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  1. What more evidence do you need when the freaking head coach is conceding the game? What on Earth were Freeman’s intentions then punting down 2 scores with 1 TO? He was conceding the game. He had two options: 1. Go for it on 4th and 20 to try and extend the game but risk losing massive field position that could possibly make final outcome greater 2. Decide that an 11 point loss is good enough of a showing and punt the ball away effectively ending the game. Freeman chose 2. Chicken sh*t football. How far Notre Dame fallen.
  2. Clearly Marcus Freeman as evident by punting the ball down two scores with 4 minutes left and only one TO.
  3. My point exactly, content with a loss. You think Alabama, Georgia, or OSU fans brag about moral victories? Playing not to get blown out is not something a single one of those programs would do.
  4. Notre Dame played more than well enough to win for 3 quarters and then those players were absolutely cheated by Freeman playing not to get blown out. QB draw on 3rd and 18 and then punting down two scores with 4 minutes left and 1 time out left? Chick sh*t football by Freeman, he was content with an 11 point loss on the resume for the end of year playoff debate. Tells you everything you need to know where ND is at as a program.
  5. Absolute coward football by Notre Dame. Freeman 0-2 and already way in over his head.
  6. I'll let him defend his own fight from here on out, but Whiteshoes has been a terrific poster for years and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to this board from high school football played outside Indiana. If you don't like it, don't read it. Best advice I can give to a guy who hasn't even been here for a cup of tea.
  7. @HoosierFootball4And he does a damn good job with it too.
  8. They did miss some holds/PI on Penn State as their DB's played physical all night, but they missed a blatant defensive holding call against Reese Taylor on PSU's second to last drive on 3rd and 10.
  9. Poor tackling (fundamentals) and bonehead penalties/mistakes (discipline) is absolutely an extension of the head coach. That coupled with some pretty terrible clock management to end both halves cost Purdue dearly. That is absolutely on Brohm.
  10. Last night's game was very Kevin Wilson-esque and reminiscent of his tenure in Bloomington. Brohm is a very good and aggressive player caller and I hate that he coaches at Purdue because he's easy to root for, but he there are times where he just can't get out of his own way.
  11. Obviously hindsight, but clock management burned them there but I don't know that I necessarily blame Brohm for being aggressive and trying to win the game. Needs to be more situational awareness from AOC. Purdue had 2nd and very long and then 3rd and 30 on that second to last drive and both times AOC threw the ball down the field into coverage that resulted in incompletions. Have to know that picking up a first down there on those kind of throws are slim to none. Check down or underneath routes are there. Brohm clearly trusted AOC in those situations or he would have called design runs. Purdue was the better team than Penn State last night, and that's a testament to how bad Franklin is at coaching, but you're not going to beat many teams, let alone Penn State when you commit that many bonehead penalties and play so poor fundamental football (missed tackles, blown coverage, etc). That's a game I'm sure Reese Taylor is going to want to forget.
  12. ND needs stops early in order for them to deploy that strategy. If OSU gets up 2 scores quick, look out.
  13. He has one head scratching loss (Oregon). He’s never been blown out by Clemson. They lost by 6 as Fields threw an INT in the end zone with the clock winding down. They got blown out by Bama in the title game. Who didn’t Bama blow out that year?
  14. He's 34-4? He's been at OSU 3 whole years.
  15. Forgot to mention Ohio State has the best QB, and the best RB, and the best WR all in the country. They're offense is a machine.
  16. WC by 3 TDs. The same Elder team who lost 45-20 to WC beat that Chatard team 17-16 the week later. Crazy enough, that WC team lost twice that year to in-state foes. The 06 Warren team is still the best team I’ve seen to date.
  17. https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/college-football/5-star-2023-cfb-recruit-reportedly-lands-8-million-nil-deal-media-fans-react/amp/ That’s why
  18. Honestly, no. There's two dominant conferences in the state + Cathedral and most those teams already play each other annually anyway. There just isn't enough top level talent in Indiana, let alone depth level, where I could see that to be the case. You can go 3-4 weeks in the MIC or HCC and not face a team that has a P5 level player. These perennial teams I'm alluding too all have multiple P5 level players on top of several other legit D1 or FCFS caliber players and they play teams every week who are in the same boat. If Center Grove or Carmel or Cathedral played a national 10 week schedule against some of these teams, I would be surprised if any of them finished above .500. It's not meant to be a knock, it just is what it is. I would guess there are Dallas/Houston/Atlanta area 6A level schools who would be considered just average or ok by their state standards that would still perennially contend for state championships in Indiana.
  19. That's not what I'm necessarily implying. I just think it's tough to gauge where Indiana teams stand in correlation with a lot of these teams who play nationally rated teams week in and week out. I'll assure you that a team like St. Thomas Aquinas isn't playing teams of North Central, Pike, LC, LN, etc caliber, let alone 5-6 times a year. I have no doubt that last years Center Grove could have competed with just about any high school team in America on any given night, but I don't think there's any chance they come close to sniffing 15-0 playing a schedule comparable to St. Thomas Aquinas or Duncanville or most of any of these perennially ranked teams who play stout competition night in and night out. And that's not a knock on Center Grove or any excellent program in this state, it just goes to show you the nature of the beast you're up against playing in these football crazed states and cities. If you look at some of these conferences/leagues/district whatever you want to call them in Southern California, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Miami, etc, they are littered with teams who are all top 100.
  20. Crazy thing is I'd feel comfortable taking this up to 21. I know OSU has question marks on defense and Irish do have a good offensive line and they will look to ground and pound and keep the clock moving, but I just don't see a scenario where OSU doesn't score almost every time the touch the ball until they call off the dogs, in the event they do. I think ND needs to score at least 21 to have a chance of keeping it within the number.
  21. College is different than high school. There are college players who actually are marketable and actually worth more than their real scholarship value. Some, but not a lot. As I've read it, collectives don't necessarily benefit every player, rather it's just a way of someone or a group of people associated with a university pooling together collections of money into one and then allocating it out to whomever and however they want. I agree it would be nice to graduate college with $50k in the bank, but as a scholarship athlete, you're already well ahead of the curve graduating with zero debt or future loans to pay off. For the majority of college athletes, most of which aren't worth more than their real scholarship value in an open market, have it as good as anyone. But in terms of NIL at the high school level, I prefer it just stays away. It's the last leg of pure amateur athletics.
  22. Indiana definitely has had some outliers. That 03 or 06 Warren team I think could compete and beat just about anybody. There were some very good Ben Davis teams in the 90's. And I do believe that last years Center Grove team could have beaten a lot of good teams in a one off night, just not sure how'd they fare playing the typical schedule that you see from a lot of these perennial top 25 teams.
  23. A 16 or 17 year old kid being able to profit $20k+ for being good at football is just bonkers to me, although that says more about the person willing to shell out $20k than the kid itself. I really don't see any real world profit an individual can make off a high school kid playing football, and NIL at the high school level in my opinion will simply just amount to high dollar boosters leveraging NIL deals as down payments for future college commitments. It's just too much of a slippery slope in my opinion. I would support some kind of collective or fund that would allow a high school student to allocate money towards future college tuition, but just throwing thousands and sometimes millions of dollars (see the CA QB with a 7 figure NIL deal to attend TN) just seems like a terrible principle.
  24. You seriously don't believe in an open transfer market that the best and highest level athletes won't naturally gravitate to the best one or two area teams? I find that extremely hard to believe. It's not what the IHSAA wants nor is it conducive to high school athletics. This is why club sports and AAU exist outside of IHSAA sanctioned events. There's no need to integrate the two.
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