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  1. Eastbrook at Alex--Eastbrook is just too fast for Alex. Alex just doesn't have the weapons to keep up. Eastbrook by a lot. Elwood at Blackford--Blackford is making the most of what they have. Last week Blackford cancelled due to COVID and I would imagine that this week is questionable. But if this game is a go, then Elwood will make it interesting for the first half. After that it's all Blackford. Blackford wins this one. Mississinewa at Frankton--Mississinewa took one on the chin last week against Oak Hill. Frankton has some talent to make this game interesting. But in the e
  2. Another thought on this is that with the success factor Mississinewa could be bumped down to 3A to keep the classes balanced. Also with the growth that Yorktown, Danville, and Norwell have seen in population, Mississinewa could be in 3A when the next alignment takes place. On the other hand if Eastbrook could move back to 3A based on success factor and/or enrollment. Remember a few years ago Eastbrook was moved up to 3A due to enrollment. Their district has seen some growth in residents but not students yet. Last time Eastbrook and Mississinewa were both 3A they were in the sa
  3. Alexandria at Elwood--Elwood is improving and showing some heart but Alexandria is just too much for the young Panthers. Alex by as much as they want to win by. Frankton at Eastbrook--Frankton is walking into a jungle full of hungry Panthers. Eastbrook by a bunch. Madison Grant at Blackford--Blackford may have low numbers but they use what they have. MG is improved and getting better. This could be the closest game of the week. In the end MG pulls out the victory. Oak Hill at Mississinewa--Oak Hill is not a bad team just young. Mississinewa is young as well but improving.
  4. Eastbrook at Oak Hill--Eastbrook scores early and often. Oak Hill doesn't have the offense to keep up as Eastbrook rolls to the win. Blackford at Alexandria--Blackford doesn't have the numbers this year that they need to be able to give players rest. Alexandria rolls to the win. Elwood at Frankton--This game will decide last place in the CIC. Elwood has a new coach again this year. Frankton though is a little stronger and pulls out the win barely. Mississinewa at MG--First time in 9 years that Ole Miss started the season 0-3. MG made it to the sectional finals last year. M
  5. Rumors are Eastern has an invite to join if and when a school leaves the conference. Also rumors is Frankton does not want Lapel in the CIC so do what it takes to keep them out.
  6. Elwood is a No Mississinewa is a NO. Administration has already said no and they have the support of the Miami Indian Tribe leadership, which approved the nickname back in 1950's and continue to so. CIC Split? that is questionable. I look for a couple of schools to leave in the next 2-3 years. Blackford almost left last year and they want to be in the same conference as Jay County. Eastbrook would leave only if Mississinewa leaves. Mississinewa leaves to go to a conference with 4A and 5A schools but may have to get other schools to help form a new conference with one team bein
  7. Delta just announced that they had 2 positive COVID cases and have quarantined 79. Wonder if the football game is still a go tonight? Mississinewa players are only allowed 1 parent each to attend in person at New Haven. Good Luck to ALL CIC teams tonight.
  8. Blackford at Eastern--Blackford's numbers are down and almost so low that having a season this year was in question. Eastern is pretty good has some depth. Eastern takes this one by at least 3 TDs Delta at Eastbrook--This is Delta's first game of the season. Delta has a good program and has destroyed Eastbrook in the past. This year Eastbrook has once again reloaded and remembers what Delta has done in the past. Eastbrook destroyed Marion last week, but Marion is down this year but still has talent. Eastbrook wins this one by 3 TDs. Lapel at Frankton--A little preview of what a
  9. I read on another post somewhere that they only had 20 or so players come out and were talking about playing on JV this year because of most players being underclassmen.
  10. Marion has a new coach and lost almost all of their playmakers. Eastbrook is good and will have another good season. Mississinewa has size and some playmakers but have young QB. The QB options are both young and small but are athletic. Mississinewa also has a new coach but he did bring back the entire staff that Funk had but moved some around into different positions. Ole Miss took a thumping this week but they will get things together. They will probably lose 2-3 more games.
  11. The CIC has used Ball State for a full day of Conference games. They were going every 3 years so every player had the opportunity to play on the field at least once during their high school time. Many of the small college football stadiums do not hold any more than high school stadiums. Example Taylor University, Saint Francis, and Indiana Wesleyan stadiums are not bigger than many of the high schools in the area.
  12. Mississinewa has set a capacity of 50% which is estimated at 900. Visiting schools will be given a certain number of tickets to sell in advance. Mississinewa will sell tickets in advance with each player being limited to 4 tickets. The order of selling tickets is players, students, and then public. The public can purchase tickets on Thursday and Friday. Any tickets not sold in advance will be sold at the gate. Here is the link for Mississinewa's plan. https://mcscathletics.com/2020/08/17/mhs-protocols-media-release/?fbclid=IwAR3nmyXjZe3AFPa2VffaLcKCXRdsRnWn0-B59uu6ZBjOhnm981egEVKOeq0
  13. Mississinewa may become the team to watch in 4A. With Curt Funk leaving for Fishers, Mississinewa gets a new coach that has retained all of Funk's staff. The new coach. Kyle Buresh, does not have high school coaching experience but has experience as a coordinator at the College level including running the passing game for Dakota Wesleyan, Indiana Wesleyan, and Wheaton College. At DWU, he helped lead an offense that was #2 in the Nation and averaged 560 yards a game. Mississinewa may be young up front, but may be bigger than previous years. May have multiple 300lb+ kids on the line that ar
  14. Talked with an Elwood teacher who is also a high school coach in another sport. The coach said that Terry lives in Franklin and plans to continue living there. Some are wondering how long it will be before the 90 minute plus commute each way every day will make him say "I'm done." The other problem with Elwood is they School Board only gives each sport enough money to pay 1 assistant coach. So most of the coach's are volunteer's, which may be the dad's of players. Mississinewa has a new coach this year and he retained the entire staff with the exception of 1, who retired. Kyle Bure
  15. Based on the numbers at the College level directing offenses, he may just open up a whole new game for Mississinewa. The high power offense may be even more high power. Averaged over 500 yards a game in back to back season's. One season was 560 yards per game. Now if he can find a QB that can run his offense it could be a lot of high scoring games for Ole' Miss. Ole' Miss was one dimensional this past season but didn't need a passing game but had it if needed. Ole' Miss may just have more offensive plays than the last 4 years.
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