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  1. Have a look at the Alexandria starters. Ton of Sophomores and Juniors playing, and a couple Frosh adding minutes on the O and D line.
  2. He is working at Frankton as a part of the Alternative program and helping with a younger age group, has a son playing, but has too much integrity to be trying to take over a program. Frankton has a coach. If that coach reaches out, I'm sure he would help though.
  3. That's the key. Not being a "winning" middle school program means little when they get to high school and know the exact system, terminology, play calls, blocking assignments. While other programs are teaching freshmen all of the above, Eastbrook is getting them stronger and fine tuning. The blueprint is there.
  4. If you pull up the enrollment #'s from IHSAA, Mississenwa is a transfer or 2 away from being back in 3A, they are the bottom team in 4A. Talking with some admin at Alex, the numbers are way up and are creeping closer to 3A.
  5. Alexandria @ Elwood Even with a backup QB Alex is too much Frankton @ Eastbrook Eastbook big Madison Grant @ Blackford I'm giving this one a toss up. They run the same offense so they should know how to slow one another down. Oak Hill @ Mississinewa Completely un-impressed with Ole Miss this season. Multiple state championships and state finalists teams in the past decade. Football is down right now no doubt, but still a good conference.
  6. Starting QB injured in Q1 of last weeks game vs. Blackford. Could be out a couple weeks.
  7. Eastbrook @ Oak Hill No brainer really Blackford @ Alexandria Tigers have been missing multiple starters, they should all be back this week. Alex by 14 Elwood @ Frankton I have hope that my Alma Mater can get things going this week. The group of Juniors have been playing since day 1 as freshman, it's their week Mississinewa @ Madison Grant MG is scrappy, but Ole Miss has too many kids to run in fresh legs and wear them down.
  8. Lapel is a clear fit geographically and school size. Delta and Winchester....that's a huge stretch. Tipton won't won't come back as long as Eastbrook is in...can't beat them. Hamilton Heights seems to get left out. 3A School that fits geographically.
  9. Blackford at Eastern Delta at Eastbrook Lapel at Frankton Mississinewa at New Haven Oak Hill at Southwood Tipton at Elwood Wabash at Alexandria
  10. It's Wednesday of week 1 and not a peep?!?!
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