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  1. Alex @ Blackford *Game of the week* As much as I wanted it to be Frankton and Elwood, the Bruins and Tigers are actually playing for a share of 1st place in this game Frankton @ Elwood MG @ Mississinewa Oak Hill @ Eastbrook
  2. Congratulations Eastbrook! I was incorrect on my Ole Miss predictions of winning game and my early pick of the river rats winning the CIC. I will venture to say that if the game was in Gas City, the score would've been the same but with the Indians coming out on top instead. Now on to the BIGGEST CIC game of the year........................... Frankton @ Elwood. The 2019 (Works Bathroom Cleaning Supplies) Toilet Bowl. There'll be dozens of people at the game and the winner will have bragging rights of NOT finishing dead last in the conference. HUUUUUUGGGGGEEEEEE!
  3. Yikes!!! Frankton down 29-0 in 1st QTR, mercy rule begin now..............
  4. Will there be any Jason Voorhees sightings at the games Friday night? There should be some white hockey masks lurking somewhere dang it...............................
  5. OH by 4 TDs over the Panthers Blackford over my Eagles, the teams run the same O but the Bruins defense actually has a pulse 35-6 Alex will win at home by 3 TDs over the Argylls Ole Miss will beat Eastbrook by 2 TDs, but this should be a great game! I wish I could attend and hear the cow bells. The battle between MG, Frankton and Elwood for the honor of actually winning a game this season is going to be epic down the stretch. My early bets are on MG to beat both teams and Frankton to beat Elwood 21-20. After watching my Eagles for 2 quarters last week I'm hoping that they delete the Wing T from the playbook next season. Although it's successful at chewing up the clock and occasionally scoring a TD, once a Wing T team falls behind a score or 2 the game is typically over at that point (especially for my Eagles). However, if a team could run Wing T one play and then go spread the next I think that'd be a great formula for an offense. It seems my Eagles are lacking the 2 Ts right now anyway, Talent and Toughness.
  6. Elwood @ OH Frankton @ Blackford MG @ Alex Ole Miss @ Eastbrook *Game of the Week* I'll do some math (not meth) and put up standings for this group of pickers this weekend perhaps.
  7. Alex @ Frankton *Game of the week* Blackford @ OH Elwood @ Mississinewa MG @ Eastbrook
  8. The CIC had 4 wins and 12 losses collectively through the first 2 weeks, I know the non-conference schedules have been made tougher, but that's pretty abysmal. I can promise 4 CIC wins per week from here on out though. : ) I might actually attend homecoming at Frankton Friday night and have a cold one at Bernie's after Alexandria wins the game by a TD. Blackford wins at the only Swayzee in the world and Converse(s) all the way home on the bus about illegally recruiting basketball players to Hartford City Mississinewa wins by 1,000 points but the Panthers get to eat at Friendly's on Saturday morning and that helps them get over the horrible beat down MG suffers another defeat and it's not even close, the Panthers are frustrated and hungry and take out their frustrations on the Argylls.
  9. Awesome that you posted this, I didn't catch much of the national narrative yesterday but I happened to see PTI and hear these 2 dumbasses. When the fans were booing I honestly believe they were just booing the situation not Luck himself. How were they supposed to react to the heart-breaking/shocking news that their QB in his prime was retiring? Unfortunately in a giant stadium there's no way to say "We love you Andrew Luck but we wish you weren't retiring 2 weeks before our most promising season in a decade". Instead all you can do is say boo. I think this year's Colts are still pretty damn good and I think they'll be a playoff team with Brissett.
  10. Alex @ Wabash Eastbrook @ Delta *Game of the week worth 2 points Eastern @ MG Frankton @ Lapel (mercy rule will be utilized) New Haven @ Ole Miss Southern Wells @ Blackford Southwood @ OH *Game of the week worth 2 points Tipton @ Elwood
  11. It was a horrible start for the CIC on the opening Friday night with only Alex and Mississinewa coming away with wins in apparently nail-biting fashion. I think some questions were answered though and here are some predictions/thoughts moving forward: Elwood and Frankton will battle each other later this season in the American Standard Toilet Bowl to see who will finish the season with 1 W. Frankton's OL/DL was whipped by 175 lbs Tri-Central kids, that might spell disaster for my Eagles. MG is much improved, they went and played at Tipton and hung in there with Blue Devils. I just hope losing the Lugar kid doesn't set them back a few Ws? Mississinewa is the clearer choice to win the CIC outright, Eastbrook is a great 2A team but I think the gap between #1 and #2 is wider than we previously thought. Is Wes-Del actually good? I expected Alexandria to win by at least 4 touchdowns at home, especially with all of the hype behind their offensive firepower. 18-16 over Wes-Del? I know Monroe Central is a good 1A team but I expected Blackford to take care of business on the road, the Bruins are supposed to be the CIC's most improved team. Perhaps Greentown is going to be pretty good this year, pretty shocked that OH could only muster one TD at the Comets. Let's hope the CIC fares better in week 2: Alex @ Wabash Eastbrook @ Delta Eastern @ MG Frankton @ Lapel New Haven @ Mississinewa Southern Wells @ Blackford Southwood @ OH Tipton @ Elwood I see 4 Losses here.
  12. If it uploads properly, pages 13-22 gives season outlooks for MG, Tipton, Tri-Central, Alex, Elwood, Frankton The_Elwood_Call-Leader_-_2019-08-21_HS_football_preview.pdf
  13. Pancol is at Duke and should see the field as a freshman WR from what I've heard. So many of these games are toss-ups, especially on opening night when we know nothing about the teams. Aside from Elwood and MG (losing), any of these teams could win or lose Friday night.
  14. I'll add 2 games of the week for next week to make up for the lack of one this week.
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