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  1. West Lafayette should be on that list before Western Boone.
  2. I think it was obvious that I wasn’t referring to Western Boone. I would think you would be critical of xstar’s criticism.
  3. Really!! Thought you were smarter than that! You support xstar’s criticism of Eastbrook’s coach??
  4. Not sure what your opinion has to do with anything. What I was saying is, who are you to second guess one of the most successful coaches in Indiana high school football!!
  5. Coach Adamson has 280 wins! How many wins do you have?? Good luck to both teams tomorrow! Really would love to see Coach A win his 1st state championship!
  6. It was ruled a catch and fumble. Not saying that’s what happened, just that that’s what the ruling was.
  7. I agree with your entire statement and I’ll go a step further and say Eastbrook wins this game! Very exciting!!
  8. Who’s we?? Don’t eat too much on Thanksgiving, Private Dangleberry! You need to save room for some humble pie on Saturday! I’m sure you have met some EB fans, they’re everywhere! Now go ask your dad if it’s ok for you to keep using his data. I’d hate for you to get a spanking!
  9. With each and every passing day and the more film I watch, I’m more inclined to think that the Panthers will be victorious this Saturday! I just don’t think that the Stars will be able to keep up with Eastbrook’s team speed and tenacity through four quarters of play! The Stars are a good team, I just think this Eastbrook team is built to outlast good teams! Should be a great game, until Eastbrook starts to pull away late! Good Luck Panthers! Finish Strong!!
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