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  1. Don't know much about either of those schools. Can't really comment.
  2. I can only sit on my hands so long lol. To be fair to DT, this was actually a pretty impressive thread backed by actual research until that comment. To me consolidation, specifically for sports doesn't do much for me.
  3. Allen High School (the one with the mega stadium) is the largest high school in Texas and only has 4800 students.
  4. I would guess one of the schools (LC) would be used a freshman campus and the other (LN) grades 10-12.
  5. It could work and would definitely propel their athletic prowess, just not a huge fan of mega-sized high schools.
  6. Probably not, as it stands now you'd have well over 4500 kids attending one high school and I don't think that's good for anybody. But Mt. Vernon has been exploding and the majority of those families are coming from Lawrence Twp. I do foresee a continued decline of Lawrence Twp students but it may only be marginal. Cathedral/Chatard are capped at their enrollments as is.
  7. There's three parishes where Lawrence Twp kids predominantly reside; St. Simon, St. Matthew, and St. Lawrence. St. Simon by far has the best athletic program of any of the CYO schools and is also the biggest. St. Simon serves the majority of the Geist neighborhoods on the Marion County side although some come from Fishers and Mt Vernon districts. Large majority of those kids attend either Cathedral or Chatard but otherwise would have attended Lawrence Central before the district became open enrollment. St. Matthews is at 56th and Binford right on the border of Lawrence/Washington Twp but many of those kids live in the neighborhoods to the east which again predominantly serve LC. St. Lawrence at 46th and Shadeland would serve a mixture of Lawrence Twp and IPS as it is right down the street from Arlington.
  8. Sad but true. There's a pocket on the very far NE side of Lawrence Twp that in my opinion produces some of the best football talent in the state on a year in and year out basis. Unfortunately for LC and by extension LN, a lot of those kids go to the CYO feeder schools and subsequently Cathedral or Chatard. You have Heritage Christian sitting right there also in the heart of Lawrence Twp. Property value on houses in that Geist pocket, absent the lakeside homes, aren't what they used to be and in turn a ton of families are moving to Fortville and McCordsville and into the Mt. Vernon and HSE school districts.
  9. Lawrence Central has become the casualty of a two school district. Open enrollment has allowed many of the athletes to attend Lawrence North who traditionally has been the better athletic school in Lawrence Twp and many of the families on the Geist side of Marion County are either moving north of Carroll Rd into either Hamilton or Hancock County or simply sending their kids to Cathedral or Chatard. I foresee LC's enrollment to continue to dip and think somewhere down the road LC and LN will consolidate into a single high school.
  10. I think they go 9-3 Losses: OSU, Penn State, 1 of Cincy/Iowa
  11. Sorry. Was enjoying at nice weekend at the lake. The 5* recruit is a lineman, not the athlete you said Notre Dame needs in order to close the gap, and hasn’t even started his junior year of high school. When Notre Dame is even competitive in a big game on the national stage, you come let me know.
  12. Vegas has IU’s win total O/U at 8.
  13. How many 5* recruits has Marcus Freeman brought to South Bend?
  14. Until they prove it on the field, they will always be second tier. Prove it on the field and that moniker goes away.
  15. How do you figure? Until Notre Dame supplants one of those schools, they will remain a tier behind. Scoreboard is the name of the game.
  16. It's not already been done lol. Until Notre Dame can prove ON the field they belong, they will always be second tier to Alabama, Ohio State, and Clemson. Look at the outcomes of the games against these three schools when Notre Dame has played them the last 10-15 years. It's boys against men. A few 4 and 5* athletes doesn't change that.
  17. Because I have zero affiliation with Notre Dame or South Bend and grew up an Indiana fan while also attending Indiana University.
  18. If you want me to say OSU pays their players, I won't because I cannot verify or confirm that. I will say that OSU's success at the national level speaks for itself and is their greatest recruiting tool. That and the shear number of players they put into the NFL. They have a huge advantage over Notre Dame in that regard. Clemson recruits very well regionally (Georgia/SC/NC) and has started recruiting at an elite level nationally. Auburn pulls in some very good talent and we would be the best teams in a lot of states if they weren't located in Alabama.
  19. I think it's fair to say those 3 schools have a monopoly and their pick of the litter for the best yearly talent.
  20. That's the $10mil dollar question. IF I, or anyone else knew, Notre Dame would be there. I don't believe its coaching as Brian Kelly has done about as well as he can do. But there is a noticeable difference when ND takes the field against a Clemson or an Alabama.
  21. I agree that IU needs a bowl victory in some fashion to back up their recent progress, but at the end of the day I don't think it takes away from the great lengths and progress Tom Allen has made. No longer is IU a program where simply making a bowl is a pipe dream and simply being competitive is accepted. IU has the coaching, and more importantly talent to be a consistent 7-8 game winner in the B10.
  22. Notre Dame fans will tell you admission standards and to a degree they are correct as Notre Dame doesn't have the "win at all cost mentality", but honestly not sure at this point what can be done to bridge the gap. Bobref may be on to something about NIL creating more parity but even then have doubts as to what lengths Notre Dame will go to to once again become a title contender.
  23. Well of course, but I'm not a fan of Notre Dame so don't really care either way. But what I've seen from Notre Dame the last two decades in big time games against the country's best in no way resembles a program that is on the verge of breaking through. As I said, a few 4 or 5* athletes doesn't change that. Notre Dame has been physically outclassed by the Clemson's, the Alabama's, and the Ohio State's of the world for the last several years.
  24. Notre Dame is a very good football program and rightfully is in that second tier of teams behind Bama, Clemson, and OSU. But they are light years behind those programs. A couple 4 or 5 athletes doesn't push the needle for me.
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