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  1. Thanks, Sacked! We are hoping the re-structure will help also. We better take this talk to the PAC thread, don't wanna hijack the SIAC thread.
  2. Amazing how both the PAC thread and SIAC threads can quickly get derailed. Best of luck to the Titans and Tigers tonight. My biggest ? - with the running clock, will the beer in Fort Branch have proper amount of time to get cold? 😀 Come on Oldtimeqb, the clocks runs after half every year, regardless of the new rule. Brews have seemed to have stayed cold in previous years, so I wouldn't expect any big changes in that department this year.
  3. From a competitive standpoint, think it's really good for us. Heck, we were only 6 students away from being 1A.
  4. It's a good group, as always, have to keep them together! But, FP is finally pumping some money into football. New locker rooms, new weightroom. Hopefully phase two will happen in a few years, new parking, bleachers, etc.
  5. Forest Park 7th graders went undefeated this year......so Co-PAC Champs!!! ha
  6. I think the ball is rolling a lot more than people may think on this topic! It will be interesting to see how it all shakes out in the next couple of months!
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