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  1. Mississinewa has a pretty good pass defense. They have had several games with multiple players getting multiple INTs. Mississinewa has very good clock management. Time of possession will not determine the winner as both teams can score quickly. With that said, Defense will decide the outcome of the game in more ways than one.
  2. Mississinewa has the #4 offense and Defense in 4A while East Noble have the #8 offense and defense. Mississinewa has the overall 15th best defense in the State while East Noble is 32nd. Overall offensively Mississinewa is 23rd while East Noble is 33rd. Average Margin Mississinewa is 14th overall and 3rd in 4A where East Noble is 28th and 6th. East Noble has the stronger schedule and plays 2 3A, 1 5A, and remainder are 4A in regular season. Mississinewa on the other hand plays 2 4A, 1 3A, 1 1A, and remainder are 2A in the regular season. Game will be played on turf. It will be cold so better bundle up and brings lots of coffee and hot chocolate.
  3. Eastside at Eastbrook--Eastside throws the ball well. Eastbrook has a history of having troubles defending the pass, however this year's team is better at getting to the QB than previous years. Eastside is the lone survivor out of the Northeast Corner Conference. Eastbrook has the stronger schedule. This year's Eastbrook team is a little different than past years and many have experience playing this deep into the tournament. I am going with the experience as Eastbrook wins this one. East Noble at Mississinewa--East Noble is ranked #1 Coach's Poll and #2 in AP. Mississinewa is ranked #5 in AP and #9 in Coach's. This game is going to be a very close game. East Noble has a good run defense, but at the same time so did Delta and Marion. Cade Campbell was able to gain over 500 yards in these 2 games while is brother Carson had over 200 in the two games. Mississinewa still hasn't had to do a lot of passing. Delta was a favorite to win State according to Sagarin rankings and Mississinewa knocked them out. Mississinewa has the #4 offense and defense in 4A while East Noble has the #8 offense and defense in 4A. In the end Mississinewa wins this one and advances to Semi-State for the second time in school history. Eastside and East Noble are not that far apart and it is interesting that Mississinewa and Eastbrook are both at home again this week. It is going to be a cold night so be sure to bundle up. Mississinewa and Eastbrook might have to borrow equipment to clear snow from the field this week. Would be nice to see both CIC teams advance to the next round. If Mississinewa and Eastbrook both make it the State Finals they will play on Saturday with Eastbrook at Noon and Mississinewa follows. Would be nice to see Mississinewa fans come early and cheer on Eastbrook and Eastbrook fans stay and root on Mississinewa. Then when they both win have a nice big parade back to Grant County.
  4. Do not know much about East Noble but looking at their schedule it appears that the defense has improved a lot since the first 3 games of the season. In the first 3 games they gave up a combined 80 points and the remaining games including Sectional games gave up 78. They scored the fewest points in a game last week in the rematch with Leo. They are ranked #1 or #2 depending on the poll and have been there almost the entire season. Common opponents between the 2 are Huntington North and New Haven. Mississinewa played New Haven in week 2 of the season and Huntington North in the 2nd round of the sectional. HN and NH are on the regular season schedule of East Noble. Mississinewa has given up 124 points on the season. They held Delta to a season low in points. Delta was one of the favorites to win State according the Sagarin rankings. They also beat Marion last week. In these 2 games Mississinewa had 1 running back rush for over 500 yards combined. Over 300 against Marion and he didn't score a point. Mississinewa is very deep and talented at running back. They can go with a set of fast running backs or come at you with power backs that also have speed. Upfront they have 3 or 4 pushing or over 300lbs that are strong and quick off the line. Their backups are just as big, strong, and quick. Because of playing several games under a continuous clock they were able to play their JV and Freshman players against the opponents first string Varsity units a lot this year. Several of the points allowed were allowed by the JV and Freshman units not the Varsity unit. This Senior class played in the regional round as Sophomore's but in the South part of the tournament where they traveled to Greenwood and just barely lost. I think 7 or 8 of these Senior's started as Sophomore's. They are experienced across the board. They held Marion's JK Thomas in check and he was not a factor in the game. Mississinewa's offense if very complex and they can run multiple plays out of each set. A few years ago it was estimated by one of the coach's that they had over 150 different plays that they could run out of their different sets. The QB by committee has been working this year and last week introduced a Wildcat offense. Marion's defense was in the top 5 in yards allowed and Mississinewa put up just at or over 500 yards, and only around 30 were passing. Mississnewa not only beat Delta and Marion but also Pendleton Heights another sectional finalist. Mississinewa has scrimmaged against Brownsburg, Avon, Warren Central, Cathedral, and other 5A and 6A schools. This is all paying off for them. The kicker has a season long for around 42 yards and is 5 of 6 on the season on field goal attempts. The snowplows are ready to clear the turf field at Mississinewa so the game will take place. The cannon is in the backyard of a neighbor but not sure if it will be fired or not as it is not on school property. This is going to be a very good game. Looking at the common opponents and points allowed, I don't think East Noble will have the defense to keep all of Mississinewa's running backs contained. I would have never thought that the 1 back would rush for over 500 yards combined against Marion and Delta. This will not be a high scoring game but it could very well be if turnovers occur. Turnovers will be key in this game. The team with the fewest turnovers should win. In the end Mississinewa pulls out the win even if it is on another field goal like they did against Marion. For those that can not make it you can watch on TribeTV, which is Mississinewa's student ran media outlet. They have a youtube channel and a facebook page where you can find the link.
