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  1. Just look at the 2019/2020 classes, pretty sure their MS records were not that great
  2. Pretty understandable with his scholarship to Auburn. I have feeling he will play, but that is my opinion.
  3. Could make sense with Baseball for his senior year, that’s the only connection I see if he doesn’t play
  4. Isn’t Valpo part of the Pioneer League Conference too? I remember when Pence got offer by them, someone told me it was just for academics
  5. I see, still a good accomplishment though, those Myers boys are big
  6. I think our underclassmen will be great these next couple of years. I’ve heard about a sophomore and some of the freshman class rejoining the team next year too. Tilly is not playing football next year? That is new to me, because I’m pretty sure he is still going to play.
  7. I saw Myers from Castle got offered an D1 scholarship to Morehead St.
  8. I’ve heard about the QB battle before, I’ve also heard some players making a return to the team too. Also add the incoming freshman class with some athletes in it and some big fellas. I think we will be fine overall, hopeful to win the SIAC and make another deep run. With Baseball, they will be really good in the years to come.
  9. One of the biggest offensive questions right now is who will replace Tyler and Brodie for the RB positions. Since outside of them, QB Ellspermann is leading returning rusher at 161 yards on the season. So, expect a little bit more passing from Memorial next season. Another question, is replacing the strong senior group on Defense.
  10. 2021 Season Recap: - Jasper(9-1) wins the SIAC by going 9-0 and giving one big statement in their 2nd year. But unfortunately took a first round exist to NV in the sectionals -Castle(7-3) had an underrated year in the SIAC going 7-2, only losing to Jasper and Mater Dei, but snapped their 5 game skid against Memorial. But like Jasper, took an early bounce in a nail biter against BHSS -Memorial (11-3) had another great season going 7-2 also, only losing to Jasper and a tough one to Castle. The Tigers did reach the Final Four, but fell short to the eventual 4A State Champion MV -Mater Dei (12-3) showed much improvement in the SIAC going 7-2 and making their way to LOS, but sadly fell to Andrean on Saturday in a heartbreaker -North(5-5) had another winning regular season going 5-4, although they had plenty of close games that could have gone either way. But a squad to watch out in the future. They fell in a heartbreaker against BHSN -Reitz (4-7) had struggled during the regular season, just going 3-6. Although with a young a team, they made it to R2 of the sectional and went toe to toe against NV until some late miscues - After going to 9-0 in 2020, Central (2-8) took a major dip in the conference going 2-7, with wins against Reitz and Harrison, and having a rough season overall. They lost to their Conference Rival Memorial in the sectional. -Harrison (2-8)still struggled still going 2-7 in the conference and taking a loss to Memorial in the sectionals -Bosse (3-9) started off hot going 2-0, but eventually struggled for the remainder of the season. However, Bosse does look promising in the near future with Coach Mullen, they did take Heritage Hills to the wire in the 2nd round. -VL (3-9) struggled a lot in the conference going 1-8, with a win over Central. But almost won a sectional championship, but fell short due to 2 late touchdowns .
  11. I agree, all it is right is just questions and it seems SIAC might down against outside of an handful of teams. Outside of MD/Memorial, I’m not too sure who loses players. Pretty sure Central is taking another hit, and North loses studs and looks like Castle returns a decent amount on Defense.
  12. I think most are looking at our offense because of Tyler, Brodie, Norman, and some others. But our defense is taking more of a hit losing valuable senior players
  13. Pretty good 2021 season overall for the SIAC, having 3 teams playing in November. Especially Memorial and Mater Dei making deep runs in their respective divisions. But now, we look onward to the 2022 season, and who will reign the 2022 SIAC crown. With Jasper defending their SIAC title and first since the 70’s. Who will dethrone the Cats this season, or will Jasper run through the Conference again? Or will Memorial, Mater Dei or Castle have something to say about that. Or maybe an Dark Horse contender will say something and shock the conference standings? Cheers to another upcoming season!
  14. Oh gosh, that would be a meat grinder on steroids First impressions for 2022 4A South: It seems like East Central, Mooresville, Roncalli and Mt Vernon are the probably favorites in the south. Although, I heard MTV and EC lose a ton to graduation. Then Memorial, Chatard, and Jasper as dark horses. No Idea where to put New Pal, since my knowledge is low on them
  15. Mt. Vernon, your 4A state champions, congrats to Newburgh Native Coach Lidy!
  16. Yup East Central Roncalli Mt Vernon Mooresville Chatard Memorial Jasper and now New Pal is back In 4A
  17. Looks like South might be the favorite next year again, judging by all the teams in there. Don’t know who will challenge the North next year, maybe Hobart, Leo, New Prairie, and possibly NR (My North bracket knowledge is pretty weak)
  18. 32-7 MV now, was hoping to see NR keep it close, but that speed kills.
  19. Time to grab a book and read by a campfire and crave for a tailgate, until next time.
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