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  1. Based on the numbers at the College level directing offenses, he may just open up a whole new game for Mississinewa. The high power offense may be even more high power. Averaged over 500 yards a game in back to back season's. One season was 560 yards per game. Now if he can find a QB that can run his offense it could be a lot of high scoring games for Ole' Miss. Ole' Miss was one dimensional this past season but didn't need a passing game but had it if needed. Ole' Miss may just have more offensive plays than the last 4 years.
  2. Mississinewa hired Kyle Buresh from Denison University. https://mcscathletics.com/2020/03/23/buresh-to-lead-indians-football/?fbclid=IwAR16hcR1lRrXq6cbOlhn9asd4cavWjiVOilaVgkWmun8qS_J99BVvbQzE1Q
  3. Looks like Mississinewa has hired a College Coach. Here is the link from the school's website. https://mcscathletics.com/2020/03/23/buresh-to-lead-indians-football/?fbclid=IwAR16hcR1lRrXq6cbOlhn9asd4cavWjiVOilaVgkWmun8qS_J99BVvbQzE1Q
  4. Noticed on the Mississinewa's website that the Head Football Coach position is no longer posted. The next board meeting is Monday night. Wonder if there will be an announcement? Once a River Rat Always a River Rat
  5. It was used for Junior High games up until around 2005 I think. It was used for youth league games up until 2012 or 2013. It is still used for practice and the shed down below is used by the 7th and 8th grade teams as a locker room. The old practice fields were used for the 1st and 2nd grade league up until about 2012 or 13 as well. There were no night games for the youth league as the lights quit working or became unrepairable sometime in the 2000's. Yes the skeeters would carry you off the field and on Saturday morning youth games with the dew the skeeters were even worse than in the 80's when I was in Jr High.
  6. Yes Mississinewa Community Schools is a consolidation of Gas City High School and Jonesboro High School. They consolidated in the early 50's. The current R.J. Baskett Middle School is the original Mississinewa High School. It is located on the banks of the Mississinewa River. Gas City was known as the Tigers and Jonesboro was known as the Zebras.
  7. Barnes is not a licensed teacher. Although not required by the IHSAA anymore, but Mississinewa usually prefers a licensed teacher to be head coach of football and basketball. Not sure if he would want to give up his full-time job. Funk and assistant coach Josh Greentree were both named as coaches for the Region 5 All Star Team. So whoever gets the job would have an excellent coaching staff in place if they choose to keep all the assistants.
  8. Kyler Funk of Mississinewa advanced to the next round tonight. He is of course coached by his dad Curt Funk. Curt finished 3rd in High School for Bluffton. Kyler said in the local paper he wants to one up his dad and win State. Kyler's mom was on Bluffton's Girls Basketball Team State Runner-up team. Go KYLER!!!!
  9. In the mid 90's Mississinewa had a head coach that commuted from Indy area by the name of Vince Lorenzono. Mississinewa likes coach's that live in the district or less than 40 minute drive. Mississinewa likes to see the Head Coach involved in the community. Also the head football coach is involved with the youth sports program. So being willing to reside close to the Mississinewa Community would be to the advantage of the applicants.
  10. No they do not. When the school was built in the 70's there was plans for a pool and auditorium, but both were axed due to budget. In the late 80's there was a discussion by the board to add the pool and it was again decided not to build it because of the humidity issues that other schools were having locally. The pool was to go where the auxiliary gym was built in 2016. The one inside would be his first head coaching job and under 30 years old. He has a good relationship with the players and knows the system that Funk set in place. Yes it was his first head coach position. When he first arrived he looked like a Senior in high school. Many have thought that since Mississinewa moved up to 4A in 2015. Then they were the smallest in 4A based on enrollment. I think Andrean was 4A due to success factor. The next realignment Mississinewa was the 3rd or 4th smallest school based on enrollment in 4A. The most recent realignment they were still around the 3rd or 4th smallest school in 4A. Depending on how many schools drop football and how the enrollment numbers are they are a bubble school for 3A and 4A. Moving down to 3A may not last long due to enrollment.
  11. There are many football coach's that what a pool for training purposes. When Coach Funk was hired that was a common question that many coach's asked about the facilities. A pool helps in rehab and recovery of injuries.
  12. I know of 1 current assistant that is applying for the position. The administration is going to have a tough decision to make as I am sure the pool of applicants will be high. Some positive things that the new coach will have to work with: 1. Turf field that is only 2 years old 2. Weight Room that is outstanding and better than many high schools around the state. 3. Returns some key offensive and defensive players. 4. Last season's JV players got a lot of Varsity level experience as they played against other schools Varsity in blowouts. 5. Lineman returning next year are just as big and strong as what graduated. 6. Remainder of coaching staff has not resigned so they would be available to stay on staff. 7. Great fan support as well as well as a great parent group for support. The biggest drawback for the position is that there is no swimming pool at the school and having to share the turf field with the soccer teams and youth leagues. But there is a natural grass practice field to use that is pretty decent shape. When Coach Funk was hired the administration set up a committee that included school board members, returning players, teachers, and a couple of community members. Not sure if this what will happen this time or not. Replacing Coach Funk is going to be difficult but he has left a good foundation that the new coach will continue to build. Promoting from within may be the best option. But then again with the football mentality that Coach Funk installed in the players all the way down into the beginning of the youth programs will attract a lot of coach's from not just in Indiana but possibly around the country.
  13. Congrats to Coach Funk and Fishers has hired a very good coach. Sad for Mississinewa and hopefully the next coach is just as good if not better.
  14. Coach Funk at Mississinewa ran multiple offensive packages. He built the program back up to where they have been ranked consistently since 2015 season. He won 2 Sectionals in the last 3 years. One of the few coach's that have a winning record against Eastbrook's long time coach Jeff Adamson. He is big on weight room. He also encourages players to be multi sport athletes. He also did 2 different stints as wrestling coach at Mississinewa. At Mississinewa he ran a spread offense and is a mastermind on shutting down wing-T offenses. He has coached at least 1 player since 2016 that played in the North-South Game. Loves a big offensive line. Mississinewa's line in 2016 averaged around 280lbs, would have been more but the center was 215 who happened to be the #1 long snapper as a Junior in the Nation in one of the ranking systems. His offense scores a lot of points and I mean a lot of points. Typically had at multiple games a year where 60 plus was scored, even against very good teams. He adapts offense to the talent of his players. The offense package at Mississinewa had well over 200 different plays that could be used. Runs mostly no huddle offense. Against Marion this year in the sectional final put up over 400 yards rushing with 300 being by 1 player. He will run a Wildcat offense when needed. Fishers has hired a very good coach. Mississinewa hates to lose him but he deserves a big program like Fishers. Good Hire Fishers. I would guess that Mississinewa and Fishers will do some summer scrimmages. To learn more about his style of play look up the games on youtube on TribeTv which is the student ran TV station at Mississinewa. They recorded all the home games and presented them live. They also do road games if the wifi at the host school was good enough.
  15. If a head coach position is posted on a school's website but not approved by the Board yet, is it considered an official announcement?
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