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  1. Me get to the bank fast... LOL I will get them deposited soon though
  2. http://pastfb.homestead.com/logs/DeKalb.htm#loaded 1994 - second game The jv - cheer squad drove in the last score.
  3. My nephew graduated from St. Eds in '17 - currently at UC now.
  4. Reserved.... Admins can edit this to add thanks A big thank you to our first booster of 2019-20 gonzoron and thank you to WWFan CoachPHD
  5. Be the first to be added to the new group by donating at least $25 to the operation of the site. The link is above the forums this year rather than in the sidebar. I really could use $200 in the account by Monday so I don't have to answer to my wife again on the question "Why are we paying for all of this?" when I pay the hosting fee. 🙂
  6. ...CONFIRMED This is a bug in this current release. It is fixed in 4.4.3 which is due to release sometime in the next few weeks.
  7. I know what it is supposed to be... but not sure why it is messed up. It should be: fan, coach, parent, etc...
  8. where did those come from...? Nope not me.
  9. That is something I am yet to set up...
  10. Here's the documentation they provided:
  11. Wife: What are you staring at? Me: what? um, oh, just your pretty new fixtures. You really know how to light up a house.
  12. Well, that took a long time. Sorry, had to stop what I was doing and deal with other obligations. That said, welcome to the shiny new version 4.4 of Invision's software.
  13. Cap lock fragments poorly formed sentences (if you can call any a sentence) incorrect word usage lack of punctuation random punctuation to name a few...
  14. Yes, I am the sort of person that reads all of that kind of stuff.
  15. I will look and see if I can find it and see what it is set at.
  16. This was breifly mentioned in passing the other day. Example below: Is this really what we have reduced ourselves to? It really doesn't take much to do so much better. ---------------------------------------------- REMINDER FOR ALL WORK HOURS - TIME SHEETS FOR FULL TIME, PART TIME , WORKSTUDY, INTERNS IF YOU HAVE TAKEN TIME OFF - ADMINISTRATION AND FULL TIME FACULTY NO REPORTING - ADJUNCT YOU MUST ENTER YOU TIME FOR 2/4/2019 to 2/17/2019 IN IVYTIME (ELECTRONIC PAYROLL) BY 5 PM TODAY. YOU MUST HIT SUBMIT FOR THE TIME SHEET TO PROCESS AND THE SUPERVISOR TO APPROVE AND TO BE PAID.. IF YOU DO NOT SUBMIT ON THE TIME SHEET YOU WILL NOT BE PAID…. Kathy **** Ivy Tech Community College ********* **** Accountant
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