  5. The winner will face the winner of the Mississinewa and East Noble game. Mississinewa beat Delta in the first round of sectionals. Delta was the heavy favorite to win the sectional and also one of the top Sagarin picks to win the 4A State title. Mississinewa also beat Marion one of last years Semi-State participants for the Southern Indiana bracket. Good Luck to both Hobart and New Prairie in their quest for a Semi-State birth.
  6. Congrats to Mississinewa and Eastbrook for becoming Sectional Champions. Mississinewa beat the heavily favored teams in their sectional to advance. Great season Madison-Grant. Hopefully the success that you had at the end of the season helps increase numbers for next season.
  7. In the last sectional alignment there was a lot of travel between schools after Regional's. Marion, which is North of Indy, had to travel to Evansville for Semi-State. Marion had to use charter busses and go down the night before. I'm not sure how many hotel rooms they had to get plus the food for the team. The game was played on Saturday afternoon to allow Marion to travel to Evansville and then get back to Marion before Midnight. Marion to Evansville is about a 4 hour drive in a car, depending on which way one goes. With the I-69 extension, the drive time may be a little shorter. Mississinewa and Marion, which are about 8 miles a part, were the 2 farthest North schools in 4A Southern Indiana bracket. One would have thought that perhaps the IHSAA could have contacted Indiana State, IU, any of the Terre Haute, or Bloomington area schools to see if they would have been interested in hosting the game on Friday night. This would have saved Marion a lot of money in travel expenses as they wouldn't have to get 30 hotel rooms or so. I think a neutral site for Semi-State would be good. Find a couple of neutral sites South and North of Indy. Then like in baseball, each site will host 3 games say on Saturday or 1 Friday night and other 2 on Saturday and if a team in the Semi-State is the host site, then they have to travel to the other location in the region. The determination of what classes will play at the site will be based on the travel distance between the Semi-State teams. With this thought it would be best to play on a turf field, as we all know playing 3 games on a natural grass field in that short of time would not be good. In the North here are some idea's of locations: Indiana Wesleyan University, Warsaw High School, Ball State University, Taylor University, Saint Francis University, and a high school in the Northwest corner of the State. In the South: Indiana State University, Bloomington area, Columbus, Jeffersonville, Franklin College, Hanover College, and one in the Evansville area. Notice I left out the Indy area, this is because Indy already hosts the State Finals. Using a small college field would be best, but it would also have to work with the college football schedule. If they are played at a College Field, the games could start at Noon, 3, and 7 on Saturday with game times determined by travel distance of the teams. For example: Indiana Wesleyan is a host site, Marion make it to Semi-State in 4A to play against Pendleton Heights the 4A game would be at Noon since Pendleton and Marion would be the 2 closest schools to the site. The farthest schools assigned to IWU Semi-State would be played at 3 or 4, with the second closest played at 7.
  8. 42-55 South Adams opponent's combined record 58-58 Madison Grant opponent's combined record I agree MG is a long shot but based on opponent's records MG may have the tougher schedule. Remember MG plays all 2A schools with the exception of Mississinewa and Oak Hill. The CIC had 3 teams battle to not be winless and only Elwood ended up winless. South Adams is in the Allen County Conference which may be a weaker conference as they had the bottom 4 teams battle it out to not be winless in a 7 team conference. South Adams plays 2 schools outside of 1A and 2A. Both of the "big" schools compared to South Adams won a total of 3 games between them. Because of CIC play advantage could be with MG.
