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  1. Lutheran and Covenant aren’t on the same planet as Luers and LCC ten years ago. Those teams 4peated.
  2. Are they though? LCC, Ritter, Luers aren't near what they were a decade ago. Roncalli in the last year or two has rebounded and appears headed back to the Roncalli of old, but there was a decade or so stretch where they weren't your typical Roncalli team. Think you're naive to not think P/P's were impacted by the pandemic. Not every student at a private school is a Benz drivin, son/daughter of a Fortune 500 CEO. Not by a long shot.
  3. But to answer your question, no I would not be in favor of a multiplier. I think it's silly. There's some P/P's who have no business playing in their current classification, let alone artificially adding students to their enrollment. The success factor works and does what it is intended to do. A simple tweak in the success factor, extending the cycle from 2 years to 4 years solves the problem and naturally solves a lot of the problems you are seeking, without an unneeded multiplier.
  4. I understand your premise, think you fail to see the unintended consequences. Moving Dwenger and Roncalli out of 4A just to replace them with Chatard and so on and so on isn't really going to shift the dynamic.
  5. So essentially instead of P/P's having a chance to win 1A-5A its now 2A-6A?
  6. Crazy part about the Eron Gordon ruling is that his North Central teammate (Jordan Walker who actually ended up being better) transferred to Cathedral at the exact same time with immediate eligibility. If Eron had any other last name he's probably in the clear.
  7. I agree with everything you said, and you hit the nail on the head. It's about culture and subsequently getting everyone associated with the program on board. Without that aspect, it doesn't matter how rich or how poor your community is. That is the aspect that Temptation fails to see. There's affluent school corporations that are the best of the best in Indiana and some who aren't competitive. Coach O'Shea at North Central is another example btw.
  8. What about schools in the upper half of 6A of enrollment with less than 50% free and reduced lunch? There's plenty. It works both ways. But to answer you question, Lafayette Jeff is the school I'd go with.
  9. How is that schools like Miami Central and Detroit King have nationally recognized football programs? Why can't Tech, given similar SES factors? I agree, IPS has butchered its school system and Tech shouldn't have 2200+ kids in it, but there's no reason to think Tech can't have a successful athletic program given the right enviornemnt. There's little to no culture present at a school like Tech. Just like most of your takes....
  10. Why not? I'm sure if 30 years ago you told somebody that Center Grove would one day be the pinnacle football program in the state of Indiana you would have been laughed at.
  11. Maybe I'm selling Coach Moore, perhaps he could turn Tech into a perennial state title contender. Hell he did it with Center Grove.
  12. Talk about cherry picking? Those are extreme examples. No I don't think Coach Moore would walk into Tech or Gary West and turn them into perennial state title contenders. Don't think anyone has suggested that either. I do have little doubt though that someone like Coach Moore could walk into either of those school corporations, lay a foundation for success, and have either much more successful than they currently are. It's a small piece of the pie, sure. It's not indicative of a successful program though (see Lake Central, Noblesville, Munster, etc)
  13. There's nothing to get. You have still yet to offer some kind of evidence or proof that SES is the ultimate deciding factor in what programs are and aren't successful.
  14. Open enrollment in the city of Indianapolis has arguably hurt Cathedral. Before open enrollment, you either attended your local school or ponied up and went to a private school.
  15. I don't think anyone disputes that schools in higher income areas have higher participation rates that in turn leads to success. I don't disagree at all. It's this comment that pisses me off It's 90% of their success. Look at a school like Brebuef on the other side of town with with similar enrollment, similar demographics, similar SES, etc. Brebeuf historically is a very average football program. You'd think that a school who shares that same qualities as a school like Cathedral would have similar results. They don't. Not by a mile.
  16. It's insulting to attribute Cathedral's success on the gridiron to the household income of the families that send their kids to Cathedral. It's wrong. Cathedral isn't good because some of their players parents have money, they're good because they're more talented than the majority of the teams they play stemming from a great coaching staff that instills a winning culture every day. You can't tell me that the average parent in Center Grove Twp makes more than the average parent in either of the Fishers districts or Noblesville. What separates Center Grove and schools like Noblesvill
  17. The most affluent school in the state of Indiana also has one of the worst football programs. It’s in jeopardy of contracting. If socioeconomic status dictated high school football results, Park Tudor would have a dozen 1A football titles. They don’t.
  18. So Pike and Lawrence Central winning a couple of track state titles ten years ago speaks to the utter downfall of the Indianapolis high schools today? You've lost it.
  19. Well prepared to be dazzled. Exactly 10 years ago, calendar year 2011-2012, Indianapolis schools won, get this, 5 state titles. Cathedral-Football Chatard-Football Lawrence Central-Men's Track and Field North Central-Women's basketball Pike-Women's Track and Field It's a misleading stat, clearly.
  20. It's a misleading stat, no more no less. All the Indy schools knock each other out in the sectional and regional rounds, and by default typically play in the hardest half of the bracket by virtue of playing each other. 5 of the top 10 teams in 4A basketball this year all played in the same sectional and are all located in Indianapolis. Indy schools were still represented well in the their respective tournaments.
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