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  1. Well, if you were the ditch digger the answer would be, of course. Just because one chooses to dig a ditch doesn't mean they are incapable of other tasks.
  2. I not sure where you are going using your experience in IT to validate your disagreement. But anyhow, a product as used here is something that is marketed and sold as a commodity. DT was pointing out our failing in marketing for our product. I am simply stating that there is no failure in marketing since it is not intended as a product. We neither market nor sell the Digest. Could it be? That is a completely different question and most likely has a different answer. We have provided it and have only asked for help in the form of donations to pay the basic costs of keeping it open for
  3. The GID isn't product and never has been.
  4. https://amp-includes.tmz.com/videos/2020-09-12-091220-last-second-play-4850033/
  5. You were still transferring over a secure port using HTTPS. The only problem was your browser wasn't convinced we were to be trusted because the certificate it was receiving was expired. Only difference in what is happening now verses what was happening a couple days ago is the certificate it sees now has an expiration of 9/2/2022 instead of 9/2/2020. If you click on the little lock in the address bar and then on the certificate link you can see this for yourself. ...but it may expire in 2021 anyhow as new standards are being rolled out right now that mandates yearly expiration dat
  6. It wasn't the certificate in this case... It was me not setting up the permissions correctly. The user running Apache didn't not have read access to the new certs. A couple command line entries to tell SELinux it was alright for Apache to read those and we were rolling again.
  7. Apache wasn't loading the new certificate due to a couple SELinux permission/configuration issue. It took me a couple days to make time to take a good look at it.
  8. All is well with the certificate. Now to try to upgrade the software.
  9. There is no risk... In the mean time ignore the warning and enjoy as usual. The security certificate expired on 9/2/2020. I renewed it over 2 months ago. I have to figure out what Godaddy has done to screw this up, but it's only on the surface. As I already stated there is NOT any risk involved while you visit right now. DK
  10. Mine are currently shoe ads and ads for website hosting and such. LOL That pick is a little much though although technically not a nude. It's close to not meeting Google ad standards in Adsense.
  11. Glad it is happening somewhere. I knew everyone wouldn't share the same opinion and that is fine. My experience in the northeast compared to what I grew up with in SW Ohio lacks a little in my opinion. I have been here for more than a couple decades now and I have not once seen a band at an away football game. From the time I remember going to games in grade school onward the bands were both always at the game and they were always fully dressed, rain or shine, 100 degrees or 0 degrees. Every week they did something different along with some of their usual favorites. Here it is
  12. This could be turned to a positive for the programs rather than a negative. I have always thought schools around me lack the school spirit I grew up with in terms of the student body and the marching band. Without their own competition taking up all their time they could get back to the team support aspect of the schools marching band. Maybe even learn to march again instead of the dancing they do now. And sorry to those who don't agree, but if your instrument has to be brought out on a trailer and it sits parked on the sideline and never moves it doesn't belong in Marc
  13. Got it. He didn't use PayPal which is automatic. He used Venmo which comes to me like a check would (but faster) then I have to mark it paid. I don't care for the green color for the new group name... Anyone have any suggestions I'll change it.
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