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  1. He essentially got a "lifetime" contract, it auto renews a year after each season. Not going anywhere for awhile, part of his new contract calls for a $30 million buyout from both parties if he were to leave or be fired. It decreases to $15 million at the conclusion of next season. Overhaul on the offensive coaching staff is imperative after this year. Keep McCullough but the OC/QB coach and offensive line coach need to be fired and they needed to be fired yesterday. IU is wasting a very good defense on inept offensive coaching.
  2. Not a single one of those games were played at Arlington. Hell Cathedral played Fishers on a baseball diamond. Troll harder.
  3. Lol, who has stopped playing Cathedral? Roncalli? Yeah I would too if I lost ten in a row? Carmel after getting run on their home field last year? What does any of that have to do with the playing surface?
  4. Cathedral for the last two years has once again adopted Arlington as its “home field” now that it is no longer used by Arlington High School. Cathedral completely redid the field out of their own pocket. Stop acting like Cathedral saw Center Grove on the schedule, threw a dart that landed on Arlington, and decided to play the game there because it’s a natural surface. Every home game the last two years have been at Arlington and will be going forward rain, sleet, shine. Don’t like the facility? Stay at home. Nobody at Cathedral gives a rats ass where you think they should and shouldn’t play their home games. If Center Grove has an issue playing at Arlington going forward, drop Cathedral from the schedule. It’s as simple as that.
  5. That game was going to be played at Arlington regardless if it was 180 degrees or -180 degrees. Why in the name of gamesmanship would Cathedral voluntarily give up a home game to go play on the “road” at the #9 team in the country’s home field? You need to be put on a word count until you actually pay money out of your pocket to post on here. You dumb down this board every single time you post and you’re a huge reason why so many long time posters no longer post here.
  6. You’re right. I forgot Cathedral dictated when it rains and when it doesn’t.
  7. Cathedral kicking a FG on 4th and 1 inside the 10 to make a one score game….a one score game is what gave Center Grove a light at the end of the tunnel. Wheats 70 yard TD run with 2 minutes left in the 3rd Quarter matched CG’s entire offensive output up until that point. It was one big play that completely flipped the game.
  8. One team didn’t want to move from their home field and pay to host a game??? I knew I donated to the GID for this kind of heavy hitting analysis for a reason. You should have to pay next time to make a comment so idiotic.
  9. No one talked crap. Comment was in response to the playing surface. Cathedral had no trouble moving the ball in the first half playing on the exact same field as Center Grove.
  10. Painful. Eerily similar to the New Pal regional a few years back. Dominate in all facets of the game except the scoreboard for nearly 3 quarters, fail to capitalize on opportunities to blow the game open, let a good team hang around, and run out of gas in the end. Credit to Center Grove, took punch after punch and never hit the canvas. Bunch of strong and mental tough kids on that team.
  11. 14-13 Irish CG misses a FG late and the Irish this time around are successfully able to run out the clock.
  12. 2014 CG 44-38 2015 CG 7-0 2016 CG 44-41 OT 2017 Cath 21-14 2018 CG 34-7 2019 Cath 14-9 2020 CG 17-13 This game is always highly contested and in a few instances have been decided on the last play of the game. Expect nothing less tomorrow night. Anyone downplaying the significance of this game is lying to themselves, it will be a war. If Center Grove wins, it's very likely they are repeat undefeated large class champions. Not even the Warren teams of the mid-2000's who rattled off 4 in a row can say that.
  13. I think rain helps Cathedral in this instance. Absolutely nobody has been able to run on Cathedral this year and I don't see it changing much this weekend. Jackson for me has always been the X factor in this matchup. Sans a last minute drive in last years game that never should have happened in the first place, I was pretty meh on Jackson's ability to throw the ball down the field. He faced a ton of pressure last year and through into coverage a lot. If Cathedral can force CG into obvious passing games, Cathedral's pressure and weather could play well into their favor in the passing game. -
  14. Must be the potential rain keeping people away.... Would have thought Center Grove was brining an entire battalion
  15. You tell me? That’s what I attribute Cathedral’s success too.
  16. What does Cathedral having: -a long-standing football tradition -deep community and parent involvement -good feeder and development programs -great coaching staff have anything to do with the IHSAA putting on a shitty tournament every year? You now have my interest.
  17. As a fan of the sport, I will point out inadequacies in things such as the state tournament as I very well damn please. You’re free to leave whenever.
  18. They’ll be in 6A soon enough. Play under the same mandated IHSAA rules as everyone else.
  19. The inadequacy of the IHSAA tournament predates COVID by several decades. Try and keep up.
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