitchell Perry Central at Springs Valley
  10. From the Seymour Tribune: "Still, even without the passing game being on point, the Owls were able to punch their way back into last week’s game behind the legs of Colin Greathouse, Chandler Drummond and Smith. Greathouse had a breakout game with 20 carries for 139 yards and two scores. Another effort like that coupled with an improved performance from Drummond and Smith on the ground and the Owls could steamroll the Olympians. Columbus East has given up plenty on the ground to opponents including a 350-plus-yard night to Whiteland at the start of the year."
  11. The MSC games sure aren't as easy to pick this week as they normally are...several games I'm not sure about.
  12. Mitchell at Providence Paoli at Crawford Co. Tecumseh at Springs Valley West Washington at Perry Central Brownstown at Clarksville Charlestown at Corydon Eastern Pekin at Salem Silver Creek at North Harrison Mt Vernon Scottsburg
  13. Brownstown 2 way players were really running out of gas, but held on to beat Seymour 34-28. QB Derek Thompson had almost 300 yards rushing and 4 TDs
  14. Brownstown at Seymour Clarksville at Silver Creek Corydon at Salem North Harrison at Eastern Pekin Scottsburg at Charlestown Crawford County at Springs Valley Eastern Greene at Perry Central Madison at Mitchell North Central at West Washington Paoli at North Decatur
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