  9. Take your pick. They spread the ball around. QB by situation and ball location. Receiver's haven't seen a lot of action this year because of the running game and several continuous running clocks including 1 game after the first quarter. Very high power offense. Defensively linebacker's are solid and quick. One linebacker has went to State in Wrestling a couple of times and has a nose for the ball. Offensive and Defensive line have size, strength, and power. The line ranges from 250-300+ and the backups aren't much smaller. The weight room at Mississinewa is very, very nice and modeled after Ohio State just not as much equipment. Marion has a very fast team speed. Yes, everything runs thru the QB. The line has some size but may be quicker than but as big as Mississinewa. Defense is very good and they are solid at linebacker. They also have a high power offense but can be very one dimensional. Defensively Mississinewa has allowed at most 21 points and this only happened twice (Eastbrook which was a loss and Pendleton Heights which was for win). Other than these two only New Haven and Blackford score more than 8 and they both scored 13. Offensively Delta and Eastbrook were the only schools to hold Mississinewa under 17. Delta allowed 17 and Eastbrook 14. Defensively Marion has allowed 12 or more points with a max of 49 in all but 5 games. Offensively they fewest they scored was 8. All games but this one they scored 27 or more. In the 2 losses they allowed 49 and 35. In the 5 games that they allowed less than 12 the opponents had a combined 9 wins. Overall Marion has the tougher schedule as they played a 1 game that wasn't against a 4A or larger school. That game was against Eastbrook who was ranked 1or 2 in week 1 in 2A. Mississinewa only played 2 4A schools during the regular season. The rest were 3A except for Oak Hill (3A) and Madison Grant (1A). Each schools Conference has to do with the schedule as Marion plays in the NCC and Mississinewa in the CIC. The CIC has 3 teams playing for Sectional Championships (Mississinewa, Madison Grant, and Eastbrook). The NCC has 2 (McCutcheon and Marion). Marion and McCutcheon did not play each other. Keep in mind these schools are only about 8 miles apart. Many of the parents from both teams work together. Mississinewa does summer scrimmages against 5A and 6A schools. The first time they played in 2017 it was a standing room only crowd at Mississinewa and Mississinewa won. Last year standing room only at Mississinewa and Marion won. This year it is at Marion and will probably be a standing room only crowd again. Next season Marion and Mississinewa could play twice as they are supposed to play in week 2 as Mississinewa's contract is up with New Haven and Marion's AD wants Mississinewa on the schedule. He tried to make it happen this year by trying to find New Haven a week 2 opponent but couldn't make it happen.
  10. Yes he was a pre-season All State running back and Defensive back. His younger brother played in the game. Also there were a couple of other players that it was their first game of the season due to various reasons.
  11. Mississinewa at Marion--In my opinion this is the CIC game of the week. Marion is fast and has some very good skill players. Their offense runs thru Thomas and is very dangerous. Marion's defense is very good. Misssissinewa has several weapons and may be bigger up front than Marion. Mississinewa is still having success with QB by committee. Misssissinewa has a very solid and good defense. This game will have a State Finals atmosphere. In the end Mississinewa pulls out the win and advances. Eastbrook at Eastern--Eastern struggled against Alexandria last week as Alex gave the win away. Eastern has a very good running back but Eastbrook's defense is solid and will shut down the run game. Eastbrook wins this one to advance. Madison-Grant at South Adams--Great turnaround for MG. The future of the program is bright. They still have some things to do before they can start competing for a CIC title but they are going in the right direction. South Adams is just too much for MG this year. MG starts getting ready for the basketball season as South Adams wins this one but not by as much as one would think they would. Would be nice to see all 3 CIC teams advance to regionals. In another year or two the CIC could have teams playing for Sectional Championships in 4 different classes. Let's hope that this is a move in the right direction for the CIC and some day have 2 or more teams playing for a State title. Good Luck to the 3 remaining CIC teams this week.
  12. Mississinewa and Marion is one to watch. Mississinewa beat a heavily favored Delta in week 1 of the sectionals. Mississinewa also beat a very good Pendleton Heights team in week 1 of the season and then in week 2 beat New Haven. Mississinewa lone loss is to Eastbrook in which Mississinewa played without their top player who was out with a high ankle sprain. Marion has a tougher schedule than Mississinewa. Marion has speed where Mississinewa has size and speed. These two teams have met at some point in the sectional and have not played each other in the regular season despite the schools being 8 miles apart. Another sectional final to watch is Eastern (Greentown) and Eastbrook. Eastern is undefeated and scrimmages Mississinewa every year. Eastbrook lost to Delta and Marion. This game is going to have a State Championship atmosphere. This game is going to be tough for both teams.
  13. Nope, just said that it would be nice. Eastbrook won the first round and I hope they make it to State as well. Madison-Grant is a long shot
  14. Mississinewa at Huntington North--Huge win for the Indians over the heavy Sectional Favorite according to the Sagarin rankings. Delta had an almost 60% chance of winning the sectional followed by Marion at 38% and Mississinewa at 7%. Huntington North has a total of 3 wins. Those 3 wins came against teams with a combined record of 2-28. Mississinewa uses this game a tune-up for the Sectional Championship next week as they cruise to a win. Look for a continuous clock the second half. Tipton at Eastbrook--Tipton is a young team that plays a lot of sophomore's and junior's. Eastbrook plays a number of underclassman that have Varsity playing experience. This game is going to be a closer than one would think but in the end Eastbrook pulls away late in the 2nd half for the win. Eastern at Alexandria--Is Eastern the real deal? They are undefeated and beat a very good Lapel team. This game could be a good close game depending on which Alexandria team shows up. In the end Eastern wins this one to advance to the Sectional Championship game against Eastbrook. Union City at Madison Grant--Both teams are on a 3 game winning streak. MG hasn't lost since their first win. MG has the tougher schedule of the two teams which will help them. Beginning of the season I said I wouldn't be surprised to see MG make tournament run and this week the run continues as they advance to the Sectional Championship Game. Something that could happen but probably won't happen is to have 3 CIC teams in the State Finals. Wonder if any conference has had 3 teams play for a State Championship in 3 different Classes? I know 3 teams from the same conference have played in the State Finals but 2 of the teams were in the same class. Would love to see 3 CIC teams in the State Finals. Good luck this week to all CIC teams.
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