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  1. Cathedral won 6A regional so will stay in 6A through 2025
  2. Already I told you I regretted it 4 weeks ago…. PM me
  3. I think at this point you just have to trust that it doesn’t matter who comes and goes. CG simply reloads, not rebuilds.
  4. Imagine bragging about not having to pay to attend a high school event….because you’re working it? How tone deaf can one be? And I’ll assure you that nobody paying to attend such an event is there to see you no matter how much you want to make it about yourself.
  5. I watched the game on TV tonight just like you did skip! You aren’t that special.
  6. So you’re a sh**y referee and even worse speller. Thanks for clarifying.
  7. Another official who likes to make it all about himself and probably the reason this thread gets locked. Good job, Zebra!
  8. I’m not an official and it looks like you and I have the same assignment this weekend… Log off.
  9. Oh the horror for suggesting that the coaching staff of a player who has committed two personal fouls for late hits out of bounds in about 6 minutes of game time sit out for a series or two to regain his composure. Forgive me God.
  10. Lol. Winning the Eskew Award is irrelevant to the fact that two dumb…and reckless penalties were committed. Coaches don’t sit kids who make repeated mistakes? Does making a mistake on a football field automatically disqualify you from being a high character person? Have I suggested any of this at all? You’re reaching.
  11. I didn’t stutter. The application to the rules and a coach exercising his judgement to sit an out of control player for a period of time aren’t mutually exclusive.
  12. I never called for the player to be ejected jack**. I said he should be standing on the sidelines for a series or two to calm down. Learn to damned read.
  13. Wrong verbiage but my point stands as you and I both know what would happen if a player committed two dumb and reckless penalties like that. Done talking about it as this isn’t the place. Congrats to CG on their 3-peat.
  14. Taunting isn’t unsporting behavior? Why am I even listening to you?
  15. #1 drilled the ball carrier going out of bounds and then stood over him and taunted him for his first flag and then drilled another ball carrier 3 yards out of bounds a few drives later.
  16. I’ll assure you that an Irish player who gets two unsportsmanlike penalties like that is standing on the sideline without a helmet for the rest of the game.
  17. I don’t need to be a licensed official to tell when a kid is out of control on the field. One late hit out of bounds while taunting in the process should be a warning, happens a second time…it’s a problem.
  18. I mean that easily could have been called as well, but he’s headhunting and he’s going to end up either hurting himself or someone else. He’s come up slowly the last few tackles he’s been in on. He needs to sit. Can’t believe the Carroll coaches haven’t picked up on this nor have the referees taken it into their own hands.
  19. He’s gotten two dead ball penalties on cheap shots out of bounds in about the last 8 minutes of game time.
  20. #1 on Carroll is out of control. Time for him to sit for a series or two.
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