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  1. I know it's early in the season and Shenandoah is very good but WOW!!!!!! The Raiders won by nearly 30 over Alexandria in the Jungle!!!!!! Even though the Frankton Eagles are 2-2 I'm very impressed with Bobston's coaching and his son's talent/effort so far. The 2 losses were at home to Lapel and Tipton and the games came down to final shots at the buzzer. I don't know if they're good enough to win the CIC or sectional this year but it's a team full of juniors that are playing their first substantial amount of varsity basketball and I'm surprised at their ability. Ole Miss over Marion is a huge W for that school (again : ), Blackford has beaten several junk teams badly, Elwood is a dumpster fire it appears, MG and OH look to be competitive, Eastbrook is still recovering from football season and is an unknown at this point. This is shaping up to be the most wide open CIC basketball season I can remember. I see the potential for a co-champ situation and possibly a 3 way tie at the top when it's all over. Whoever wins the Blackford @ Alex game this weekend will have a huge step towards winning the CIC.
  2. CIC state pick'em Eastbrook vs Western Boone LCC vs Lutheran Valpo vs New Pal 3 points for all games. Go Panthers bring home a blue ring finally!!!!!!!
  3. It's not recruiting, it's called "strongly encouraging" : ) Please elaborate on someone who you feel was recruited to Frankton...……….. and obviously not for football.
  4. Andrean is perhaps the best team that can be recruited/assembled in that area at the 2A level, not necessarily the best team money $$ can buy though. I'm very much pulling for Eastbrook, the CIC needs to avenge the Frankton loss against Andrean in Semi-State basketball 8 months ago. I haven't looked at enrollment figures lately, but I'd imagine that Andrean is just a handful of kids away from being 3A in football?
  5. Andrean @ Eastbrook *worth 3 points WEBO @ Triton Central *worth 3 points Adams Central @ LCC *worth 3 points I went full under dog mode on these.
  6. Eastside @ Eastbrook East Noble @ Mississinewa Contrary to the pick 'em page (Eastside pick), this is what I actually want to happen Friday night. East Noble definitely has played a tougher schedule, one that's full of 4A teams and they beat a very good 5A Mishawaka team who is playing for a 5A regional championship on Friday too. However, I'm not going against the home team River Rats again! They'll control time of possession and both sides of the line of scrimmage and win 21-14. Eastside has beaten several bad teams this year and surprisingly Eastbrook has a tougher SOS. I don't think this game will be very close and the Panthers will win by 3 TDs at home 28-7. Good luck CIC representatives and let's have 2 teams at semi-state!
  7. GV5 is going to be hard to catch! I added the other 2 games because that's who the CIC potential regional champ will be facing at semi-state. East Noble @ Mississinewa Eastside @ Eastbrook New Prairie @ Hobart Lewis Cass @ Andrean In an effort to catch GV5 I went with every pick as an upset according to JH
  8. South Adams' QB is a junior and all of his receivers are sophomores, they'll win easily Friday night and I'm predicting they'll even be better next year! The Starfires beat Monroe Central 2x this season handily, the same Monroe Central team that beat Blackford, Blackford beat MG. I'm happy for the Argylls, but this is what we call a looooooooooooonnnnnnggggggggg shot!
  9. Who are the front-runners for the CIC this year? I'm guessing Blackford, Alexandria and Ole Miss will finish in the top 3. Frankton will more than likely have a down year with only 1 senior starter returning from their regional winning team. Most of the Juniors and Sophomores on the Eagles have been playing JV minutes the last 2 years and will need to step-up their games for the Eagles to finish above 500. Has Oak Hill recruited anymore "home-schooled" kids from Marion? Will Elwood still be terrible? Does MG have enough depth? Blackford should be really good and I've heard they've recruited help from Luke Brown's AAU team? Mississinewa had some talent move-in too? Alexandria should be better than last year and they're my early favorite to win the CIC, and unfortunately, the Tigers will be hosting sectional 40 now with the class restructuring. Good luck to all of the sectional 40 teams trying to beat Alex at home in the post-season, might as well just give Alex a 10 point lead to start the game, they always have the best home-court advantage.
  10. Ole Miss @ Marion *Game of the Week 2 points* Eastbrook @ Eastern MG @ South Adams Pendleton Heights @ Mt. Vernon *Bonus Game of the Week 2 points*
  11. Alex Tigers faithful, did the attempt of kicking 2 FGs make any sense to those of you at the game? Or how about the fake punt in your own territory? From what I've read, it seemed like the Tigers could've actually won that game against Eastern, but there were some questionable coaching decisions. Hindsight is 20/20 I know, but with such an explosive offense I didn't understand attempting FGs, especially after missing the first one, why try it again? Just think, if they had made those FGs, they would've only lost 20-13. SMH. Please someone try to make sense of these decisions. Thanks in advance.
  12. Everybody is on the road this Friday, but it's awesome that the conference has 3 teams still in the tournament! Mississinewa @ Marion Eastbrook @ Eastern MG @ South Adams Mississinewa will dominate the time of possession and scrape by with a huge win! 26-24 The River Rats have made me a believer. Eastbrook will win by 4 TDs, I'm not very impressed at Eastern only scoring 20 at Alexandria. MG can't keep up with the Starfires slinging the ball all over the field (unfortunately) and loses by 4 TDs.
  13. I'm jealous of all the other football programs in the CIC right now. Frankton hasn't even been in a sectional championship game in 13 years! No one else in the conference has had post season irrelevance like that. I forget what it feels like to be excited about HS football past Halloween. Is it basketball season yet!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  14. Not nearly enough Bud Kilmer quotes on this thread for this time of year.............. "It makes me wonder if you know the difference between a sneeze and a wet fart." "The hard work of so many, sacrificed by the disrespect of a few." "Your daddy was a no-talent WUSSY, but at least he listened" Best line of the movie though (not Bud): "Yes, they put them wieners on the glass at the Alano Club, while the ladies were rehearsing the Christmas pageant"
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