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  1. I’ll be sure to keep my sarcasm sensors on high alert when reading your future posts. Guess they didn’t pick up on any of the sarcasm in your 3k+ other posts.
  2. Not so sure you can pat yourself on the back for avoiding an argument that you voluntarily dragged the other person in to.
  3. Did Carmel and CG actually petition as a package deal or was that speculation? Not sure why the HCC couldn’t have accepted CG and declined Carmel’s request, especially if they’re expected to be voted in unanimously the next go around? CG to the HCC makes perfect logical sense, just not sure it’s a foregone done deal.
  4. Not sure but they don't necessarily have to worry about beating Carmel or Center Grove as it pertains to winning the MIC. Not having a team like Carmel or Center Grove in your conference any more has to be a big psychological boost if you're one of those teams.
  5. With CG and Carmel out of the conference, there has to be a light at the end of the tunnel for LC/LN/NC/Pike. With the exception of Pike, the other three have tasted some success the last few years against Ben Davis and/or Warren Central in some capacity. The mountain that one of these teams need to climb in order to be named MIC champions just became a hill. Would still bet on WC and BD finishing 1-2 in some order but you just never know.
  6. Honestly think this conference is more open than people want to lead on. Ben Davis and Warren get the obvious nod due to name recognition, but BD and WC talent at the top has dropped off significantly. LC has the best player in the conference by far. North Central already has two FBS commits in its senior class which is more than BD and WC to my knowledge. Pike and LN both have a few kids getting D1 looks. Warren Central's schedule could end up being a blessing or a curse. Open up with two extremely tough opponents who should be nationally ranked. Playing tough and competitive should keep the morale high but I think there's a decent chance Warren gets housed in both games and could lead to a let down game once conference action starts.
  7. New Pal has just as good of an offensive line and has much better skill position players. Mt. Vernon deserves to be ranked #1 as the defending state champion but New Pal is the team to beat.
  8. Kids today are naturally bigger, faster, stronger than kids 20 years ago as were kids 20 years ago bigger, faster, stronger than the kids who came 20 years before them. I don’t really care about a hypothetical matchup between teams from two decades apart, it’s a worthless and nonsensical exercise. But it’s laughable to think Roncalli is in some unprecedented or uncharted waters in their football history. They may be one of the few teams who have a “college-sized line” (or whatever the hell that means), yet won’t even be favored to come out of their regional.
  9. Those 2004 boys weren’t losing to 4A publics in the playoffs. This group has done it twice in 3 years. They won’t beat New Pal this year either. Golden era my ass.
  10. Lol. Do we just forget that Roncalli was a missed XP away from becoming the first high school football team in the state to 4peat in the state title? Roncalli just lost in the regionals to (gasp a public school) despite having 3 D1 lineman. Your assessment is dogsh*t. Sans Warren Central, Roncalli was the program of Indiana high school football in the early to mid 2000’s. Crow all you want about about Roncalli’s “talent”, they’re nowhere near as good as they were in the Werner, Kuntz, Sergi days.
  11. Does Lutheran have a single D1 OL/DL? Generally asking because I can’t find one. Yes Roncalli has a great Offensive line, so does a school like New Pal. What you’re ascribing isn’t a private/public thing. Indiana is producing more and more D1 talent in the trenches than ever before, and it’s not limited to private schools. There’s talent littered all over the state spread throughout all the classes. The #1 rated recruit in Indiana last year was an OL from 3A Charlestown. The Chiefs just drafted a DE from 3A public West Lafayette in the first round. 5 of the top 6 recruits in Indiana last year according to 247 sports were either OL or rush ends and they all went to public schools. I get you need a thread quota to hit, but this ain’t it.
  12. -New Pal -Brownsburg -Center Grove -Noblesville Not sure this is a private/public school thing. Multiple public schools have had multiple D1 guys in the trenches the last couple years.
  13. Campus fun as hell. Not sure the sports draw, but Denver is a booming city with a ton of Midwest transplants. Adding that market makes a decent deal of sense.
  14. That conference won't survive. B10 will take Cal and Stanford and there is reported interest in Colorado as well.
  15. Colorado has it and have read on Twitter a school the B10 wants. I think there are better options but Denver market makes some sense.
  16. B10 Ten I believe is content with more than 20 teams. Cornering the West coast market by adding Cal/Stanford/Oregon/Washington makes a ton of sense. Doing this is going to force the SEC too expand even more and I see them adding Clemson, Miami, and Florida State sometime in the next year or two. UVa, UNC, and Duke are closer to SEC territory but academics align more with the B10, could see the B10 making a move for those 3 as well as the ACC will have now been blown up. This will force ND to make a decision one way or another.
  17. Not building sympathy for anyone, it works in reverse as well. A whole separate issue as well, if there is a physical move involved a transfer should be signed off on. Agreed, and the IHSAA has the ability to put their foot down. We'll see how "dangerous" some of these schools really are if the IHSAA restricts varsity eligibility for those who transfer out of district without physically moving.
  18. I’m talking in general, not just this particular case. If the IHSAA sets a precedent that students can freely jump school districts without physically moving under the grounds of “safer and healthier environment” what’s going to stop all the rest of the township athletes from jumping ship and transferring out to the county schools? And not only that, you’re paving the way for a possibility of kids going to 3, maybe 4 high schools before they graduate. The IHSAA has to draw a line in the sand somewhere. I have no problem with a parent wanting to do what they feel is in the best interest for their child, in fact I encourage it, but any extracurricular activity like football is a privilege not a right, and if a transfer is prompted truly for safety reasons, then losing a year of varsity eligibility really shouldn’t matter. Now if a student and family physically moves into a new district, all bets are off and the school the player is transferring from shouldn’t have a say in the matter.
  19. Which was crazy considering his starting backcourt mate at North Central, Jordan Walker, transferred at the exact same time to Cathedral and was immediately given full eligibility. This will be interesting to watch depending on how hard Warren Central fights this, and really for the sake of the other township schools they need to fight like hell. Could set a staggering precedent going forward that allows kids to transfer freely to a different school district without actually physically moving.
  20. IMG definitely isn’t, not sure about Gorman but wouldn’t be shocked at all.
  21. Not sure if Gorman is in good standing with the Nevada High School Commission, not sure how you could be when you have players from multiple states attending a parochial school, but the only way it could happen (as I read it) is if Gorman flew all the way to Carmel or the two schools agreed to meet on a neutral field 300 miles from the border. Either way, not sure I see the draw for Gorman. They have much bigger fish to fry.
  22. I know he was, you already mentioned it. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was the Center Grove football program. Coach Moore’s commitment to building an excellent football program is an extremely attractive selling point to families looking to move into Johnson County. What’s Center Grove today without Eric Moore? Another Noblesville.
  23. You could have just said Eric Moore and I probably would have even given you a thumbs up sign.
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